Eng Sub《雲頂天宮 Explore with the Note 2021》第04集(白澍 、張博宇、趙東澤)

"Explore With the Note" "Episode 04" How deep are we in the underground now? I'm burning up. I'm suffocating. We should be near. I can't stand the heat. The Black Crystal Cave is ahead of us. I've already told you about... the dangers mentioned by Elder Kua Xiong. Be extra careful when we enter later. Be more cautious. Especially you. Don't touch what you shouldn't. Mr Naive. That is hurtful. I... You always do that. No, wait. Qi Ling. You tell us. Am I a person like that? Qi Ling. Look. Qi Ling is mad. It's all your fault. Stop talking nonsense. Keep moving. -Any delay will bring changes. -I... But... I'm just... This is the first time I enter such a bizarre place. It's sparkling everywhere. Will the Seven Fairies appear later? We must find a way out then. If the Seven Fairies are trapped with you here, they'll strangle you till death. I've a weird feeling about this place. The nearer we go, the more my head hurts. We need to find it quickly. If not, it'll be dangerous. I'm afraid I won't be able to protect you. Don't worry. I just need protection from the Seven Fairies. This must be a underground mine... that has magnetic field. The closer we get to this place, the more we're affected. Later, let's try not to touch the walls here. Don't worry. I'll lead the way. Seven Fairies, here I come. Thank you. Thank you. I feel dizzy. We have to be careful. Try not to look at the walls of the cave. We can't take the effect of the magnetic field. We must do as the Elder did. Crawl to move forward. Am I hallucinating? Qi Ling is holding a phone. Qi Ling. Scan my QR code and add me on WeChat. I don't have WeChat. Qi Ling. Give me your phone number then. I have yours already. We have to stay focused. Think about our purpose. You're right. The Seven Fairies. Let's go. It's too difficult. We've been crawling for a long time. It feels like we've been making many turns. I can't see... the border of the cave at all. My watch needle is spinning like crazy. There's something wrong with it. Am I hallucinating? I give up. It's obvious. This is because... the magnetic field here has reached a high level. Time, space and gravity... are twisted to an extent. How about... going back first? Searching with no directions won't help. Next time, we should each choose a direction... and search all the way. We will find it then. Mr Naive. Can this cave change as it likes? It seems to expand and contract. How many caves have we been to? I think I've gone through 18. We're losing our senses. I have no idea. What scares me the most is... after crawling for so long, has anyone felt hungry? Fine. Mute Zhang. Let's leave. I can't take it anymore. My head feels heavy. Let's just leave. It feels like two different worlds. I feel like we've been stuck inside for a long time. Oh my. My watch is normal again. Only a short time has passed. That's wicked. No way. I don't believe it. Nine... Nine thirty. Fatty. Stop trying again. I feel nauseous. Let's call it a day. Stop wasting energy on something meaningless. Qi Ling. Do you have other solutions? For example, blowing up this cave. I tried using Hei Jin Ancient Sword. But the black crystal is too hard. So, are we going to continue searching pointlessly? It feels like... we've been here for a month. Losing our senses for this long... might make us lose ourselves here. What are you doing on the floor? I'm crawling. Wu Xie. Follow me. We got it now. So that's how we can get out. My gravity is back. Look. What is this? Stop... Qin Ling Magical Tree? This is the magical sceptre that Kua Xiong Elder lost. I don't know why but... the closer I get to it, the more my head hurts. The bronze in Qin Ling Magical Tree... contains a large amount of radioactive substances. That is why... it can be used to bewitch people. It bewitched you. The same applies to The Bronze Magical Sceptre. So, when Elder Kua Xiong used it for worshipping, everyone bowed down piously. It's as if they saw a miracle of God. Also, when we entered the cave, our hallucinations and lost of senses... were partly affected by it. And the high transparency of... black crystal on these walls... turns them into prisms that refract light... and affect us largely. Look at that. Fatty. Catch it. I've told you not to... What is this? They're hallucinations indeed. It feels the ground is shaking. Fatty. You activated the mechanism. I told you to keep your hands to yourself. This gravity trap was set by Wang Zang Hai. Let's go quick. It's just been half an hour. Quick. Qi Ling. Wasn't he just ahead of us? Where did he go? Qi Ling. He's nowhere to be seen. It's mysterious. Why did he leave? I can't believe it. He might have his own reasons. Fine. You both share the same fate. You both share the same fate. Oh right. Didn't he have a phone? Give him a call. I need to make it into a rubbing when we return. I know. We need to hand it over to our country when we're done. What's the big deal about it? These characters... They kind of mean "Snow mountain". Snow mountain? A holy place. There is no snow mountain in Guangxi. Kun Lun Snow Mountain. That's great. It must have something to do with... Cloud Sky Palace, right? It's okay. After all, this is the so-called... origins of culture, right? Am I right? That's a character of a myth. It's the origin of Chinese myths. You're right. You know it all. Sounds good? Fatty. Come here. Is the luster in this rubble a shrapnel? I know this. These are bomb debris of the MK80 series... from the fifties in America. They're aerial bombs. You mean this comes from American bombs? These Americans