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To all the divine souls who watch movies in theater. And to all those jerks who download and watch movies.. Our warm greetings. I am Mahabali Maha. I'm going to recite an awesome story. Royapuram is the most powerful place in Madras. This is the most powerful throne in Royapuram. The who sits on it is called Naina. Naina stands for justice. With growing hatred towards good doings of Naina... his son finished him off and replaced him. Bad boy! Blaggard became the Naina... so the area became very worst. No one seemed to be revolting against his atrocities. But three friends... Benjamin, Doss and the guy with the funk.... Me; Mahabali Maha. We couldn't stand it. Doss is very powerful in Royapuram. Benjamin my chaddi buddy and bestie... was a specialist in planning. I was special in gathering henchmen. So, Benjamin made a plan and... I gathered henchmen. And Doss finished off Naina. There came the twist in the plot. Both Doss and Benjamin wanted Naina's throne. Another huge twist in the plot. Both of them liked the same girl. That girl liked Benjamin. Since Benjamin got Dhanam (the girl)... Doss snatched away the throne. When I revolted against this, Doss turned his back on me. That provoked me and I challenged him. The day my bestie Benjamin sits on Naina's throne... is the day I'll let the hair grow on my head. However, Doss did do good things as the Naina. Benjamin got married to the love of his life. Doss too got married. He had a daughter. She is our story's... So obviously... Benjamin had a.... You guessed it right. A son. And he is our story's... This is a very simple story. How the hero wins over heroine's heart and... how he becomes the Naina forms the story. The biggest twist of the plot is that the hero... Wait, if I reveal it then I'll be a goner. Now confess. No sir, I didn't do it Your face gives it away that you are from Royapuram. I swear I didn't do it. Sir, he is from Naina's area. It'll be a big issue if he comes to know. What do you mean? Now go order a juice for me. I ordered a juice. This is not for you. The devil is here! - Subbiah. - Yes sir. Looks like new here, the tea doesn't look usual. Yes, a young fellow. He must have done it by mistake, Doss. I hope he won't repeat it. You! Know this first. Not everyone in Royapuram are rogues. People here vary from a fisherman to I.T professionals. The skin tone might be the same. That doesn't mean you can assume and arrest him. Now me? I am rogue. Shall I prove it? Looks like he got scared. Doss... he will be fine going forward. Mind your own business. Come on Doss, let's leave. I'll finish you off! Catch you later. Subbiah, inform our men and bail out the guy. Sure Doss. ( Speaks Gibberish) Didn't you hear him say " Get in" What is it Sekar? Don't you remember? - Our men can survive only if they've a boat. - Greetings. Welcome Sekar. Have a seat. Come sit. I told only you to have a seat. Why is that pimp sitting? Well that.. You sit down. Sekar, now that you are with him, I sense that it has to do something with women trafficking? But I hope it's not that. Well Naina. There is an order from abroad. It is to traffick women through ships. It cannot be done in the harbour. If you agree it can be done here at Royapuram. It'll also be a work for the guys to earn something. How much? Naina, that depends on each woman. We can earn upto 1 million. So you've decided to do anything for money. Anything for money Naina. That means we can finish of Sekar right here. How much will you pay? Naina, I'll pay 0.1 million. I'll myself finish him off. Naina, I'll pay half a million. Additionally I'll take care of his wife and mistress too. Naina, send him out. I'll finish him off. From tomorrow we'll take control of his area and shopping complexes. So Sekar? Looks like more than women the demand for you is high. Anything for money? Right? Sekar... (Speaks Gibberish) What? I said I'll drown him in the sea. Do you hear? You are a rogue by business... but he is rogue by birth. Where are you? On my way home. Did you eat something? Did you eat? Guess he hasn't. Set up dinner for both of us. Ok fine. Why have you stopped here? Naina, they have got my kids. I had no clue what to do. I've been loyal to you all these years. I've place weapons in the back seat. Save yourself. Forgive me. Be careful with the weapons. Watchout! I've grown old Subbiah. Earlier I could stand against many. Yesterday I was gasping to fight against four of them. Thankfully I escaped yesterday. Who will take over if something happens to me? For 40 odd years they have been with us. Dhanam too will complete her studies in two months. I should take care of her too. The area too should be in our control. We have got enemies all around. The next person to sit on Naina's throne should be my son in law. I want you to take responsibility. Search everywhere. Find an electrifying person. I shall Naina. I shall find a king for you Naina. I will find an apt son in law for you in this Chennai! (Speaks Gibberish) (Speaks Gibberish) Leader, what the hell did you just say? I meant our guy is someone on a whole new level. I request the couple to come forward. Heavy rain... Cool breeze... Both of us are alone during the night. Tell me what would I do? I'll myself answer it. But before that get me two tickets for Vijay's movie One is for you. Another one? Another one to place the popcorn. Heavy rain... Cool breeze... Both of us are alone during the night. Alone! Tell me what would I do? I'll myself answer it. But before that buy me an Iphone. Iphone? Why? To have your pic as the wall paper and adore you. Heavy rain... Cool breeze... Both of us are alone during the night. Tell me what would I do? I'll myself answer it. But before that buy me a scooter dear. Scooter? Why? Everytime I hug you when you drive. It's high time you hug me when I drive. Heavy rain... Cool breeze... Both of us are alone. Just like you wished. Alone! What would you do? I'll hand you over the invitation. What invitation? My marriage invitation. Dear brother Johnny... Heavy rain... Cool breeze... Now complete it! As a brother you did lot of things for me. Would you please walk me down the aisle during the wedding? Do not forget to buy the ring. Brother? Ring. Couples may now exchange the rings. My brother Johnny has it safely. I'll get it. Give it. Careful. It might hurt him. Come on, nothing will hurt my brother Johnny. Let this union done by God be strong forever. My wishes to the couple. Now you are a married couple. Heavy rain... Cool breeze... Both of us... All alone. Who in the hell is he? Dude... Jenny? She ain't Jenny... but she was the spirit who possessed me. How can she do this to you? Now that's girls for you. How could you? How could you laugh? Now that's boys for you. How did you get it? Now that's friend for you. Now this is awesome! Do not trust girls. Never believe your eyes. You'll be deceived. It's all deception. Tears is all that'll be left. Love is wicked. Always trust your friends. A friend will put his life on line for you. Friendship is always honest. Never believe your eyes. You'll be deceived. Tears is all that'll be left. Stop it. How dare you take the advance and dance over there. I'm not going to pay you. Sorry sir. Dear men stop trusting the girls who empty you wallet at coffee shops. Get drunk and get wasted. In the end it'll be a friend who will ensure your safety. Listen to me my dear friend; Girls are vicious like scorpions. Never believe your eyes. You'll be deceived. You'll be trapped when you try praising her when she smiles at you. You'll lose yourself and drown like the Titanic when she betrays you. Your heart is soft and pure. Please do not lose it in the name of Love. Listen to me my dear friend. Friendship is the best pillar of strength you'll ever find. Never believe your eyes. You'll be deceived. Tears is all that'll be left. Love is wicked. A friend will put his life on line for you. Friendship is always honest. Never believe your eyes. You'll be deceived. Tears is all that'll be left. Anchovy brothers proudly presents 'The Next Naina' . This is the quest for the next Naina of Royapuram. Prove yourself and get married to Naina's daughter. All the contestants have arrived. All here with their weapons. Tell me 'Finger'. - What's the status? - All the accused are here. We'll find the groom today! All the contestants are raring to go. Let's meet them and see how qualified they are to be the next Naina. As we talk your son is chewing something. What is it? Show him how you finished off your dad with that razor that you are chewing. This fellow here seems to have finished off his dad with razor. Superb. Let's see who is the next contestant. - Tell me. - I was in Puzhal jail for eight years. Four years in Tihar jail. And last, I was in Vellore jail