Elbow Traction Humeroradial joint




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in this video you are going to learn how to perform traction at the humeral radial joint hi and welcome back to physio judo's the aim of traction is to gain information on joint play and to treat the whole joint capsule in case of high reactivity to assess the joint play of the whole capsule of the humeral radial joint have the patient in supine lying position with the arm in abduction and the elbow in it's maximally loose PEC position of 70 degrees of flexion stand medial to the arm and fixate humerus against the bench with the ipsilateral hand and you can palpate for the joint line then the other hand grabs on to the distal radius and then performs the traction along the axis of the radius to accentuate the ventral capsule you can place the elbow into more extension in order to accentuate the dorsal capsule you can move the elbow into further flexion but then it may be handy to stand lateral to the arm if you find that joint play is reduced compared to the other side or if you want to decrease pain in case of a highly reactive elbow joint you can move on to treatment with these techniques as they are essentially the same you can dose your techniques according to the maitland grades of mobilization in case of traction techniques often times an oscillating movement with the high frequency is applied with matron grades 1 & 2 with the goal being to decrease pain check the video in the top right corner to learn more about the matron grades all right if you want to learn how to perform traction at the humeroulnar joint check the video right next to me if you like this video please give it a thumbs up and comment below if you want to learn even more check the links to our ebook app or online course in the video description thanks a lot for watching this was andreas for physio to dose I'll see you next time bye