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hello my friends evolutionary energy arts family so guys you're looking at a video I did back on December 10th 2018 and you know this was talking about x marks the spot the two eclipses and also the what many people take as the revelation 12 sign that perhaps began what we will call you know the well yeah you Cindy gets it so you know for those of you that might not know who Cindy is that female voice says sometimes chimes in that this is my wife so hello sandy hello new people there you go so this it just hit me that this is so important and eclipses and comets they've always been something throughout the ages that are harboring Jers usually of tribulation of one sort or another so you know this video gets into all sorts of different prophecies you know not just biblical also looking at the Hopi and others as well talking about the earth changes but what I took it to be was that I feel like you know that first Eclipse that came in 2017 August of 2017 and then all of a sudden we had three hurricanes that all hit boom boom boom you know one of which caused yours truly to evacuate from Florida and head to New Mexico knowing you know what I'm going to be doing this in a permanent manner in the future and always kind of knew that it was just a sign that things were not going to be the same from this point on and also to me that kind of the majority of the big things I think will be finished is there abouts at least for the United States when the second Eclipse comes you know that's gonna kind of mark I feel the ending of of this period of incredible tribulation that's around the globe but specifically for the US I found it so interesting to look at you know where they come through the X for instance and encourage everybody to look at this you know we're going through Oregon Washington here we're going through the Cascadia earthquake zone flowing down through around the Yellowstone area over here in South Carolina by Charleston is another major quake zone as the great Charleston quake was very devastating and you know up here this along the st. Lawrence River area is another rift zone of course we have the prophecies of Cayce talking about the Great Lakes and the Gulf of Mexico emptying into each other directly and then of course over down through here as well while we've been talking about Walker Lane and the fact that Baja California at one point in time was attached to the mainland and has split and it might actually be that you know beachfront property will be obtained on the Arizona and Nevada border and that California may eventually you know be just an island or a series of islands depending on what happens next and of course we've seen all the swarms going on which are still ongoing and I'll do an earth changes update on the second channel which is EE arts so everybody that hasn't subscribed yet please jump over to e arts and subscribe over there but to me you know August 21st 2017 man this this was the date everything started to happen and recognized too there are midway points going to be I believe it works out to December 21st of this year so I am looking for things to go to an even crazier extreme at that point in time and I do think that what's coming and you know I've had I've been ranting on this for a long time is I do believe that the power that be have planned ww3 and that's part of where things are going to go and ratchet to the next level and you know we are co-creators here so I'm hoping that the more people we could wake up to these these plans that are underway and perhaps we could mitigate or hopefully you know make things so that they're not as bad as they look like they are spiraling towards to soften the blow would be a good description for that we want things to not be so harsh and rigid on people we want people to be somewhat emotionally and spiritually prepared for a lot of changes so please check out that video as we look at everything that is going on in this world so the question is the United States on brink of a another Civil War what would you call this what would you really call this revolution civil war just simply chaos anarchy you know how do you describe what we see happening we we have seen the two most divisive presidencies in our history with back-to-back having the Obama administration and then having the Trump administration you know without a doubt you know most divisive where people are completely split you know love them and hate them both and we have talked about how the country is just so divided when you when you look at what people people's lifestyle what their mindset is and different states you know whether we're talking you know Kentucky and Arkansas and we're talking Mississippi and South Carolina you know the life there for the most part is so different than it is in New York and LA obviously and we are not really of one mind that is obvious and when we see everything that just seems to be constantly escalating as far as the divisive nnessee President Trump made this statement he's calling on the governor's regarding the civil unrest to dominate the battlespace dominate the battlespace you know we must dominate he wants them to be more aggressive and I'm not sure you know if more aggression especially you know can you imagine what an another event like we just had that caused all this you know in the first place would do and there are events happening right now all over the place that could trigger things to get even worse it could and it's almost like they're being staged to be triggers to make things get just a little bit worse and once we appear to be over one thing another thing comes up yeah you know if this whole country could develop a sense of Buddhist detachment in a way to try to lift themselves out from being pulled in emotionally into the fray because people are manipulated through their emotions and that that reflex action when you see something that is an atrocity which we have seen a ton of atrocities and it just will pull you into this chaos and this downward spiral and so there's a lot of people that are you know taking that statement from President Trump saying to the governor's