for two years. One year out of the two I was kept in dark cell. So I'm confident. Looks like he is in jail from birth. Superb contestant. Hold on, don't you snatch the mike. Move! Let's see the next contestant. Here is a parent. Let's see what he has to say. Parent? I am a participant. Would you like to see my skillset? Guess he is gone. He appears to be older than Naina and has now perished due to his obsession. Throw him out. Let's move to next contestant. Let us know about your skillsets. I've been taking part in this competition for the past three seasons. Naina has only one daughter. Why do you lie? Leave that. Tell us about your skillsets. "A musical cloud showers honey down the earth" Stop it. What are you here for? Sir, I vow to somehow win this time and get that mega bumper prize. Ok I get it. I know you. You just get on in any queue that you see and start singing. Now get lost! Now let's witness the audition. This is 'Ondi Puli' signing off. First contestant. Raja. Amazing Raja. Heard of me? I am the one. Ever heard of me? I am the one. Now tell me who the hell are you? I am the one. Next contestant. Stop showing off! The name is Kumar! Kokki Kumar! I'll slit you down! Anybody there? It's pitch dark! Why in the hell did you allow a blind? Take him away! I am too a rogue! What is he doing? Naina where is your daughter? Watch out! How dare you? That's my son! What is a mason doing here? Move! Get lost! Mine, yours and your daughter's... - What? - He is talking in Hindi Naina. I feel something inside me. What in the hell is he blabbering? Nothing Naina. How do you feel losing in this competition? I performed well. I mean, at this moment... how has this failure affected you? That is what I want to know. You shouldn't cry. No I am not. Yes, you are. No sir. Your eyes are teary. I am not crying, You are. I am not crying. Cry you beast! Cry! He is crying. This episode will be a hit! Come here. Tell me Naina. How was the program? Stop it. Why are you beating? This was 'Finger' Babu's idea. Now try laying your hands on him. Wait I'll show you! You three 'Finger' Babu. When there is no woman... that's when men's life will be heaven. Let set out and search for a life without women. Indeed! We should. What shall we do? How about writing an abusive song? No! We'll should do something more severe. Forgetting those angels... In the desire to explore the world... This Johnny is all set to fly. No more botheration about girls anymore. I am going to become a church father. What? I've made up my mind. What audition is the police carrying out? Rammiya, come here. Why is the security so strict in our area? Someone just finished off 'Saidai' Selvam and escaped. We are on the hunt for the killer. What? Saidai Selvam is no more? He was meant to be finished off by me. Instead of dying at your hands he could electrocute himself. Now stop irritating. Why did you bring us here? Fine, ask them to move the barricades. Open the gates. Stop! Stop! What is it? I've got a small doubt. Tell me brother Glory. Wouldn't it be embarrassing for a church father to be accused of drunk and drive? It'll definitely be worse! We are about to be get caught, father. - Where? - Over there. "The evening cops" Now turn. Oops! Cops again. Double action? Father, if we get caught then we'll be penalized and jailed for 3 months. Brother Glory, what have we got? Only affection, kindness and peace. - I meant what have you got in your hands? - Chicken fried rice. Guess he found there is no ketchup with the rice. This is awesome. Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Father you drove past the Satan! Father you drove past the Satan! Who is that singing about my father? If they've escaped tricking the cops means one of them must have finished off Selvam. If he has finished off Selvam means he must be skilled. - Take a video of them. - Wait and watch. That was awesome father. We just escaped from the police! You heard that? You aren't just father. You are God Father! This is awesome! God father? Looks like this fellow is a talented rogue! Mom I am going to become a father. What's the big deal? Once you are married you'll be a father in ten months. I meant a priest. So... are you too going to leave me like you dad? Come on mom. Listen dear... You know your defect. I've kept it a secret from the whole world. Don't you go away and reveal it. What do you mean by defect? 10 people in every 100 has it. I googled it. You rank first among those 10. I've decided to leave. You won't. You aren't that worthy. Listen Dhanam. I'll definitely leave. Yeah right! Oh my god! The diseases has taken effect! Yeah right! Yeah right! Yeah right! Yeah right! Yeah right! Yeah right! Yeah right! Oh my god! We've been to all the hospitals. Been to all the churches. Consulted all the priests. Yet there is no cure for this diseases. Mom, lower you voice. People might hear you. Stop showing off your dignity. The minute you see blood you start repeating what you heard last and go like this. If not a disease then what is it? It's not a disease mom. It's called Phobia. That's in English. No. I'm going to be a priest. Are you fine with it or not? A happy news for you folks. This year from our group... - a volunteer has stepped forward to get trained for priesthood. - I thought you were kidding. You are great. No. No. God is great. The individual who is prepared for the training is... Benjamin and Dhanam's son... Johnny Thuyamani Benjamin. My friend Johnny! My friend Johnny! My friend Johnny! Accompanying him is Aashirvardham and Adaikalarani's son, Glory Kovilpillai. What? No I am not coming. No I won't. I call them upon to the dias. Glory! Please don't leave me. I don't need another father. Save me! - Please listen to me. Don't do this dude. - Quite. Do you know about my phobia? Who will take care of me? Come on now. Are you too betraying me like her? Oh! Oh! There he goes. So you won't come? This guy is so sentimental lord! Let's cheer them up and give them an applause. Everyone seems to be happy about this. Look at the tears of joy in his eyes. Father... This is awesome. We are headed to a divine place. So first... let's change your wallpaper. - What the...? - Give it to me. Until last month you had an actress on your wallpaper. What's this? Why all the fantasy when you are going to be a priest? Careful. The reason behind all the youths getting spoiled is Facebook. First you come out of this. What about you? I'll think about it. Father! - Ban liquor! - Ban liquor! Give it to me. You guys protest. I'll hold it. Wake up fellow men! Ban liquor! Wake up fellow men! Ban liquor! Wake up fellow men! I'll thrash you! I said ban liquor. But you are hiding it not banning. Here after do not sell liquor to me or anyone. Do you understand? Tell me. Do you understand? Call her your sister. No. Please. Go ahead. Dude! - My hands ache because imagining her I had.. - Hold it! I had wrote many love letters. Look, someday she is going to betray you and make you her brother. So why not you make her your sister. It'll be a new trend. Sister! My pleasure. Mom. 14 years course. 10 days of vacation every year. Those 10 days I'll indulge myself in social service. I think this is our last meet. I feel that you'll be back in ten days. Mom! What is it? Just like how you were a good mother to me... I'll be a good father to the whole world. God bless you my child. Don't leave me. Dad! In times when children address their father as father... how many are lucky to call their child a father? Let me bless you. You are blessed. May the lord be with you. Hallelujah Dear... Father Kovil... Look, it's like the lord is calling me. It's not the lord. It's your useless friend Johnny. This is awesome. Glory! Stop. Stop. Stop. Hold on. Greetings father. Greetings disciple. Where are you going father? I'm on my way to get trained in priesthood. Please hop into my rickshaw. Let it be written down in history that my rickshaw helped you on your spiritual journey. What about the passengers? Forget them. I'll clear them off. Get down! Please find another rickshaw. Please get in father. The ones who were termed as drunkards... are now termed as fathers. You are the sole reason behind this father Johnny. I was just doing my duty father Glory. Father I've become pure. I don't need more colors in life. Why is my kerchief in this color? I've opened up my life for you. Can you get me a white kerchief? Ofcourse father glory. Welcome sir. What do you want sir? Where can I get white kerchiefs? Why are you talking to girls? Sorry father. Are there no male staffs here? It's girls everywhere around here. You go buy yourself. Kerchief! You shouldn't even touch female mannequin Johnny. Father Glory? Where are you? It's dark in here. Let's head to the path of light. Where are you guys? The power too is out. We are here. It's