EXTRA MINUTES Take a tour of the The Snipers Perch the window from where JFK was shot

extra minutes Charlie this is it's called the snipers perch is where Lee Harvey Oswald secluded himself or put himself in a position to observe what was going on in the motorcade and yet be hidden from view by those of us who were in the motorcade looking around to see if there was anything wrong absolute ideal position yes he had a great advantage it was very difficult to see anything that was going on in this area we in the follow-up car did look at this building we did see that there were windows open but we saw nothing unusual and there had been windows open all the way up and down the motorcade route from the time we left Love Field so it wasn't unusual if you were gonna choose a place on that day in that moment to assassinate the president the United States this be the place you choose well this was an ideal situation especially the fact that we had to turn here from Houston on Elm it's a very sharp turn these are very big vehicles very they have to go very slow and he shot at the motorcade and we were going very very slow it's easy to talk with hindsight but with hindsight today for instance touches like this would be well covered with me well not only would they be well covered but today a president wouldn't be riding in an open car and in the armored car that they used for the president today what happened in 1963 would not be something that could happen today you said it was a loss of innocence yes it was really the end of the age of innocence up at that point now I still have that feeling because I was the only agent really who had a chance to do anything that day the way everything happened everybody turned when the shot was fired first I was fired I turned and I saw what happened in the car the other agents turned and they were turning away from the car they didn't see the president react to that first shot I think you're the only person in the United States who thinks he could have done more yeah I I still have that sense that I should have been able to do just enough to get there in time but you can't go faster than a speeding board and you can't turn back time no you cannot