Eng Sub《雲頂天宮 Explore with the Note 2021》第05集(白澍 、張博宇、趙東澤)

"Explore With the Note" "Episode 05" There's always been a drawing... in my grandfather's notebook. As there was no description, I had no idea what he'd drawn. Later, I unintentionally found that... Oh heavens. Isn't this the Dragon Vein? How did we miss it? No wonder Hendry Cox didn't find it. He mistook the Dragon Vein for the star map. He couldn't find the Cloud Sky Palace in that case. The three Snake Eyebrow Copper Fish... came from the Seven Star Palace of the Emperor of Lu, Guangxi Jing'er Palace and... Xisha Seabed Tomb, respectively. These three places... join up into an unobvious water dragon. This is Hidden Dragon Out to Sea. But in geomancy, a dragon head is missing in this Dragon Vein. Changbai Mountain. It is no doubt. That's Changbai Mountain. I tell you what, you're very smart. This Cloud Sky Palace... What are you doing? Is this your bed? Okay, come. He's putting on a show. Is your third uncle waiting for you over there? He didn't tell me that. Eat something. What are you doing? Why are you being melancholy? Did you learn it from Qi Ling? Do you miss Ning? Hurry up... and sleep. Take this. I'm giving you this because I don't trust Jason. I don't want an incident like the one in the ancient tomb... to happen again. We can communicate through this. For example, For example, I can tell you about... Jason and the others' movements anytime. This. You can film and export videos with this. You can send me visuals of what's happening... in the Cloud Sky Palace. I can't do anything... if you don't want to film it. But the truth is, we can't harm you in any way. Meanwhile, those people whom you always trust... may be the unreliable ones. It's not a bad thing... to have a back-up plan. I have to go to the washroom. Tom and Jerry. Mr Wang, I've been waiting for you. You should know what to do next. Didn't I tell you... not to call me over nothing? I'm worried that Mr Wang is not self-conscious. Mr Jason, would you like something to drink? Ning, please bring some coffee for our guest. I don't understand... how you could be so relax? The deadline is approaching... and we haven't been able to find the Copper Fish. Mr Jason, there's no need to rush. Wu San Xing and Wu Xie... have already reached the Cloud Sky Palace. Isn't that exactly why we should rush? You're too impatient. Keeping it together. The palace is more dangerous... than all the tombs... we've explored combined. It's the ultimate secret of... Wang Zang Hai. We must be extra careful. Wu San Xing and his team are experienced. With them taking the lead... and the risks, we will able to reap... the rewards at the end. Listen, I have plenty of eyes in their team. We'll be informed if anything turns up. Okay? Wu Xie, you've finally picked up. I have to fill you in on the situation. Jason got the information... and prepared to go to Changbai Mountain. Wu Xie, you might not believe me... but I have to remind you... ...that Jason's subordinates pretended to be police ... and set up checkpoints along the road. Thanks for the reminder. You... What are you doing? What's wrong? Someone is following me. Who is it? I don't know. Maybe it's Jason... or Hendry Cox. It's the same anyway. They are on the same side. No, don't be paranoid. It can't be. What is this? Ning gave it to me. She wants to stay in touch with me. Do you believe her? Of course not. What's wrong with you? Nothing. No, I... Hendry Cox has eyes everywhere. We have to be careful. Hello. I'm back. Where are you? No. Where are... the Noble Orchid and Komagine plant I had put on the table? Couldn't you save them if they're dead? Then... Yes, right. Nothing else matters. But I'm here at the shop. Where are you? What are you doing? No, you're finally back. Are you going to give this shop up? Here comes the dunderhead. You're the dunderhead. Okay, hurry up and come back. Come to me when you're back. That's all. Where is the thing? No way. I just came back... and you haven't even welcomed me. You seem a tax collector instead. What thing? I don't have it. Are you tricking me? The big customer is waiting for the painting. Can you quit dilly-dallying? I'll pay you for sure. I really don't have it. Brother, stop tricking me. I'm back. I like to see you being like this. Get lost. So serious. The one who sells paintings will be here soon. Really? Ten square feet? Is that an original? I tell you what. That big customer... is from Hong Kong. Last week, he offered nine-digit price... for a five-square-feet original piece. This ten-square-feet original piece of yours is priceless. Are you sure it's an original? Go ahead. Where is he? Guangxi? Okay. All right, I understand. Okay, thank you. That's the deal. Sweet. Is it Mr Wang? Oh my God, didn't I lock the door? Look at the time. We're closed. I'm sorry. Mr Wang, can you take a look at this painting... and see how much you can offer me. I can't help you. I have a business trip in a few days. Please, Mr Wang. I've asked around to find you. They said you are an expert at this and specialized in... handling big businesses. I need money urgently as my... family member is sick. That's why I'm selling my ancestral items. Deal. But just to be clear, I won't accept new imitations. As for old ones, I'll take a look at the craftsmanship, got it? It's not like that. This is an original piece. Tang Yin's original artwork. Is this really Tang Yin's original artwork? I'm sure about it. Great. We'll be even... if this works out. It's a deal. See for yourself. What? I'll cut to the chase. Let's get to the point. We'll