EZbass – Presets




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both the modern and vintage bass in easy bass include their own set of unique presets found in the presets menu these presets are organized by use of fingers or a pick and cover a wide range of musical genres [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] each preset includes a series of sound altering controls to dial in your bass sound a few of these controls are universal to every preset including the pickup amount and sub bass the pickup controls are continuously variable volume knobs for each pickup both the modern and vintage bass were specifically rewired prior to the recording in order to record both pickups at the same time this allows you to dial in the perfect blend between the two pickups [Music] [Music] the sub-base control adds to synthetic sine waves to the bass sound in order to add more low frequency content than is output from the base itself the first sine wave plays back at the exact frequency of the note being performed on the bass and the second sine wave is an octave above this results in extreme low-end and proper speakers or good headphones are necessary to hear its full effect each preset then has its own unique set of controls that dial in the intensity of the effects used to create the sound depending on the preset these knobs may control many processes behind the scenes or just a single important aspect of the sound effects knobs can be controlled with a physical controller by using the MIDI learn option or automated by binding them to a CC value automation for CC values is changed in the values editor found in the grid editor tab [Laughter] you [Music]