Emily Brand Defeating Anorexia And Becoming A Bodybuilder How Young Is Too Young

so how a young is too young every age is too young it doesn't matter what age you're too young coach Greg and today I want to share with you a story from Emily Brandt and it's been a cautionary tale basically to warn you about the dangers of the fitness industry the good and the bad and the ugly sometimes it's good and sometimes it's bad okay so for this girl it was good she's a former anorexic she was 66 pounds at one point she's 5 foot 3 that's not very big she battled with eating and body image and all of this stuff and so eventually she had to go to a hospital for a year she recovered and then relapsed again and went back for nine months and struggled with this she was constantly looking at her body and not happy with how she looked and this started at the age of 11 so this can start very very young ok she later began competing in bikini competitions ok so she went from I mean from anorexic 66 pounds to a much more healthier I don't know maybe a hundred pounds it doesn't matter she looked a lot better however just because you recover from anorexia it doesn't mean everything goes away and that you're all of a sudden safe so once you're an alcoholic once you're drug addict it can always go back to that and so oftentimes what the fitness industry can do is it can allow people with problems to kind of live their life and almost get rewarded for that same exact behavior ok so I'm not saying that she's currently anorexic but I'm saying there's definitely a problem it's not healthy okay so she was 17 years old bikini looking great so since that time she's now 21 years old and she's jacked and she is not natural 0.00% chances she natural the girls enhance she's definitely on some of the good PD's okay the kinds at work now is that necessarily a bad thing and how young is too young okay well obviously it would be better if she wasn't taking anything but it's obviously better that she's alive then if she were to be in a hospital anorexic okay she clearly has more energy she feels better she looks better and she's being rewarded for the same type of behavior bodybuilding figure bikini place is a huge emphasis on how you look okay you're constantly being judged your self-worth comes from how you look do you think that seventeen year olds are ready for this some maybe are but most our most adults aren't the only people get bullied generated people worry over and over again all the time it's on their mind how they look how are people gonna talk to them how are people gonna perceive them people are so scared to be themselves there's gonna be judged oh my god they might not like me they might think I'm fat they might think I'm too tall too short too white too dark whatever it's 2020 and you can be a circle but trust me people will judge you if you say you are they will if you're transgendered if you're gay straight bisexual people are going to judge you the same as how you look okay everyone should be allowed to be who they are I'm a firm believer that hundred percent support this okay if you want to use peds that's your own choice but I do think that at a young age it's not the right thing to do it's not smart this girl is jacked she's literally leaner than me when I compete the girls at whatever percent body fat you can be that's the percentage he's at she's as lean as you could ever get so if she weren't muscled up you would immediately say she's anorexic but because she has muscle you look in your like holy I mean are you looking at this look at this look what she looks like it looks incredible eight point five kilogram difference in six months that is almost 20 pounds of muscle in six months does that sound natural is that possible natural no it can't do it natural she's not natty but it's more dangerous to be anorexic and be 66 pounds and a home not eating and starving yourself only eating one apple a day literally that's what she said it didn't keep the doctor away what apple a day is not enough to keep the doctor wait that's all you're eating now she's eating six meals a day and balance and eating more and says she eats up to 3,000 calories if she's eating 3,000 calories she's burning us ton of them off because she is shredded she has striated gluts every Pictures leaner than the next she's claiming she's bulking to put on this muscle I don't see one photo where she's not shredded so if you call this bulking then she's bulking I'm against bulking if you if you think that you need to bulk but does that look like somebody who's bulking so she posts a photo April 13 Big Pig out last night with the picture of the pig must have been eating a lot of spinach and popcorn putting all that junk to good use bummed a fun day so that's how she looks on her binge eating days does that look like somebody that's binge eating view that's pinging out that's bulking her closer leader than mine when I compete and that's her pigging out days so you can look at this girl you can think oh it's great it's a success story and it is really but is it okay a lot of you who are competing a lot of you are on a fitness journey a lot of you who are maybe formerly anorexic or formerly obese and you want to look a certain way there's a lot of pressure thinking from an evolutionary point you a female with shredded glutes or male or me being 5% body fat whatever percent body fat that you are it's not really the smartest thing in the world it's so lean but that you get rewarded in these competitions for being that lean okay so bikini it's the most body fat it's the most normal we'll call it and in every competition after that in terms of Lakes women's physique body willing they reward even more extremes so you're in a competition you're in a sport where you're rewarding disordered eating or eating disorders I mean does it not sound like an eating disorder to be a bodybuilder you're severely restricting calories doing cardio to burn off everything you constantly have to think about what you're eating and you're being judged on how shredded you're gonna be at the end of it does that sound healthy I mean it's not really healthy we do it because we love it but like when the show's over you need to be able to be somewhat normal okay and it's not healthy to be gained 50 pounds losing 50 starving yourself to death and not having any energy okay so please if you get into the sport really think about