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Look, over there. Just snap it. What about this dog in front of you here? Are you afraid of it? No. It’s not a real dog. It actually looks funny. What will you name this dog? Porsche. This is us. Let’s get off. Let’s go. Let’s go. Rome, don’t ever leave my side. I won’t. Don’t worry. There are many people. I’m for one not leaving you. I’ll be right by your side all the time. It’s all right. What’s wrong? I try to help with my good intentions. I don’t need it If you have to “try.” Are you moody with something? Is it about today’s activity that you have to be with these dogs. It has nothing to do with dogs. Then what is it? It has nothing to do with you as well. Hold on. What’s wrong with her? She probably underslept since she had to wake up early. So she’s a little grumpy. Good morning. Good morning. Today, not only do we help to renovate this shelter, we also bring you some pet food. Thank you so much. With all my pleasure. Guys, let’s unpack things. How are you doing? Are you hungry? Hungry, right? Do you want some? Hey, whose cat are you? You have a collar. You must be lonely. Where is your owner? Let’s take a selfie. Look, who is that? All right. All right. Woof! P’Porshce! What are you doing? No. You are too afraid to get in there, right? There are only cute dogs in there, you know? They are tame, adorable, and pitiable. Not single one of them is fierce. I’m not used to this. How about this? Just look at how pitiable they are. Nobody loves them. They wander along the street by themselves… looking for food or leftovers. When you see beggars, you can’t help pitying them, right? I know that you are a nice and kindhearted person. Let’s go. So you allow me to hold your hand now? What a soft hand you have. You are taking an advantage of me. No, I am not. You reached your hand for me yourself. Right, cat? Yes. Get out. I’m just kidding. To make it even. I let you hold my hand too. What makes you think that I want to hold your hand? You are so full of yourself. You touch my hand right here. P’Porsche! They are so cute. Look at their face. Look at this one. Isn’t it cute? Take a deep breath. Cute. Hi. Ready? P’Porsche. I don’t think I should do this. Come on. Trust me. Breath in. Come on. Don’t worry. Trust me. This one comes to greet you. He wants to play with you. Don’t go out. Slowly. All of them are tamet. Look at that one carefully. Gosh, you crazy dog! P’Doggy! What? Is that my new name? Why did you do that to me? I didn’t. Don’t be scared. Just relax yourself. You don’t need to be afraid. Look. Come here. The food looks great. Why do I get only plain rice? Don’t be sad. The auntie who prepared this must be really old. She could be forgetful. You have a lot of pork. Give me some. No, I won’t. Why? Come on, pal. I said no. Is this how you want to play? Don’t let me catch you. I’m not giving you any. I don’t want yours. Emma. We have known each other for a while, right? So? I have never asked you anything. Really? Really. You have never asked me anything? Never. So you want some pork. Yes, I want some pork… fried with garlic. Should I share some? I just started eating. Please. Hold on. Hold on. Just one. Wait a minute. Stop bothering her. Look at my box. I have none. You have lots of it. Just eat your plain rice. You can take from mine. A sound from heaven indeed. Now give me yours. No. Emma! P’Porsche. Your greed has no limit. I’ll just take from yours then. Give me now! No! These two seniors are like morons. Hey, they might hear you. I mean they seem funny and joyful. I guess so. you start to like him, do you? I can tell from how you look at him. Are you nut? Keep your voice down or other people may have a wrong idea about me. Even the dogs are barking. Are you blushing? Your cheeks are flushed. No, they are not. Yes, they are. What has just passed us? Dogs?