EXTRA MINUTES Reporter Tara Brown discussing time spent with Keith Urban

extra minutes I think it is fair to say for good reason Keith is quite a guarded person and and I I understand that he spared one of the most famous people in the world he's a huge success in his own right in America and he has a lot to protect and I think the really nice thing about Keith the genuine thing that seemed to come across was that he is really genuinely surprised at where he is that at the moment in his life and he talks about that in the story and and that's a you know it's a really refreshing I think it's a really Australian thing but he had to be reminded by his wife that he's it's yeah he's made it it is so good for me I'm so many levels it was sitting outside last night she's going you know this is it right and I know what she meant but I mean plan to a bunch of people and I some just went number one this week here and it was just the kids are on the bus and I'm just like yeah this is actually it and it was just like this big weight went off my shoulders and and it it was like it was almost like it's okay Keith to say this is pretty damn good right here Keith Urban certainly has a swagger and a charisma on stage he knows how to handle a guitar and he is a huge star I know when I went through customs entering you know the country they said well you know how long you here for and what are you here for I said I'm here to do Keith Urban well I mean at interview Keith Urban I said you know who he is he said yeah I'm a huge fan you know they all know who is and and it's so well deserved I think you know he's a great guitarist and and if you like that sort of music he's sort of really hitting it at the moment and I think it's well deserved because he's just tried so hard you know to get there anything any he has made it