Eng Sub《雲頂天宮 Explore with the Note 2021》第06集(白澍 、張博宇、趙東澤)

"Explore With the Note" "Episode 06" Fatty. Mr Naive, I can't hold it any longer! Thank you, Grandpa Si. With your skills, you even want to dig... the Nine Dragon Coffin of the Emperor of Dongxia? I think Wu San Xing... must be out of his mind. No. I don't know whether his third uncle is out of his mind. But I, Fatty, have got along in society for a long time. I raided many tombs... -and you just catch up in time. -Fatty, stop. You two... are just the same. Wu San Xing alerted... the police in Hangzhou. And you... alerted the police in Shan Hai Guan. Right? Grandpa Si, it's not our fault. Those men must have been sent by Jason. Why does that Yellow Monkey want to catch you? Because Wu San Xing got in his way. That's why... that monkey wants to catch you... and make a deal with Wu San Xing. How would I know... what he's thinking? I don't know them well like you do. Right, Grandpa Si? Kid, don't get sarcastic with me. No, he doesn't. Old fellow, don't trip on us a youngsters. You're more experienced. So we hope that you could give us some advice. Right? Forget it. This kid knows the drill. Yes. Let me tell you something. The place where we're going... is extraordinary. So, the reason why Wu San Xing... invited me over... is to ask me, this old fellow, to give you some advice. I can say that... nobody except me in this world... can make it down... to the place... we're going to. No. Grandpa Si, we do have less experience, but we've seen the world, you know? We'd weighed the urinal of the Jade Emperor. You... The thing you just said. What did he say? What coffin? Grandpa Si, you just said about the Nine Dragon Coffin... and the Emperor of Dongxia. Wu San Xing didn't tell you that? He didn't. We only know that we're here for the Cloud Sky Palace. I don't care what... the Cloud Sky Palace is. The tomb that Wu San Xing and I are going to raid... is the royal tomb of the Emperor of Dongxia. Nine Dragon Coffin is buried in there. Grandpa Si, what is the Nine Dragon Coffin? And who is the Emperor of Dongxia? Just get lost... if you don't have the guts. No. Look at you. You even fell in the ditch while having a snowball fight? Shame on you. Aren't you ashamed? You embarrassed your third uncle. How did you fall in the ditch? You... Why can't you stop complaining? Enough. You even complained in front of Grandpa Si. Do you know who he is? Seriously. Grandpa Si. Don't. They're greeting Grandpa Si. Grandpa Si, look. Grandpa Si is well prepared. He has even brought his apprentices over. Could he have... under-the-table deals with that red hat? It's hard to tell. Did he say the royal tomb of the Emperor of Dongxia... is the same place as the Cloud Sky Palace? I have no idea. But Wang Zang Hai... likes to alter others' tomb, no? The royal tomb of the Emperor of Dongxia and the Cloud Sky Palace... are probably in the same place. Or else it's highly unlikely... that two grand tombs would co-exist... on Changbai Mountain. If it's that case, we might not know... Grandpa Si's clues. As Uncle Hai has changed sides, this means we've lost the man in Dun Hua. We were going to get the equipments over there. Not any more. We'll have to follow them... if we wish to know what's going on. That is a powerful technique. It's all right. It's not easy to... locate the position... of the Cloud Sky Palace. Changbai Mountain is huge. According to the route that Third Uncle took, we were supposed to reach Erdao Baihe, there's a village named Li Zi Gou. The Cloud Sky Palace might... be located... in that area, since we were supposed to go there. No, according to what you presume, your third uncle would know more clues than you do. We can't go to Li Zi Gou today. How about this? Let's go to the nearby village to scout. Hope that we could get something. If it's that case, we can only follow Grandpa Si. He Shang, look at it. We're well prepared this time. Mates, do you need help? We could lend a hand. It's all right. How should I address you? Hello, I am Ye Cheng. Nice to meet you. This is Hua He Shang, Mr Hua. Mr Hua, pleasure to meet you. This is Lang Feng. Mr Feng. So you're Fatty Wang. The famous Mr Fatty in Sijiu City. You flatter me. I heard that you've raided many tombs. Any adventurous experience? -Tell me about it. -No. Just call me Fatty will do. About tomb raiding, I did go to a few tombs. But I'm not as skillful as you guys. As you're Grandpa Si's apprentices, you must've experienced the momentous and astounding scenes. Right? What's wrong? Look, you catch a cold. We have poor physical fitness. We can't adapt to this place. I poured the snow into my clothes just now. Are you sure you don't need a hand? Yes, it's all right. Guys, it's getting late. We're going in. Grandpa Si has something to instruct us. And let's free up some time... and have a gathering, grab some drinks, and get to know each other. What do you think? I'm sorry... to hold you up. Off