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Peter McKinnon


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we just fix my hat here hang on a second Oh didn't see that coming did you what's up everybody Peter be kidding here welcome back to yet another video editing your photos episode 3 v3 version 3 today we're going to go through a couple of photographers and when I say couple I mean more than 2 like 6 so we're gonna go through like a half dozen of your photos we're gonna throw some edits on them and see what we can do if this is your first time here checking out one of these episodes welcome hope you enjoy this series it seems to be a little bit of a hit so far so I'm really hyped if you guys are enjoying it disclaimer as always before we start these episodes this is for fun I'm not saying that my edits make these photos better in some cases that may make them worse ok we've all messed up shadows before but this is just a platform for me to showcase your work I drop your Instagram accounts there and it's just a good time it's a fun time it's way to give back and kind of just involved you guys so it's not just me talking at the camera about tips or vlogs it's it's a fun way to involve the community which I love really excited to dive into episode 3 if you haven't submitted photos before the email to do that is p.m. edits my shots at gmail.com now it's closed right now so it's rejecting all emails but when I open it you'll find out through notifications via either Twitter or Instagram so make sure to follow me on both of those platforms plug then you'll know when to I went to email if you email me photos anywhere else they're instantly deleted and blocked all of that so don't even don't even bother jumping in to photographer number one we have Christopher Waddell also disclaimer number two I'm horrible at pronouncing names waddle I don't feel like waddle is I think it's would Dell anyways hey Peter I'm sure you get loads of submissions so hopefully you have a chance to check these out today's your lucky day or maybe it's your unlucky day because I've been who knows here in my raw photos is a little mix of things depending on what you're looking for he's a British photographer born in Tanzania Oh growing up in 8 countries wow that's incredible pretty much always had a camera since a young age starting off with film with his own darkroom while living in Kenya bindi Kenya magical place in travel to 69 countries so far wow that's a lot of countries that's like all of the countries how many countries are there more than 100 it's more than 100 right oh you got a ways to go bro don't flex don't flex on this channel alright so I edited a few of these because I couldn't help myself because they were incredible we have a star nighttime sky shot from Namibia we have a church in Iceland we've Northern Lights in of course Iceland and we have a snowy mountain shot because you know I don't like editing those at all and that's also from Iceland so let's dive into some of these we'll start with the church this is the before beautiful photo right off the bat when we're looking at this church photo the ominous Icelandic landscape is just very present you've got the fog billowing down from the top of the frame really making that mysterious background this I mean this photo has is it doesn't even really need any edits I'd be pumped on it now the only thing I might do right off the bat before even getting into any editing is I might have actually placed the church on the right side of the frame and had the entire left side be all of the background in the mountains and stuff like that now we don't know what was on the left side maybe there's like a parking lot so for obvious reasons you're framing the other way there's also this kind of really cool cross made out of wood that may have been one of the reasons for framing it this way something wrong with this at all just personal preference I would have preferred it on the right side I don't know why but it's just me beautiful photo all I really wanted to do is just kind of give it a little more punch give it a little more that like contrast that classic feel that I go for in my photos which I ended up with something like this that is my edit you can see it's shifted a little more towards the green I got rid of most of that kind of subdued D saturated kind of that Iceland feel that raw Iceland feel if you've ever been there and you shoot a bunch of photos your RAW photos they all kind of have that they've got a look of their own so just kind of did away with a little bit of that while still trying to keep a little bit of that like that moody tone that moody vibe so I actually do you hast it a little bit to bring through the mountains in the background a little bit more just because they're so awesome yes fog looks amazing when it's covering everything but that is inherently one of the problems as well it's covering everything personal preference at that point next up we're looking at this nighttime shop now right away the sky is beautiful it's like that milky way straight ripping through the center of that photo yes please he's got a flashlight so you must have been standing there for a little bit of time maybe a little bit of a long exposure not too long obviously the subject in the foreground are in silhouette so I wanted to keep that but I want to see more of the photo just because it feels a little bit too dark so upon sliding the exposure up like you it just brings the photo to life you see so much more and you're like wow this this is uh this is a bangin