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you please spiral regiment do you need please okay okay please stay calm to me wet which station are you at hello hello miss hello are you there miss the New South Wales government has unveiled a radical solution to the water crisis it plans to tap into an abandoned reservoir under the city 95 million dollars will be spent on a state-of-the-art water recycling facility in the heart of Sydney my name is Natasha Warner and I've worked in news and current affairs for well over ten years I knew that I wanted to tell stories I knew I wanted to communicate to the public and that looked like the perfect place for me the New South Wales Minister for water and the environment has been under sustained fire for 12 months now Sydney's water reserves are at an all-time low we are a progressive government and in the face of climate change we need to look at all possibilities and recycling water is definitely the way of the future I first came across a story which was focusing on the government that had just announced some water recycling plans and they wanted to use abandoned underground tunnels in one of our you know biggest rail systems thousands of people pass through here each day not realizing the state government's solution to the water crisis is beneath their feet the plan is to build recycling infrastructure to make use of millions of litres of water trapped in disused train tunnels I didn't realize how fast they were there's virtually a whole nother city underneath us welfare groups say the tunnels are a refuge for Sydney's homeless building underground water recycling infrastructure would leave them with nowhere to go the new homeless concerns are likely to cause another roadblock for the governance brought across a solution in a similar scenario in the u.s. hundreds of homeless were recently evicted from underground tunnels it caused a public relations nightmare you can quickly see why the government's having so much trouble evicting the homeless I mean trying to navigate through this maze of dark tunnels is hard trying to find people hiding in here it's virtually impossible the water and Environment Minister says there is no evidence of anyone living in Sydney's tunnels he says if Labour wins the election the water solution will proceed after the initial fanfare the story dried up it was like the whole thing never happened that's when alarm bells went off in my head things just don't disappear whenever something's not spoken about it I've got to ask wire that's my job as a journalist cheers John have you ever yeah we what's your birthday message freedom what do you want I like each other over there like set up and tell you a story about a John and guys may not know this one it was way back in 1991 my name's Steve Miller I'm a TV cameraman I've been working in you news and current affairs since the mid 80s I just started and they sent us the first Gulf War so we had four phone home with the office - John who was the news director at the time I said send us more cash I need to get some gas masks and chemical suits so they sent us like 10 grand we thought we've got its cash and a hammer gone fuck it let's spend it on peace right and the air raid sirens everyone else I can pull on their masks we just got Oh fuckers you gotta get married to the job so the people you work with they end up coming like family girls down as a young man but he's not very good at his job talking about time these days we went two weeks are you wet without your phone remember and did anyone notice no one knows it's a genius I'm so good I need to hear it feel it on the noise when you get that going on the road when you get Stephen tangles out on a shoot they're just they're professional but there are so kids the end of the day they like to muck around and have a bit of a laugh I remember Natasha she was at another network and in a couple of years later play border across to us first impression just another you know young person coming in getting paid too much money hadn't really proved herself but you know she was the next big thing hey Pete big business meeting tougher but actually made a production meeting talking about producing yeah bridges that ya gotta turn an old stick open Oh seriously hey hey hey the one that got away hold on oh why have we done that story before not media like Hayden I we had an interest in working relationship he was very determined in the way he would do his job and I was very determined in the way I would do mine sometimes that would work well together and sometimes it would sort of cause a bit of friction whenever her that her name came up the subject was changed pretty quickly you know when you think back on it now you sort of go oh yeah there's something going on there I came across a YouTube video which showed some youths defacing and instead of vandalizing areas around the tunnels yeah you did it you are fucking kidding me fucking say to me less than a night like it will this was figure shit okay within that clip itself there was something unknown quite clearly though there was something there in the tunnel look was that what was that the buckle first oh here boy just give it to chef come on let's get here torture me I don't it's cool come on oh boy see you get tagged on a fucking watching fuck that come on we're gonna fucking watch it Bach said death death what the hell tap come on hold on yep activate yeah what about it yes homeowner go anywhere white giant lawn once I saw that clip thought this is a story I can go to John with you know finally it's got some strengths since when does a decent journalist use YouTube his research was a good clip at the time I thought