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If you had to choose between me and eating which one would you choose? Eating. Without you, I can survive. But without eating, I’d be starving You jerk! Get the hell out of my face. Cut! All done Thank you. You can go home. We’ll be in touch. Thanks. We’re done with the morning auditions. Let’s break for lunch. We can continue in the afternoon. I’m so tired. Anyone good so far? None. I’ve got lunchboxes for you guys. This is for you, P’Third. Why did P’Third get more prawns? I don’t know. It’s prepared this way. Water. Not just prawns, you got an extra snack, too. If I had to choose between you and eating I’d choose eating, eating you up. #teamplaywright Khai is calling. What’s up, buddy? Are you home? Don’t act innocent. You posted my picture on the Facebook page, right? No, it’s not me. Why would I do that? The smart-ass caption is so you. And you like it, right? Who would? This page serves to promote the play, not the place for you to do stupid stuff. Delete it now This is not funny. Wait, Third! Serves you right. I told you Third wouldn’t get swept off his feet He might as well hate you for it. How could he hate me? I’m his best friend. What have you done for your best friend? Nothing good. That’s right. He’s been treated badly all this time. He just gave you a little taste of your own medicine. Therefore, cut it out. Fine, I will cut. Cut out the chase? Cut out the caption, so he won’t be mad. Me chasing after him I won’t give up on that I have a secret weapon to make him fall in love with me. I respect your determination, Khunphol. Please, Third. I was just teasing you. I didn’t mean to make you mad. I know. Have you forgiven me? Not really? I’m just annoyed by you. This is where I leave you. I have a meeting about the play. Wait! Let me come with you. Why would you want to come? Go chase after some girl. Don’t follow me. I’m not following you. I just want to sign up for a job in the sound division. Give me your evil look. Imagine a bad guy. Is this your evil look? Try again You haven’t got it yet Give me evil, as evil as you can. Come on. More. More. Give me mean eyes. You’re angry, so angry you want to kill someone. Let’s do a player look instead. You see a woman walking by. You look at her. You want to hit on her. Is this you being a player? I think we’re done. Thanks You can go home What’s the problem? As you just saw people who’ve come to audition are so nice I want someone who is rich, good-looking a big-time womanizer who does shitty things to hurt people without feeling any remorse. That sounds very difficult. But don’t worry, Third I’ll help you find this guy. But does that kind of person even exist? A major asshole by nature Comes from a rich family Good-looking. Big-time womanizer. Does shitty things to hurt people without feeling any remorse Who could it be? What are you guys looking at me for? What grade did you get for acting? Since you’re auditioning, let’s do a major scene when the male lead hits on the female lead at the library Yes. The girl is annoyed and she walks away. Let’s read that one. Okay. Trust me, Khai can’t do it. Let’s give him a shot We don’t have a better choice. You read lines with him as the female lead. Why me? Anyone can do it. You wrote it. You understand the characters the best. You are also his close friend. This should help him relax Khai. Yes. If you’re ready, let’s get started. Third will read lines with you. Okay. Action. Third, no, Girl. Are you still single? What’s your problem? I see you read books about love If you want to understand it, why don’t you experience love yourself? I can study love through what I read. It’s better than falling in love with a player. Not all guys are players He may just be easy going. 90% of guys who say this are players. P’Shane, according to the script, the guy lets the girl go. Just let it play out. If you say 90% of guys are players I might just be the other 10%. Someone told me, “don’t judge the book by its cover.” Before you judge me, why don’t you try reading it first? P’Shane, Khai went off script. He did. He took it beyond the script. He took the script and made it his own. This is exactly the bad-guy male lead that I want. What are we waiting for? Give him a big hand. Pleasure to work with you, Mr. Playwright. An opportunity once lost may never return. P’Ton Is Paan here? Everyone knows that you’re into Lynn I just broke up with P’Phon. You asshole! Stop it! Are you and P’Un hanging out together all the time? Why are you here? Pick up Third. Why are you there? To pick up… A girl? I’m asking you… Give Un a chance to win Third over.