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[Music] hi guys welcome to my channel I love this time of the year it's so special everyone's happy it's a holiday marriage so many amazing recipes going around today I'll show you how to make these delicious crunchy cookies we're gonna shape them into gingerbread stars and Christmas trees and then dip them into melt and white chocolate they're gonna be so amazing so cute and pretty and you can give them as a gift or have them on your Christmas table they're just perfect so let's get started we are going to need normal granulated sugar icing sugar flour nutmeg cinnamon vanilla extract egg baking powder unsalted butter and milk and white chocolate add your sugar [Music] add your cinnamon and nutmeg add your baking powder [Music] place your dough into your cling film and the dough should be sticky but not stick to your fingers to start off we're gonna preheat our oven to 180 degrees Celsius or 350 Fahrenheit add some flour to your flat surface I'm going to take the dough out I'm using different shapes so we're gonna have star cookies pans have Christmas trees gingerbread man the easiest thing is to pinch a little bit dough roll it in your hand make a little ball place it on your flat surface press on it so it creates a nice flat shape and then we're going to press our Christmas tree shape on that and then you can see it comes out nice and easy [Music] I have melted some milk chocolate we're going to take our ginger man and dip them hop into our chocolate and place them in parchment paper to set melted some white chocolate and placed it into a small ziplock bag and I'm just gonna draw little bits around you can do whatever you like but you can make different cookies [Music] [Music] here we are I hope you enjoyed this super amazing video tutorial on how to make these beautiful cookies I just love these shapes and they look so celebrate to read it so cute now I'm gonna eat his like hmm sorry sorry gingerbread men mmm so good so crunchy really really feels like Christmas because they have that cinnamony sort of taste in them and nutmeg does add really really serve I don't know that hint of spice I love these cookies guys I hope you made this recipe and I'll see you soon bye