Eng Sub BuQUEST of ITZY EP01 FULLENG SUB I 부퀘스트 I 있지

[Would you like to create an alternate character?] [Bu:QUEST] [A day in July with the strong sunshine] [Who’s the second guest who will make this summer super cool?] - It’s a vacation! - We’re going on a vacation! Let’s get it. [Shout out MIDZY! ITZY is coming] [We followed the COVID-19 safety regulations while filming] We got here! Wow, there’s a drone! [ITZY has entered Bu:QUEST.] [Everyone’s role models with various attractions!] [Their charm is DALLA DALLA~] [They came to conquer Bu:QUEST with ICY charm] ITZY in Namiseom~ ITZY in Gapyeong~ ITZY in Chuncheon~ [The weather is so nice too] I know it’s [because ITZY came] morning but the weather is so... [(Welcome, beautiful ITZY~)] The weather is beautiful. I think it's just passed 8. It’s the first trip in Korea with all of us, right? Right. [Can’t wait for ITZY’s first trip in Korea!] I’m excited. I think this is the first thing that attracts me. Zip-wire? [You can’t miss this water activity when it comes to summer!] YEJI likes activities, right? [Gapyeong is full of cool activities] [ITZY’s Bu:QUEST in Gapyeong the heaven of activities] [Where is ITZY’s real destination out of these?] What do you think we will be doing here today? [It’s Gapyeong] Activities? But... there’re some of us who are scared to ride on those activities [Don’t worry] [We don’t force you to do something] Of course, we’re not forced to ride on something scary [Do what you wanna do, ITZY~] but we can do something new [We've prepared various new experiences!] which is not scary like that here. So I've prepared something! [That’s sudden] - Woo~ You've prepared something. - What have you prepared? I've prepared mission cards. [QUEST cards] I've prepared mission cards. [(Well prepared! BAAAAAAM)] [Proud] This is the youngest’s big plan~ Guys, I've prepared mission cards for ITZY and Gapyeong~ [(Tossing to the leader YEJI)] I think it’ll be nice if the leader reads it for us. Ah, thank you~ It’s my honor~ [What does it say on the exciting card?] - The mission card~ - The youngest ㅗㅁㄴ prepared~ I’m excited~ [Got the card] Mission card! Wow~ [No ways] Did YUNA rent a pool or something? [The secret is about to be released!] I will read it, guys. Invitation to ITZY world~ [Invitation to ITZY world] Welcome to ITZY World. The world’s prettiest girls! Welcome to All in us ITZY world! Get a ship on a dock and enter ITZY world to find the quest box that looks like the picture down below! [Excited] - This looks like a treasure box or something! - Is it a treasure hunt~? It’s something like you can see on a treasure island... [(=which means there won’t be a treasure)] But there’s no key! We just need to find this. [Let’s see what’s in there!] We just have to go and open it. Shall we go to the dock, then? [Going to the dock together~] [ITZY world] [It’s not a Namiseom but ITZY world today] I rented a ship for you today. [Rented the whole island for ITZY~] I flexed for you. Oh, did you rent the ship? I rented the dock. Oh, did you? Can we do that, today? Today’s slogan! [Pretties’ making a surprise slogan.] What should we choose for today’s slogan? Shall we make a cheering slogan? What should we do? - Shall we make it Flex? - Let’s make it Flex. [Flex is great] ITZY! Flex~ Great! [(It’s)(catchy)] If someone says ITZY then [They made a perfect slogan really quickly] we all have to say ‘Flex’, no exception. ITZY! Flex~ [Let’s get you alternate characters, too!] It’s been so long since I’ve been on a ship! [The view makes them wanna take pictures] I wanna take pictures! [Queen-tographer MIDZY is taking pictures, too] It’s pretty. [They're on the cool second floor and leaving!] We are leaving! [What will ITZY world waiting for ITZY across the river look like?] [(They’re singing a song automatically)] [They’re already so excited~] I’m so happy. It’s like a trip. [The weather, temperature, humidity... Everything is perfect!] The weather is the bomb. [The youngest is excited] [They got to the ITZY world’s dock already] [Taking the last selfie before getting off!] One, two, three! [#On_the_way_to_ITZY_world #Excited_and_happy_ITZY] Let’s get off. Welcome to Namiseom! We’re on Namiseom~ [Let’s go to ITZY world~] [ITZY has entered ITZY world.] [Would you like to create an alternate character for