you go. Sir, put the goods down. Put them on the second floor. You stay out of it. I thought we're going with them. It's obvious that they don't allow us to follow them. Seriously. They said Grandpa Si has plans for them. They even said let's gather next time. Where to gather in such small place? Mr Naive, I tell you what. They look professional, but they'll bust a gut once they enter the tomb. Do you believe it? Let's go to the mountain. We'll fall ill... if we keep staying here. Seriously. Who is it? Who are they? Wearing a sailor's striped shirt by the deck. What a show. Wu Xie, I'm looking for you. Can you lend me the map of... the Cloud Sky Palace? The map? What map? I don't know what you're talking about. I think we should... stop wasting both of our time. Wu San Xing has departed. I have no time for you. Don't make me ask you again. -Or... -Or what? Is this how you borrow things? We don't have it, we wouldn't lend it to you... even if we did. Don't you see we're waiting over here? Why don't you wait for his third uncle to come back? He might let you see those treasures... if he's in a good mood. Will it work? What are you going to do? Jason. What are you going to do? You know what the man wants. I hope that you won't put me on the spot. Ning, did Hendry Cox ask you to stop me? I'm here to protect Wu Xie. He has the least experience in tomb raiding after all. Moreover, I'm worried that some ill-wishers... would derail our plans. You... Grandpa Si, seems like we don't have to get involved. We're on the same side after all. Look at those guys. They brought many men over. I wonder if they can handle them. I hope nothing bad happens. Just speak to the mister in person if you're not willing. Let's go. All right. Very good. Did you bring those guys? Let's go. Grandpa Si, you're drinking tea at this hour? Don't you have to sleep? Do you want to join us? No, I don't. We're going upstairs. We can play cards together. -Okay. -Right? -Deal. -Who else? I'll invite you later. Okay. Sir, the train station is in chaos, Two of Jason's men were arrested for impersonation of police. The rest are all right. Okay. Don't worry about them. Keep your eyes on Wu Xie. Without Wu San Xing, he is the only one... with the location of the Cloud Sky Palace. We need him to guide us. I understand. But I worry that Chen Pi Ah Si will take the chance... to mute me. I'm afraid that Wu Xie can't handle him. Wu San Xing is the one who called for Chen Pi Ah Si. It's clear that Wu Xie would not be harmed by Chen Pi Ah Si. Are you sure? But I worry Wu San Xing looks... Wu Xie doesn't seem... to trust him as much anymore. It's true that Wu San Xing is getting harder to read. Fine. I'll send someone to meet you at the Changbai Mountain. Stay with Wu Xie for now. Once I finish the things I handle, I'll go there as well. Sir, the climate on the mountain is treacherous. We might be trapped here for some days. You should stay at the foot of the mountain. It's too dangerous and too harsh up here. Don't worry. I know what I'm doing. How is it, boss? Do you have liquor? Yes? Ropes, charcoal, chilli, and chocolate, and sanitary pads. Okay. Thank you. Why are there sanitary pads? They are use as insoles. They can absorb sweat... and keep us warm. This is no help in accounting... for this, you know? Enough. Thank you. Hurry up, just go. Uncle Da Shan, thank you for everything. Here. Five thousand yuan. Okay. This is my job. I've asked about the guide... you're looking for. He is from our village, his name is Shun Zi. He is a Korean. He's willing to take this job. Is he familiar with the landscape of the mountain? His father is an old hunter and ginseng picker... from our village. He's been to the mountain with his father since childhood. There're people who are more familiar... than him with the situation in the mountain. But only people at his age... can go to the mountain in this season. How about this? You take me to his house and have a look. Okay. I'm coming too. Okay, let's go together. Okay. Here, let's go. It's here. Sister, you're bad. Stop running. You can't hit me. Removing the snow? Yes. Don't run around, be careful. Enough. Enough, Hong Zi. Stop barking. Is this dog all right? It's fine. Come, slow down. Shun Zi! Shun Zi! Why isn't he here? Jin, I'm just dropping by. This is Shun Zi's father. He didn't return from the mountain one year. Why don't... you guys take a seat? Shun Zi might be in the backyard. I'll go get him. Okay. Wait a minute. Where's the toilet? Follow me. Okay. Uncle Da Shan. Shun Zi. Uncle Da Shan. They are here to hire you as their guide. This is Mr Wu. This is Mr Hua. You guys can talk. Go on. I'm sorry about earlier. It's all right. Do I look like my father? Hardly anyone wants to go to the Snow Mountain now. Once it becomes windy and snowy, it'd be hard to recognize the mountain road. And there's nothing to see in the mountain now. Only infinite scenery is available in the