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No!! Don't worry! What are we doing now, Chief? Kara, you'll search for the name of Meryem Gundogdu. Get me the addresses of all people with this name in Nevsehir. Yes, sir! Firat, you go with Kara. I'll go out too. See you at the station. Okay, Chief. We're out of here, then. Come on then! I'll see you out. Okay! Let's. Here we go! Let me know, if something comes out before I arrive. - Okay, Chief. We got that, no worry. - Fine then. Good luck! I was looking for you, darling. I couldn't speak to you as Firat came. I found a great helper for Uncle Osman. This is the card of the company she works for. It's a very professional company with insurance, salary and everything. Thank you, but you don't need to bother at all. Kiraz will stay. I mean, there's no problem for the time being. You still keep the card, just in case! I must go now. I'll call you in the evening, okay? Fine. Come on. See you later. Oh Allah, oh Mohammed, oh Khidr, oh Salvation... She lost a lot of blood, Father Arif. We must hurry! You keep pressing. Mind my way! Sit down! How could he escape? Kiraz? Are you okay my child? The Chief learned my name, Uncle Osman! He's got even a photo of me! He'll handcuff me soon. I was so scared when I saw my name! Calm down! Come sit here. Come on! He knows everything about me! I am staring him in the face! You've been already staring him in the face so far, my child. I mean, nothing will change because he knows your name. It means we will be more careful from now, okay? I don't know, Uncle Osman. I feel tightness in my chest. It's as if he's getting closer and closer. He'll handcuff me! Look! How many days have you been here for? Nobody has ever suspected you. And nobody will do now. Don't you worry, my child, okay? - What are these? - Your medications. I was going to ask about them. These are your blood pressure pills, okay. But I don't know about those little ones. They're sublingual pills. I don't take it every day. I take them when my blood pressure's high... ...or at the first sign of an attack. God forbid! So, I'd better give you now before it gets late. I need your ID card. Hey, the glass! Be careful! We need to apply to NS for your insurance. We're already late! Bring it on, I need to get going. Before I go to the Police Station, I'll sort it out first. Oh Ali! You've got a lot to worry about. We'll take care of it together with Kiraz, when we go out tomorrow, okay? Okay then. If you say so... I'm going out. See you in the evening. Right! See you. Calm down, he's gone. Come sit here. Come on! - Sit down! - Thanks. Everything will be fine. Don't worry. Come on, relax now. What did you do? Did you find anything. Who's the man Zuhal was talking to? A Turkish guy living in London, Ms. Ikbal. He represents himself as a businessman. But as far as we understand, he's a swindler. There are many rich women he has been with, in his past. He's a real fortune hunter. Your sister... - Your sister Ms. Zuhal- - Okay, that's enough! - Okay, enough! I heard what I need to. - What should we do, Mrs. Ikbal? - We will speak in his language. Offer money... I guess £50,000 is enough for him to leave Zuhal! It's actually too much for them! The meal will be ready soon, Mrs. Ikbal. Okay dear. I'm coming soon. - Neslihan! - Yes, Ms. Ikbal? I overheard while you were talking to your aunt the other day. There was a coat you wanted so much. Go get that coat, Cenger will make the payment. No need, Ms. Ikbal. - I was just telling- - Neslihan! I said my piece, right? Thank you very much, Ms. Ikbal. Thank you so much. It's okay. Go on! Everyone understands a different language... As the saying goes; one should cast his bread upon the waters. When the day comes, you'll find it, even if it is seven layers deep! Love! What generosity? What's it between us? Besides, there is no such thing as yours or mine. We found each other, nothing else matters. I'll call later! What have you been doing in your room for so long? Did you take care of Yusuf? He is not leaving the window side, sister. He keeps harping on his aunt's name! Then get up and do something... Try to earn his love! If you can't, at least try to get his attention. Make sure Yaman notices it! Keep the child in your care when they get back. And let Yaman see it too. Let him think that the kid is having great time with you in his absence! Not with that would-be aunt, with you, okay! With you! Okay! What are you getting so upset for? No!! Now, it's our most important rule! You will not trust anyone! Especially to women!!! Women are like snakes. Mothers are the most harmless... And even they poison their own child, one day! No! Yaman is not answering! I'll go nuts! Master? Why haven't you sat at the table yet? - Don't say that you are not hungry! - Auntie and uncle are not here. Look! I made canons for you like these. Boom! Boom! Boom! I hid them all under the trees behind the giant mountains! There is also a cloud soft as cotton. Delicious! How do you like it? Is it nice? Yes, it's nice. - Yusuf! Come, let's sit at the table? - May I wait till auntie comes? Look what I'll show you. It's the photos of the toy museum in London. I've been there. Maybe we'll go together one day, won't we? There are some cars that are 1000 years old, do you know? We start with wooden cars first! It is so big! I'll show you around. Look at this now! The bullet tore off very deep. It was hard but I stopped the bleeding. Need to suture the wound immediately! You brought the girl just in time. Had it kept bleeding like this for