to crackdown you know and then you know all the reports coming out that he's been hunkered down you know four or five stories below the White House and a bunker which now everybody is you know all angles they're taking potshots at that obviously political opponents and we did see President Bush and when 9/11 happened as you're looking at photo from September 11th 2001 down in that bunker and you know I you know have shared with you guys before many videos I think the evidence is overwhelming that this you know was well known that it was coming 9/11 you know most definitely if you just read project for a new American Century which was made by the neo cons who are Republicans you know and yeah that's again why these both of these parties are come they've been completely compromised for a very very long time and you know we have to recognize these things as you see here inside Trump's secret bunker it's not Trump's it's you know it's the press it's attached to the presidency so it was Obama's and it was the bushes and it was the Clintons you know although I'm sure everything was developed to a much higher degree probably right before 9/11 when you get down to it as you know it was known it was coming as we've talked about william cooper you know coming out a month before it happened saying when it was gonna happen and it did happen and then two months later he wasn't with us anymore so you know a lot of these things are they planned well yeah I mean pallets of bricks put all over the place yeah they're planned and we see more than 50 Secret Service agents are injured and clashes outside the White House rioters throw Molotov cocktails in DC and we're gonna see you know some people that were throwing Molotov cocktails are people that are supposed to uphold the law you know things are upside-down backasswards in inside out and yeah that yeah it's just crazy what we are seeing going on right now orchestrated chaos that is designed to fulfill what we were first talking about because x marks the spot and the other thing I wanted to talk about this is the epicenter here is the New Madrid it's right on the New Madrid so I do feel that by the time the second one rolls through or when the second one rolls through and in 2024 the New Madrid will go as well as Cascadia and San Andreas so I do think we are going to see those big ones and I just hope that there is no major eruption from Yellowstone Long Valley caldera or any other new supervolcano that may be forming but what we have here to me is a sacrifice of Babylon that great so to speak as the u.s. you know represents Babylon the Great there's a whole battle on the great system we've talked about the cities on seven hills and many recognize Rome to be a city on seven hills if we're talking biblical prophecy in Revelation but Jerusalem is - and so is his Vatican City in Rome and you know DC and also London and and these are the control centers through which we have been controlled by these the small group of elite that really run things and control things and so this is part of the plan to basically destroy the country take it down and make it a blood sacrifice and and that is what I've always felt and maybe I haven't just stated that so simply when you you think about Revelations and talks about people being in boats in boats at sea watching the burning of Babylon from a distance because they don't want to get too close to it make sure you you know think of things that are say perhaps nuclear and then when you see the Hopi prophecy which talks about gourds falling from the sky and torching the land and also an invasion and attacked by the ancient peoples which would they said that once that first brought the light to humanity is how they worded it and we think of countries such as like China for instance as well as others so it's all part of this bigger plan that we see you know happening all around us this chaos is organized chaos and I think there are players that don't realize that they're being played and I think there's quite a few and then there are others that recognize they're part of this bigger plan that's underway so you know when you look at this picture is the last one seen before all the media was jammed at 180 the statement here is that the whole city was on fire and then suddenly went silent and there were some fake photos that came out people made it look even worse than it actually is and there's been a lot of question about you know the connections between George Floyd and Derek the quote-unquote policeman was he really a policeman who was he working for who you know who are these people and people have questions you know how well that was filmed it's like they had a well it's also like they had a camera you know on a gurney and that was nice and still and watching the whole thing and then the mixed autopsies you know UH one autopsy comes out and says that it wasn't asphyxia and then there's a independent one that came out and said there was how do we know what to believe I mean it's just well that's this whole world we're in how do you know what to believe it's just total chaos you know but that's the plan and it's to keep you from going within it's to keep you looking outside of yourself for answers and I think now is really important to go within and we see representative Don Beyer Trump hiding in a bunker under military guard urges authorities to violate the Constitution by attacking protesters and imprisoning them indefinitely what would you call this if this happened in another country this is not how a healthy democracy is supposed to work yeah exactly you know and it's the the funny part is and you're going to see you know that the criticisms of China you know which I think the Chinese system is the worst in the world just about I there might be some small country somewhere that has a were worse military dictatorship of sorts going on but you know the Chinese system is not what I want you know hell no it's the opposite of what you know everything was really supposed to be when you look at it you know and even before the Declaration of Independence and and all came into play the model was basically a loose confederation just so