darkness everywhere. Turn on the flash light. Hold on. I didn't see her hip. I didn't see her hip. Looks awesome. Nice color. Yeah. It's nice. - How is it? - Superb. Thank you. Yes! You may have it. How about a selfie? How is it? Nice. Isn't it? It's mindblowing. Three for thirty bucks. It'll be nice. - Could it be? - Buy it. It can't be! No. Never. Fine. Let's leave. She doesn't look that great. What is it father? Why is your shirt unbuttoned? Even the cuffs are folded? I understand father. It's because you are sweating due to power-cut. But father... do you know what I think? I think that you are trying to sin as I try to buy kerchief! Please forgive me for thinking so father. Please forgive me. Stop massaging me and forgive me father. Please. - Sorry. - I don't know anything father. Brother. Take left. There she is at the ice cream parlour. Why not for one last time... let's have an ice cream? Could it be? It can't be. He won't hang up. Father. We are here to have ice cream for the last time. But my useless mind tells me that you are following that girl! Please forgive me father. Shame! It's a shame! It's raining. Wow. Come let's get drenched. - Come on. - No! Why shouldn’t we, for the last time... get drenched in the rain? Jolly! Shut up! Father, won't it rain at where we are going? - Why? Isn't the rain over here enough? - Crazy! Still it won't be same as getting drenched in our place. Come on. Come on, before the rain stops. - Shut up and get lost. - Come on father. Look at him crazy fellow! Doesn't even know to enjoy the rain. Father, looks like the dams are overflowing. Let's go before it floods everywhere. Why do you worry? Enjoy the rain father. Enjoy as much as you want. Keep getting drenched and enjoy the rain father. Father even now also I've sinned! My mind tells me that you have liked the girl you saw at the shop... and have fallen in love with her. I've sinned thinking so. I've sinned father. My mind has sinned. I too feel the same bro. Damn it! Come here my dear mommy. Your good old Johnny is here. Stop behaving like a don who is returning back home. So why are you back? Mom. I am back. I thought you will be back in 10 days. Now, you are back by 10 O clock. Get in. Open the door mom. Please mom. Stop irritating me you drunkard! The door is open. Get in. What have I given birth to? Father Aashirvardham... you son Kovilpillai is here. Dad. Dad you there? Dad please don't tell me that you have committed suicide. I am back. Your son Kovilpullai is back. Damn you sinner! Glory? What are you up to dad? Dear Glory.... what did the great Thiruvalluvar preach? What did he preach? " What you sow during the early times will reap later" But what are you upto? You are my only child. And you left to become a priest. So I was planning to become a father again by having another son. Another son? Ofcourse. I do need a heir to perform the last rites for me. Tell me and I shall do it right away. But now you are back. If you had come late by say half an hour... it would have been perfect. Why so? All the preparation has gone waste. Don't worry it won't go waste. Give it to me. Do you think you could have? I certainly can! I certainly can! Naina you were right. The broker is a traitor. Remember Sekar's proposal for women trafficking... - Yes. - With Panayamuthy's help they are carrying it out using the motorboat. Where is Sekar now? I inquired. Seems he hasn't returned home since 4 days. He is put up in a hide out behind Jai Nagar ladies hostel. Doss... It's at Jai Nagar hostel our daughter is staying. That's what is concerning me a little. I even doubt that, it was him who tried to finish you off the other day. Chances are high Naina. When does that locality sleep? By night nine all the shops will be shut. It'll be pitch dark. So then finish it of by 10 p.m. Fixed? Fine Naina. Why are you afraid? You are doing this because you trust me right? Definitely it'll be done. I hope the money part will be settled as promised. It'll be. Remember I am opposing Naina. So when do we start? 10 O clock the warden will go to sleep. We can start by 10:05 p.m. Here Johnny. It was here I dropped off that girl once. She went into that hostel. Bro, I can see a body builder sitting there with a weapon. - Let's return. - No! I'll have to find about her and impress her. It'll be waste of time. I am sure she has a boyfriend. How sure are you? It's already night. I am sure she'll be on the phone with her boyfriend. You just wait and watch. Come let's find out. Come on. But how do we go? Look at him and the weapon he has. We'll go through the back entrance. Get down. You see the locked house? The hostel is right behind this. How do you know? You think only you guys come here? I too have come here to see the hostel warden. Give back my phone. I need to call my sweet darling Philomina. Is that the hostel warden? That's my wife's name. Forget it now. That's impossible. I've tried. Fine, I'll go check. Come down when I whistle. Fine! My cell phone is with you. Give it back and then leave. What is it? Stop repeating it. 15 more mins to go. We can get in only after they turn off the lights. You better do it Sekar. You trust me right? I'll call you once I am done. We'll start by 10 itself. There! Shut up and follow! Get down and stand height wise. Why are there so many clothes drying out in a locked home? Look at the size of this dress. I am sure there is a bombshell living here. She is in the third room. You guys will have to get down the stairs. On my way to see my girl. You are on your way to see someone else's girl. I'll thrash you! What is that? I just met my girl. Who in the hell is this black panda? Remove your glasses. Why so late bro? They will turn off the lights in 10 mins. What would you do then? - Right. - Irresponsible! It's because of people like you we get caught. Quick. Make it quick! Here take this kerchief and cover yourselves. Thanks panda. Come on. Ondi... Check what is it. Why can't you check for yourself? Now who in hell is this fellow? Real smooth, let me kidnap him. Gotcha! Tell me the truth. Aren't you one of Sekar's men? I am Sangeetha's man. Aren't you one of Sekar's men? Sangeetha's man. When did Sekar change his name to Sangeetha? Tell me! Tell me! I am Sangeetha's man! Leave him. Let him go. Look at him, doll face! Get lost! Stop showing off! Already this fellow here won't stop showing off! That's the bathroom. Come on. Come on. Please brighten it a bit. What the... Reduce my size too. She thinks she is a heroine. Wait and watch! That's Jenny! What about Hema? Oh yeah! - Let's make a move. - Smart fellow. It's getting late. Every girl here seems to be on the phone. Let's return. I am sure your girl has a guy. Indeed. I am her guy. How dare you cheat? What? Weren't you in love? Then why back off at the most critical hour? I told you. Your girl has a guy. Can't you see they are fighting? They'll break up. Then I'll swoop in. Not only that... you think you can escape after everything has happened? Looks like everything is done. No problem. That's the current trend. If not her then someone else. When there is no option then do not bother. Are you so shameless? So what about the register marriage? Where is it? What are you looking for? She just said that marriage is over. I was looking for the kids. Your girl doesn't have a guy but has a husband! She isn't a girlfriend to someone infact she is a wife. Let's go. Now come on let's return. Why would you want to plead on my behlaf? Give me the phone. Hey hold on. Look here my dad is already looking for groom. In three days I am going to tell him about us. If you still stay afraid of him... then I can't do anything about it. Why would you have this coward as your boyfriend? An ideal guy should be brave and should face many men at a time. He must be ready to take on the world for his girl. In short, he must like bloodshed. I guess she having a husband would have been a better end! The power is out! Now go. Here comes the bodybuilder. Wrong timing! Hold on! Hold on! Do not stab, he might bleed and there might be blood. No no I am not a thief aunty. Aunty sorry. Please. Aunty please don't beat me. Come let's escape. Who are you? Look someone is lying here. We have rounded up the place. Who is that who finished off Sekar then? Who is that skating at this hour? Let me shoot it. He would have got us caught! Why are you laughing now? My girl doesn't have a guy! Get this right inside your head. Jumping off the roof expecting a super hero to save and... falling in love with a fair woman are the same. No one has ever survived both. My girl doesn't have a guy! My girl doesn't have a guy. My girl doesn't have a guy. My girl doesn't have a guy. My dear flower. My dear birdie. My dear peanut brittle. My dear sugar candy. Stop tattooing my heart with your love. Let me get into