she's crazy when I pitched the story to John he put paid on this what that meant was Pete had an upcoming job and story in China which he was very very passionate about and I had to give him the news that he was taken off the story I first heard about the tunnels being a potential story for us just as we were prepping up actually to go to China with Pete he made uh there's a focus chart there somewhere Oh getting just hold that for us yeah yeah noise did you know he'd been working on this thing for a long time and he was pretty pumped to get over there and get stuck into it I think he had some pretty good leads which you know could have blown his career what wide open it was great how's it look me it looks pretty good it orderly the amount that repairs cost thanks tangulls nice one no more throwing the cameras around stairwells yeah I told you guys not my fault all right Pam you happy to go hand hill why do we go the quicker we move absolutely mate we going to China after all I'm over in for check DVDs pirated software you're all close man it was purely John's decision to put Pete on the story well I was a little uncomfortable with having paid there to start with like I said before we weren't exactly always gelling I was really nervous about talking to me I didn't want to tell him it's not that exciting when you sort of building it hopes up for this great big story and then you sort of get given a shit sandwich I've thought at that point I was doing the right thing I thought that having to postpone what he had planned was worth it in the end for the story he did say he went in to see John I don't know what the what happened in that room and the contents of that conversation but yeah he had spoken to John about it and I think you know from that point on it was clear he wasn't going to China and now had won the day why did John go the other way come on we all know what John was favoring that hey once Peter was on this story we started attending the daily presses to try and find out what happened to the water recycling plans Pete was pissed off but you know pizza pro took him a day or two then he came around just like the guy years you know he started to do his own searching around here he had contacts in the council who we spoke to and some rumors started to surface that not only were there homeless living in the tunnels but they were homeless that were going missing now at that point we slowly started to think there may be something in this so we just started by chasing the then water Minister the main thing that was apparently he was staying quiet on the topic he wouldn't talk to us no one would talk to us so you know at that point we was getting stonewalled if it was true that homeless were going missing this was a big story and it was a really important one in the tunnel no come here Venus does your people be worried is there a threat in the underground tunnel I think that definitely honor and quite a large scale there was a lot of people in the government that knew what was going on they knew what was going on down there you know with everything that's happened subsequently they were hiding stuff I started getting in contact with a few of the shelters around the city and eventually I came across one particular homeless man who I had believed have been living in the tunnels so this was I mean this was fantastic we had finally someone to speak to oh just one second that's okay just don't choose he's been angry with me I'm not sure how she found Trevor but Natasha found Trevor we went down to this home we sat him down for an interview so just let it swing just yeah you just go yeah yeah I got us in a way Trevor if you don't feel comfortable with anything you let me know at any times yeah and when I'm asking you the questions if you're not good if you're not quite sure of an answer that's okay we can fix it up later so don't worry about that good yeah thank you well the interview with Trevor was a tricky one but something that I am I guess all was quite customed to dealing with Trevor I understand you been living at Rufford call me truth true okay Trev I understand you've been living it rough for quite some time now what circumstances took you to living in the tunnels hmm well it kept me and my mates warm in the winter yeah all started out great chatting away to him he started to tell me a little bit about you know his circumstances what led him to live in the tunnels he started to really paint a picture of what it was like there and amongst your friends fee and Gianni and Harry and some of the others do they still live down there now hello - hmm are you okay you comfortable hmm yeah Trevor at that point in the interview I asked Trevor what he perhaps had been through in the tunnels I asked Trevor what he had seen clearly something had happened to him Trevor did you know someone who went missing Trevor did anything happen to you down there Trevor are you all right No ah did you get after Trevor's interview it was clearer on to something all the pieces of the puzzle was symptoms of something deeper I just didn't know what I needed more we needed to get down there your training purposes please hello oh hi Pam its Natasha warning you how are you mom now yeah yeah good good thanks look I'm just wonder if you can help me out I'm working on a story and I need to get into the tunnels under the CBD who do I need to talk to to make that happen right what's the story oh look I just need half an hour yes sorry I can't help you this time what honey no one's getting in there and I don't think you'll be getting any special training come on Pam it's me exactly and people got burned last time I can't do it I really need this Pam can you help