Early European Settlement of North America Explained


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sorry hi this is meat what is long long ago I'm mr. bean no not that mr. beat this mr. beat anyway the first Europeans who came to the Americas weren't so much about permanently settling let's face it they were about conquering converting and claiming for the homeland however slowly but surely this began to change and Europeans began to move to the Americas knowing they'd probably never see their old homes again here is the story of the first European settlement of North America once upon a time Christopher Columbus's brother Bartholomew Columbus decided to build a permanent city on the island of Hispaniola he named it Santo Domingo Santo Domingo was the first permanent European settlement in the Americas and today it is the capital in largest city in the Dominican Republic still the Spanish weren't all about settling down in this new world at least in North America they were Wanderers they were all about exploring and conquest then along came the French in 1541 almost half a century after Columbus first sailed for the new world Jacques Cartier sailed for the third time to North America hoping to establish a permanent settlement along the st. Lawrence River the Iroquois ins already lived there though and weren't too happy with Cartier because he I don't know kidnapped some of them and forced them back to France a few years prior needless to say when Cartier arrived and tried to set up a permanent fort called Charles Burt Royale he and the rest of the French were not welcome the Iroquois regularly rated it so the first French settlement in North America was abandoned after two years eighteen years later Don Tristan de Lune arjan Oh a Spanish conquistador established the first European settlement in the modern-day United States near what is now Pensacola however just weeks later the colony was devastated by a hurricane the survivors tried to resettle but failed some went north to present-day South Carolina but another storm hit there believe it or not in 1565 Pedro menéndez de avilés founded what would later be known as st. Augustine which today is the oldest continuously occupied european established settlement in the continental United States who I had to make sure I got that straight there were several failed colonies in North America in the 1500s sunk by the French Huguenots who the Spanish seemed to beat up on the Jesuits also had one that didn't make it the most famous of these was the quote Lost Colony of Roanoke established by English settlers in 1585 in present-day North Carolina by 1587 things were not going so well in the colony and governor John White had left back to England to get help he left over 100 people behind in Roanoke when he returned three years later there was no trace of anyone only two cryptic clues gave any information to what may have caused their disappearance the words Croatoan and crow carve into a fence in a tree to this day no one knows what happened to them but archaeologists are currently digging up artifacts that could soon reveal what happened possibly and the 1500s many Europeans were in over their heads not ready for the harsh weather famine disease or Indians who made it difficult for them to settle however in the 1600s more and more permanent settlements found success the French finally were able to secure permanent settlements at Acadia and 1604 and Royale and 1605 the first successful permanent English settlement was Jamestown founded by the Virginia Company of London in 1607 led by the legendary John Smith they settled on the banks of the James River again famine disease and conflict with the local Powhatan tribe made things difficult but another John named John Rolfe came to the rescue by introducing growing tobacco as a way to make money and soon after the colony of Virginia would begin to prosper for the English after that there was no going back actually there was a lot of going back meaning a lot of Europeans began to start colonies in North America each year picked up with the English Spanish French and soon Dutch setting up more and more colonies three main groups came to settle in these colonies number one economic immigrants who were those looking for a better life this group included the indentured servants or people who paid for their passage to the new world by being forced to work for somebody for a certain number of years before getting their freedom most of the indentured servants were English farmers who had been pushed off their lands due to overcrowding up to two-thirds of European immigrants who came to the American colonies between the 1630s and the American Revolution were indentured servants number two religious immigrants who came to practice their religion freely included in this group were the famous pilgrims who settled at Plymouth Colony number three forced emigrants who came over as slaves mostly from Africa it was the English immigrants who dominated and what later became the United States of America probably because they came to live in larger numbers during the 1600s from about 16 32 16 40 alone around 20,000 Puritans crossed the Atlantic from England to live in New England even today people with English ancestry arguably make up the largest group of Americans though it is hard to know for sure however 8 out of the 10 most common last night in the United States our of English or British Isles origin the end