Educational video for LIFESAVER systems

did you know that we flush not used books left 50 litres of water each per day that's the equivalent of 25 big bottles of fizzy straight down the drain now just imagine that you didn't have touch with running water we did but the woods came out by the murky would you drink it I hope not all this may be a slightly Saracen too often now that's the situation that one in 8 to the world's population has to face every day having no safe water supply and constantly fighting against sickness and ultimately death but work weeks help what if there's a solution to the lack of safe drinking water around the world while there is lifesaver bottles and jerry cans can take dirty water and tons in safe drinking water filtering out all the viruses and the davis which causes sicknesses that means they can take water from here from here or from here and turn it into this so people go from there to this with the help of lifesaver technology children don't have to be one of the 1.8 billion people who have to travel more than a kilometer each morning to collect their ten liters of water to last in the Hongdae remember we've flushed 50 litres each per day but instead can make their own safe drinking water from sources local term when and as they need it freeing up time to go to school play with friends and be a kid lifesaver technology has the potential to completely transform the lives of countless families across the world it will cost 9 billion to provide the whole world with safe drinking water and sanitation which when you compare it to 11 billion we spend per year on ice-cream in Europe 9 billion suddenly doesn't sound like a lot of money so next time you run your tap and take a drink of that clean safe water that keeps your life spero fought for those who aren't so lucky when you get involved help lifesaver and water property lifesaver clean safe drinking water wherever you were