your heart. So wait My dear. Oh my dear. Come to me. You are the sky. I am the land. Feed me your love and I shall live. You are as pure as the gold. I am rough like the tar. Give me a look dear. That'll boost me up. What an awesome feeling. I feel like I am a hero. Oh darling I am confused. Now, stop tattooing my heart with your love. Let me get into your heart. So wait My dear. Oh my dear. I am going to make you mine. In no time she took my heart away. It was like I was electrocuted, stuck and numb. Just like the sun she shone upon me. I got high in her love. Gaana song is racy. So is the dance. Perform it and it's mindblowing. So is your love. Now, stop tattooing my heart with your love. Let me get into your heart. So wait My dear. Oh my dear. Come to me. My dear flower. My dear birdie. My dear peanut brittle. My dear sugar candy. Stop tattooing my heart with your love. Let me get into your heart. So wait My dear. Oh my dear. Come to me. My dear. Oh my dear. Come to me. My dear. Oh my dear. Oh my dear love. My dear. Oh my dear. Come to me. My dear. Oh my dear. Oh my dear love. Now what's this? Naina didn't you question my abilities? Now look. I've found a brilliant fellow. (Speaks Gibberish) (Speaks Gibberish) Now what was that leader? Like I said the groom I've found is on a whole new level. What are you looking at Naina? Look at our find. What's with the certificate? It's the procedure before showing a footage. We got a school kid's certificate. Check it out. The conduct is marked as bad. Come on applaud. Cinematography by Ondi Puli. Superb! This year the best camera man award is mine. Naina 2016. There'll be a little issue with the brightness. Kindly adjust. Check out the introduction scene. Come on! Awesome! Check it out. Look at him wield the knife. Johnny... He is a massive don. Crimes should be committed. But only we should commit those crimes. What a dialogue delivery! Finally the director's name will appear. Did you say his name was Johnny? There. When you said Johnny... I could hear the 'Great Bahubali' Ok wait outside. Outside? What is he going to do? Subbiah. Yes Doss. What do you think? Doss do you know who is that? Benjamin's son. Bring him. (Speaks Gibberish) Mummy. Mummy. Mummy. Stop yelling like a beggar. Yes, what do you want? Where is the slayer? Slayer? Oh you mean the butcher? The third house from here. - Tell me sister. - Mummy! I meant your son. Is Johnny available? That useless fellow? He'll be sitting and torturing someone at the tea shop over there. You hear that. Torturing is like a child's play for him. Johnny is on to a whole new level. Hold on. Why are you looking for Johnny? Naina ordered to get him. God blessing mummy. Why is he looking for him? I don't know if she is my friend or girl friend. She asks me to book corner seats in a theatre. But then she places the popcorn in between. She asks me to take her on a long drive. But she places her hand bag in between. She put hers arm around. But when I question she says I am her bestie. It's confusing. But one thing. Off late count of those who die over confusion in love is more than that of love failures. Why don't you use the same tongue that blurted out all this to... to tell her 'I LOVE YOU'? What do you think will happen? They will accept it for now. Then finally after everything, to fulfill their parent's wish they'll leave us. Your girl's father? I inquired about him. He is from Royapuram. Middle class family. People over there mock at him. Timid fellow. So you say we'll deal with him directly. Yes. My brother has a friend. Royapuram is under his control. If we inform him... he'll knock down your girl's dad and force him to accept. Who is he? I wish to see him. I haven't met him. I have heard a lot about him. His name is Ondi Puli. The 'Lonely Tiger' Hello? - Puli here. - This is Suresh's friend Glory. Make it quick. I'm in middle of a murder. Half of the knife has pierced in. Rest is outside. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Is it regarding your friend's love? One of my friend is in love with a girl in your area. He fears that her dad might not accept it. I'll thrash her dad and destroy him. What's her dad's name? Some silly name. Loose. No Bose. No no, it's Doss. Doss? Yes. What's the girl's name? Her name too is something silly. Hema. Hema? Where are you guys now? At the tea shop. Stay right there. How does it look? Positive? We are on the search for that guy. But here someone else is in love with our boss' daughter. (Speaks Gibberish) Let's finish him off first and then look for our groom. Warm up. Leader... His hand will be in the sewer. Leg will be on the ground. I'll hand you only his body. Sounds good? (Speaks Gibberish) What? Go get him. Bless me 'Finger' Thank you. Hey, don't let me go alone. Now join me. I'll finish him off. Johnny bhai! I swear by my ancestors. I am not here to finish you off. Why is he calling me bhai (don) ? I told you don't grow beard. Now look what it has led to? I can smell the blood. Black tea. Just like Naina. Don, chief asked us to get you. Let's go to Royapuram. That's Ondi Puli for you. Come on. Let's go. Please you first. - No, please you get in. - Please get in don. Long live Johnny bhai. Long live Johnny bhai. Long live Johnny bhai. Look at the respect for Ondi Puli's friend. Please get in. Imagine how it would be for Ondi Puli. Awesome! Who is he? I wish to see him. Whose house are we at? Naina's house. You mean the girl's house? Fine. You said it was a middle class family. Look at the house. Must have rented for lease. Check it out dude. Your father in law looks very timid. Looks like it's true. Please do put in a word to Ondi Puli. I hope he doesn't hurt her dad. After all he is my future father in law. Ondi Puli is too nasty. He has already sent his men with weapons. Look at him. He looks scared. Greetings. Hi. Have a seat. Guess he is a chicken. - Look at his attitude Naina. - This is now my area. Is it? Now check this. That's mine. Now even up to Kanyakumari it'll be under our control. Done. Now here is my move. Are you Johnny? Are you Doss? That's Benjamin's blood. I heard it from the guys. About the incident at Jai Nagar hostel. Incident? He means about our visit to his daughter's hostel. Is it? That's not the first incident. The first one was at a garment shop in darkness. The same day another incident at Ice cream parlour. Next incident was on the streets when it was raining. The most recent being at ECR. Then at a theatre. That's enough dear. Subbiah. Kids these days are well advanced. He is fast. I don't know to beat around the bush. She is my only daughter. Will you marry her? That's Ondi Puli's magic for you. He must have forced him to say that. Who is he? I wish to see him. Since you are compelling. I'm fine with it. But still just talk to my mom once. To your mom? Fine, Let me try convincing her atleast for this marriage. Your agree to this right? Cool. I agree. I agree. I agree. What are you doing you idiot? The groom is here. What in the hell are you doing? Go get coffee. Poor fellow dude. We should recommend for him to Ondi Puli. Before that call Ondi Puli and say that the marriage is fixed. Why are you so slow? Make it quick you pig! Here you go. How dare you spill coffee over groom's friend. What if it had spilled on the groom? They are torturing him too much. We must recommend for him to Ondi Puli. That is Ondi Puli dude. The one who is getting beaten up. What? Ondi Puli is the one getting beaten up? Who is the one beating him up? Dear groom. 