that you know if you if well I was gonna say the UK if Britain was gonna come back and try to take the territories back that everybody would band together and defend ourselves they did not want this massive government and Big Brother 1984 Orwellian control system in place and Jefferson spoke out a ton about that and you know the Bill of Rights was put in there to kind of compromise things so that we do have the Constitution of which many didn't even want the Constitution because that could open the door to a large federal government and so there were anti federalists and there were Federalists and then you know the amendments the Bill of Rights and you know the First Amendment makes sure we have free speech we see that has been basically just taken away a video I did two days ago I just got a note from YouTube they took it down so you know they've demonetised this channel so we don't make money on this this is just something we do because we feel we have to and you know we they have taken down one from two days ago now so the censorship is there you know the Bill of Rights is gone and now we have a massive federal government that does what it will and it's not of the people for the people and by the people and we are all just so divided when you get down to it and it's not just here we have strange happenings at Buckingham Palace this is curious this is really curious you know I I was some kind of looking at this thinking oh my gosh this doesn't look good you know we there's no reason for why they've just disappeared they're just gone and they even have private guards no longer do they have the Buckingham palace guards it's just like a hired hand watching the place and you know I'll let you guys come to your own conclusions but to me this feels like everybody's going underground so were they going underground from and yeah one of our dear family members over in Texas sent me a video and you guys know him friends with mark wages world and he's friends with Scot over there and was showing the just the CMEs they're starting to come off and yesterday on ye arts put up a video talking about the Sun waking up so you know major ed Dame's who was a remote viewer and I think you know he tries to sell stuff he tries to sell his programs and all that you know he sees definitely out there trying to make money perhaps a little sensationalist he said for years there's gonna be a kill shot from the Sun that's going to wipe out the grid and everything and might actually wipe out more than the grid even perhaps wiping out our memories as well and others have said that too you know we have Douglass vote die hold foundation basically talking about every 12,000 years the Sun Nova's and it torches one side of the planet and leaves the rest of the planet in disarray wiping out most of population and then of course we have Corey Goode and David Wilcock that you know have been talking about this and how the secret space program is aware of this and you know the Sun might know of us somewhere around 2024 curiously enough they've changed the date several times you know and I've kept track of as many sources as I can and I don't trust any of them completely and I don't think anybody should I think you have to always look at everything with a grain of salt if you throw all your eggs into a basket you know then you know what's gonna happen if that basket drops and as we know a lot of times we're given 90 percent truth and just five or ten percent lies and miss truth that changes the whole situation and perhaps makes it so we can't really clearly see things so is it boarded up are all the royal insignia is taken down why do they have stead of the fancy guards that people would go and stick their tongues out and try to get to laughs regular you know regular kind of MPs what's really going on here so it has a lizard queen gone down inside the Inner Earth and is you know having maybe some feasts with her demonic draconian partners in crime that's just a horrible creepy vision but it's probably true and meanwhile as we were saying to New York attorneys arrested for throwing Molotov cocktails at police there you go look at that well you know what can you say it's not always about the haves and have-nots either you know so it's pretty wild and here you see the statement the West is falling this is in the UK as there's protests going on in London there's protests starting to break out everywhere and you know this was where I was a year ago Asheville Asheville North Carolina protests going on and I was talking this morning some very dear friends from there it's everywhere and you know we don't need overreaction by the powers that be you know that's the last thing you need is more brutality because that's just gonna spiral things even more out of control as you see some are questioning whether tough police tactics against demonstrators are actually making the violence worse yes oh yeah you know that will and again that's a couple more of those triggers and how are they ever going to get this thing stopped so here you see a G bar as directed the Bureau of Prisons to send riot teams to Miami and DC to help crowd control things are deteriorating rapidly and so remember that wild truck just going look like it's going to go plant just plow through a huge crowd of people on the bridge and thankfully everybody go the way this was the truck driver that did did that but again thankfully you know nobody got hit by that semi semi going at fast speed through a crowd that's not a good thing and here is Tom cotton and this is US Senate candidate saying anarchy rioting and looting needs to end tonight if local law enforcement is overwhelmed and needs backup let's see how tough these antiva terrorists are when they're facing off with the hundred and first Airborne Division and he says we need to have zero tolerance for this destruction and President Trump retweeted this and backed it up so you see Washington caves in New York City mayor says strongly considering curfew after another night of looting and you know the White House has gone dark and many people are questioning this - they got all the lights off in the White House now yeah that's really