me out I'm sorry man look I just ran out I guess it's easier to look at it now and say that I was peps under a lot of pressure to get this story at the time I just I thought I was doing my job I was so focused on just doing my job there was a lot of rumors kicking around she was in big trouble and she kind of really needed to lift a game otherwise she was gone well I think that I'd put a lot of work into my career and I think it was all basically hanging on this one one story yeah I didn't really have a choice eh tangles how's your head mate beep I'm like a fucking shark as long as I keep moving I'll be ok here we go this is what you look like after Steve put your loo last night Oh Steve you toy mate waterproof baby ATG yeah yeah it's good at spinning the network's money it's like not just water-resistant it's fully waterproof yeah what a proofing yeah can you just roll up for me oh there is get your night suite rolling right Oh Peter I'll just get you to shoot again anything I want to be right just say sue shit to that some shit to that um it's very excited to be young young smelly sewers is hello head UK haven't got all the permits so did but um John discovered okay when Natasha said that John was covering us and we didn't have permits that's kind of pretty loose arrangement you know you just sort of sit there and go oh well we must be fine you sure when tonight tonight okay so we are up yeah yep you're not yeah you could guess what yeah I'm a good man don't know all right trying to go the better hey yeah as a crew it's it's our job to film it and get coverage it's it's really not our job to question it hey Pete just hang back I'm gonna get shot now walking into it yeah excuse me guys guys hold up restricted area so connect you know ontology we're just gonna be filming for about half an hour we'll be out of your hair just grabbing a few shots aren't they just see inside me yeah you gonna permit from driver's license hey much grandma wallet not third-world it's not gonna work maybe guys five everyone there you guys under leg please told you okay nice daddy no one yeah I was that far into what I couldn't go back at that point we decided to find another way in with or without official assistance we've found some access around the other side and yeah it looked like a maintenance access sure John's got this sword Kirstin balls I at that point was starting to feel as though there was something not quite right so I thought to cover myself and to cover tangles and really to cover all of us I just film pretty much everything that was happening there you know I thought we had have some sort of way of protecting ourselves should something go wrong you know if we got busted and fined or whatever arrested you know I had some evidence that it wasn't me trying to push us down in there it wasn't angles but it was Natasha yeah take this yeah okay let's get this yep can't make it quick we're just Peconic just covering our tracks as we went down you know we didn't want to get discovered looking back on that that was probably a mistake okay hey we are Katie now here she said she said John Smith when we start filling a story we actually start okay let's get it it's roll Pete Natasha they look after the editorial content and you know it's kind of my job to take over there and look after the pictures okay turn around come back I'll just get you walking past this grill I'll just you guys just hang back there for a second tangles and I would go off and we just started getting stuck into it filming like we always would you know don't really need direction we just get a hood once we got him a little bit further there were whole sections of tunnels that weren't absolutely absolutely pitch black it is completely black down there you know you could go in there turn the light off spin around and you wouldn't know where you were because there's junctions tunnels going off everywhere so I kind of thought the first time I turn off the light and stood there I just thought we're gonna have to keep the light on and stay across where we are cuz otherwise it's gonna be pretty easy to get lost down there hey tangles up Steve KITT has come here man something wrong on the light and just check it out what do you mean just let her get nature yeah if you can look in real close something's there's something stuck on it shit hello no not that bad can we thanks for Steve Mars is stuck spooky yeah hated saw stand map of the tunnels but the further we got in the more we realized it wasn't exactly accurate there were whole sections of tunnels that weren't even on the map excuse me what hasty okay since the entrances we came down cool good that's that way that's not here I don't know why that is okay through here yep that must be like once we got through and past the maintenance areas and we got into a little bit more of the guts of the tunnels my impressions whether that was amazing it was vast that this place was huge that's awesome right is great Pete Democrats mobile ad every five five because we were very close to the station there so you know Pete was trying to make us pretty low-key cause blown away by the size but it was massive and just eerie you know I think we rolling in orbit wasn't really difficult to get great-looking shots down there you know cuz he's really just painting stuff with your light and whatever you saw that just was it looked really cool Schedule A but I got to discuss missing he's good yes wait the history to these tunnels of one we're looking at was just incredible I mean it dates back pre-world war two they they were to be used as an underground rail system then in World War two they were used as air-raid shelters you know look this the current