45 ml for the groom. Pour 90 ml for the groom you fool. 90 ml? The way you executed Sekar was awesome! Which Sekar? He must have finished off many Sekars. What kind of question is that Naina? Listen to me dear. Remember we were standing near that hostel with weapons. You snatched the security's weapon and finished off Sekar? Security's weapon? Dear father in law. It's getting late. I need to inform mom. I'll make a call and be back. Please go ahead. Don't leave me alone here. Doss... Though he is a rogue, check him turn soft at the name of his mother. He is the perfect affectionate rogue. There is hardly any balance in the mobile to make a call. What was your name dear? Some Pullai.... Kovilpullai. Kovilpullai. You look dark and graceful. My pleasure. He our groom's sidekick. Is it? He accompanies our groom everywhere and for everything. I've never done anything before! Just like how I am your sidekick. He is our groom's sidekick. Then let's get him married to 'Aarukola' Aarmugam's daughter. Why not? But isn't that my girl? Why is he crying? Tears of joy Doss. I too shall talk to my mom and be back. Dear, where are you? You said he was timid and middle class. How about jumping from here? Greetings you beasts! - He waved at me. - No, he waved at me. They aren't rogues. They are psychopaths! Let's make it through the night. We'll escape tomorrow. I need my Hema. I need my life. Please help me. If I tell them that I am not a rogue... they'll slit me and eat me alive. Yes absolutely. Let's try and get me married to Hema some how and then escape from here. Dear, what is it taking so long to discuss with your mom? I'm coming. Dear groom... you shouldn't have hid the truth. I think they found out. They are going to chop you down. Looks like you and my daughter are already friends. They are too slow. Look at their latest finding. If you marry my daughter, me and the whole of Royapuram will rejoice. I am not aware of what my daughter wants. Does she like you? That's the same confusion I have. Don't you love him? Then what's stopping you? Go tell him. No matter how big gangster he is, how can I go tell him this. Then I'll lose the upperhand. Thing won't fall in place like this for everyone. Though he is a rogue he has cute face with chubby cheeks. Don't you call him chubby. Only I have the rights to call him chubby cheeks. It's dad. Go ahead. Hello. Tell me dad. Dear... I've found a groom for you. What are you saying? That's what. I have found you a groom. Tomorrow morning we are going to the groom's house. We are getting you engaged. Dad there is a guy. Not one guy. Invite all your friends. Morning 6 a.m I'll send the car to pick you up. I hope you've no complaints. No, dad... So no complaints. I knew it. Ok dear good night. Daddy. Hello. My dad has gone crazy. He says he has found a groom. He says the engagement is tomorrow. Is that what the crazy guy said? Only I can call my dad crazy. Don't you call him crazy. I am deeply in love with him. I can see him everywhere. Now that's a cliche. Sorry. Even I can see him. Hello. Yep it's me chubby cheeks. I'm visible to everyone. Dear groom? Everything looks good? All set! All set! Light up the fireworks. Look here Johnny. You don't know about him. He chased away your dad from that locality. He did run away from here and landed up in prison. Now is he responsible for that too? Forget the past aunty. I'll take care of your son just like you. If you don't like me... then that's a valid reason. Not that dear. You don't know his problems. I know aunty. His anger. Anger? Raising hell for small issues. Raising hell? I'll take care of it. You just have to agree. This won't work out. Dhanam... Brother. Brother? Atleast let this lovers unite. What's your name dear daughter in law? Hema. But my nickname is Dhanam. That's how my dad calls me. He hasn't changed a bit. Oops! That's embarrassing. Subbiah. Where are you? Doss is everything fine? Everything is almost set. 25 years ago, you couldn't impress her... Shut up. Love is not the flower that blossoms in a plant. It's the color that blossoms in the heart. This is the right time... to finish off Doss. Dance with me. Dance with me. Dance with me oh my dear. Get down on the dance floor and dance with me dear. Let's forget ourselves and dance my dear. Just like two souls and one heart; Come dance with me oh my dear. Dance with me. Dance with me. Dance with me oh my dear. Get down on the dance floor and dance with me dear. Let's forget ourselves and dance my dear. Just like two souls and one heart; Come dance with me oh my dear. My birdie oh dear birdie. Flap your wings and flatter me. Tie me onto your heart. Shower me with your love. Come to me now. Pour me your love. My mind is on to something. It's time for us to love. Love is crazy. It won't let you sleep. Royapuram groom is here! Dance with me. Dance with me. Dance with me oh my dear. Get down on the dance floor and dance with me dear. Let's forget ourselves and dance my dear. Just like two souls and one heart; Come dance with me oh my dear. Dance with me. Dance with me. Dance with me oh my dear. Get down on the dance floor and dance with me dear. Let's forget ourselves and dance my dear. Just like two souls and one heart; Come dance with me oh my dear. How long are you going to be a side kick? Your looks are killing me. You touch is charging me up. The rarest of flower, that even the flowers have never heard of. Your are way out of my league. It's time to love my dear. Time to shower each other with love and kisses. Time to turn off the shyness. Time for the honey moon. Don't look at me with those eyes... It's taking me high and making me dance. I can't control myself anymore. Now come pamper me. Dance with me. Dance with me. Dance with me oh my dear. Get down on the dance floor and dance with me dear. Let's forget ourselves and dance my dear. Just like two souls and one heart; Come dance with me oh my dear. What is it? Are you sad that Naina didn't marry his daughter off to you? Nothing like that. Then why are you here at this hour? To finish you off. Are you drunk? I said I am going to finish you off. You think it's a joke. Mom. Wait. I'm coming. How long should I wait? What is it? Why are you tensed? Only 4 hours to go. You can get in at 2 O clock. Why wait for auspicious time? Fine, all my friends are partying. I'll go meet them and come. Hold on. - Don't go. Only 4 hours to go. - Shut up. Silly! Don't go. Here after everything our groom will look after. - Where to groom? - Anything urgent? I'm just going nearby. I'll be back. Fine. Be careful. Where is he going at this hour? - He must be bored. - Oh fine. He'll return soon. Tell me bhai. You have left a trail Doss. Why did you let him go? What are you saying? You shouldn't have done it. You left him stranded. Bhai! What is it Doss? Someone has finished off bhai. I'll just go and check at the society hall. - Why don't you take few men? - No need. Myle. Someone just finished off Hussain bhai. Sami... someone has crafted out a plan and is finishing of our men. They have got me too Naina. They are here Naina. Damn! Who in the hell are you? It's Velu's son Naina. I'll find you and kill you! I'm coming next to meet you. Can you drop me at Royapuram society hall? Can you give me a lift. Hop on brother. Brother, do you have a mobile? I do. Groom? Do you know my name? Durai. My name is Johnny. I just got married today. It's been so stressful! Now, being a part of this gangster family... I am hearing lot of stuffs! Looks like Naina is calling me. I'll be back. Where to? - Naina is on his way. - Shut up! No need. Here after I'll go. He is no more the Naina. Brother. Please do not reveal whatever I was pondering. That's my throne. Looking you all alone... reminds me of my childhood. Do you think someone will come to save you now Doss? Do I look like a fool? Didn't you borrow my mobile? Won't you return it? Give it to me now. What is it? Any issue? It's getting late. I'll leave. Bye. Bye. Bye. I am the next Naina! I am the next Naina! I am the next Naina! That's my son in law! Now that's my son in law. I am the next Naina! I am the next Naina! I am the next Naina! I am the next Naina. What the hell? Damn it! I am the next Naina! Go finish him off. I am the next Naina! - I am the next Naina! - Come on dear. I hope you would have understood. Going forward, harbour is in Gobi's control. Start handing over the money to us. Here after we'll be ruling here. What? Do you feel that we are too young? We are young and sharp. I'm going to compete for the MLA seat in the upcoming election. Don't expect money for votes. Listen... come here. Where is Naina? The one who sits here is Naina right? Ain't I sitting on the chair? We won't require tea anymore. Leave. Do you think you can control the area with the small time rogues? Stop raising your voice. Stop showing off. I'm sparing you because I need your vote. Do you understand? Dad, where is Naina? Naina has been attacked. He has left. Where is he now? Sister, this man has made it a habit. Every month he get's attacked and gets bed ridden. I guess it's our fate. Forget that. What is with the groom repeating what he hears when he sees blood? Yes. I've been to all the doctors around. Nothing worked out. Isn't it good? Atleast the groom will be away from violence. My daughter's life will be peaceful. Hey Puli. What is it? Tell me. Go give him this juice. No. Stop feeding him this. He ain’t back from work and tired. He is back after getting attacked. I said go give it. Hold on. Let me test it. Don't you know he is diabetic. It's too sweet. It could kill him. That's for the groom. Oh is it? Let's the move. Naina. Naina. Oh my god! Naina! Phew! My wishes never come true. - What is it? - Here, have some juice. No. This is a special juice. It's for the groom. He saved you yesterday night. So you better have the sweet lime. Keep the juice aside. Give me a hand. And now this! Do you want to use the restroom Naina? Shall I get the bed pen? No thanks. Just take me till there. Near the window? It'll be disgusting. Why not the restroom? Forget that. I heard that 15 of them rounded you up