EXTRA MINUTES Reporter Charles Wooley remembering the moment he learned of JFKs death

extra men for me going back there back to the grassy knoll and to the Book Depository was like traveling back in time two words that I learned as kid thomas been about 12 Book Depository and grassy knoll and there I was I get there yeah but one was shifts towards the end of a long journalistic career not quite at the end actually get to go back to that seminal moment in my childhood a moment that actually led me into journalism because was from that moment I became interested in politics how could such things happen I wanted to know how could such good people be struck down why do they even survive answers to that I still doubt F after all this time a lone gunman fires three shots in six seconds and mortally wounds the most dashing president the United States has ever known Clint Hill is the bodyguard climbing onto the back of the Kennedy limousine 50 years on he still hasn't forgiven himself for not saving the president's life and like everybody of my age I know exactly where i was i was at home in bed it was early morning must have been the weekend because my parents were home house was full and I heard it on a valve radio I tell the story in the story but it was a hmv little nipper sky blue which was in my favorite color sky blue radio set with vowel so you turned it on and slowly up came the noise and would start off gradually the voices came through and I learned that Kennedy had been gunned down in Dallas ran down the corridor to tell a house nobody believed me they turned on the radio and within an hour so TV started to show the same images too we knew that nothing would be the same again or so we thought it said of course that America maybe the world lost its innocence in that moment it might be an exaggeration but it's certainly true that never again would any leader ride in an open car through the streets of their own city and that is I guess a loss of innocence that you now have to have the whole apparatus protective apparatus of the state as a leader between you and your people you cannot assume that they all love you anymore