really strange you know is that lights out is that three days of darkness what is that and this is it just me or does he look weird you know what's up with Zuckerberg now we know you know the whenever a nephew of Soros people have all these different thoughts on him and we've talked about Bill Gates actually being alive people believe he's really a rockefeller yeah a lot of people do but you know this is just some things will almost make you laugh just out loud because it's just such a joke when you get down to it Facebook Facebook and turmoil over refusal to police Trump's posts so clash between Twitter and President Trump has thrust rival Facebook into turmoil with employees rebelling against CEO Zuckerberg refusal to sanction false or inflammatory posts by the US president that's such an interesting statement because Facebook police's everybody everybody you know and I had put a lot of eggs in a basket on Facebook earlier a long time ago actually now like four years ago they got rid of a Facebook just like that and I had like a thousand recommendations for what was my my business at that time on there and they were all gone you know and I only backed up a few of them on my website which was my bad but you know I just hate the system in the first place I know they control us through the monetary system this is how we are controlled this is what we need to escape and you know Facebook which I got rid of mine recently after that was the second one I had set up after they got rid of the first one and then you know everything that you go to post there they block it they don't allow you to post to groups that you belong to don't allow you to you know join other groups Facebook needs to go it's a tool of of this of this well of this cabal you know that's part of their their tools how they watch every move from everybody's so we need real new alternatives is what we need what we need and then this is a heck of a video get in get in get in get in get in so you know when you look at it you're supposed to be on your property with you know these curfews and stuff doesn't mean you have to be in your house they were on their porch and they still got to me it looks like they got harassed yeah but you know there's people that just there are people unfortunately that join the police and the military because they like to impose their will and then there are those people that want to protect freedoms as well you have both but you know it always seems like the bad eggs come out it does and you know they're definitely there here you see police been finding hidden incendiaries stolen vehicles with plates off you know there's there's so much going on right here this is much this is just one piece in a bigger plan that has been going on and now this is supposedly some ex-military so these are supposedly ex soldiers now turning up to support support the protesters fully armed and we see a protester loses eye after being struck by police tear gas canister when we saw that you know that one shot that hit our guys straight in the face with a tear gas purposefully just straight in the face those type of things need to stop we've seen so many random acts of violence you know this is just a horrible one too which basically shows a lady that is just beaten up by a group of like five guys just crazy it's just crazy you know I just gotta wonder what's in their head and how how could a guy hit a woman in the first place well you know they they're manipulated and they believe what whatever they're doing is the right thing they're paid almost of everything I've seen has been younger people and they're easily manipulated and paid off and again they probably think they're doing the right thing for whatever reason so I mean now these guys truly are you know nothing but thugs and they're beating a woman with a two-by-four there's there's a couple of them and punching a woman it's just incredible to think that you know you can't call yourself a man and do something like that no you absolutely cannot but again young people are very moldable so you see DC blackout debunked panic residents fear government crackdown after massive explosion heard in DC DC is most definitely heating up now this is a photo that is a fake one and so that's what that's what we've that's what they're saying it's a fake photo from like a movie that was clipped and going around we it's hard to know exactly what is real in this world right now person killed in Louisville as police and troops returned fire after shots were fired from the crowd now there's video that shows just kind of stalled traffic slowly slowly moving and the police opened fire on cars down there and somebody did die it was pretty pretty crazy it's just crazy and then we have of course the CB 19 thing two unusual features can sings scientist it was man-made and of course you know is there's many people to say there is no virus you know there is no virus and they think it's all a hoax but yet there are there are people that are showing up infected with something but then of course you know a corona virus and the Rhino virus that makes up colds that's what colds come from corona virus and Rhino virus so could it be that you know eventually everybody's going to be see v19 positive because it's perhaps something that really doesn't you know kill hardly anybody but yet you really are positive and if you're positive now all the laws in effect you know you could be isolated you could be taken from your home and your family and you know where did Uncle Fred go well yet CB 1900 they said he died Wow really well you know I mean all the laws have been put in effect so that kind of anything could happen at any time to any of us you know after 9/11 you know every all our freedoms have been just absolutely wiped out so you know who we used to think that we were in such a blessed position being here in this country and look at other countries and say oh I would never want to live there you know you know who knows you know the Soviets could you know Soviet the KGB could come knocking on your door and you're gonna disappear well it's no difference here now it's absolutely no different here now as far as the laws go