New South Wales Government is not the first to use these tunnels for another purpose I'm standing in a section of tunnel that was converted into an air-raid shelter during World War two it's complete with all the amenities that enabled soldiers to stay for extended periods various rooms were then reused in fashion for training for the SAS so time and time again I've I guess been reinvented for their use and even to this day with the water recycling plans that were announced I was fortunate enough to come across an area where it was evident that there was definitely you know homeless or you know people living down there just food we attacked hey you wanna say go when you're ready we've been walking in the tunnel for less than an hour and already we've come across somebody's home here you can see then makeshift bed blanket and empty tins of food coming across the belongings was very important it was vital to the story it was absolute proof that there was life down here while there is no sign of an occupant at the moment it is clear the ministers assertions of abandoned tunnels are incorrect this was something that the government were denying this is something that we can now prove I know I'll get a shot of you going down there actually yes sir hang on oh hey what uh beautiful yeah what's up well nothing it's a bit tight down there tummy can you gonna make it she mustn't like work on the show Matt yeah you're right you're I yeah no hey hey Matt look I already got the sleeping bags and stuff we're not really need together like hey what we do the rest of hey all right I'll just it was fine just let's get going I can't take that what's here oh she just really needs the story after what happened last time she's treading on thin ice yeah that's why John put me under this make sure she doesn't fuck up again maybe she's not up to it why doesn't anybody ass alright I think you don't want to give her a little bit more than just that well enough to get a lump on you and me hey guys these tunnels carry sound pretty well and as far as I can heat euro la Sol's yeah give me the torch get down there you asshole hey can you just lift that handle up for me get this and wait that's pretty cool yeah give it a kick yeah give it a kick yeah do it just and that's why are we doing just let me just give it a kick track it for sale you call it let's do this thanks Gus the lake was just so fast I mean this thing runs a kilometer long it's bigger than I thought yeah get that alone men tangles with mucking around a bit and we like to play jokes on each other and you know if I didn't do it he would have done it so I just grabbed him and sort of went you know at the edge of the lake went to push him in and you know how you grabbed sort of hold on there Scholes and pull him back again which I did and then I let go of him and went to walk back to the camera and he went single Z right is it deep night this is nobody fucking go you gonna give him a hand lucky oh this is not stop laughing okay but Helen were gonna be dandy right tangles as much as we used to joke around and muck around together when it came time to work it was very you know he was very serious and it was the time for joking creative departments ready here alright he was like you know okay that just come forward a fraction so you know when he sort of given me the impression that there were problems I was believing him I'm standing directly below one of Sydney's busiest train stations behind me is the Forgotten water resource that's causing all the controversy early this year the government so plate you're making noise huh mmm you weren't whispering no all right sorry now can we go from the top everyone just keep it quiet thank you come let's go from the top again let's move when you're reading that I'm standing directly below when a Sydney's busiest train stations behind me is the Forgotten water as always caught you guys fucking with me what's the noise what are you hearing they it's hell just check the battery sweet um I don't know I did two cables Nick ever fucking talk Steve all right sorry not um go for it again I'll see what looking to just go straight through if tangles says he heard something I do believe that he felt he heard something I can't describe how silent the place was so at the time I I didn't feel that he could have been hearing anything it was strange I was just thinking you know it could have been a technical problem could have been anything some RF interference anything like that but you know tangles was adamant there was something going on and when he's serious about something you know you believe him earlier this year the government announced then quietly abandoned plans to recycle water from this lake the Minister for water is yet to give a reason why beautiful Pete happy I'm happy hey you tangles oh yeah yes wait yep yeah all right let's go let's move grab the sticks yeah all right let's go after we finish our piece at the lake we decided to head for the bell room but in that basically the bell room was built as I guess a air rage sort of alert back in the wall they would use it to and want people of danger yes we when we rang the bell it was deafening rattle your ribs this Bell is a relic of World War two it remains here in the confines of an air-raid shelter as a reminder of what imminent danger sounds like shit ee my level throws the meter sorry um and that can you just hit the bell once more yeah howdy go yeah look if you want me to get my piston down the hall okay well if we need it okay cool two seconds tangulls decided to go into the joining room off the Bell room and boom it from there just to basically kill the sound of the the level of the Bell which was just