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What do you need 20,000 baht for? Tuition fee. What’s wrong? Lin! Lin! I’m sick. I can’t go to work Do you really have no money left? No. Believe me. Lin! Let me go! Stop! We will go through the rain together, through the pain together and through hard times together. I can’t be your girlfriend Can I just be your fan instead? Do you want to say anything to the owner of that smile? I’m going to win this contest and I’m going to buy her a hair dryer Thank you so much for your adorable answer. Punpun. Did I make you cry? I’m sorry. No need to apologize You didn’t do anything wrong. It’s my fault for being stubborn and wanting to win your heart. In the end, I lost. Feelings shouldn’t be made into a competition Somchai. You like Lin, don’t you? I can’t have feelings for anyone. You said you didn’t like to lie I give up. All these times I have been trying to force your heart I made you feel uncomfortable When I took a step back and looked after you from afar as your fan I made you feel even more uncomfortable I suck No, you don’t. All these times you’ve been so good to me So good that I feel guilty for not being able to return your feelings I think if you found someone who loves you you’d be happier He’d take care of you and you’d take care of him If there’s really someone out there, that’d be great. There is. Thank you, Somchai. For always being clear with me. I’m sorry I made you cry. Thank you for everything. I hope you can smile again soon I will smile despite my disappointment. Good luck, Somchai. Good luck, Punpun. You two take care of each other. I’m off. Where there’s love, there’s pain. Why are you looking at me like that? What were you talking about? You hugged each other so tightly. Nothing. Let’s go. You need to change Okay. Somchai Here comes the final round of the contest. Are you all excited? Yes. In this round, we’re going to test their physical and mental strength Each of our seven boys here will need to find 5 of the angel wings we hid in this mall. Whoever returns here first will get the highest score. Let’s countdown together. 3 2 1. Go. Easy. Are you okay? Are you alright? Thank you so much. 1 wing for 50 sit-ups. 48. 49. 50. Thanks. Why are you crying? Where’s my mom? You can’t find your mom? No. I’ll help you look for her. Okay. Excuse me. Do you know this girl? She couldn’t find her mother No, I don’t know her. Let’s go look for your mom. Let’s go Now we wait and see who returns here first. This is so exciting. Which boy will be the first to return? Here he comes. Munggorn. That’s our 3rd boy Almost everyone has returned. That’s our 5th boy. That’s our 6th. We’re still missing one. It’s Somchai, isn’t it? What’s taking him so long? Did something happen? When will he come back? Here he comes Excuse me. This girl got lost. If you’re her parents, please come to the stage. Anyone? This girl got lost. If you’re her parents, please come to the stage. Excuse me. The winner of the golden angel wing and the extra points is Somchai What do you mean? Your mission to find the angel wings was to test your physical strength She’s part of our special mission. Only one of you would complete it and get the golden wing plus extra points. The winner of the golden wing and extra points is Somchai. Now I have the result of Angel Boy Thailand 2019 with me. Make some noise for the one you’re rooting for. Somchai. The winner of Angel Boy Thailand 2019 is... is... Congratulations to Somchai. Lin. I did it. How did I do? You’re the best. I’m feeling dizzy. What have you done? Too sweet, you guys. Here. Your 50,000 baht prize. You can have it all You’re not going to charge your commission? You got me a job. Just take it. I know you want to help Lin pay off her debt It’s yours. Thank you. It’s all yours. No. Tomorrow I’m going use this money to redeem your ring. Pay your debt. My ring can wait. No, it can’t. You take it. It can wait. You take it. No. Just take it and pay off your debt. How much longer will you keep arguing? If neither of you wants it, give it back to me I’ll take it all myself. Give me the envelope. I’ll take it. That’s it You have a talk show coming up and a meet and greet with the fans who voted for you. I’ll wait outside. Okay I’m afraid I can’t stay with you. I have to help at the restaurant. They don’t have enough people this evening. It’s okay. I can stay on my own. We’ll celebrate tonight. Bye. You’re the best Of course I am. Not everyone thinks your kids are cute. Please look after your kids and not let them disturb other customers How could you say that to your customer?