EXTRA MINUTES Mountain Maddness Interview with World Champion Paraglider Mike Küng

what is it was so special about being out in the air like that it's like it's the dream it's the dream of the human flying is Neely and everyone is the the a wants to fly a lot of people's want to fly I have the feeling of flying some people dream of flying and this is the most simple way to get this dream in reality is this your drug yes definitely definitely because it's not only my sport or it's not only business it's not only what I do it's a kind of lifestyle anyone that I've said all I'm flying of Matt Kilimanjaro with my comb their eyes wide oh my gosh you've got like the best pilot in the world no it's I think I did the last 20 25 years quite a lot of different things altitude record and different kind of Records and a lot of aerobatic and I work as test pilot so I'm sure we can make some cool movements in the air we can move like freestyle like dancing in the air and like I said man yeah you will like it and we can fly it vernier to the mountain and the people know that I can fly also a little bit aggressive if I want and if you have a good stomach we can do some really cool we might have to I have to wait and see I don't have to be afraid not if you stay if you say stop I do a little bit harder well everyone is Eddie Oh