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Let me go, please. Just a little pain. You agreed that if you got that boy you’d make the debt go away But that boy isn’t you. You’ll spend the night with me. I want to buy a gift for this loan shark. His name is Tee. Level 4. Coming right up. Someone bought you three gifts And they’re all level 4. Who sent them? The laptop that the kid gave me … It’s from your shop, right? I’ll buy a level 4 gift to that damn kid Kill him dead. I’d very much like to sell. But I don’t think you have more than 5 years to live. Whatever you want to do, do it now Hey, nice to see you here again. Another level 4 gift? A new product has just arrived. I don’t think a level 4 gift is necessary this time Just level 3. What a shame! Don’t you want to handle someone you hate the same way you did? Is this another person at your workplace? Or A friend from school. A stranger. A gift from a stranger Chut, did you just fall into a pool of shit? Look at this. Chut, please put it down. Focus on the subject Look. I found more clue to that logo. Look at how it works. A tube was hidden here. See? Just put it down. You should take a shower You are on suspension You're not supposed to be here. What if someone told your supervisor? Bell is calling. Pick it up it for me. I thought so The stink is real. Hello, Bell. What’s up? Why didn't you come home last night? Where are you now? I'm at the Bureau What's going on? What are you doing there? Aren't you on suspension? It's a long story I'll tell you all about it when we see each other I'll be home soon. Fine. It's your first day at work. Knock ‘em dead. See you tonight. Thank you. See you later. Everybody, please gather around. You may have heard that our channel welcomes a new reporter Hello, I’m Bell. Nice to meet you all. Your desk is over there Please look after her. Sure. That said, let’s get back to work Go back to your station. Hello, Bell. My name is Mew I’m a creative officer for the news section This lady with short hair is Tarn, ad and show censor officer. That gay next to you is Aon. He’s also a creative officer There’s our mama, P’Jum, admin Sawasdee kha, P’Jum. Mew, I’ve told you. Call me Emmy. Bell, call me Emmy. OK. Don’t listen to him. He’s not all there. You don’t need to call him that. Let’s be friends, Bell. My pleasure. P’Jum, Khun Miw, Khun Tarn, Khun Em. Let me show you around. It’s all nonsense here. Yeah, you sensible girl. You’re good at sensing someone else’s business. She’s so beautiful Students, pay respect. Good morning, Ms Morning. Are Prangrung and Pimpisa absent? Yes. Do you know where they are? No. This is an executive zone. If you have a document, please put it at P’Kaew’s desk Your work is crap. Get out! This is P’On’s office. She’s the news director here. Everyone calls that room the Freezer The Freezer? Let me give you advice as someone who’s been here before. Don’t mess with her. Why? They say she’s bipolar. She’s nice, then she’s bitchy. Very unpredictable She’s fired staff without reasonable cause. Many have felt her wrath before. Look at what just happened Everyone's afraid of her She's always acting mysterious She is first to get here and last to leave. She doesn't talk to anyone When she wants something, it goes through her secretary, P’Kaew Anyone who steps into the Freezer gets fired. That’s a little overstated, don’t you think? If you don’t believe me, see for yourself. Mew, what does P’On look like? She looks stern. Nobody wants to be near her. When she’s out here giving orders, no one dares to look at her. We don’t want any trouble. It’s getting cold. I’m feeling unsafe. Let’s go downstairs. From what you’ve told me, if I hadn’t seen what my laptop had done, I wouldn’t have believed it. That’s why I needed to show you. What really confounds me is how that shop goes unnoticed by the police We need to stop that shop before more people get hurt, like my friend did. I saw Oat the other day When I talked to him about the logo he freaked out. Is it possible that he was threatened by the shop? I’m not sure What does the shop owner look like? I’ve never seen his face He's wearing a mask the whole time. A mask? Is it this one? Yes. In all major cases, some of them unsolved, there’s always someone with that mask lurking around What does he really want? Finally, a fire broke out at the mall, PT Plaza, last night The cause of the fire is deemed to be a short circuit. The fire started out from the room of the mall staff. I’m Punnapa Siripattana, signing off for today’s news segment. Sawasdee kha Well done, Bell. Great job on your first day. Thank you. Bell. Yes, P’Kaew. I need to inform you about something You got the No.1 Hot Topic show The show? But there’s already a reporter… The reporter has been shifted to another show. It’s a good opportunity for you to work with P’On. Hold on, does P’On produce that show? Yes. You got P’On’s show? Yes, P’Jum. She normally doesn’t bring in a young reporter This is suspicious. That's why this morning… This morning what? When I took Bell there, we saw the previous reporter leaving her office. She was in tears, and P’On was yelling after her I can’t even imagine. Why, P’Jum? P’On is a difficult person to work with. She’s mysterious. She talks to people through her secretary. What is strange about it all is that I heard through the top-secret grapevine that P’On didn’t agree with the executives on recruiting Bell as an in-house reporter. Then, why would she put Bell, a new recruit, on No.1 Hot Topic? It means the gossip about hurting a newbie is true. Wait, Mew. Hurting? You give a big job to a newbie, putting a lot of pressure. When the newbie messes up, she gets fired. What would she do something like that for? It might be how she pushes back against the executives. It could be. They say she’s into dark magic Yes. Really? Emmy, dark magic like superstition? No one knows it for sure But there was one reporter who got into a bad fight with her The next day, the reporter fell down the stairs and broke her leg She couldn’t work and ended up resigning. There's no good ending for anyone who messes with her. P’Num, are you in some kind of trouble? I can’t see all of the sudden. Find Mod Daeng to read for her. Quick!