and really analyze it and decide is this a healthy thing to do I mean look at the definition on this girl she's doing like lunges with a dumbbell and all I could see is striations in every striation there's bumps in the bumps there's just no body fat anywhere this is the leanest the person to get really okay and that's drink for her but it's a sport that's rewarding this okay and she remember she suffered from anorexia she had improper body image and so now she found the sport that rewards her for wanting to be that lean but I mean obviously she's healthier than she was so good for her however the use of peds especially in the long term is not healthy it's not gonna be good and I'm though I use them okay I'm using them now I'm on HRT I'm not saying it's healthy I'm not trying to be hypocritical or I'm not trying to be a hypocrite here I'm clearly used them but I don't think that that said eighteen years old you should be using this stuff the longer you wait obviously the better obviously should check with your doctor okay be careful if you're a parent you have kids talk to your kids find out what they're doing I coach a lot of seventeen year olds they're not enhanced at least they don't tell me that they are but if you're a parent talk to your kids a lot of a lot of messages like thousands Laurel not one thousand multiple thousands of teenagers have written me and saying they're gonna take this in this in this and they're PD's and I either delete cuz their have time for thousands of messages or I say you're too young you're too young you're too young come on you're too young okay so I'm getting a message I bet they're not messaging their parents hey mom dad what do you think I should do I'm gonna take this red one for da Serena's whatever their messaging me I can't handle all these people I can't tell everybody all the time over and over don't do it don't take these things you're too young wait till you're older I can't I'm only one person but I can make a video and saying look wake up and smell the frickin coffee and stop taking this stuff you're too young I can make videos about new fake Maddy's their faith Nattie's they're not gonna admit it at 16 17 18 years old whatever to your parents to the world don't expect them and don't hate on them for doing this they're kids they don't know better body dysmorphia pressure on society to look good for your friends to your girlfriend to your boyfriend to anybody to please the world there's so much pressure to look a certain way you can't expect these young people to not want to take the shortcut to not look for what can validate them okay and to put and to blame them for one to do it or to think it's not their fault it's society's fault for giving them the impression that they have to live up to your expectations whatever sport they're in are you a gymnast are you a figure skater certain sports are you in wrestling you have to make a weight class I have to fight it a hundred pounds I have to fight 50 pounds less than I'm currently weighing so I can win I'm a power lifter I have to this wait so that I can win this contest so I can live this record I'm in bodybuilding I need five percent body fat or I won't win you see how much pressure there is and you wonder why they would do it and then we judge you for doing it are you kidding me we created this is a society we me and you we all have done this to the young people okay so how young is too young every age is too young it doesn't matter what age you're too young if your doctor says you need to do it let your doctor this is a medical thing if you're not being advised by your doctor you're too young to do it are you still gonna do it perhaps you are we all don't do the right things some of us drive on the highway too fast we speed we text when we're driving we might drink we get drunk you ever notice how it's okay to drink oh I'm the mama I've got my kids can't we put my kids to bed and drink the wine and get drunk what are you talking about oh I'm gonna smoke a joint tonight oh you're bad so society judges you some things are acceptable drinking wine is cool it's acceptable oh just why smoke weed oh jeez that's bad ticking Petey oh God oh sorry oh my goodness gah Wow you're a horrible person whoa but drink the wine so we all judge we decide what's good or bad and it's all stupid really okay so I just want you to be aware of what the fitness industry is really about think of the amount of eating disorders in the industry how many people are bulimic how many people do you think have those epic cheat meals Saturday night Friday night and actually keep that food down how many of you think ended up in the bathroom with some fingers in their freakin mouths a lot probably 25% so if there's a million people doing this tour if 50,000 are doing that believe me that's a real thing oh and there needs to be disclaimer because I might trigger somebody I might trigger them by talking about it you can't even talk about it how stupid is this I can't talk to you about it you know I get D monetize make it flag oh my god coach Greg talked about a disordered eating oh we have to flag this business not family friendly no it's not so stupid so stupid so anyway don't get obsessed with how you look to the point of causing a disorder there's nothing wrong with trying to eat healthy there's nothing wrong with thinking if this is fattening or calories or it's good or unhealthy nothing wrong with that wrong is when it becomes a crazy obsession that's so bad that it affects your life in a bad way okay if it's bad if it's like oh my god if your unhealthy from it that is bad it's okay to say I can eat cake I'm have an apple for dessert that doesn't mean you have an eating disorder but if you're throwing up after you eat or you want to throw up after you eat or you're not eating so that you can be 5% body fat all the time and you're starving to death and you have no energy you feel like crap and you look in the mirror and feel like shit that is not good go get medical advice go seek counseling go get something to help you that's what I'm saying anyway Greg do sitcom for coaching Greg descent IV pro follow me on Instagram like this video subscribe please do all those things I do have a cookbook with healthy recipes and a trained thing that's for sale watch one of my videos there's other informative stuff educational always trying to teach you something until next time I'm out