making his levels pick out I don't really know much about recording sound but I did at the time remember thinking that's a bit weird you know why would you do that just turn it turn it down a little bit surely it's that simple I think you do me a favor can you just listen on the cans what's the levels for me yeah why don't you get people do it he did camera he must be able to do sound no mad I've done enough hard work today yeah that's good now yeah I'll do it for you man sorry guys it's just way to work I mean he asked me to listen to the audio for him which is fine it's just put on the headphones and listen to it as it's being recorded so here sangil's what oh okay thanks very much and then so NAT just went ahead and did it again and that's that's when that's when I heard Bell Atmos maybe fuck did you did you yo tato say girls 10 girls hey down this rain shine give us a carrot - it's gone what you hear in the tangles what you hear in your headphones 10 guys would he be dicking us around stay true yeah Tango's yellow technology I'll go down here yeah yeah I knew there was something wrong I knew he wasn't mucking around my initial thought was just to get to him it wasn't unlike them so I guess my first instinct was that they were having a joke what now thought we were playing a prank did she you spoken to her she thought we were fucking around Oh yep ready to go tangles are we three that's it did it Hank what's your step bangles oh right battery you're going in the line yet - yes fear gets in here okay it became pretty evident quite quickly that we weren't gonna be able to find anyone or anything without life getting money we'll find him all right tangles no I had my camera light and I knew I had about two maybe three hours tops worth of light Steve what to keep see see where's again what where's the kid it's back in the bell rang okay what all the torches back there are they this is the only light your god it's fucking around yeah we're good we need the torches mate we've got to go back to the bell rang tangles it's all we got a man get him we'll find him come on come on walk back into the bell room and there was nothing there's nothing there all the stuff had disappeared now that was only in the matter of I don't know could have been too long shit everything's gone what Donal certainly raised some concern because I didn't feel it was something that tangles could do by himself ah Haber wasting time guys let's go wait come on oh yeah take this hey just give me some lights - okay okay tangles went through here if we follow that all the way around it brings us back to this room we can scan the whole area okay so we split up and we're back here yeah no we stick together that's the only light we've got how many batteries got left I got two my pouch mine okay let's get three stay back that won't do tangles any good if we run around like headless troops we stick together all right you'd better keep up their tangles take off the art panicked you know it wasn't like I'm trying to be a hero or anything I just you know the smiler thing might have been to do something else but it's just instinct was kicking in hey sweetie think think of what yeah jenny was busy dicking around no you wouldn't dig it after yourself to get stuffing they took it no no the homeless junkies I heard it Pacey he had wired whatever it was night what was it mining Steve let's just kick out okay Steve Steve what was it listen II you're right yeah no nothing hey we've been in here twice before May the only other place has gotta be the lake how maybe went back in where we came maybe he's waiting for us oh yeah sure mate he's fuckin walked out the pitch-black is that fucking Harry Scotland I know then he can't contact us maybe there's Emily went from tangles e down here he's gotta be at the light how much light you got I've got enough all right here safe water what what so this is cars Steve dystocia let's use Georgia it doesn't matter take my I can't really describe it it was just there was blood and over in the corner was tangulls torch I sort of thought of myself as his older brother you know that was the kind of relationship we had and he was sort of entrusted to me that's the way I felt about it okay come on babe she's right he could be closed-minded hey tails whatever that fucking thing he's a cookie it's my boy come on there's tangles come on let's go wait what what wasn't dinner Saturday it's no relative what I left before we entered the room NAT put the camera with an IBM camera on the ground just outside the door and then we went into the room we would have been in there for more than two or three minutes and then she came out we all came out together and she noticed the camera had been moved my instinct was to check it and see if it had recorded something what playback did I but what we played back the footage and was someone had picked up the camera to come off the ground and with shots of us in the room and then we turn to come out and the camera goes down and we just catch a glimpse it's like one frame it happened and split second I didn't know what it was mine but it was quick and it was fucking frightening this isn't good we're gonna get out of here we're very good Annie but I am not fucking leaving him down here with whatever the first was right now not fucking leaving to me right now my priority is with you and that I'm not gonna let what happened to death was having them both if you're right we have to get out of him we've to get to the top come on you got go on your own let's go here here on accessory in July come on you got your fucking line listen listen to me listen ha listen listen to me whatever that fucking thing is it's gonna have a harder