photo but I didn't want to bring the exposure up where the shadows up too high because then you lose a little bit of that silhouette and you start washing out the beauty that is the sky like the stars in this photo in this raw photo you almost don't even want to change you almost only want to edit the foreground using some gradient masks from the bottom so I did that I did it for both the top and the bottom I had to lighten up the sky a little bit I changed the blues more from like that deep blue a little bit to like a softer brighter teal hue I feel like that really makes the sky have a little more definition have a little more depth to it a little more story to a little more color and I love that it also brings out a little bit of the foreground so you can visibly now see the subject holding the flashlight one of the things I did do is adjust the luminance for the noise value because nighttime photos sometimes depending how they're shot have a lot of noise I didn't go too far because I would just make things weird and plasticky so I just raised it up enough that it didn't look noisy like maybe the ISO was too high anything like that overall left it there pretty pumped with that great shot and great shot moving on to the Northern Lights down this road another one of these photos where upon moving the shadows up and the exposure up it reveals the entire road which is just a perfect beautiful leading line I did the same thing with gradient masks above the photo and below the photo to really kind of give that nice exposure fix that you get a nice rich Road and a nice rich sky without washing it one or the other because there are two different brightness values whenever I'm editing Northern Lights I always like to shift the photo a little more to the cool tones the blue tones I feel like it really kind of just brings it out a lot better than being warm Northern Lights it's just my opinion I feel like it's a really cold kind of experience where you usually see it when you're really really far north and I just like that really brings out their in colors of the Northern Lights a little bit of D haze a little bit of contrast your regular basic adjustments dropping down into the HSL cubes I like to call them the cubes messing with the yellows and the oranges obviously here to get the desired look for the grass and the moss around the road one of the things I did forget to do though it distracted me was getting rid of these yellow posts so let's go ahead and okay now they're gone much better in my opinion this is the photo I ended up with you can see them side-by-side pretty happy with that great capture - you're just crushing this trip man Johnny's 69 countries over here last photo here obviously mountains lake it's a little bit dark so I brighten that up now when I brighten it up it was a little bit too blue so I D saturated it went down to the HSL cubes killed a little bit of that blue so it was more of a white photo a white snowy winter photo and then I cropped out at some of that foreground I felt like the snow along the foreground there was just a little too much of it and I just kept looking at it I just couldn't help myself this beautiful landscape I just kept looking at the snow cropped a little bit of that brought in a photoshop clone stamped at some of the areas that were also distracting where the rocks were peeking through the snow just enough that it looked kind of go away cleaned that up and you're left with a photo that looks a little bit like this pretty pumped on that - so Christopher Weddell thank you so much for submitting these are great photos and we are all jealous and hate you for traveling to 69 countries Cheers get rekt don't actually just I appreciate you okay next up we have Andre from Portugal let's just go with that we have Andre from Portugal he is 23 years old here's my surf photo for you oh look at that Wow I've always wanted to get a joke surfing shot like this this looks awesome dudes just touching the wave as he goes by super cool I want to brighten the subject up a little bit I want to bring down the highlights and obviously make this water just a tad more on the teal tropical blue moving forward the edits that I came up with at the end looks a little bit like this now it's got that classic p.m. contrast II punched to it some clarity some contrasted a lot of little things here actually put an oval mask around the subject to specifically brighten him and feather him separately to the rest of the wave so I started by doing all the exposure and highlights and shadows and all of those things like we do in pretty much every photo when I got happy with that I made the mask around the subject and adjusted his light and levels so that it would basically not affect the rest of the wave so that's what we got it looks like off to the side here there's either like someone dropped a camera or that's someone else's lens like poking through in a housing or it's someone else's surfboard or an otter in the middle of the water here there's a distraction so one of the first things I'm going to do is get rid of that played with the HSL tabs they just sell cubes if you will tweaked it so that I got a little bit of a the teal kind of color going in here a little bit of the green didn't want to go overkill on it but the water shits color as it goes from you can see the bottom left of the photo as it curls all the way into that wave turns a little more green a little more teal and then crests into like this white ocean spray now part of that spray got a little bit blown out I try to recover it