yesterday? Our men told me. Lucky you, Johnny was there to face them and save you. Or else you would've been done for now. What a gangster, he is. Wasn't it you along with others selected him for my daughter? Naina, why doubt? Not us. It was me the lonely tiger. Ondi Puli! You may want to gift me. I don't care. Come here you doofus. I asked you to find a groom and you found a patient. - Die! - Why punish me alone? I am just the cameraman. If you dare, try laying your hands on our director 'Finger' Babu. Where is he? There he is. Hi guys. What's up? Naina... here is your punching bag. Leave me. Why in the hell are you hugging him? Doesn't his hair prick you? He wasn't hugging me doofus. He almost killed me. Now I understand. You are proud that we found a groom who saved your life. Isn't it? He merely shot him with his camera. I was the one to identify the groom. And if you are hugging him and praising him then... I guess you must be planning to go one step ahead and kiss me. I will. Come here. I'm coming. Naina, carry on. Stop being greedy. He will appreciate me more that what he appreciated you. What do you say Naina? Why not? Now who's greedy? I said all the best. Now get out. Naina he is all yours. So what did you hear when I called out his name? No matter how many times you ask. The answer is same. I hear 'King Bahubali'. Ofcourse. What is that you keep praising about him? Our groom is on to a whole new level. I don't want to see what you are going to receive. RIP 'Finger' Babu. Naina, take care. You are a goner 'Finger' Babu. Did he have his juice? He has just started the squeezing. What place is this? Why am I waking up here? You dad is disgusting! He got me tangled in a big mess. For the first time in my life I saw such a big knife. I am the reason he is alive. What are you looking at? Didn't you father escape using my bike? Well you don't have to fall at my feet and thank me. I understand your anger. You are furious because we couldn't spend our first day together.Isn't it? I don't have any problem. First day. First show. I'll rock it! You have got beautiful hair. Why did you lie that you are a rogue? Nisha...err. I mean Hema. How dare you cheat me? But why are you talking like you have been possessed? Why me lord? Why me? How could you let them attack my dad? When did I allow? All that guy wanted was the throne. But your dad was over reacting and not allowing. And so he attacked him. I'm not the reason. Come here. Liplock? How about closing the door? So you want me to lock the door? Fine, I'll do that. "Tonight is the night" "Time of my life" No harsh approaches please. After all you are a patient. My vision has gone blur mom. Listen Johnny. What have you done? I had fixed an auspicious time but... what was the hurry? If the hair looks like this does it only mean that? Didn't you hear me yell inside? Shut up now. Why would want to hear all that? Stupid mom! I was getting beaten up. During the night her dad is fighting for the throne. During the day she fights with me for her dad. Her family is full of rogues. They don't fight with outsiders. But they thrash who ever comes to their house. I'm leaving. Are you coming? Well, Johnny... So you are not coming? I'm leaving. Johnny. Get lost! No one in Doss' family should be alive. Round up the whole Chennai city. First get hold of Johnny. If you get him, cut him into pieces. Ensure he shouldn't have any heir. Sounds gory! I think that's all that is left. So are we in a hide out right now? Yes. We are hiding hear fearing that, if caught we'll be finished off? Whose idea was this? Naina's. So we'll be staying for the night and escape tomorrow right? No. Never. He vows to stay here and take back the full control over Royapuram. What if he doesn't? Life or death. It's here. He says so. Only for him right? For everyone. Finish! I'll go get refreshed. Serve me some food. Where is Doss? I don't know. I am here in the area. The stuff is ready. Three of them right? Let's be careful. The towel stinks! Yuck! Hello. Anybody there? - Cheers. - Cheers. Bhai, yesterday night, knowing that you were in the mood for romance and... knowing that you won't attack anyone, - they attacked you. - Correct Puli. - Fine. - Correct. He is a 'Mischievous' Puli (tiger)... He is a 'Confused' Puli... He is a 'African' Puli... He is a 'Ass' Puli... He is a 'Discovery' Puli. He is a 'Fantasy' Puli. Enough. I am good. Puli... pass me that snacks. Here, go to Johnny bhai. Move. There is no time. We were so powerful once upon a time. Now we are forced to hide and drink in the water tank. - Puli. - Why? Everyone receives a call during their toughest phase. Attend it and we shall be powerful once again. First attend that call. Tell me Glory. How may men are you bringing along? Me and my family are running away from this place. If they catch me, it's still fine but poor souls, my parents. What did they do? No don't bring 100 of them. I unable to bear my Dad disguised as a Sikh! Spare us. Thank you Glory but we ourselves will handle it. Here we have got Babu and Puli. We shall handle this ourselves. If Durai is dethroned it'll solve the issue right? Now this sounds like the issue is already dealt with! I swear by these candle I've lit... We will finish him off. Don! Don! Don! We'll finish him! We'll finish him! One two three four, I am all set to go. I'm playing my cards right to get you ready too! I am a bird singing out to you... Now take me along with you. Come on my love, don't be so scared. Enough with your pranks, now get up and get ready! Your anger rules the place. Your speed earns you the reputation. How dare you touch me without my permission? The way you dance, the way you walk... discovers new things within me. If you win this competition I shall be yours. But looks like already you on your way down! Looks like your aimed it wrong. You are going down down! So listen to me carefully. I'm not that easy to break. Try as hard you can! One two three four, I am all set to go. I'm playing my cards right to get you ready too! I am a bird singing out to you... Now take me along with you. Come on my love, don't be so scared. Enough with your pranks, now get up and get ready! Now come! What is he thinking? This is the right time! Johnny bhai. Let's think it over once again. Once decided; Stays decided. - Give that to me. - Here. We are doing it tonight. Johnny bhai! Don! Don! Don! Don't shout. Naina. Chief, you won't believe this. Johnny bhai, it was for this throne... Doss finished Durai's father. It was for the same throne Durai got rid of Doss. But you? You are on to a whole new level. You just stole the throne. As I said you are on to a whole new level Johnny bhai. I got a doubt. Do you know how drunk we are? - Keep moving. - Why? Johnny bhai... Let's sell it off at an auction. You'll get nothing. We shall sell it overseas in online. Is that why we got this? I challenge to make my father in law sit on this throne and then I shall start my life with my wife. Johnny bhai! Do you mean both at the same time? I'll start my married life with my wife separately! We too shall! I will. Indeed but a small doubt. Do you know how drunk we are? Dear father in law. I've got your throne. Open the door. Johnny bhai. Don't you worry... We can still sell it online. What do you say? Hold on to that idea for a moment. Do you know how drunk we are? How drunk are we? This drunk? If I say that you'll fight with me. Tell us or I'll anyway fight with you. We are so drunk that... we have stole the throne... and instead of taking to our hide out, we have bought it back to the original place. So who will be here? Welcome to the assembly. Good timing. Greetings. Greetings. My mom is a timid lady. My dad is too a timid fellow. My brother too is a timid fellow. Everything in this world that belongs to me is timid! That fool can believe whatever you say. But men behind will never believe it. Stop deceiving them. Or they'll bust you up. Watch out. What do you say? Convey this to Durai? Please don't. Take the weapons, we'll finish them off. - Now that's the way! - Our guys seems charged up! Hand over the weapon. How about some fireworks? Awesome baby! I'll take care. Where are you going? Here. I haven't used it since I bought it. Please put it to good use. Done. I meant hand it over to me. If I make up my mind once... - it stays the same. - Shut up! Stop it you pig! What's our plan B? Get thrashed by those bouncers. There you go. Now wait and watch. Why does he show off so much? Once I put the barricade... What will you do? How about a little escapade? - Run! - Run! They are nearing us. Where did they go? You guys go that way. Oh my god! Why are you making me workout at this age? Don! Stop! You go this way. Puli you go this way. Ok Johnny. Gotcha! You are finished! You leave dear. You go! I said leave dear. Subbiah, don't waste you life unnecessarily. Did you think I escaped away to save my life? One day Doss will be back. And I was waiting for it. Dear you leave. Don't you near me. Subbiah, come we'll escape. Why me? You should be there. I am done. No Subbiah. Dear you leave! Listen to me don't you! Dear make it quick. Finish him. I don't care what others say? I believe. You are the next Naina. You traitor! Why would you do this Subbiah? I merely saved him. I didn't betray anyone like you did. I don't care what others say. I believe. You are the next Naina. Didn't you say... that if Subbaih dies Doss will definitely come out. Where is he? Come on Naina. Only today I knew that he is a chicken! 