EXTRA MINUTES Watch Kristi Abrahams interrogation

extra minutes which in terms of the Tamil sheep gently get into the passport you know no it's in the morning in the morning but she chide from her pajamas or she's still in her pajamas but when she'd cut her head she would think she was a would have been king dried I said nothing on ok so she had a she's having she had said that the kids have showers in the morning do the children morning and night whatever okay would it be any reason why they would be more blood not just in her unit about three other units what are you trying to say I'm just saying that when we frenzy we examine the unit there's an amount of Keisha's blood throughout the unit and I'm just trying to re ask you how that would have caused it I don't know did you tell you put it a bit that non-content grab for the blanket okay okay the she normally kicked the blankets here when Jesus went yeah cuz she sweats okay so when the police found the bitch just should be low that they was that unusual different lock that simply fold the papers unusually not to say her in the bed you know and understand that but I'm just saying that the neatness of the bed which you'd normally keep in noise me room well she makes her bed every morning mm-hm the shoes for makes her bedroom generally toys yes cuz I clean it we talking about the park Randy would stop yes right next door next door yes okay so for Robert to end up in whisper let me and drew it with that he's that unusual name well Roberts when he's licked your unit he's gone into whisper all the way to whisper looking so I whispered he's looked all the way where we walked down to Westfield yeah but you're not taking the shops okay yeah yeah well been through a whole week of her a lot and she hasn't lived so what are you trying to say that what I'm trying to say is what are the unit being a mentor shopping center but he though he looked all the right all around and to go to mandroid yeah I'm saying is that you don't take your shopping why would she go there she's never been the Heshy she has maybe not the the week that you're talking about you know what this is over seriously because of what are you trying to get at I don't move on all I'm saying yes I'm saying that rubber water to get a whisper that's what I'm asking it's a heavy walk you want to say me what about say T let's move to LA no it's a long way from where you are