mountain. We're planning to go to the Mount Everest... after this trip to Changbai Mountain. Right. Young man, have you been to the Snow Mountain? I can go to all the mountains here. But for the record, you have to follow my orders... after entering the snow area. You can only walk if I say so. You must stop if I say so. You can't do whatever you want. Of course. We're just having a tour. We won't risk our lives. Right? Okay. Let me take a look at your equipment later. Replace the missing equipment... as we can't go there... these two days. Why can't you go either? Didn't you say you can go to the Snow Mountain? We can't wait any longer. We have no time to lose. Actually, you must've found other... guides before coming to me, right? It is winter break in the Snow Mountain now. They won't go there. It's only a two-day postponement. My father said... these are the days the Goddess of the Snow Mountain gets furious. We must not go to the mountain. Or she'll detain us forever. You're being superstitious. You can't go. Qi Ling? There's going to be a huge storm these few days. Qi Ling, what do you mean? We have to go back now. The storm is moving in. All of us should stay at home. Young man, why did you wear such thin clothes as you know a storm is moving in? I tell you what. You'll freeze solid... when you go out. Uncle Da Shan, it's all right. Don't worry about him. When is the storm going to stop? When can we go to the mountain? Just ask Shun Zi. He knows more than I do. Shun Zi. Not tonight. It depends on the situation after tonight. As long as it doesn't get foggy. Be careful. Uncle Da Shan, is the storm here really that serious? Wouldn't we get trapped in here... if the weather doesn't improve? Of course. Look at the weather. I guess... this is the heaviest snowstorm this year. It's all right. Enough, Hong Zi. Stop barking. Enough. It was Shun Zi's father who brought... the archaeological team... to the mountain during the last heavy snowstorm. It's okay, Uncle Da Shan. It's been a long time. That year, my father brought an archaeological team to the mountain. There was a huge snowstorm and... a big avalanche happened in the mountain. They've never returned since then. I didn't realise... it's been years. I still remember... that snowstorm made the power of the village go out. Everyone didn't notice it and... my father thought something was wrong as he saw... the mountain starting to get foggy. Now I understand. The power outage and fog... might have been the warning from... the Goddess of the Snow Mountain to my father. That's why... I'd rather wait a few more days... than risking your lives... if things turn out unfavourable. Okay. Let's go. Let's go. Slow down. Why is it dark out here? What happened? The power went out. It's normal as the storm is coming. Let's go. I was going to find you. What took you so long? I'm starving. Didn't you look for the guide? Why did you bring him here? Come, hurry up, I'm starving. Young man, we're countrymen. This stewed chicken with mushroom is delicious. Really? It tastes good. Shun Zi, you this... Seriously, it's been a long time... since I ate such delicious Dongbei dishes. Really nice. I've been cooking homemade dishes since childhood. It's great that you enjoy it. Uncle Da Shan, the drinks you made taste nice. Can I have more? It's strong. Later then. Li, are you going out? Don't you see the storm is coming? Uncle Da Shan, stop asking. My boss decided to go to the mountain now. I must follow his order. You this dumb. Are you going to risk your life for money? Old man, have you ever seen some dollars? This brat should work for us... as he takes our money. Jason, a word of advice, you should listen to the local people. It's not smart to go out... when knowing the dangers. Bosses, you need to follow my order when we reach the mountain. We must return... if we can't go on. Cut the nonsense. My men are waiting for me out there. Let's go. -Nice meals should be for nice people. -Li! It's like feeding the dogs if it's given to the bad guys. You can't say that. It's freezing out there as they stay in the tents. Moreover, it's no trouble to prepare them a meal. Right, it's no trouble. There'll be less people for the next meal. Sir, the blizzard is here. Our people are not willing to risk their lives. And there are rumours of life-threatening conditions. I think we should stay put... to avoid... unnecessary losses. But you said Jason insisted to proceed out. And he's already left. He did. I couldn't stop him. Go find him. Make sure he is within our sight. This shouldn't be difficult... for you, okay? Understood, sir. Hurry up. Quickly pack up. Guys, hurry up. Okay. I need another hand. Check it again. Come, lift it up. Boss, tell these guys to stop packing up. We might need to come back later. And it'll be too late if we don't go now. Why are you panicking? What are you afraid of? My subordinates are all professional warriors. They can handle every