Eng Sub 여자친구가 사랑한 유럽 GFriend Loves Europe EP 4 Part 2

[Wait!] ["GFRIEND Loves Europe": Before Sunrise] [S Cafe in Vienna] This is where the two main characters in "Before Sunrise" act out a phone call. [The scene where Jesse confesses his love to Celine] [And now, it's GFRIEND's turn!] Hello? [Enter Umji!] Umji, how is it there? It's cold, right? [Just calling Umji to say hello (?)] The weather here is probably the same as over there. But I'm not cold at all. [Watching "Before Sunrise"... live] I'm here with Sowon. Do you know Sowon? I met a beautiful girl here. Thanks to her, it's not cold at all. Is everything fine? [Surprise!] Is everything fine? - Yes. Fine. Good! - Thank you. Let's stop here. No! I was in the zone Eunha! I'm in the zone. I'm really happy. You know I don't say that often, right? Sorry, I'm really happy. I love her. [Oh my gosh!] [Does that mean she's happy?] [Late reaction on the embarrassment] Yes, forever. Should I leave you two alone? [This has been GFRIEND does "Before Sunset"] [And now, in Salzburg...] The Austria Team is heading to Mozart's birthplace. How are they doing? [Checking the map after crossing the bridge] It's right here. Right? - I think it's right here. - We just have to go this way. [It may be cloudy, but the tasteful atmosphere is still worth enjoying] We're here! It's Getreidegasse. [A busy shopping street in Salzburg] Always bustling, Getreidegasse. [Salzburg's popular shopping street, located past Staats Bridge] You can see traces of history with iron signs asking to be seen. You can see traces of history with iron signs asking to be seen. [Unique and intricate signs hang above] There weren't that many lit signs on the street. There were really pretty sculpted signs. I liked it because it was something out of a fairy tale. Why don't we go over there? [Looking for Mozart's birthplace] [Taking a look at the map] [Looking around in awe] It looks like this. - Mozart's birthplace... - It's really yellow! Yeah, this is what it looks like. I think it'd stand out a lot. I'm sure we'll see it if we just walk. And yellow stands out a lot. Is that it? No? I feel like that was too easy. [Yes, this is it] Is this it? We'll know when we get closer. I think it is. That's right. It's Mozart's old home! [Easy to find, thanks to the bright yellow exterior] It was so close! How do we go inside? Do we just go over here? Wait, is that a store? I think we just go in here. Let's go in. It's so crowded here because of the construction. What are they doing construction on? [Crowds + rain + construction = chaotic mess] We found it so quickly! I thought it might be hidden away but... - Why don't we go in? - Sure. [Who'd have guessed that Mozart was born here?] [Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756 - 1791)] The musical genius son of Salzburg... the city is filled with monuments dedicated to Mozart. the city is filled with monuments dedicated to Mozart. [A wunderkind, Mozart starting composing at the age of 5, influenced by Schubert and Bach...] [... and only continued to develop musically.] Right now, these two are starting a journey to trace the footsteps of a great and beloved musical composer. [Mozart's birthplace] [What does Mozart's birthplace look like?] What are these paintings? Hello. Hello. Hello. I'm Korean. It's very nice to meet you. [With the help of a Korean guide...] [...they start their tour of Mozart's home] Mozart lived here on these three floors. This is the living room. That's the main room. [The Living Room] [The living room has on display his portraits and handwritten scores] This is the first piece of music that Mozart wrote. All of Mozart's music is classified as KV. All of Mozart's compositions have a KV number. - "KV"? - Yes. "Köchel Verzeichnis". And this one is "KV 1". [The "K" stands for Kochel, the name of a collector who cataloged Mozart's work] [That's so cool] - He really was a genius. - Really. [Scores that have been stored for over 200 years] This is a portrait of Mozart made when he was 6. He's so cute. So cute. Is this Maria Anna? That's right. How did you know that? [The pianist Maria Anna] This is Mozart's mother. He looks just like his mother. They look really similar. They have the same eyes. [Main Room] [What's this room?] This is Mozart's actual hair. [Like Yuju said!] [Mozart's actual hair?!] Yuju... His hair. [Bought for 38 thousand pounds at an auction in 2002] That's so cool. [Can't help but stare] How was this kept so long? And over here, this is the wallet he used until the day he died. [Mozart's wallet, kept in good condition] And this is the violin he used when he was 6 years old. - That's why it's so small... - And three years ago, this violin was in Korea. And a violin virtuoso performed using this violin. That must've been such an honor. Perform with this? My hands would shake so hard. It's so