Enabling Academy Promoting Sustainable Employment

in Cambodia we have projected from the able where we hire people autism to work with us and your place in different departments in the company since 2013 yamuna has hired 20 employees with autism and this initiative we see success stories you see them growing and we thought that this goodness should be extended to other companies as well and such an asset has actually inspired another group to start up a new initiative called inland ketamine where we train young adults with autism with the skills and knowledge to work and other companies specifically white-collar jobs we have actually two part in this program cos one is mainly focusing on the software development such as personal management career management and life management and the second course would be we have a simulation based learning environment each of the trainees are assigned to the backstop pending who works on the assigned only jobs some skills that we will train them is like photocopy scanning data entry letter typing so it's basically to just help them to know how if they'd like to work in a white-collar job each of them will be assigned a job coach and the trainer to follow up on their program and their career pathway so we do actually match them to the right job are based on their abilities and locations so besides this true causes there are also other things that are personalized personalized [Music] the anyway Academy I learned how to do a boolean and to document sorting now purchase orders of human orders you very orders and etcetera I'm able to meet new friends and people have what is a and s participation okay there one enjoy the most is a crime though the work doesn't satisfaction I'm more confident to go the world [Music] in a way when we first hired him he came in as an instant us because we wanted to make sure that he could adapt to the environment and it was very seamless I must say the adjustment was easy and with credit to be given to him as well he picked up wherever and today is confirmed employee initially we were quite apprehensive and how we'll be able to adapt but surprisingly and we're very grateful that actually having Andrew on what Weaver's actually enables to actually accept him and also Excel woman people as a team player yes impacted as very positively feeling around and we truly believe that the whole thing all we need is just to give them a little bit of opportunity you know yes and Gomorrha has done so much all we need to just come in and just give them that opportunity after we arrive we believe we truly believe that and say we can be a better place and the energy work together for a better future it was available lessons to be Priscilla a matter heart of Providence best is to survive [Music]