unforeseen circumstances. Just lead the way. No, boss. We can't pitch so many tents in the forest. Just take a few will do. There're abandoned hunting lodges on the way. We can stay there. Get lost. Attention! Just take the tents that have been packed, and leave the rest. Let's depart now. Yes. Actually, people, there's no need to be nervous. Maybe it's not that dangerous. The blizzard is scary... but the unknown monsters in the mountain are the scariest. Some people from our village... died for no reason back then. The bodies were... pieces when they were found. Like they were being torn apart. There were frozen blood stains all over the floor. The intestines became so fragile... they could get ripped apart. What a heavy taste. Could it be the starving wolves in the mountain? Or something else? There're beasts in the mountain. But the beasts treasure their food during winter. They'd never miss a single organ. It's their favourite. Nonsense. Why don't you say it's a man-made accident? It's impossible. How could a man be such a pervert? You can't tell that. Man's heart is so unpredictable. Are we having a ghost story-telling ... competition now? Who's next? Come on. Me. I'll talk about the Bloody... Burial Objects in Beijing Panjiayuan. I tell you what. Do you want me to join you? Come on. Come on. Sit here, Uncle Hai. Sit next to us. It's safer... to stay together at such situation. It's getting foggy. Nobody is allowed to go out tonight. Something might happen. I must go tonight. Third Uncle needs my help. Stay safe. Tell Zhang Qi Ling to be careful. My stomach hurts. I have to use the toilet. Excuse me. Come, cheers. Young lady, are you going out too? You're just a lady. You can't go out. It's too dangerous. Listen to me. Young lady. Ning, there's blizzard in Changbai Mountain. I thought you were smart. Young lady. Young lady! Forget it, Uncle Da Shan. We don't need to worry about her. She is good at martial arts, right? All is well what ends well. All is well what ends well. Deduct 40 yuan. Add 40. You've lost. Today, don't make that sour face. Get lost. Seriously. Don't make that face as if Ning was hit by a car... when she went out, okay? She is good at martial arts. Ning even saved us before. Just consider it a favour returned. Right. Is Ning... really that good at martial arts? She has no much experience in the snow. She is not familiar with the landscape. Isn't' she risking her life for nothing? I'm concerned about her out of empathy. I feel like something will happen to her. It better be. You can talk about it but you can't go out. Don't sacrifice yourself... or play hero. Don't forget that we still have great things to do. Understood? Don't go out. Do you hear me? Understood. I'm getting ready for bed. Qi Ling, let's play a round of ace murder. Qi Ling is exhausted. Let him get some rest. He doesn't play ace murder, why did you invite him? He doesn't play it? Forget it, go to sleep. You lose. Transfer the money. There's no reception. Transfer it when you have signal. I'll get my pocket money... once you get signal. I'm going to play hero. Are you cleaning up, Uncle Da Shan? You're not sleeping yet? I forgot... to ask you that... how you'd recognise... the haunt... of the beasts in the mountain. What should we look out for when... going to the mountain in winter? Look. You need to look out for the indentation on the lawn. It's different between this and this. And the footprints, the dispersal of the faeces. They should be carefully observed. You can't walk fast... while going to the mountain in winter. It'll cause a great loss... of physical strength as the snow is thick. And... you have to put the marks along the road. Marks. You'll find something as long as... you're in the right direction. "Huo Xian Gu" "Matriarch of the Huo Family of The Mystic Nine" What bargaining chip do you have... to ask for Huo family's collaboration? I have a secret about Wu San Xing. Is it enough? Okay. Madam has agreed... with your proposal. Mr Hua, coffee is not good for health. I've changed it for you. Let's drink tea from now on. Mr Hua, you work too hard. You can't take care of Xie's division and... you still have to find Wu San Xing for Third Young Master. Jia Sha, who else would help Wu Xie... other than me? Rest assured. I can handle it. Okay. Mr Hua, this... Find out... who's provoking us at this point. Yes, I'm on it. There's a beast. It's approaching us. Run! Run! Run! Run! Come back! Come back here! Come back here! Come back here! A beast! A beast! A beast! A beast! What's wrong with you? Are you crazy? I'll kill you! I'm sorry! I can't go any farther! Please don't get angry, Goddess of the Snow Mountain! I'm sorry! I was wrong! Don't go! Come back! Come back! Don't go! Come back! Come back! Come back! Bury the bodies on the spot. Yes, sir. Send two people to check on the bodies later. Remember to wipe out the tracks. -Yes. -Yes. We can't stay here. Let's split up. -Yes. -Yes.