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today on Monson made this it is six days later pickles are done thank you for coming back this is part 2 of the lacto-fermentation video last time I set everything up and we let it go and it is now 6 days later and we are ready to try what we have fermented so if you can see here I've got a bunch of things covered by a towel it's because you really need to keep the jars in a dark place in order to help them ferment so I've just kept a towel on them and they've actually been on top of my fridge it's been about 71 degrees in the house the entire time so I think we're okay with 6 days if I taste anything and don't think it's sour enough then I'm definitely going to put it back up for another day so let's see how they look first one we're going to look at is this large jar and this is the fermenting jar from farm steady and it has this valve now it's cloudy which is kind of what we want also the pickles or the cucumbers have gotten a little bit faded which is also optimal the only issue that I really had with this one was that of water or the brine was coming up into this so I'm guessing that I got this a little bit too full so I'm hoping everything is ok there was some water that actually came out on top of this during the process so let's take the lid off we're not seeing any mold or anything funky on top here so that is a good sign this one also comes with the glass weight so I'm just going to go ahead and take that off as well and it looks like we have some pickles here so I'm just gonna go ahead and take this out here and I'll I'm just gonna put everything into a bowl to begin with and then I'll taste everything at the end so that is the pickles smells amazing it smells like dill and garlic and onions and to me it looks just like a pickle so I'm excited to give that one to taste let's go ahead and see these other ones these ones were fermented with the silicone lids and I have to say I didn't have any issue with anything coming out the kimchi one which is here I don't know if you can see it in the video is a bit raised so there's some pressure in there this other kraut one is well kind of raised up a little bit but it has gone down b1 here for the jalapeno hot sauce did not raise or bulge at all but I did not have any explosions or anything like that so I'm gonna put this one aside and let's open these up and see how they look again we're good on top no mold nothing funky and I'm gonna go ahead and pull out the glass beads that I put into it let's try two these were the weights and these just you can wash them I've actually washed them for my carrots and the dishwasher so I'm going to take that out there might be another one in here and there we go that's the only downside I can see to those glass weights is the fact that you might lose them so let's go ahead and pull a little bit of this kraut out so we can give it a taste and make sure to use a clean Fork anytime you go in here you don't want to introduce any other bacteria into these jars and then to store this you can store it just in this jar as it is I have these really nice plastic lids that I'm going to be using to save these up let's open up the kimchi it's like we have quite a bit of liquid in here a bit of an explosion but again nothing really funky on top so let's go ahead and take out the weights and this is the circle of cabs that we put in just to keep everything under the surface and this was just a kimchi flavored sauerkraut with onions and some garlic as well as gochujang and Korean chili pate or Korean chili flake excuse me all right so we'll give that a taste all right I'm gonna give these three a taste and then we will talk about this one and make the hot sauce let's give this pickle a taste it seems pretty legit it looks just like a pickle so let's write in mmm pretty good snap Stillhouse crunch the flavors permeated can face the garlic can taste the dill um it's not super sour could it maybe maybe can go for a few more days I might actually have it go for a few more days keep or putting it before putting in the refrigerator but it's a really good pickle the farm steady fermenter was great for such a large batch but you know it's a little bit clumsy I think and I did have some problems with that valve on top so after this process I really do prefer the silicone lids so let's try the sauerkraut this is just basically cabbage and salt mmm that's nice it's got a fair amount of salt which I like but good sourness this too could maybe go a few extra days but I think I'm gonna keep this in the fridge because it does tend to ferment a little bit more after it is in the fridge I made carrots before and talked about them in the last video and since they've been in the fridge hanging out I've been eating a ton of them but they have gotten a little bit more sour that's really good also next week I will be making a video from the vegan roadie Dustin's cookbook the epic vegan cookbook and there's a cheese sauce or two that actually uses sauerkraut so I'll be using this sauerkraut in that recipe video next week kimchi kraut remember we just kind of shortcutted this and let's give it a taste Wow this one I say out of all of them has a stronger fermented flavor really good spice