time taking us out if we stick together bullshit listen we need to get to the top we need to get help if we get more help there better chance we're gonna find tangles like at angles man I'm not a matter I learned with I'm with you come on come on think made sense but I couldn't help but feel like I lose leaving tangles behind it was the hardest thing I've ever had to do CK just give me a few minutes so it's fun I get the fucker out of here's the plan get back to the top what I think we should stay and look for tangles you're gonna need for tangles you have to take us Sooey it's a life yeah Jilla line anyone down there Scott Scott who's there imagine it's us it's a film crew I told you guys not to come down oh we're sorry it's just her friend he's gone missing someone something's taken him right what were you to come with me now hey come on Meg what's happenin eat me give it a bath we're leaving is he gonna help us you lighter let's take the line Shh what was that just gave it down it could be twice you see it whatever fucking huge everybody all right I don't worry how about your arm give me the camera let me see I is something when we're running his false teeth looks bad uh hey ping I need to say right before excellent thanks you guys ready to move soon can't stay I just said a minute a huh oh what a sec thing comes back no quit take it I doubt anything we were to worry about now is getting Danny but I think it's gone let's give you say you're a med mal good okay just get quiet can you Kim just keep it quiet stay close three okay okay pshh this wasn't it at all are you doing if it's not on the map it's a little one-way this contour figure it out for the history of the right way might well then we find the safest room and we wait it out oh yeah that's a good plan don't figure out that we haven't called and he'll send someone down to find us John knows we're here right no fucking tell me John knows me oh you're fucking kidding me you fucking serious yeah we just lost a friend you still need your fucking story huh fuck you we voice down you think you're fucking journalists but we can't I'm here to get a story did we and now we've got an important one and your fucking fucking story yeah when you're pasted camera come on let's go that's your pasty camera for this honor John tell us how have you lost a friend cuz your fucking stupidity come on wait him come on come on the best journalists can work under any pressure any sort of circumstance come on ese you can't say shit Kenya you know why cuz you're not there you're just not there Finnick what where is it either three upload or net like a love cause the likes to steer oh Jesus - sighs Jesus yeah so he's across city Tong jalisa bad buy stop Oh you guys go to the voice down you say anything drop the line check the line know sorry sorry sorry don't be sorry everything was unraveling it was because of me I never meant for things to get so out of hand well I didn't mean to let Pete down I mean I I thought I'd made the right choice at the time and I didn't mean to let him down Steve yeah yeah my natural instinct was to turn around with the light to see what was going on which heard the sound Pete yelling out and as soon as they sort of fell into the pool of light the thing just disappeared up and left and that was sort of dawned on me then that the light was our way of keeping it away from us do you see that that's of course let's get outta here let's go I didn't like the light who keep it on there Oh it's almost like it was trying to get us in a position where it could get to us as well you reminded me of a lion trying to cut one animal out of a pack a herd you know get the weak one out easy to attack we're fuck Oh I thought that was it it was over there was no left to run then I saw this tiny bit of love it look like it it broken away hey take these take these it hurts oh my gosh yes this isn't good Steve Steve isn't good this isn't good I come in some water great yeah but fucking long oh shit that one's dead cuz anyone left stay free now you it's going for it's going for Oh go Oh come on there come on let's keep moving I think that Kate was looking out for us and I didn't want to leave him it hate wanted us to be safe if I understand that but I don't finally want to leave behind when I heard Pete's voice coming down a tunnel out of the darkness I wasn't expecting to hear once again please paint it's kind of hard to talk about it now I didn't know he was dying at that point yeah I thought we were all going to be fine I mean it had been so difficult to get to that point where we got there and then you know I thought we were going to be okay that was people around us was light I you know I would have been doing more if I thought he was lying there dying but I feel like that I could have done more to help eat you know it's um it's easy to say that you would do things differently you know just didn't seem very fair I got told by the first paramedics that you know they'd sort of given up working on him they've sort of you know took a while for them to to get nat away from him and it slowly slowly dawned on me about that point you know they sort of walked away from him it was this line that he wasn't moving and us just don't fuck I feel I've I feel responsible I don't want to say that I felt like it was my fault I don't know exactly how I've changed since that night I can't help thinking where was so close help was right there I go over it again and again just constantly what would I do differently I was just pissed off with everyone everything the government the police I mean how much evidence do you want it's just sad now thinking about it it's pointless it's just like and sad you you