proceed to the next step... if there's... no problem with Mr Yu's painting, okay? Mr Yu, can you let our boss take... a look at the painting? He can't wait to see it. Okay. I'm willing... to buy this painting. But... I need a few days to raise money. I can't pay it in a single instalment. What do you mean? Would you want to hesitate on buying... this painting at such price? You misunderstood. It's not a small figure after all. Moreover, this sir needs cash. Can you reserve it for me for a few days? Sure, but you must pay a deposit. Who's talking now? You or me? How about this? Pay the deposit first. Give us the exact time and fill the rest of the amount in three days. Mr Wang, our right is not guaranteed... by paying a deposit. Mr Yu might run away... with the deposit. I'm not that kind of person. That's just an empty talk. Are you willing to reserve it for us for three days? This is the electronic contract. Take a look. We'll certainly be reassured if... Mr Wang can vouch for you. We just must have some security too. Everything is listed in here. Please sign on it... if that's all right with you. What do you mean? You're using my shop as a collateral? Mr Wang, you misunderstood. We just need a guarantee. Of course you don't have to pay any price if Mr Yu... appears with his painting in three days. Sorry, the person you're calling is unavailable. Please try later. Sorry, the person you're calling... My boss asks for you. The person you're calling is... Mr Jing, here's the thing. Mr Yu... Mr Wang, it's me, Hendry Cox. Mr Wang. Mr Wang? It's you. No, you... You set me up, right? No. No, what's your intention? To take over my shop? Do you have... nothing else to do? Mr Wang, can you let me explain my intention? I want to collaborate with you with goodwill. Goodwill? Suck it. You don't have... to follow the contract. I'll give you... a reward if you agree. But I want to... ask you for a little help. I tell you what. I won't recognise that contract. Got it? What kind of contract is that? I won't agree. As for the little help, I really have no time for that. I just want you to follow Wu Xie for me. Make a timely report about his situation to me. I'd never do such a thing. Got it? Hold your horses. I just want to know Wu Xie's every move. I can solve problems for you when necessary. Think about it. This wouldn't hurt you. -I... -Moreover, do you have the right to reject me? That contract... has legal effect. No. Hello? Here, bottoms up. Jason, how's your business? It's good. -I heard that you've earned a lot. -So so. Come, let's drink. Come on. Let's drink! Come on, let's drink together. Come on, you guys continue. Let's go. Let's dance. Keep looking! Trash! They're all trashes! Boss, your drinks have splashed on my shirt. Boss, this shirt is quite expensive. Go over there! Don't think I don't know... Don't move. Mr Hua. Xie Yu Chen? I've heard a lot about you, Mr Jason. What do you mean? Nothing. I just want to be friends with you. Is this The Mystic Nine's way... of making friends? This is my way of making friends. There's premise... for making friends. The premise is that you have to know your place. You may or may not... be my friend. I'm afraid it's not really up to you. You can... give it a try. I'm happy to oblige. Just that you've come a cropper over here... before finding the Cloud Sky Palace. I think your boss wouldn't be happy with that. Xie Yu Cheng, like I said, causing mutual destruction is not a good situation. So... you better don't mess with me. That's why... I'd never beat dogs who bite. Mr Jason, you've repeatedly stolen... my Snake Eyebrow Copper Fish. I've already showed you... enough respect in today's situation. What do you want? It's simple. I want to give you a cooperation opportunity. A cooperation opportunity? The Cloud Sky Palace that you've been looking for... is on Changbai Mountain. How do you know that? I do have my own source. And I know... Hendry Cox will make every effort to stop you. He'll use... an excuse that sounds good. For example, using Wu Xie as a shield... to scout the route ahead. Do you think I'll believe in what you say? It's up to you. But I only know that... Hendry Cox is untrustworthy. You know that better than anyone. A remote operation is never as good as a practical action. If I were you, with the hardware and times you have, I'd never hold up the process. But Wu Xie has already left. You can still make it if you depart now. I know their rendezvous point. Xie Yu Chen, why are you doing this? It's simple. Someone has stolen my Snake Eyebrow Copper Fish. I want you to bring it back to me. It doesn't matter if you fail. Just get them into troubles. I want them to know that... people who take my things... will have to pay for it. That's all? And... I want the materials of Xisha Seabed Tomb and the archaeological team. I think you already know that... you've gained attention from the police. Without my help, it might take a few days for you to handle it. Wu Xie and his team have departed. You'd better return to United States... if you were a few more days late. Didn't your company... put pressure on you? If your company knows... you were excluded from the project, what will you get into... after returning to United States? Thank you for your offer. Water. Ning, I think Jason is up to something soon. Why don't you go to Changbai Mountain? It's better if you stay with Wu Xie. They are plain-clothes policemen. No. Hurry up. Then, I... No, what is all this? They are plain-clothes policemen. How do you know that? Didn't you see the things... on their waists? Those