good like tang and zip eNOS as well well that's really good I'm really simple you saw in the last video how I put these together I will have full video or full recipes linked below for these and if you have any other suggestions of things that I should ferment or try because I'm really into this right now definitely comment below what you think I should firm it next what would work really well as well as if you have any recipe ideas for what I can make with the kimchi kraut the sauerkraut and these pickles cuz I'm gonna be making a lot of this now so I'm interested in recipes that I can use for these yeah so let's go ahead and blend up the ha sauce that's the last thing we're gonna do today and I'm excited to see how that's going to turn out so here in this jar we have some habanero those are nice bubbles habanero peppers and jalapenos onion and garlic and what I'm going to do here is again we're great we don't have any mold or anything I can already smell the jalapeno coming through so I'm gonna remove the weights and what we're gonna need to do is separate the the liquid from the jalapenos and because I'm gonna be blending this I definitely want to be extra careful that I've been getting all of the glass weights out so I'm going to pour the liquid off into this jar into this measuring cup and then I'll put the solids into my Magic Bullet and that's just because this liquid is super spicy and I'm not sure how thin or thick I want to make the hot sauce found another glass I'm not sure how thin or thick I want to make it so I will be using this liquid to kind of thin it out put it all on the jar smells amazing let's start out with maybe about a cup and then throw it on the blender all right the jalapeno hot sauce is been blending for a while it's really thick so I'm gonna thin it out quite a bit actually because I want this I don't know I'm sorry with the texture of like Tabasco but maybe more like a sriracha texture so I'm gonna blend this again I'll probably go for about 30 seconds to a minute because I want to get it really nice and smooth [Applause] all right so that has been blending still a little bit of pressure that builds up in there because of the fermentation and I have this jar here that I'm gonna be using it's just an old hot sauce jar now if you really really wanted to make this more of like a Tabasco you could strain it out and get rid of the pulp but I'm gonna keep that in I'm gonna be using this IKEA funnel here really excited to try this hot sauce I haven't really been buying many chips lately so I'm just gonna be trying it on a piece of tortilla it seems like it's got a good thickness on here I might want to blend it up a little bit more but wow it's got a kid definitely have some spice but the flavor is there the salt that's in the brine really brings out the flavors as well it's I mean you know how some sauces are just hot this is hot and delicious I taste of jalapeno but the habanero definitely brings the heat up so this is delicious and it's gonna continue to ferment a little bit more while it sits in the fridge so it'll boost up the flavor as well as it continues I'll have to bottle up the rest of that I might even try to do it where I strain it out so that I just get the the liquid itself again more like a Tabasco style because those hot sauces are fermented as well so yeah let's bring out everything again and I'll say my goodbyes so with just a few simple ingredients some salts water vegetables we have some amazing fermented condiments here we have this jalapeno hot sauce which is amazing I have a feeling I'm gonna be putting this on everything as well as the kimchi and regular crowd these are going to be great just on sort of rice bowls noodle dishes and even in cheese sauces as you'll see next week lastly here these pickles I'm not the biggest pickle person but I will definitely find some uses for those they have a delicious flavor but I do think I'm gonna let them from it a little bit longer as I said I really liked those silicone lids these are also machine washable if you follow the link below to my Amazon Paige you can get these and so far I'm really impressed as well these plastic lids I prefer these for the wide mouth jars as opposed to the metal ring lids so I'll have a link for you to buy these as well if you are interested in doing this again comment below what things you're gonna ferment or what things I should do with what I already have fermented here thank you for watching click Subscribe below if you have not already also hit the bell notification so that it tells you when my new videos come out also a patreon link is below that's where you can watch months and 8th this and I'll be making a little dish here probably with the kimchi kraut and I'll have a little eat chat with you over there on patreon so make sure you go there and subscribe to that thank you again for watching I will be back next week with another recipe video like I said we'll be cooking from the epic vegan cookbook next week and I think that's all I have to say have a great week thank you for watching both of these parts I'll also have a link to part 1 if you're just watching part 2 now but yeah I will see you next time good bye [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]