are crazy. This was a common aerial bomb at that time. Although they were exported to different countries, they are only for military use. It wasn't an earthquake at that time. What do you mean? The earthquake that happened that year was caused by humans. They've been targeting this place. Hendry Cox has been targetting this place. -Hendry Cox? -It's a conspiracy. We have to quickly inform the people in the village. Oh heavens. Are there any misunderstandings? Why are they firing arrows again? This is bad. Quick! What should we do? Let's go. Let's go quick. Wait. We're running out of time. Let's go. Quick. Quick. Go after them! Stop right there. Stop right there. Stop running. It's a misunderstanding. Don't shoot at us. What is going on? We didn't do anything to Kun Na. Calm down. What is going on? Let's clear it out. I don't wish to see killings. Your girlfriend. Ning? What's going on? Give us one too. What are you doing? We want that too. Give us... that to cover our nose. Run! This is for you. What is with that face? I just didn't expect you to... return it to me. Thank you. What did you say? Nothing. Since you've returned it to me, Let me treat you to a meal. I've saved your life just now. You should treat me to a meal. You're really not leaving? I can't cook anything even if you choose to stay. I can only serve you instant noodles. Okay. Okay. Sir. Ning. Looks like your trick didn't work on Wu Xie. Now let me do the honour. Hello, Wu Xie. I'm happy to see you're back safely. You made a big effort to find me. What is it? I like your bluntness. I'll go straight to the point then. You know that I want to work with you. You third uncle is unreliable. You're different. You're better than him at upholding your principles... and bottom line. I believe we'll become close allies. You're talking about principles with me now? Bottom line? Are you kidding me? Wu Xie. I'm being frank and honest with you today. Wu San Xing is not worth my trust anymore. Throughout all these years, our partnership has been full of challenges. He's not only been partnering with me, but also many others. He can betray his friends... and family. -Hold it there. -He might even kill... Stop telling me that. You're just trying to use me to go against Wu San Xing. But I'm not interested... in your business anymore. I'm also not interested in him anymore. Just do as you please. It's up to you. I'm surprised by your reaction. We've been working together for so many years. You've helped me a lot. I'm very thankful to you. That's why I sent Ning to save you. This time, it's different. Your third uncle is in trouble. He needs you the most now. He has never wanted you... to get involved in our business. But this time, it's different. The Cloud Sky Palace. He will definitely invite you to go there. If he can harm you once, he can harm you twice. Join forces with us. At least we can guarantee you won't be abandoned. Don't reject me immediately. Think about it carefully. I'll wait for your reply. Well... You may leave. No, wait. I... Do you think this is the right time for you to explain yourself? You're leaving? What about the take-out? I heard everything. Don't tell me you believe what they say. Am I stupid? Your little girlfriend is mad now. Hello? What's wrong, little brat? Come over here. I have something for you. Who is it? Where are you? Where else could I be? The same place. Sheng Xin Ju. Come over now. What did he say? Where are you going? What happened? I'm going to Sheng Xin Ju. Now? Mr Hua. No signal of movement detected after reaching... Hendry Cox's camp yesterday. Eldest nephew. Long time no see. Yes. I didn't expect I'd still be alive to see you. Third Uncle. I know. You must have resented me. Tell me. What is this about? I don't have much spare time. Eldest nephew. That time in Guizhou... Don't mention Guizhou to me. If I were you, I'd never mention that place for the rest of my life. Didn't you abandon me? What's wrong now? You found a reason to use me? Is that how you talk to your uncle? Wu Xie. You're an adult. Stop acting like a kid. Kiddo, look at this. I bought this a few days ago. It's so refine. I was wondering... who I should give it to... if this delicate item gets spoiled. I should give it to my eldest nephew. Here you go. Don't be shy. Young man. About Zhang Jun Fa, I... I've told you not to mention that. This is hurtful. Wu Xie. Third Uncle. Actually, I was happy that... you asked me to come. I was thinking that... you should at least give me some explanation. Even if they are lies, there must be some truths you can tell me. Actually, I thought you were the one who raised me. That I was the one who knew you the most. I admit. Although you lied to me about small matters, I thought trusting you... was better than trusting outsiders. At least you wouldn't harm me. But I was wrong. Wu Xie. I've done you some wrong. You can scold me... and release your anger. Third Uncle. You said you know me the most. You knew I hated... frauds and devious schemes the most. But you still used a fake item to deceive me. What are you trying to do? I'm just joking with you. I wanted to test your ability. I'll give you our family heirloom if you're not convinced. This is for you. Take a look. This is authentic. Take a look. Where did you get them from? I got them from Hendry Cox... in exchange for a few ancient tombs. Did you suddenly become smart... or Mr Hendry Cox went dumb? What nonsense is that? Hendry Cox? That guy... never does unprofitable business. In that case, there must be parts of your deal... that I'm not aware about. You shouldn't take everything