in Lightroom but it looks like it was already it must have been like a super sunny day so like that is some really harsh condition there's a lot of exposure happening in this photo from too dark to too light completely blown out so it's there's a wide range of stuff going on here so did my best to recover some of those highlights but all-in-all Aundre dope photo hope you enjoy the edit it's gonna happen one day I'm gonna take that photo thank you so much for submitting next up we you're looking at Emily Martin were you from Emily Martin she didn't say let's take a look at this raw photo that she submitted floating a leaf and you guys know I love to float things done a tutorial on it linked above if I remember to link it above after we make this video this photo is just simple it was nice I felt like it was exposed really well and when I see a photo that's exposed really well as a raw photo it really makes me want to edit it because I know that edits are just going to look so much better on a photo that's already even across the board jumping into the edit that I did after the fact boom that's what I came up with it's not too much of a departure from Emily's shots because she did such a great job but I did try to give it like a little bit of like a dark filmic look added some green took down some of the red and orange in the fingers with the HSL tabs due to some of the edits that I was making like saturation contrast and clarity messed with the greens to get the desired look shifted it towards the blue side to give it that again that Moody tone feeling that I've really been vibing on lately you know editors photographers all of us we go through shifts in our work sometimes a lot of our work looks a certain way and then maybe within two years it looks totally different maybe within two months it looks totally different based on your experiences in life the people you're hanging out with the places you've been these things change but right now I'm kind of on this moody dramatic kick so a lot of my edits are you know are gonna show up that way due to that kick that I'm on so this is the photo that I ended up with Emily thank you for submitting that's a great photo I loved that you were floating up I don't know how you're floating it maybe you used string maybe you used fishing line maybe you used the dark arts I'm fine with all three next up we got Evander lips Evander lips says hey dude here are some RAW images thank you from my favorite trip ever I've posted some of these edits on my Instagram if you'd like to take a look as well these were taken on the sony a7r 3 let's take a look at the raw shots number one wow that's just Lion King if I've ever seen it before everything the light touches everything the light touches is a whole kingdom this is a beautifully exposed photo looking at this straight out of the camera you almost don't even need to do anything maybe a little bit of like exposure to just brighten it up a tad but the light that the Sun must be setting or rising I don't know it just looks incredible there's not even a whole lot that I'm gonna do to this jumping ahead to the Edit that I came up with after the fact boom here we are you can see not a whole lot of difference a little more clarity a little more contrast and I played with the orange I basically just played with the luminance of the warm tones that's pretty much all I did I didn't want to take away anything else I really like the mood and vibe this photo gave me right from opening the raw so it didn't take a whole lot to get it to where I'd be happy with it you can see flipping back and forth that's the raw that's the edit that's the raw that's the edit so there's a little bit of change there but not too much that it changes the original drastically to the point where you're like yo why did you put a mountain in the middle of the desert that's the shit why did you do that subtle second shot is this little valley here with the mountains in the background love it love the water love the stones in the water love the reflection of the clouds in the water sky crazy blown-out almost no sky at all when I looked at this raw photo I thought to myself we got to put a sky in there I'm not sorry because I like doing that stuff but this 100% needs Scott and you can see the outline of the mountains here those are so so contrasted off that star quite blown out background it would be really easy to sky replace just out of curiosity drop down the highlights brought up the shadows a little bit you can see that it reveals basically an entire another peak behind and some clouds so I thought you know what saved don't need to and this is the Edit that I came up with so you can see all those clouds the whole mountain ridge in the background all that stuff was there was able to recover it because he shot raw and because of his using Lightroom and adjusted those highlights and shadows contrast II muted the Greens got those orange tones lifted the blacks just the touch dropped the saturation as you can see just a little bit because I didn't want it to be too colorful again giving it that more moody tone for a forest specifically you guys know I love to drop down my greens and subdue them quite heavily and this is no exception really really happy of how this came out especially the fact we were able to recover so much from the sky without having to replace it yeah it looks like you had one banger of a trip and thank you for submitting okay moving on to Tristan Evan Tristan Evan you didn't give me any information if you're watching this right now let me know