small~! It's small right? It's a child's size violin. This is an original. [A newfound appreciation for Mozart after visiting his home] [Mozart's Piano: Built by Anton Walter, Mozart used this piano during the last 10 years of his life] [Mozart's Piano: Built by Anton Walter, Mozart used this piano during the last 10 years of his life] With earnest hearts, Eunha and Yuju breathe in the life of Mozart. [Finally, Mozart's listening room] Broadening their musical horizons while surrounded by history and developing further as artists. [Taking one step further as artists] It was hard to believe that we were surrounded by so much history. All of the musical scores and portraits were amazing but just being there was incredible. [#MozartsBirthplace #Mozart #beautifulmusic #growing_as_artists] [#MozartsBirthplace #Mozart #beautifulmusic #growing_as_artists] [Elsewhere, Sowon isn't doing well eating alone...] The butter is really smooth. The butter on the place was really stiff. [But who's sitting next to Sowon?] What's this? [A little bit earlier] I can't seem to get anyone's attention. Excuse me~ Lunch, menu. Lunch set. One, please. [I did it!] Thank you. [This is fun!] I did it! [So... was that a success?] I've ordered and everything... so why don't we eat together? It's fine if you don't talk to me. Just sit next to me. [The last efforts of a desperate woman] Come on over. [Sowon is doing her best to lure the staff over] - You're sitting down...! - Ow. Just sit. You're already on camera. I feel so much better! Don't ever go traveling by yourself. Just kidding, it's... totally worth it. [LOL] [So that happened...] This is turning into an eating show. It's really good. It tastes so good. Right? [She looks happier than when she was sitting alone...] [Having her manager and writer sit with her as renewed her appetite] It's really good. You were a little salty with the stars yesterday, but today might go better. We won't know until we get there. That's our order. It's coming. It's coming. It's here! [After the appetizer...] I don't think I'm going to like this. Thank you. [A delicious smelling soup made from garlic and almonds] [It's already cooling so without delay, let's eat!] [What does it taste like?] Oh~ It tastes good. [We might actually see a 5 star review today!] Right? This... It's really good. Everyone is having the same reaction. Right? I was thinking, "How good could the soup possibly be?" [Eating. Eating. And eating. More eating.] [Not even taking a break to breathe] It's really good. [Getting the main course ready] That's ours! [If the soup was that good, I wonder what the main course is like?] Thank you. [Viola~! The main course!] [Fish grilled to yellowy perfection with fried rice and vegetables] [Will it satisfy Sowon's gourmet tastes?] It's not for me. [Too much veggies for Sowon] It smells like grass. I'm going to eat all of the fish. [Sowon's got well-defined tastes] How is it? [Opinion 1: Not as good as the soup] [Opinion 2: Doesn't compare to the soup] I didn't get to finish the soup before they cleared it. Hate you... [And so, Sowon only ate the fish during the main course] [All that's left is the desert] [Traditional Hungarian dessert, palascinta] That's scary! [Flaming chocolate] Is this chocolate? [Thinly prepared wheat cake with chocolate syrup...] [...and finished with a light drizzle of rum] [It's hard to ignore the chocolate burning with a blue flame] Is that really on fire? [Alcohol mixed with chocolate syrup to keep the fire burning] It's like really thin hotteok with really good chocolate on top. They say this is a really famous desert in Hungary. And everyone in Hungary knows about the palacsinta at this restaurant. And everyone in Hungary knows about the palacsinta at this restaurant. [So what does the palacsinta here taste like?] [Wide eyes...!] [We've got a thumbs up!] Wow. [What is this?] [A unique sweet flavor...] Yerin would really like this. Yerin loves chocolate. Now it's time for Sowon to give her star rating. [What rating will Sowon give this restaurant?] It's time for me to rate this restaurant. Out of 5 stars... First, I really liked the soup. I think everyone would agree with me. But it took a long time for the food to come out. And the main course... it wasn't for me. I would say... [6,600 Forints = ~ $26] For the price... 1,5. I don't mean to say it was bad. I think it'd be great for couples who come here to share wine but if you come here for lunch like I did... [A little pricey for regular travelers looking for lunch] Actually, 1,5 is too low. 2,5. [Another cold review from Sowon] I give it, 2,5 stars. Sowon might not have been able to enjoy her first meal in Hungary alone... Sowon might not have been able to enjoy her first meal in Hungary alone... but this has been her first step. Sowon. You're going to be fine on your own, right? [Of course~!]