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Who did Bantad play the game with? A student named Nattee. Bantad’s GPS has turned back on Who did this to you? P’Dark. Get out! It’s a trap! Can you do it? No. Pass me the answers. What the…? Why didn’t you give me the answers? Teacher told us to do it ourselves. You guys didn’t follow what the teacher said Don't! Otherwise, I'll report this to teachers Go ahead, nerd! It’s no point reporting this My dad can handle it just fine Bad guys like you all will be defeated by goodness Yes, sir Okay, sir. Please send my regards. Where were we? These guys beat me up in the toilet Did you fight back? Yes I did but they started it. Let’s say that this is a trivial school fight I’ll deduct points from all of you But sir… That’s enough. Get back to class now. What did I do wrong? They started it but you deducted my points Have you ever seen a house lizard eating a bug? If that bug can get away, the lizard might starve to death Unfortunately, the bug can't getaway It is eaten by the lizard and that lizard lives on It’s a natural cycle. There’s no room for real justice in this world. Power. Power is the only justice you have Remember that. Title, you asshole Why are you doing this? Are you mad at me about Orange? Hey! Catch them. Hands behind your back! What are you waiting for? Move! You did well. I did what we agreed on. Don’t forget your word I won’t forget. There’s one more thing you need to do So Title really likes Orange? Probably. It’s not just that, I think. Title might be dumb but he is not dumb enough to do this to steal a friend’s girl Camp once suspected that there was a God’s Hand in our group I just didn’t think it was him. Let me ask you this Why the fuck are you doing this? What do you want from us? Miracle is superb if you use it in the right amount Do you know what will happen if you use it more than one liter? Overdose You will have a severe seizure like the last time you used it Do you want to inject it in your blood instead? It gives you a better effect You’ll be so nervous and restless. A headache and hallucination will come after that. What are you doing? Give you lots of Miracle and turn you in to the police. Either jail or juvie will be your new home Before we go to that. Do you see this? The biggest lot of Miracle being transported into school. Everything you did you just fell right into my trap. Title, why are you doing this? You said you loved this school. Then what is this? Answer me! You can still turn back. Don’t let them do this to you. You guys get on my nerves! Just tell me what you want me to do. Feed them Miracle. The more drastic formula is being transferred here When they arrive you will be the one to feed them Your job will be over and you will be free Easy job, isn’t it? I’ll be on my way now. Miss Jin. You don’t have to fight this alone anymore I will help you I promise That’s okay Listening to what I need to say is good enough You don’t need to do more. No. I can’t just stand by after what I heard about the principal I hate him even more now. Hate? What is going on between you guys? He is the reason I lost someone I loved. I’m not going to let him walk free. Traffic and friends are missing the exams They are all gone.