Easy Healthy Recipes What I Eat To Get Fit

(upbeat music) - Hey everyone, it's your girl, Jenn, and today, I am so excited to bring you guys to my kitchen. I have partnered with Lifesum to show you guys some recipes you guys can use and cook at home to get fit for the summer. So I've been using this app, Lifesum, for around a month now and I've been loving it because it has so many recipes. It's basically like having a nutritionist in your pocket. It's way more than just calorie counting because it breaks down the things that you eat and you can just be more educated on nutrition, which I love. You can track how active you've been, you can log in how much water you've been drinking and it gives you access to personalized feedback and I love that, I love when something is keeping me accountable. This app has lots of eating plans that you can choose from so you can see which eating plan is the best for you and today, I'm gonna be sharing three of my favorite recipes that I've been loving to cook, breakfast, lunch and dinner, so let's get started. So let's start with breakfast first. Today, I'll be making the ultimate green smoothie bowl and I'm gonna list all the ingredients you're gonna need in the description box. First, pour one cup of unsweetened almond milk into a blender, then I'm gonna grab a small avocado that's been frozen overnight, this is gonna give the bowl some nice texture. I'm gonna add one frozen banana into the blender and this is optional, but I'm gonna add a cup of protein powder for my muscles and then I'm gonna add three fistfuls of spinach to finish it off. So I'm just gonna blend it until it's smooth and I'm gonna serve it into a nice bowl. For presentation, I'm gonna add some blueberries. These are jam packed with antioxidants and they're tasty and they're really great for your skin. I'm gonna sprinkle on some coconut flakes to add some sweetness and then I'm gonna top it off with some raspberries for a little kick and there we have it, a delicious easy breakfast that literally took minutes to make. (gentle music) Let's move on over to lunch now. I'm gonna be making a delicious shrimp and avocado salad. In a small bowl, mix together the white wine vinegar and chop up some parsley and then I'm gonna make sure to season with black pepper and salt and a pinch of sugar. I'm gonna mix it and then set it aside. I'm gonna grab a zucchini and I'm just gonna start choppin' that up. You can chop it whatever size or shape you want but I decided with this shape, I like things bite-sized. Then, grab a red onion and chop it into little bits. You don't need too much of this red onion because it's very potent. It's time for garlic and I'm using three cloves. I'm just gonna smash it, peel it and then chop it as fine as I can. Next up, grab some heads of romaine lettuce and chop that baby into whatever size you want. Personally, I like my lettuce a little bit more fine because it's just easier to chew and pick up that way. Grab an avocado and start slicing it into thin sections and set that aside because we're gonna add that when the dish is all finished. So now let's get cookin'. Grab your frying pan and I'm using an olive oil spray but feel free to use whatever oil you'd like. Fry the zucchini on medium heat until they're golden brown on both sides. This is only gonna take a few minutes because zucchinis are actually really quick to cook. Season them with salt and pepper and remove them from the pan. Now let's go straight into the shrimps. I have added some oil and I'm gonna throw in the shrimp for around three minutes on each side. I've added some garlic at the end and I just fried that all for one minute and, voila, you are done with the shrimp. So now it's time to assemble everything. I'm gonna toss the lettuce, red onion, zucchini, the shrimps and the avocado into the plate and I am adding salt and pepper for some flavoring. This is one of the easiest things to put together and it looks gorgeous. I drizzled some dressing on top and there you have it. A delicious, balanced lunch. I can honestly eat this every single day because it is so frickin' yummy. So our last meal of the day is dinner and we are making a stir fry. First, you're gonna grab your firm tofu and then I'm just gonna drain it. I am gonna lay my tofu down on a paper towel and I'm just gonna pat it dry and just let it stand there for ten minutes, like, tofu has so much water and it has to drain a little bit so that way it's easier to cook. Now, grab a small bowl and combine the sugar, miso paste and water and just mix it all up until it turns into, like, a watery paste. I'm gonna grab some asparagus and I'm gonna trim the edges, I'm gonna chop it up like such so it's in bite size pieces. Then, I'm gonna trim my green beans into the same shape and I just love green beans so much, they are my favorite vegetable aside from broccoli and so I'm just gonna get the asparagus and green beans in a bowl and I'm gonna just visit them later. Then you're gonna need a shallot. You're gonna peel it and start chopping it really finely. The tofu should be ready by now. I'm gonna cut it into bite size cubes and I love cutting tofu because it is so satisfying, it's just so soft and it just does whatever you tell it to. Then you're gonna need a spring onion. I am using three stalks and I'm just gonna chop that up finely. And, lastly, if you're into spice, grab a chili and chop that up but make sure you wash your hands with soap after because it is literally the worst when you're working with chilies and then you, like, touch your eye, it's not ideal. So now that everything's prepped, you're gonna grab a wok and on medium heat, just drizzle some oil. I am gonna throw in the shallots, asparagus and green beans until all the vegetables are tender. This should take around five or seven minutes. Just be careful that nothing burns so keep stirring. Once the veggies are soft, you're gonna add the tofu, the miso paste, the green onion and the chili and you're just gonna stir that up until it's nice and piping hot. While the stir fry is workin', I am gonna grab a small frying pan and I'm just gonna cook myself an egg. I've decided on a sunny side egg because it looks really pretty and so now that everything is cooked, serve the stir fry on a plate and then throw that little egg on the side and, voila, you are done with dinner. This meal is so bomb and easy to make. Honestly, the hardest part of this dish is just the preparation but after you finish that, it is a breeze. So those are all the recipes that I have for you today. I cannot wait to continue using Lifesum to track my progress. Hands down, my favorite thing about the app is the recipe bank. There is just access to so many healthy and balanced recipes and I cannot wait to continue cookin'. I would love for you guys to try out Lifesum for yourself. I will leave a link to the app in the description box so please go check it out. It would be so cool if we just all got to track our progress and share our journey with each other. If you guys would like to see more cooking videos, please let me know in the comments down below and I wanna thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you guys in the next one. Bye. Muah. ♪ Let me know that what I feel ♪ ♪ Is really real ♪