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What’s the matter? The thing is. I have something to ask you. Well, I just notice this. Notice? Is this your text ID? I saved your phone number the other day, right? Yes. try to think back what happened several days ago, even before you joined our club. Think back. How far back? Before you joined the club. You used to text me. Hello. Who are you? My name is Rome. that guy is you? Yeah. What a coincidence? How? It’s a coincidence, isn’t it? Or is this the destiny? Destiny, my ass! You even said that I added your text ID first. You have added my text ID. I got it now. That day at the vet’s. why did you hit the ‘add’ button? Who the hell is this guy? At the vet’s? I saved your phone number to get your text ID. That’s why the man in the picture look familiar. But I already deleted that already. What picture? I’m confused now. I have figured everything out. It’s okay now. Please explain to me. No. Get inside. Together now. Come on. What are you looking at? A dog in the back. What are you looking at? No. I’m not looking. Really? What did you talk to him? It doesn’t concern you. Oh, you have a secret. What’s wrong with you? No, nothing. What did he tell you? Nothing really. Then, let’s leave here. We have the assignment that’s due tomorrow. Go ahead. Excuse me. If you’ll excuse, we would like to go home now. We have work to do. Yeah, you can go. Goodbye. See you tomorrow. Wait. How are you going back? Do you want me to walk with you? It’s all right. I and Rome should be fine. Okay. Let me know if you cannot walk, I can carry you there. You better save this time to have your arm healed. Stop being cheesy and look at your condition. Please take care. Goodbye. Goodbye. Go ahead. I just make way for her. What a move! AnAn, see you tomorrow. Bye bye. See you tomorrow? Is your name AnAn? What are you looking at? Always making fun of me. I’m talking to you. Can’t you really tell that P’Doggy is making a pass at you? I don’t think he is. You can’t tell or you don’t want to accept it. He hasn’t done anything. You must be imagining it. But I’m pretty confident that P’Doggy likes you. Don’t talk nonsense. Then why are you shy? I’m not shy. I don’t have feelings for him. Wait a minute. Don’t you find him cute too? It has nothing to do with me. Are you blushing? Didn’t you say you didn’t like him? I said I wasn’t. Really? Does P’Doggy like me? Hey, you have not gone to bed yet? So you eventually joined Porsche’s club? Why? No specific purpose. I just find it interesting. I want to help them. In fact, you should join us too. I barely have time for anything else but studying. You’ve got the point. Honestly, I don’t want you to pay attention to this stuff. I know. But I’m just a first-year student. My study is not too hard. You don’t have to worry about me. Just consider it as… a chance to broaden my perspective with these extra activities. Don’t you fear of dogs anymore? You hate them, do you? I still do. I guess. I thought your fear had gone. Why did you join this club, then? You have to encounter dogs, you know? But I already joined the club. All right if that’s what you want. I just want to check with you. I’m going to bed now. Don’t stay up late. I won’t. Come to me if anything. Okay. See you.