Economiser X Installation and Wiring 2

[Music] hi I am Chris hemming technical trainer and customer surance representative for carrier Enterprise Florida today we were discussing a field installed economizer X both wiring and installing the actual hood so let's get started step 1 remove all contents of the economizer and make sure that there is no missing or damaged parts a complete contents list is on page 1 of the installation instructions included with the economizer this particular package includes a hood top and sides hood divider aluminum filter screws economizer ex assembly which includes the J controller and harnesses makes their temperature sensor and the harnesses to connect the outdoor air temperature sensor and mix their temperature sensor to the Jade controller the outdoor temperature thermistor is factory installed on the economizer make sure all female-to-male adapters are plugged in before moving forward step 2 remove the panels from the outdoor air section install the economizer assembly assemble and install the hood assembly the step-by-step configuration is in the installation guide and is fairly straightforward on this particular model the economizer consists of the hood top and side and a hood divider to separate the biometric relief dampers from the incoming year and of course the aluminum filter now install the hood assembly in step 3 locate and remove the factory-installed blue and yellow bypass blow place the plug in the controls compartment for future assistance with troubleshooting if needed with the bypass plug now removed plug the existing harness into the economizer now let's head to the control section step 4 now at the control section mount the J controller and grounding wire or the controller disconnect the economizer plug from the central terminal port the blue board it will be labeled econ on the board now plug this same harness you just removed into the 10 pin mail adapter connected to the Jade controller step 6 locate the harness connected to the Jade controller that is labeled econ this will be the only female 10 pin harness not yet used plug this harness into the econ section of the central terminal board step 7 locate the last harness applied with the economizer this harness should consist of a pink violet brown and orange wire connect this harness to the four pin male adapter connected to the Jade controller run the other end of the harness into the blower section you step 8 locate the pink and purple female spayed ends in the existing factory harness in the blower section these are connected to the factory installed outdoor temperature sensor on the economizer connect the pink and purple male ends to the harness connected to the Jade controller we just ran into this blower section this will allow the J controller the sense outdoor temperature step 9 mount the mixed air temperature sensor to the side of the blower housing connect the mixed air temperature to the brown and orange wires at the end of the harness we just ran into the blower section this will allow the J controller to sense the supply air temperature step 10 straighten out all the wiring and add some crap to the craftsman step 11 Commission the equipment and the Jade controller record all configuration and startup information on your startup sheets a list of configuration options for your application is in the installation instructions we hope you found this video very helpful thank you