El monotema S2 E1 CLIP 4 SKAM España




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[FRIDAY 11:33 A.M.] Yeah, okay, we were idiots and that's it... ...but it's not so bad. -Drinking is one thing, but pills... Come on, it wasn't such a big deal. -Dude, your brother's friend almost got into a fight with that creepy guy... Creepy, how? You know why you think he was creepy? Because he was so fucked up with the pills... And he wanted to scare us, but no! -But no! -Man! -Cris, girl, you think everything is a joke... This is serious. -I mean... ...I felt bad about Hugo, man... [I'm Rubén, Dani gave me your number, you have to give me the pills] His party was going smooth and it went to shit. -Yeah, that too [I don't want any more trouble, bring them to me this afternoon]. -You should apologize, or something... -Yeah. -Cris. What? -Go apologize to Hugo. To Hugo for what? -Because it was his birthday, and you messed it up?! For example? No, dude, there's no need. -Girl, you fucked up his party! But it wasn't me, it was that guy! - I mean, he won't... Don't look at me like that... He's not going to be mad or anything, but tell him you're sorry... Then you go. -I'll be your moral support. You fucked up as much as me... -I'll watch you from here. -Come on. -Cristina, come on, honey. -Come on, Cris, go. -Girl, come on! What's so hard?... No, for real, go. -You, stop laughing! -Really, what's so hard about it, why is it so hard? I'm going, but just so you guys shut up, alright? And against my will. -You're a fucking loser! -Or something, beacause if not, I dont get it... Wow, two slices, huh? Damn, I'm sure the server even knew it was your bithday, and all... Um, look, so... Yesterday at the party... Well, the mess with that dude is because... well, his jacket was just like... Actually, what am I saying, it was identical to my brother's, Dani's, and I... -You don't need to explain anything...It doesn't matter... Cris, really, it's fine. I mean...chill. Alright. -So? All good! -You sure? Yeah, everything's fine! He says it's okay. -See, he's so cute -Hey, and does Hugo have a girlfriend? -Hold up... Now you want with Hugo? Huh? -Yeah, why not? -Hey! I don't have anybody either! Nora! You and I... -Yes, please! -Well, well... -I ship it, I ship it! -Noreva! -Please, do. -I see it. -I see it too. -And also, we would make such beautiful children... -You would have to adopt, in any case, because... -Oh, but can lesbians adopt? -Shh, listen, listen; can we talk about how Cristian couldn't take his eyes off Eva all night, please? -You got the wrong Eva... -Look! You're being saved by the bell... -Girl... -Eva, Eva, wait! -Girl, do you remember if yesterday I... ...gave you the pills at any time, or something? It's just they're asking me for them. -Oh shit, fuck... Cris... Fuck. It's just...I don't know, do you remember where the fuck I put them, or what I did with them? -I mean, you had them when you went outside... I'm almost sure. So, I don't know... You either dropped them outside, right? or... Dude, I don't know. Ok, it's fine, don't worry. -No, girl, I'll help you, or something. No, No! Look, I'll fix this and I'll talk to you later. -Are you sure? Yes, come on, I'm going to be late for literature, go. -Well, okay then, "bad girl"... Yeah, well, you're worse, especially like that... -Okay, I'm leaving! Hey! Uh, can I ask you something? -Yeah, what's up? Yesterday, when we were smoking outside... Did you notice if I dropped anything? -Hmm...No? Something like what? Well, like... It's just that I had in my fanny-pack a "chivato" (no translation) And maybe, I don't know, I dropped it or something... -No, I didn't see anything... -Good morning! Sit down, please! Sit down, Cristina. -Before starting the lesson, I'm going to give you a list of books... All of which are classics of Universal Literature... Of different eras, different styles... This time, you will have to write a commentary in pairs. -You will decide with whom you want to work... And what book you'll choose. (-You will turn it in after the break...) So you didn't see anything? (-You can use any approach...) -No, a "chivato" for what? No, nothing, I mean... So you didn't see anything out of the ordinary? -No, nothing out of the ordinary... But inside it was a mess with that dude, right? -Girls, what are you talking about? -Uh... Nothing, we're just going to do the project together. -Oh, very well. Then choose a book from the list. -Okay. (-If the book bores you, tell me...) -Want to do it together? Yeah! -(If it amazes you, tell me, okay?) -Oh, and last week's exams, I couldn't grade them yet, so... -Who wants to read? -Which one do you like best? No idea, one that has a movie... -Anybody?... -Alright, then... "Dangerous Liaisons"? Okay. -"Okay". The sea was Sapphire colored and the sky burned like a heated opal through the air... We hoisted sail; the wind was blowing fair... For the blue lands that to the eastward lie. From the steep prow I marked with quickening eye Zakynthos, every olive grove and creek, Ithaca’s cliff, Lycaon's snowy peak...