another ten minutes... ...it would have been difficult to save her! You wait outside now. Bismillah! - Aunt Nadire! - Ali! How are you son? - I'm fine! Can I help with that? - Oh, you've came as Godsend! - I am exhausted! - Are you coming from the market? Yeah! I just remembered something when I saw you! I meant to ask Kiraz to go to the market too! But somehow I forgot. It's the age! It just slipped my mind. Rubbish! What a compassionate, hard-working, ladied girl she is... I just love her. It's not possible to find such fine youngsters nowadays. She is very diligent too. You did a good job finding her. I admire her. She cooks well. She made Nevsehir style baked beans, it was so tasty. Oh, I need to pop in to the tailor. Let me take them, son. I kept you from your work. - Did you say Nevsehir, Auntie Nadire? - No, I said tailor. I must go before he closes. I forgot it. Give my greetings to your uncle and Kiraz. Will do! It's enough my child. Enough of you pouring yourself into it. Look, Ali even has decided to have your insurance done. If he was suspicious about you, would he ever attempt such a thing? No, Uncle Osman, this time he will catch me for sure! He has all my credentials and my photo! All he need is to look at me carefully, when I pass by him. Look my child! You already have been at his elbow for days. He would have noticed by now. Didn't he see your face when you hit his head? - He saw me, but- - There's no but! Look! I know Ali very well. He never live under the same roof with someone he knows as criminal! Not even a second. Besides, if you hid somewhere, he might find you long ago. Since you stare him in the face all the time... My glasses! I left them in the living room! Wait! You don't leave the kitchen! I'll handle this somehow! Okay? - Welcome son. - Hello, uncle. - How was your day? - Busy actually. Just like any other day, we keep going. - I have to make an urgent phone call. - Okay, fine. Kara! Send me all address of Meryem Gundogdu who we released today. Okay. For the other file, cross-examine the guys. Okay! If you need to send anything, give it to Firat and he'll bring it to me. Kiraz! Kiraz is in the bath, son. Okay, uncle. Tell her to see me, when she comes out. Why do you want to see her? I just want to talk about her salary. You are very happy with her and she's adapted as well. So it's time increase her salary a little bit. Well thought, son. Tell me… What happened that got you so trapped in your own skin? They laid an ambush on the way. What about the bullet? She jumped in front of me. To save you? If you came to my door with a woman in your arms... ...that means that you owe that woman a big time. What would this be more than your life! You were ambushed! When you realised, it was already too late. But the biggest strike came from where you least expected it, right? From a woman… A woman saved your life! Your wound is deeper than that girl's inside... Now tell me... Was it her who was shot, or you? Your mother's leaving you, boy. She's running away with Faik from furniture shop. My father heard that they were going to Adana together. He's even packed all the house, man. Go and catch your Mum before she runs away. - Take your filthy hands off me! - What about the children? Ziya, Yalçin… Yaman? I said I had enough! Don't you hear me? I had enough of you, your sickness... And enough of this poverty. I am begging you! Don't leave. What'll I say to the kids? You'll find something. You've made them like yourself anyway. Your sluggishness and weakness is on their faces. You all suffocate me. You are all the same! Mum! Don't you ever be like your father! Father! Father... Dad? Women are dishonourable! Is everything okay, Uncle? She hasn't come out of the bathroom yet? Is she sick or something? I don't know, son. She's gone to the bathroom just before you came. Okay, I'll be in study. Tell her to come to me when she gets out. Okay, I tell her. We were ambushed by Soygirays, Nedim. Yusuf's aunt is injured. Nobody will know about this! Including our guys. You do the research. Find out who is the man who lay the ambush. Cancel all your works, this matter is your only job! When the girl comes round, I'll take her home. Her condition is severe, she can't go anywhere. You will stay here tonight. I need to disinfect these. I'll be back. - Who is it? - Open the door. It's me. - What's going on, Uncle Osman? - Nothing. Don't be scared. Ali asked for you. Take this. He wants to talk to you about your salary. I told him that your were in the bathroom. He said tell her... ...to come to me, when she's out. Okay? - Okay, I will. - Fine. Go on then. Nedim, I can't reach Yaman. Seher doesn't return my calls either. Yusuf is getting restless. They've gone to Police Station for a missing signature... ...and haven't been back for hours. I am worried. Is there a problem? I have no idea, Mrs. Ikbal. But if learn anything, I'll call you. Okay, but call me as soon as you hear something, please. I think that train jumped the track a little, master. Be careful! Make sure the passengers don't get disturbed. Did my auntie go on the train too? Your aunt will come back, master. But you need to sleep now. Come on! Zuhal! Do I have to keep telling you! Your jewellery! I... She's got dark hair. Brown... It's dark brown. She has a pale skin. You know... They call it pretty. She has a small mouth with full lips. She has a nicely shaped nose.. Not like Roman nose or anything. What are you doing there? How did you get this? She cooks well. She made Nevsehir style baked beans, it was so tasty. What's going