40 years of friendship. Yet I had to witness his final rites from the hide out. Shanmugam. If we need how many henchmen will turn up? We shall finish them off tonight. It's not so easy Doss. All are youngsters. The whole area is under his control. It's not a walk in the park. I was the one who finished off his father. But you weren't alone back then Doss. So you want me to bring back Bejamin? The area's condition is worse. Wasn't it Benjamin who crafted out a plan to finish off his father? If both of you unite. You can definitely finish him off. I heard that Bejamin is soon going to get released. So what? Will he join me if I ask him? I don't know how to fight. But all I can do is bring my father. Serial number 786... Life sentenced prisoner. Benjamin has been released. Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to me. May god bless you with a long life. My friend has been released. Here he comes. Benjamin! I don't know if he will recognize you. But he'll definitely hug me and shed tears the moment he sees me. Don't you feel bad. Dear Benj! Don't you call me your father. Here after you have to call me bro only. Who is he? Why is he crying? - Benj. - What the hell? - Who are you? - Don't you recognize me Benj? Who is this old fellow? You said he'll identify you, hug you and shed tears? Forget it. Just like I wished for... I hope you might have become a musician and a star by now. No. I got married to Doss' daughter and became the Royapuram Naina. You are the Naina? You achieved what I couldn't! Stay away. That's my son! The Naina. This is awesome. This is awesome. Listen to me dad. Call me bro! I almost became the Naina. But someone else interfered and took it away. That's why I was surprised. I guess our family is cursed. We won't be able to sit on the throne even though it'll be right before us. Fine. Now that I am back. I'll ensure you become the Naina. Where is your mom by the way? All of us are hiding in the same house in the area. - Is your mom and Doss at the same house? - Yes. Oh my god! Why would you do such a blunder? Let's start. Quick. Benj do you still recognize me? I'll finish you off! I am sparing you because I like your mustache. Now go start the vehicle. START BEEP Doss you are doomed! Durai, you have done what Doss refused to do. Thank you very much Durai. Don't you lay your hands on her. We need her for the business tomorrow. Come on Naina now. Naina. Don't you worry. You start. Welcome brother. How are you? I was doing fine before. Now. I'm doing just ok. Dad. Call me bro. This is my wife. Greetings. Good. What's your name? Hema. Just ask her what's her nick name. What's you nickname dear? It's Dhanam. Time for Batman vs Superman Martha! Where is Doss? Move your leg a bit! Doss... Look how have you become Doss. Seeing you semi naked and in this condition.... my heart aches Doss! After many years we are meeting... do you know how it feels? Happy birthday to me. The one who attacked you... should have attacked your mouth! You chased me away from this area... and did what not to spoil my reputation. Now look at your plight. Doss you are just coal. But my son is fire. I will make him sit on the throne which I could never achieve. Brother, I've been looking for you so long to give you this almond milkshake. Did you ever look once for your husband in this 15 years? Benji! Hi Dhanam! Oh what a feeling! Atrocious! Naughty. Cheers! So Benji what did you do for 14 years without me? I have written a lot of letters for you. I'll show you one by one. Let's go. What the... Get set go! You are the catcher. Come let's go hide. - I hope the girl we've abducted will be safe downstairs? - Yes. Where are these guys hiding? All the three of them are deceiving us. But if caught, we must finish them off! Sure. Bro. Leave that 'Finger Babu' to me. Why? - He is just a show off. - Correct. I'll chop off his fingers. Chop of my fingers? Already I've only three fingers left. And they are planning to chop them down! There is so much of violence out there... and these guys are romancing inside. I wish this light was inside to disturb them! Why did you do that? Hema though I couldn't become the Naina, I risked my life to get my dad here. I'm slowly getting into form. That is why I am here and spending time with you. But if you make one wrong move.... I'll put an end to this. I'm waiting. I mean not put an end to my anger. I meant this meeting here. I don't know why are you still upset over me. Listen carefully! The curse of a married and virgin guy will follow you. Gotcha! Who are you? Why are you hiding here Babu? Don't shout. If they hear you they will finish us. Why are you playing hide and seek at this age? That's our situation. You are hiding here. She is hiding there. So who is the catcher? Who are you talking about? What are you doing there? Don't tell them. There are two chimpanzees here. Get lost! People say that I am dark and graceful. He just called us Chimpanzee. Dear audience it's so embarrassing. Forget that. Who was he talking about? What I feared is now happening here in this area. They have started trafficking women. We will have to some how save that girl by tonight. This will be the first blow from our side. Father in law... Shall I? I'm not talking to you. Ask Saravanan to get his men and... ask them to get her to safety. Doss you are helpless and can't take care of yourself. They have given you marks all over your body. Why don't you just have your juice and rest? How dare you insult my son? Did he stop you? You go and save that girl. Please don't send him father in law. Then we'll have to send some one to save him. Oh my god! Why is your plight so bad? No I won't give up. I'll make you powerful. I've an excellent plan. Follow that and bring her to safety. You will witness it. Just wait and watch. Which weapon do you handle well? - What does he mean? - Not looking good. Knife or gun. Which one do you find easy to use. Do whatever you want.. but no bloodshed please. How is that possible? Which is the biggest tank out of all? This one. Water-phobia. Leader. - I have got a doubt. - What? Shut up and move. Come on! Now come on! Hold on. Who is that? Idiot! I'll finish you off. Sorry. Leader, I have a doubt. Johnny once more he asks a doubt I'll snap him. This is the last round. Here. What are you doing here? They are already there and they have found the catcher. Quick. Someone has broke in. Gotcha! Why is he saying our lines? Correct bhai. What is he saying? No. Don't. (Speaks Gibberish) What was that now? Listen you! Step if you have guts! Step in. Come here. Look Johnny bhai, he is afraid. Looks like that. Leader, I've a doubt. Why do you always have doubts? I guess you want to know how Johnny is going to finish him off. Not that. What happens to us if there is a power failure now? We'll be doomed you idiot! (Speaks Gibberish) (Speaks Gibberish) Please forgive me. Oh oh! What happened? Johnny your dad escaped. Your dad didn't craft a plan to finish them off. It was to finish us off! You! You got a chance the other day. You must have utilized it. One. Your death is at my hands. Two. Stop showing off now. Three. You shouldn't have finished Subbiah. Four. Six. Eight. Nine. Ten! Johnny bhai! Don! Don! Don! Royapuram Johnny bhai is the Don! Don! Don! Come on my dear little star. Sister. What is it? Durai's main man is no more. Is it? Is he dead? Wait. Move. What is it Durai? Looks like he is gone. Wasn't it he who helped you to enter this area? You time is up. Now shall I? Would you like to watch? Watch me. Now hit it! Naina is back! You are next! Naina is back! Don't let it sink in. I saw his face. He looked scared. I am sure. This is the right time to finish him off. Little fellows. I can't do it all by myself. I need men. I spoke to Saavanan. Let's go meet him in person. He'll definitely help us. Ok Doss. Start the vehicle. Hey you! How can you leave without me? Ask him to get out. If he also comes then there is no one at home. I don't have a daughter like you. I've a brave son. He'll not only take care of the house but the entire locality! Now start. Can't avoid him. Start. Why are you so cool Durai? There are