Bu:QUEST?] [The quest box from the picture!] We found it. Is that? [You made it at the first attempt!] The thing we only saw in the picture?! [Curious] - Wow, it looks exactly the same as the picture by the way. - Is that? We got to the dock [(What’s inside it?)] and there is the quest box. Shall we open it dramatically? Great. Then make the music dramatic, please. Bambam bambam~ [Opening heroically] [What is in the quest box?!] Bu:QUEST. - There's another one. - It's 2 pages, huh? Bu:QUEST Start! The original character is already at the highest level! [(Ah, I'm shy)] We didn't know either~ It's the alternate character Generation~ The Bu:QUEST journey that will awaken your internal alternate character will begin! Bu:Quest journey~ To those who clear each quest will get an alternate character. The final (star) boss who gets the most alternate characters will get the Bu:QUEST's special and limited award for the only one! [Only one person can become the final boss!] Just one out of five? I guess so. It's a boss. [Before the quest starts] Do you know what an alternate character is? [Confessing] I've just heard about it today... I mean, this friend was misunderstanding. [At the dock a while a go] Isn't it the bouquet? The flower, bouquet? [Chaeryeong imagined the flower bouquet. lol] So, the person who gets the bouquet.. So, why... what.. [(It could happen) (What's going on..)] You'll get it slowly as you do it. [The alternate character that Chaeryeong was thinking is] What did you think it was? [the flower that you throw at the wedding] [= bouquet] Oh~ Congrats~ [Then, what's the alternate character that ITZY will get?] I thought it was that bouquet until now. AC is a shortened form of alternate character. "Ju" is main, and "Bu" from sub or alternate. - Main and sub. - I was even reading it, [Lee Chaeryeong / don't know what alternate character is and came for a bouquet game] but I thought it was the bouquet. [(My Chaeryeong... can she do this?)] That's possible! [Chaeryeong who sounds off the wall already~] [will show an oddball-ish charm soon.] [The goofy and lively cotton's long journey of finding alternate character!] Ready, go! Like this. [MIDZY, are you looking forward to ITZY~?] So, we'll earn alternate character. Do you have an alternate character that you want? - I do! - A pretty character! But, you're the highest level for that already. [Chaeryeong, you~ give me heart attack] Isn't that the main character? [The highest level in beauty, YUNA's active role! Spoiling now.] [Commonly acknowledged as a Beautiful Girl] [ITZY has the sense of humor above beauty~] Beauty is my weapon~ [YUNA's charm that makes the camera to shutter] Fresh ITZY~ [Opening her confident no-makeup face.] When I think of alternate character I think of the highest level, too. [Hehe] But, I'm the highest level already~ [Active volcano exploded] [hard to help my roommate's acting cute] Then, you can't participate in the game! [You'll try that hard if we tell you to] [#Fairy_of_games (nope)] [#King_of_competitive_spirit (yes)] [Please look forward to YEJI's sense of humor.] [But the reality is 'don't know humor.'] She can't participate. [YEJI, you can find the alternate character early, right?] - Thank you! - I can't participate because I'm too perfect. [ITZY reacting to this.] Bye! [What's the alternate character that you wanted, Ryujin?] [01's recommendation] Brain! Wise brain! That's the basic~ [Glare of penetrating the quest] I only can't touch it with my hand? [Game maker who is leading the game] [Overwhelming reflex of Ryujin] [Ryu-ddang's taking over Bu:QUEST!] Wow, Ryujin. This is for you. [And, there was a peaceful herbivore alone~] Lia is not competitive. [Lia, the sloth.] [There's one hidden, big shot of ITZY!] Ah, wait a sec. [Silently keep going, and suddenly popping with the technique!] [Human Aesop's Fables Lia's Alternate Character Finding Story. Coming soon!] Fiinally, the first quest is right here. Drum roll please! Start~ Doo-goo-doo-goo~ The first quest: MIDZY rescue team. ITZY can do anything for MIDZY~ [Script: (Marine Corps assistant style) Can you do it!?!!!] Can you ..do it... Are you ready... [(What was that. lol] [Learned army acting by words] [Unbelievable script interpretation ability] That's really what it says, huh? [(Huh) (Hm) (I'll show you)] You