on, son? What are you doing? Uncle, there has been a thief in our house all this time. She deceived us both. Wait a minute son! Let's talk about it first. There's nothing to talk about, Uncle. The thief that tried to break into our house is that girl. Son... Her brothers will kill her. Uncle, you... Did you know? - My auntie will come, won't she? - What? - She said she would come. - Exactly. She's not gone far, has she? Oh, look it's too late. Come on! Kids supposed to be already sleep at this hour! Here you go! If you don't sleep, you can't grow. You stay small forever. Good boy! I couldn't tell you, son. I didn't know how to say such a thing. I know her for ages. I schooled her. Would I surrender her with my own hands to be killed. Would it be possible? So you said you would secure the justice. Is that so, Uncle? Uncle… You hide a criminal in our house! In the house of a cop like me! My fault… Please don't be angry with him. You don't say a word! You fooled me! And moreover, you culled in disguise. You have got layers! Now you stand there, expecting me to believe in your innocence? You have been up to no good in this house for days. You fooled me! You laughed in my face! Ali... Ali that is enough, son. No, it's not enough, uncle! I guess, it's just cupboard love you show to my uncle. Maybe you tricked him too, just to find a refuge! No it's noting like that! Uncle Osman is like father to me. I would never deceive him. Ali... Think thoroughly, son. Look, this girl's in a very big trouble. She hasn't seen the real trouble yet, uncle! Ali! This girl, took shelter in this house because of the fear of death, son. What you see as no good is that kid's despair. Please.. That girl is innocent. I ask you to think thoroughly. The law is the law, uncle. If she is innocent as you claim, she'll be released anyway. - Come on, we're leaving! - Stop! Are you going to take her this late at night? No way! Look at me! At least wait till morning, for my sake! Okay, we'll do like you said. But first thing in the morning I'll take this liar to the police station! I'm a cop, uncle. If you think you'll buy time and convince me... ...there will be no such thing. This girl will be brought to justice first thing in the morning. Go to your room, now! Yes, Yunus. Father Arif, those racketeer guys came again. This time they took your place down. We tried to protect it, but we couldn't. They turned the place upside down! I am coming. I have to go. You'll take care of the girl. Check her temperature constantly. It's normal now. Don't give any water. Wet her lips with cotton at the most. If her fever goes up, you need to give her an injection! You know how to do it. The sutures are rather primitive. That's all I could do under these circumstances. So watch out! Whatever happens, the sutures should not open. If they do, even the hospital can't be any help. So you know. I mean, the girl won't move. Do not take your eyes off her even for a second. I'll be careful. Is there a problem Father Arif? It's something I have to take care of! The person you are calling can not be reached- Ikbal!... Ikbal! Where's Yaman? I can't find Yaman. Because, he's gone to work, love. He'll be back, don't worry. I won't worry. Let's wait for him to come back. So we will not be put out of our ways. Is it Yaman? Is it Yaman, Ikbal? Yaman, my dear. It's Yaman. I'm reading it now. “Something came up. Don't wait for me tonight." "The girl went to her neighbourhood." What did he say? What did Yaman write? Is he coming? He's got something to do, darling. He can't make it. Yaman must come! We should not be put out of our ways. We'll be in peace. As I said, darling. Something came up. He'll come tomorrow. Don't worry. He'll come today, not tomorrow. He'll come now! Yaman should come! We should not be put out of our ways. We should not be put out of our ways. Down with your peace! Hello, I'm going to ask you something. Did Seher really go to her neighbourhood? We didn't take the girl to the neighbourhood, Mrs. Ikbal. I don't know about this. By hook or by crook, find it out! Put the squeeze on her if necessary! Brother Selim, I'm leaving. Brother? I said I'm leaving Everything is ready for tomorrow. Okay Baris! Thank you very much. - See you tomorrow. - See you, brother. The person you are calling can not be reached at the moment. Another country heard from! Hello? Mrs. Ikbal? Good evening. Sorry for disturbing. Not at all! Is there a problem? Well.. I could not reach Seher either... I'm a little worried. I called to ask if you know where she is. Mrs. Ikbal? Are you there? I'm here Mr. Selim. But Shere is not in the mansion. They left together with Yaman at noon. I was worried and called in the afternoon. They said they were not coming back they were fine. They would stay out tonight. There is nothing to worry. Mr. Selim? Are you there? I'm here, Mrs. Ikbal. I am sorry for disturbing you. With that guy! Stay out…. No! No, Seher doesn't do such a thing! She doesn't do such thing! We are going when the sun rises. Get ready! I haven't done anything! They've slandered me! Please let me go! Or they will kill me! If you are innocent, you will be cleaned before the law. Don't bother to explain to me. I am not the judge! I catch the criminals and bring them to justice. The rest is none of my business. I swear on everything I love, I didn't do anything! Neither I stole anything... ...nor did I hurt someone, willingly! I just defended myself! I said what I need to say! What kind of justice is yours? I said they will kill me! Law will provide justice, not me.