in the comments up voters comment I'll drop your Instagram link into the description so I can edit this because you took a great shot here I'm gonna use it for the thumbnail it's so good and I want you to get some credit for this so let me know who you are man again if you guys are submitting in the future please tell me a little bit about you give me your Instagram handle tell me where you took the pictures which you're into so I can you know I got a little bit of conversation I can I can enlighten all the viewers with nevertheless this is a great photo check out this is the raw of Tristan Evan may be himself or one of his buddies sitting on a dope what is that a super 73 super it's one of those super cool jesse wellens automatic electric bikes that I want hint if you guys are watching this send me one right away I want to lift the shadows fix the exposure but seeing that he's on a dirt road I know I can make that dirt road go from pretty much unsaturated black to like rich heavy orange the dusty contrasting deliciousness so right away I looked at that ground was like oh oh yeah this is gonna be great I can bring those blues down to more of like a teal almost desaturated completely because that sky is way too blue if there was clouds in it I might keep them but love the framing love the shadow love the pose love the bike love the props love the photo here's my edit honey probably ready saw it from the thumbnail a lot brighter changed the entire photo to feel like we're now in a warm desert as you can see everything I talked about the ground beforehand done here much darker much more contrast II completely warmed up the sky you can still see hints of blue but very very much D saturated and play with the colors of the sweater to match the environment as well so now it feels a little more like we planned to this shoot the whole ensemble the photo now matches very very well and I'm a huge fan of how this edit came out really pumped on this I post this on my grid so Tristan thanks so much for submitting again let me know who you are man because this is a great photo thank you very much appreciate you alright and we are going to end off with none other than a coffee photo from Vivek VP hi I'm Vivek from India short but sweet here's the raw photo just hold it a nice little cup of brew out over the mountains exactly what I'd love to be doing right now very well exposed exposed for the background which makes it very easy for me to lift the shadows and expose the foreground without ruining the background so jumping ahead to the Edit that I got boom there you go really wanted to emulate the film look with this that film stock that Fuji Pro 400 H port for 400 deliciousness scanned on a frontier scanner mmm shot medium format 6 4 5 maybe with like a little I digress added some film grain in here as you can see added a little more warm tones to kind of just bring out that nice skin complexion with the coffee popping off the background that is a little more subdued green that shifts from green to teal to white that sky is layered a really really great photo it's really simple but it just goes to show you sometimes just taking photos of basic things also come out super awesome great landscapes inherently look great because they're insane and they look amazing in this world nuts and the earth is so beautiful but sometimes also just taking a picture of you holding a coffee that's well exposed can also just evoke the same emotions and just be as cool and as great of an addition to anyone's portfolio as taking a picture with a headlamp in the desert with a lot of stars so to everybody that's submitted thank you so much I absolutely love making these videos that was episode 3 I will let you know when you can send in your photos so keep an eye on my Instagram and Twitter account for editing your photos episode for probably do it in a few weeks from now but to everybody that's submitted your Instagram links have been added to the description as well as I hope everyone took note of them on screen when they showed up thank you again it does take courage to put your raw work out there on a platform for someone else to work on who is a completely different style from you that might very well edit it completely different from you that's that's no easy task for either parties thank you so much for watching guys hit that like button smash it all those things that youtubers harass you to do at the end of videos subscribe if you aren't already hit the bell do all that stuff love you guys see you tomorrow for two minute Tuesday peace this hat it's gonna work [Music] oh how it's perfect that felt good that's no good okay next up we have Andreja Lac Hilton Evander Evander Holyfield did that guy bite off someone's here like you know I watch that pay-per-view when I was a kid I watched it live us with like my I was with my half-brother and I was like you know what's what is this what's going on why did that guy just eat that guy's head and then it was over and I was like that's it and they were all hype sorry I forgot this was recording entirely or just shooters I'm not gonna say anything you can just go now to stare-off who's gonna win I mean I could sit here all day can you I mean the video has to end at some point so I guess technically you would win because I mean I'm not actually it you're had a staring contest with someone before I saw it like I just start laughing immediately stares no good at it Jenny I can't even deal with nobody have you ever had a staring contest with a c200 in the giant aperture light to nobody here we are