EXTRA MINUTES Retired Secret Service Agent Clint Hill discussing his relationship with Mrs Kennedy

extra minutes the whole world fell in with Jackie Kennedy whole of the United States and I suspect you must have too well for myself love was over strong emotion I really yes plutonic there's nothing romantic about it but they should you'd like you say the whole world did fall in love with her that created a problem because no matter where we went crowds developed and things that she wanted to do in the patter did do in the past and wanted to continue to you like go shopping on occasion it was impossible for to do that how much of an asset was she when she went on the right with the presence of mrs. Kennedy was a definite asset to the president when we travel and when they traveled together when they traveled to South America or to France she spoke French she had attended the ceremony at one time she had lived in France with a French family and was immersed in the French language and so she was very fluent in French she talked to president de Gaulle when we were there in 1961 in French and one point he turned to her and said mrs. Kennedy I wish the people of France and who was much about French history as you do so I mean she was very definitely an asset to the president she sold magazines she was Princess Grace and and a dozen actresses wrapped into one wasn't she yes she was a wonderful elegant considerate lady beautiful classy beautiful she was a hands-on mother she had a bed a nanny yes but the nanny did everything at the direction of mrs. Kennedy she really wanted those children raised in a manner that they wouldn't be spoiled I often said that's impossible they're the children of the presidents they're going to have that with them the rest of their life so they're going to be spoiled but she did her best to try and prevent that when she died how did you feel I was it was a painful situation I never had the chance to talk to her last time I did talk to was in 1968 at Robert Kennedy spoon there would be mrs. Kennedy and mr. law definitely was mrs. Kennedy and mr. Hill there was never anything other than that I just wished her well and offered to my condolences for what had happened to her brother-in-law but her death didn't do anything to make things better for no neighbors that very difficult emotionally for me when she died I thought the world of her and I still do