because you know all the executive orders and things like the Patriot Act which one vote if one vote could have you know taken back some of our liberties you know everybody needs to look at who voted for what and get these you know people out out out of power because they are just abusing their power Iran says 230 killed in November protests and that was over oil price hike and you know it it's all over the globe really people are fed up with the system all over the globe and for bleep sake sex between people not living together is now banned in Britain wow wow wow wow yeah I mean they're gonna even tell us when we could procreate you know and I mean it's it's we have chips in us they can tell - yeah yeah and you know it's just you you can't make this up and so we have Iran calling on the u.s. to stop violence against its own people ha ha turnabout is fair play I guess because you know that's what we had before you know we've had those comments and then we have China trolling Trump administration over the violent protests so you know it's so childish so tit for tat and it just shows the mentality of those running this world here make no bones about it though there is massive conflict on the horizon and that's what's being orchestrated right now so you know I've had a few people say to me yeah well you know what else could possibly happen well you know the other thing that's in the agenda as we've talked about Albert Pike 1871 there are three world wars planned and that's the next thing that they're planning along with obviously this civil / revolution that's undergoing in the country right now which most definitely is orchestrated at the same time and of course you know we have a lot of people that are well-known names that are part of this such as George Soros and his minions of course we have Bill Gates and that whole crew Bill and Melinda over there of course we have a Clinton Foundation as well you know and it also goes into the Bush family and and Republicans as well it's not isolated just on a Democratic Party it's in both and there is even talk that George Bush might come out and actually back Biden you know and that's you know this is what we got Libya conflict Russia and Turkey risk Syria repeat yes and Libya you know what's going on there is about oil reserves as well Libya has the most oil reserves in the African continent and guess who has the most oil reserves in South America well it's Venezuela and guess you know who's on the hit list there so we see what's going on it's pretty obvious Egypt announces international anti Turkey alliance because our Diwan wants to make a new caliphate and revive the Ottoman Empire and so he has his own agenda going there as well you know this world is a tinder keg just ready to blow there our matches lit everywhere there's gunpowder all around it it's at the moment looks like it's just a matter of time and you know can things get more intense they can if they can and and it is part of that bigger plan Egypt announces international international anti turkey alliance so this is Greece and you know Greece and Turkey have been at odds that's you know we were watching the whole thing with the migrants and crossing the borders and Cyprus UAE and France also are joining them to confront Turkish provocative moves and remember no Turkey has also said that you know they're not going to allow Israel to in Exmoor the West Bank so you know this thing could go anywhere at any time and then you add to that the fact that we have all the earth changes we have all the crops loss and we have the pandemic you know which economically as you know been catastrophic it's the food supply though and when people are really literally hungry and starving they get desperate so you see 54 million Americans can be left without food shortly the food situation is dire and it's getting worse and so all this is going to just keep in flaming the situation US House panel chair slams Chinese aggression and border dispute with India that's also you know that's something that could kick off at any moment the Air Force reveals b1 bees were practicing decapitating Russia's black fleet last week and Russia has decried that mission as well as other American and NATO exercises around its borders in recent months as a provocation and then we see you know a little glimpse I hope they're worth Michigan Sheriff took off his helmet and marched with protesters what we need is people to come out of this system and recognize the system is corrupt and we need to change the system completely we need as as our brother Assad do zuman said we need a bottom-up system that truly is you know one that's global and it's made of the people for the people by the people because what we have right now is exactly the opposite and just like in the times of old you know soldiers are always expendable to the king the king doesn't really care about that he'll raise another army and you know that's what we see going on all everywhere and until people realize that you know you're not necessarily fighting for freedom you're enforcing the will of the the banking elite you know you're enforcing the will of these families the Rothschilds the Rockefellers the Bundys Collins and and Ali family it goes on and on and on so people realize that you know we're gonna end up with always being manipulated and always on the short end of the stick and I love this this is a really good start because this appears to be a man of substance which is very important when you're going to lead people you need a lot of good moral substance a lot of good character and hopefully he'll set a really good example let's hope so and let's hope it's not all about political office and getting ahead do you know in this world we unfortunately it does make us a little bit cynical as well so guys think you for your support please do subscribe to EE arts and so let's get all sixty five thousand five hundred and four being with us and thank you for your support on patreon you know cuz as we said this channels to monetize and also on KO fight because we couldn't keep going without you guys as always stay safe stay prepared god bless and namaste god bless and namaste