EXTRA MINUTES See the arrest site of Kieshas mother Kristi Abrahams

extra minutes this location is quite significant significant on two parts firstly it's the place where they brought koishi with a suitcase and her little body was in the suitcase I dragged it into the bush and this is where the team was waiting this was a place of the arrest one o'clock in the morning as they've walked along this line way towards there yeah the street teams there waiting for them tourists him what was their reaction I think the look on their faces they're told it all really like that once they realize there's a lot of familiar faces here one o'clock in the morning what are these people doing here and then to be arrested I think it was his table warming to them the game was up the game was up so for your team how important was this moment all the work that we put into I think it's one of those moments in time where there is excitement but at the same time it's quite measured because you know that the half the guy after the job is done there we've got to start getting all the evidence gotta put it before the court but at this time is very exciting for us that that finally all the work that's gone into this we've got them we've got the people that have done these but at the same time it was sobering because just down there was where this little girl was yeah this is what we've been focusing on is to find this little girl and now what it's insight not only is at the side of the arrest but not far from here is where this little girl lying when father Fiona