are guns. Do you think they're coming after us? Didn't you say that... you've been inspected once? Thank you. May I know... who you are? Where are you going? Changbai Mountain. We... We're going around there. Anyway, we're just having a tour. The greater the power, the stranger the person is. Qi Ling is an example. Sir, where do you want to go? Let's ask him. Where are you going? Mister, do you need a ride? Follow me, sir. My car is over there. It's very near. We want to go to this place. Okay. Let's go. -No, what do you mean? -Let's go. I want to go to this place too. Let's go. My car is over there. Let's go, it's right there. There? Right. Come on over. Sir, let's go, come on. What is he doing? We're almost there. This is it. Come on, slide over. Sit tight. I tell you what. The snow seals off the mountain now. It's difficult to get to your destination. Not many people could make it there. You're lucky to meet me. He can go there. He has driven trucks before. Brother, you're perceptive. How did you know that? You got some callus on your hands. Cigarette on your ears. You wear velvet leather pants. Moreover, it shows that I'm right by looking at the way... you take the steering wheel. That goes without saying. Impressive! No, let's introduce ourselves. What's your deal? What's wrong? You trash! You lost them and... you even got caught by the police. Boss, they hit the winding mountain road. Our car couldn't... keep up with them. Mr Hua, I understand. Go change the car! We're going to Changbai Hostel. Yes. This is it. Fatty. Three hundred yuan. Okay. Three hundred yuan. Here you go. Thank you, thank you, sir. Thank you, sir. I tell you what. You overpaid. No one would pay that much. Seriously. This dog is nice. Uncle Hai? Uncle Hai, why are you here? It's you, Third Young Master. Someone has hired me to be a consultant. It's not worth mentioning. It's not worth mentioning. Third Young Master, why have you come here? My third uncle asked to meet me here. Do you know where he is? Your third uncle? Your third uncle is elusive. How do I know where he is? Young man, I wonder, why did you come... with Chen Pi Ah Si? Who do you mean? That old fellow who just went upstairs. At a result, you should address him as Grandpa Si. Fatty. You're on the same team, right? Why are you going to the snow mountain during this season? We're from an extreme sport club. We were invited to take the tests of the ski resort. Ski resort? Yes. A ski resort is going to be built here. We're here for an inspection to see if... it's suitable to build here. If it's suitable, the construction of the ski resort and Holiday Villa could... drive domestic economic growth. This is a good thing. But don't go in the mountain, it's not safe. Of course. We can't afford... lose anyone as we have many teammates. We'll be careful. Okay. Open the trunk... for a routine inspection. How's the scenery at the top during this season? It's beautiful all year round. There're more people during summer and autumn. But it's unique... during winter time. Just that it's too cold. The weather has been changing. It's not safe. I don't suggest you to go there. Okay, it's done. You can go. Stay safe. Thank you. It's unexpected. Grandpa Si is not... that younger than Hendry Cox. Maybe. Can he go up to Changbai Mountain at such age? Have you forgotten? He's still agile. Last night on the train, his agility and speed... were not inferior to youngsters. Right. He is the one Kua Xiong mentioned. We can only meet... such person in martial arts... novels. Greetings to Grandpa Si. We're sorry for being too ignorant to recognize you. We've been blinded. I'm not saying that you're blind. I... He's not blind. Third Young Master? -You're here too. -Pan Zi? Pan Zi! I'll go and clean up the room. Pan Zi, why are you here? Third Master asked me to wait here. Third Uncle? Where is Third Uncle now? Third Uncle went down. I thought he had left with you. He said... he'd have had to wait... if he hadn't gone down. Are you here for tomb raiding too? Pan Zi, I'm exhausted. I have to go back and rest. Let's catch up later. Okay. Get some rest. I'll go to the tour guide now. Okay. I'm going back, Pan Zi. Okay. Uncle Hai. I thought you... weren't coming with this blizzard. How's that possible, Uncle Hai? You also know... this is Master's wish. Uncle Hai, have Wu Xie and his team arrived? Look. You've lost. Third Young Master. Pan Zi. The tour guide said he doesn't work during this season. He said it's going to snow these two days. He wouldn't advise us to go to the mountain. Do you have any other tour guide? Uncle Hai is the organizer of this tomb raiding... but i think... Chen Pi Ah Si is the key person. If he could cooperate with us... But this person is eccentric. He leaves everything to his apprentices. Pan Zi, you said... Uncle Hai is the organizer of this tomb raiding? Fatty, why couldn't... Uncle Hai tell me to my face? Perhaps he didn't know you were here for tomb raiding. It's impossible. Hendry Cox organized this trip to Changbai Mountain. Which means Hendry Cox sent Uncle Hai over. How could he not have known why I'm here? You think too much. What are you thinking about? It's possible that Uncle Hai... cooperates with Hendry Cox. That's why he feels ashamed to see you. He's just being embarrassed. Actually, I tell you what, most crucially, we have to find a way to go to the mountain as fast as possible. I'm talking to you. I wish that too. But look at the snowfall. All we can do is waiting. And I wonder if Third Uncle and... the others have gone up there. Fatty. You... Suck it.