EXTRA MINUTES SUPER BUGS Reporter discussion

the most intriguing thing I found about this story was this one Hospital in Washington DC in America that went into lockdown because the super bug that infected that hospital was so aggressive so virulent that they had no way of stopping it I mean this thing they'd never heard of number one it was that ferocious they ripped out the plumbing they tried to gas the wards try and disinfect it they use bleach but the bleach and the pipes didn't work so they pulled out the plumbing and still this super bug spread and ended up infecting 17 people who were in isolated wards so it kept on jumping they couldn't control it here's the other fascinating thing though that really gripped me about it is this was kept top secret for a year the hospital which is one of the most sophisticated in America just did not know how to handle this they didn't know what type of super bug they were dealing with so the doctors turned detectives literally going through those wards to try and find the super bug and then identify what it was the truth is the antibiotics that have protected us for so long of being defeated by increasingly smarter superbugs the bacteria which appears white flourishes in the outside panels which are antibiotic free at the first barrier the e.coli spread stops the drugs appear to be working but then a mutant appears it defeats the low concentration of antibiotics and it doesn't stop there the bacteria keeps spreading and evolving until it thrives in even the strongest possible antibiotic for decades now antibiotics have been man's best friend we've relied on them heavily in fact we've probably got too comfortable with them last year only one new antibiotic was released onto the market but the rise of the superbugs is going that way just as the decline of antibiotics is going the other way so we have this immunity to many diseases and infections and bacteria but the superbugs are getting smarter and stronger so the race is really on to try and find an alternative to antibiotics which in Australia we're doing some pretty amazing work with and also in America and it's a very exciting field of medicine so from a very alarming story in a very frightening story superbugs there is some remarkable research going on to try and find alternatives but it's not necessarily antibiotics anymore