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I’ve found what I’m looking for. Third, listen to me. Get out and stop treating me like shit Third! I’m sorry, Third. I’m sorry for everything Khai! Khai! Khai! Khai! Third, I’m here to pick you up. Sorry for keeping you waiting. Khai, what happened? Khai! Khai! I just want to say I’m sorry Khai! Khai! Khai! Khai! Can you hear me? Wake up! I’m telling you to wake up! Get up! Khai! I always thought that my bad behavior would desensitize me. I never cried for love. Never sad because of it Never put much efforts into it Because I don’t want to get hurt if it turns out badly My feelings were immune until now when Third has broken everything down Khai, please be okay. Right now, it hurts like hell. Ep.09 Love Triangle Third. Third, don’t go with him. I’m right here. I told you to back off He’s awake. Are you awake, Mr. Khunphol? Do you know that you’ve slept for one day straight? And this time, you’ve come back with a new shield, like Iron Man Don’t look shocked. You just need to wear a cast for one month Also bad are your arms, your back and your head Enough. Khai can you hear us? Yes. Your voice is very dry. I’ll bring you some water. I’m feeling better. Thanks so much. Sawasdee krup What’s up, slugger? You’re awake now. We’ve warned you many times about your bike not to drive too fast. Look at what happened. Oh, Mom, I’m hurt here How about some comforting words instead? How’s Chawee? Totally destroyed I’ve sent it to the garage, though. Don’t you even moan. You’re lucky that it didn’t end up worse I think we need to have a long conversation about this But today, your mom and I will handle some business first We’ll be back to visit you again. Third, please look after him. Thank you for keeping an eye on him for us My pleasure. We’ll be back at 4 PM. Sawasdee krup. Thank you. Bone and I will go out to grab something to eat. You stay here to keep him company. I’ll get some food for you. Say thanks to Third. He’s here with you the whole night The doctor said you may be discharged tomorrow. Thank you for everything. No problem. Third, about last night I… Hold on a second. Hello, P’Un. Khai is awake He could be out tomorrow. Where are you now? Okay. Where? I think it might be a while. You think so? Whatever you think is best. Tell us what happened before Third comes in Bone said you were gonna quit the play. How did you end up having a motorcycle crash instead? I was jealous of Third’s getting close to Un So, I… I kissed Third when he was asleep Khai! Idiot should be your new name Tell us the rest of the story, idiot! Don’t kick a man when he’s down. But it’s for the best. With my current condition, I cannot be on the play And I don’t have to put up with seeing them getting close. Don’t rush to this conclusion yet. Things may not turn out the way you think As far as I’m concerned Third talks to P’Un about work only They went to the movies together. Was that about work, too? They could be getting references for screenwriting I think you two should stop arguing The only way to find out is to check Third, let me borrow your phone to play a game. My phone is dead. Where does this come from? You’ve never borrowed a phone before. I’m just in a mood for playing a game Come on, I want to climb in the rankings. Khai, P’Un called to update that the main actor will need to be changed. With your leg broken, you won’t be able to act. But if you still want to work on the play, you can switch to the sounds department. Shit, Third locks his Line account Let’s ask Khai. He knows. What? What’s the passcode…? He meant the year code of your replacement. Does he come from year 60, 61 or 62? How will he know? They haven’t cast anyone yet. That’s right. That was a stupid question. Third, you’re born on 12th of the month of 07, right? Let me repeat. 12th… I mean 1 2 0 7. Correct. Let’s talk here to keep it on the down-low As far as Facebook is concerned, there’s nothing in the inbox Nothing on Twitter for months. In the Line chat, there are Yongyee, P’Shane and P’Un. 90% of the chat is work-related. Really? Don’t get excited just yet. There’s still the 10% The remaining 10% is about going out for dinner, watching movies and work discussions at the condo. They talk a lot on the phone That’s enough. I think it is clear. What is clear? Bone, you used the wrong chatroom. Shit! Now we’re screwed Third, I asked them to check your phone I wanted to know if you are seeing Un Let’s just come clean. Let’s go. Khai. Third, before you say anything, listen to me My phone was hacked I know nothing about the texts. I’m…I’m sick. You lied like a six-year-old Two and Bone told me everything. You asked them to look at my phone Shit, they saved themselves. You’re no better than them. I did that because I was worried about you I don’t want Un to hurt you You know we’ve done some bad shit to him Thank you for worrying about me But no need for it. I can take care of my own business. You’re right. Here are your clothes. Your mom asked me to give these for you to wear tomorrow. I’ll put them right here. Thanks a lot. I’m leaving now. Third What? I’m sorry for everything. From here on out, I won’t do anything you don’t like. I promise Let’s go home. We should grab something to eat first. My treat. I’m not that confident about the advertising class I found us a tutor. Hope you’re okay with it