only two days left to arrange and traffick a woman. Can you get someone? Why are you all standing here? They finished off your men and took the girl away. What were you all doing? Stop calling yourselves rogues! All your men are not so good Durai. You are in danger right here. What did you say? You are in danger right here. Don't worry Durai. It's our place. The girl will be safe. Naina is back! Doss is somewhere inside the area for sure. Search all the houses in the area. Shut up! Search everywhere. Doss and men shouldn't live anymore. Hello? Should I come? Hema also? Puli keep an eye. Ok bhai. Now quick. Come. It's getting late. Where is Doss? I don't know. Did you see Doss? What? Shanmugan looks like they are searching all the houses in the area. Everyone else are at home. Don't get tensed. Give me the phone. Tell me. Listen carefully. Don't get upset. They have rounded up the area. What? Now listen to me. Come on move. Where to? Check everywhere. Leave no house. Naina, just miss. Or else they would've finished us off. Where is my daughter and her husband? What? They already left because Benjamin called them. I never called them. Where are they? What a pity? All this time they were here. Right opposite to our main man's house. And we never found out. Naina, this house belonged to Murthy. It was locked up for a long time. That's why none of us doubted. Now come on. They have been watching us. That woman insulted me today. They would have watched that too right? Come let's go upstairs. Get some cigarettes. All this while we thought the whole area was under our control. But he was here all this while. He finished off my main man and left with the girl. We must find him tonight and finish him. Any guess where they could be? That's when I was done with my 12th grade. I guess I am not going to get anything to do. I had to play pranks to get you out and spend some time with you. - Now that we are here, you keep making me desperate! - Sorry. I grew up watching my dad. That why I felt bad when I knew you were not a rogue. But when you saved my friend. I was proud of my husband. Fine. It's getting late. I said come here. The deal is still on. We have got another girl. This one is better than the previous. Look here. She looks awesome. Your wife. Listen you coward! Your death will be at the hands of Johnny. Your death will be at the hands of Johnny. Your death will be at the hands of Johnny. Your death will be at the hands of Johnny. Your death will be at the hands of Johnny. What's with him? His phobia has kicked in. Hey Bhaskar. Take her away. Leave me. Johnny! What is it? Looks like people have too much of faith in you? Your death will be at the hands of Johnny. So my death will be at the hands of Johnny? Fine. Tomorrow night... I'm going to sell off your wife. I'm sparing your life. Go do whatever you can. I'll be here. Your death will be at the hands of Johnny. He looks very funny! Take him away. Irritating fellow. Don't finish him off. He has to try finishing Durai tomorrow. Dear... What is it? Your eyes look teary? You must not cry at this hour. You must be angry. I am angry. What can I do? I can be a coward to all the men. But he made me a coward in front of my wife. She believed till the end that I'll thrash him. Not only her. We all believe that you can. Every one in this world is a coward. Right from our birth. Everyone starts their life crying. You have cried now. Consider this a re-birth! It's not a big deal to become a rogue. You can see it in your enemies eyes... that he is going to finish you. By that time our weapon... should've finished him off. You'll do it! I inquired everyone. But no one is ready to gather men. Everyone are scared because he has attacked you. We only have one day left. We are only five of us. So is there no one who an get us henchmen? There is one person. He'll get as many men you want. Not for you. But for me. He is the specialist. Mahabali Maha. He will never give up. My dear prince Naina. Hey Doss... now do you understand who is powerful? Now you need my help. No? You chased us both and... became the Naina. Mahabali you couldn't have done it. Did you think Mahabali Maha is... a fellow who carries around a map, speaking good English... and guiding the tourists around as a tourist guide? I am MAHA! Mahabali Maha. I am a gangster! Don't you worry Benjamin. I shall gather my bros. We'll meet in the climax! I need a map of Royapuram. Benjamin and Doss are now a team. They were the one who devised a plan and finished off my dad. They'll definitely come tomorrow. Why did you get this? I got the paper so that the table doesn't get spoiled. Where is the map? I cannot get the map as per your wish. Here try doing something with this. Are you looking for underground route? I just placed a tile to balance the table. So this is Royapuram. We all know that. Tell us the plan. We are going to call this the "Wi-Fi" Sketch! This is the society hall. Durai resides here. Gather all our men from round the city. No one should enter our area tomorrow. We should know where he has placed his men. Not only that. We should find out where he has hid Hema. To know that we need trustworthy person over there. - No one should doubt him. - Correct. We do have men there. So the girl is here. So there is only one way to get inside. He has three layers of security. The third layer is heavy weight. He has all the major gangsters by his side. 30 of them. Second layer is middle weight. All are our area fellows. First layer is the light weight. These are kids! We can easily deal them. With so many people out there, what do we do? Park the bike at the street corner. They have parked the bikes so that they can escape. Puncture all those bikes. Stick bills everywhere. Have ceremonies in houses opposite to each other. Looks like they are bringing in people in name of ceremony. Allow no one new into our area. Stop! Stop! Don't you dare enter. No matter what ceremony it is. All that's fine. How do we deal the heavy weight men? That's where Mahabali plays his part. He will take care of it. Finally Durai will be left. What will do to him? I've crafted out a whole new plan for finishing him off. Now let me see how they come. Bro, there is a water lorry here at this odd hour. I feel something is fishy. They must be inside it. Drive it down to the society hall. Ok Naina. You are caught. Now come on. Come on now. They are inside it. They are trapped! Don't you under estimate Bhaskar. Call the driver. - Why is your lorry here in our area? - I never entered your area. I just entered a bit into the area to take a reverse. It was your men who bought me till here. I feel something is fishy. Open the tap and drain out the water. Ok Naina. No please. Please don't waste the water in it. It's petrol! Run! Just for fun. It's water. Got scared is it? Chief, there is no one inside. Just water Naina. I already thought so. No one can bypass us. Hello? Shall we meet? One.... Two... How are they going to come? Hey Bhaskar. - What? - So did you check out the teaser? Time to watch the movie now. Ready? Start camera. Action! Naina they are here. They have walked all the way here. Johnny bhai time for the first sequence. Naina, they did park the bike to escape. It is to attack us. Use all your movie watching experience. Now throw it Johnny bhai. They have attacked the light weight layer. Don't you worry. The second layer guys are here. Step out dear daddys! Thats our fathers. How dare you guys threaten us? We are the good old gangsters. The name is Pandi! Soda bottle Pandi! Dad no. Please. No dad. Please don't beat me. - How could you beat your own son? - Is it? Sekar come here. Here you thrash my son. I'll thrash your son. Who are you? Why are you thrashing me? I am your father you idiot. But my mom never told me! Naina, they used their fathers to attack them. Brother. Come on! Who me? Not you? I called out the real bros. Come on dear! Naina, they have got the villains from the yesteryear. This ain't my knife! Check this out. Naina the ceremony set ups were not to gather men. It was to gather weapons. Naina, looks like they have bought an alien army in Royapuram! They are raising hell boss. Time out. Naina, they have the whole Royapuram under their control. Please grant me two days leave. This is what will rule here forever! You are trapped! You are trapped. You are trapped! You are trapped! You are trapped! You are trapped! You are trapped! Finally Durai will be left. What will you do to him? I've crafted out a whole new plan for finishing him off. We'll damp the soil and make clay. Use it to cover the blood. Trapped. Now,you are trapped! I am the next Naina! No Johnny! Don't. Johnny? I have another name. Benjamin bhai, what is that powerful another name Johnny bhai has? NAINA! No Johnny. Don't. No Johnny. Don't. No Johnny. Don't. No!