too seriously all the time. Kiddo. That's not a good thing. Third Uncle. Many things had happened to me... within this period of time. I've spent a long time to find you. I wanted to know your whereabouts... and what you were doing. But I found no answers. You're always my third uncle. But am I still your eldest nephew? Of course you are. You're my closest blood relative. If you're not, why should I pass down the family heirloom to you? I feel assured... to pass it down to you. You called me over... just to give me the Silk Manuscript of Warring States? You're right. Aren't you afraid that... I might find another tomb through the Silk Manuscript... and insist to go there? Are you done? I've told you before. You are my blood relative. Closest blood relative. You still can't let it go. Moreover, this path is difficult... and dangerous. I'm afraid you get pulled in because I care about you. Now, you're all grown up... and refuse to listen to me. Fine. Since you have nothing to do, how about... lending me a hand? You want me to help you? Family always join forces. Kiddo. Listen to me. If you want to learn something, follow me to the Cloud Sky Palace. If you're there, I'll be rest assured. You don't want to? Okay. Third Uncle. If you want me to go, I'll go. Fatty. He never wanted you... to get you involved in our business. But this time, it's different. Cloud Sky Palace. He'll definitely invite you to go there. If he can harm you once, he can harm you twice. You want me to help you? Family always join forces. Kiddo. Listen to me. If you really want to learn something, follow me to the Cloud Sky Palace. If you're there, I'll be rest assured. Third Uncle. I've poured some for you. Take a sip. This wine is... mellow. There's a sweet aftertaste. It's just like how you see someone. Savour it with your heart. Take a sip. Third Uncle. I don't think you called me over today... just because of some wine. Yu Chen. I have a favour to ask you. Can you lend me your Snake Eyebrow Copper Fish? I know. It's closely related to the Cloud Sky Palace. I am getting old. If I have the Copper Fish with me, I'll be more confident. What do you think? Third Uncle. I should address you like that supposedly. You're right. I'm addressing you today as Third Uncle... out of respect for Wu Xie. I hope we won't be on bad terms. Regarding this matter, I'll let it go... and never mention about it anymore. I know who you're working with. I also know the amount of truths and lies... in your words just now. It's weird. You and my uncle were cousins who grew up together. But your personalities... turned out so differently. It sounded like... you're making innuendoes. The younger generation is really something. If only your father knew what you did. You still don't trust me? How could I ever trust you? Kiddo. What you said... broke my heart. Mr Hua. Our hideout has been exposed. The Snake Eyebrow Copper Fish is gone. We fell into Wu San Xing's trap. Mr Hua. Footages have been retrieved from surveillance cameras... and exported to your computer. The second surveillance camera at the study room's hallway... captured the image of Chen Pi Ah Si. Wu Xie. How are you doing recently? I've met my third uncle. He wants me to go with him to the Cloud Sky Palace. You agreed to go? He's still my third uncle after all. Wu Xie. If you need help, I can go with you. This has nothing to do with you. Okay. Since you've made up your mind, I'll support you. But it's too dangerous if you go there alone. I worry that you'll risk your life. How about this? I'll get Jia Sha to send you a tracking device. Keep it on you. I can find you immediately... if you're in danger. Thank you. I mean it. Wu Xie. Let's talk. I've nothing to say. I came today for a serious matter. It's important to you. What is wrong? What is it? Go ahead. Wu Xie. Don't misunderstand. Take this. I'm giving you this because I don't trust Jason. I don't want an incident like the one in the ancient tomb... to happen again. We can communicate through this. For example, I can tell you about... Jason and the others' movements anytime. This. You can film and export videos with this. You can send me visuals of what's happening... in the Cloud Sky Palace. If you don't want to film it, I can't do anything about that. But the truth is, we can't harm you in any way... because you're always wary of us. Meanwhile, those people whom you always trust... may be the unreliable ones. How are you going to... defend yourself from the harm that they'll bring? It's not a bad thing to have a back-up plan. I didn't know you could speak this well. If you think I have a point, that's because you also think so deep inside. You just won't admit it. Do you agree with my opinion? I'll think about it. Wu Xie. Believe it or not, this time I didn't come here... because of Mr Hendry Cox. I came here out of my own will. I hope you can understand. I can. I'm leaving now. Here. Eat some food. Drink some water. Why are you looking at me? What is wrong with you? Thank you. What for? For having no second thoughts... when I said I wanted to go to Cloud Sky Palace. That's no big deal. I might find... some treasures on this trip. Enough said. Let get into business. How are you so sure that... Cloud Sky Palace is located on Changbai Mountain? Your third uncle told you that? He has his reasons. I don't know what they are too. But I found something... after returning to Beijing. There's always been a drawing... in my grandfather's notebook. As there was no description, I had no idea what he'd drawn. Later, I unintentionally found that... Oh heavens. Isn't this the Dragon Vein?