EXTRA MINUTES ROCK GOD Robert Plant Reporter discussion

[Music] I was really privileged to get a bit of an intimate lesson on the blues with Robert Plant who is a rock god to all his devotees and and he it was great because he and his musician mates had made a loop the night before from which he then improvised so we're in this amazing studio and she's got this fabulous loop going on and he does all these great things with it he doesn't bead of stairway to heaven a whole lot of love and he's showing me how in their day Led Zeppelin really twisted and turned the Blues into what became you know quite heavy rock and was something that everyone thought they'd never heard before but in fact had these origins and in America's deep center I didn't know about Fame I just knew that I had to try and take it into account that I might have been in a can't and I was a grammar school boy in the middle of a very post-world War two austere Britain their worst have been a way out and I found it [Applause] [Music] as you'll hear from Robert in 1977 you know the worst thing ever something that you know I don't think any parent can ever get over and it was the the very unexpected death of his five-year-old son from a respiratory illness he was actually away on the road when it happened and and he you know it's now a long time ago but obviously it still strikes deeply within him and and it made him reconsider you know everything whether he should even you know be ever leave the family again it made him think about living music and he talks about that but as history shows he he didn't leave it he returned to Led Zeppelin and you know and return to a lifetime of music I was very skeptical about even thinking about whether or not I had the right to be a parent and to just go back into that world because it's very self-indulgent and when we lost the boy I applied to see if I could get a role as a teacher because I wanted to be around a way to enjoy and watch children at their the peak of their time before they were spoke by the ways of our world so I had always thought there's another thing I can do there's another thing I can do for a moment there had you lost your love of singing had you well now I'd like I was but I was detached finally detached I'd you know I'd left but it's a terrible drug being a good singer [Music] is deeply planted in England that is his home though he does spend a lot of his time in Austin Texas which where a woman has taken him to he keeps telling me but his honey's there and you know he talks about those early Zeppelin lyrics that a lot of them were formed from the Celtic history of his homeland and that as a young kid he actually had this great interest in what came before him you know whose steps he was walking on and and so the Welsh borders and Western England is really really very very deeply rooted in him still but to the true believers the only event of 2007 that mattered was the reforming of Led Zeppelin for a one-off performance bonzo son Jason Bonham took his place on drums we just wanted to play and see what it was like and big good ones because we've been bad so many times in the in the interim since John passed away it was time to be good and we were did any part of you worry about seeming ridiculous yeah of course I'm a singer I mean singers there aren't many guys who stand on their own in front of the microphone without either staring at their shoes or looking up at the sky so the bare chest thing was definitely out you know you didn't think about it twice did anybody would have taken a lot of work [Music] the London reunion was a Silla but ever since the plays for Led Zeppelin World Tour have been ignored and for that many blame a busy Park [Music] you know the two other guys are both capricorns and they keep schtum they don't say a word but there are quite contained in their own worlds and they just leave it to me to hmm dude he's a bad guy ya know I'm not the bad guy well you are for all those Led Zeppelin fans who'd let her say yes we're reforming Oh fine yeah well then you need to speak to the capricorns as I've had nothing to do in 2014 you know I also could be back on again if I can convince the Capricorn if you can find them the other surviving members of Led Zeppelin could come up with something new he would be there in a heartbeat he jokes about it and sort of says they say it's his fault he says it's their fault if I can find them and he's free in 2014 then it might all happen I don't think it will happen but it's nice to wonder