have to be confident. Show us, YUNA. Can you do it!!!!! I can do it!!!! [Chewing the script, Queen YUNA's acting.] You need to do it like this! You can't read it like "Unnie, can you do it..." [(Again, go)] You have to speak louder so that we could say "I can do it!!!" [2nd try of Lia] Can you do anything for ITZY and MIDZY... [(We're ready!)] Can you. [Again] Are you ready!! We are!!! Save MIDZY by completing the rough path. The first member who finishes will get the MIDZY rescue team alternate character. Hey, would you create the MIDZY rescue team alternate character? YES! Location of the first quest is where the ITZY boat will take you. Are you ready, ITZY? ITZY! [ITZY accepted the quest to save MIDZY.] [Throbbing] [ITZY, getting on the boat ITZY] Wow! I feel like we're going fishing. [Just happy even if we don't know the destination~] It's my first time getting on this kind of boat~ [Just happy even if we don't know the destination~] [Where would ITZY's ship be taking them?] You're going to drive it, huh? We'll be back~ [MIDZY, wait for a while~] to save MIDZY~ [Vroom vroom] [Starting the engine in ITZY's hearts too] [Woah] [Sailing towards our MIDZYs!] Wow!!!! [The thrill is real even when it's just the beginning haha] [So exciting] [The one that was worrying for the cowardly friends at the opening] Mom!!! [ITZY's ship is sailing across the cooling waves~] [Go go] [The view is so magnificent that it makes us feel refreshed just by looking at it] It's so good~ [They're headed to MIDZYs by sailing across the blue waves] [Feeling great] [Director ITZY personally filmed this footage] [ITZY is having a good time along with the good view] [Race in daylight that got rid of all their stress] [Speeding up] [Getting more hyped] [Waving waving] They've gone mad at the back! [They are flexing months worth of laughter] [Shaky shaky] [It's impossible to get any more hyped than this~] Hello~ [Greeting the boat passing by her] No one's saying hi. [Doesn't matter] Please listen to WANNABE a lot~ [Taking the chance to promote! / Full level ITZY's main character is now heading to find their alternate character!!] [Bu:QUEST / Would you like to create an alternate character?] [Where did ITZY end up as their first quest destination?] [The green and spacious grass field that's as large as the blue sky] Wow~ Let's get our picnic mats down but.. We are on a picnic for a while.. [What would be the quest for MIDZY rescue team to undertake here?] Ah it's so good~ We are the MIDZY rescue team~ [Prepared candidates of MIDZY rescue team] We have received our mission. We have received the mission to save our MIDZYs. Wow the timing is so great, the sun's just come back up~ Sunshine~ It's such a good weather to be rescuing MIDZYs. [Rule for MIDZY rescue team!] These are the rules for MIDZY rescue team. [MIDZY rescue team / It's a rigorous(?) rescue mission consisting of 3 rounds] [Round 1 Rule / Run with the parachute on your back and pick the shoes to be worn for the next round] [Round 2 Rule / Equipped with the parachute and the chosen shoes, run and get the glasses to be worn for the next round] [Round 3 Rule / Equipped with the parachute, shoes and glasses, the member that runs to rescue MIDZY first wins the match] [Bu:QUEST / Would you like to create an alternate character?] [Before the game / Revealing the shoes that are supposed to be picked in round 1] [A total of 5 pairs / It'll be fun to make a choice among these~] [Acupressure slippers / Blood circulation +1 Swelling -1 Comfort -100] Acupressure slippers.. - Wow, what should we do about the acupressure slippers? - What to do with the acupressure slippers? [Fish slippers / Fishy smell 0 Uniqueness +1 Comfort +50] Wow, where did you get this one? It's so cool. [Flippers / Speed -100] [Clown shoes] [Shark shoes / Cuteness + 5.5 trillion] I want the shark one. - I want the shark too! - The shark one looks the best. [For now / The shark slippers are the most popular option] - This may be better! - I think this one would be the best one out of all! [Reserving this one] It's a mega sized foot! I think the acupressure slippers would be the most tiring one to wear. No, you can hold out the pain! This one would be the worst, flippers. [It's such an amazing visual hahaha] It feels like my feet would stink. [Even while wearing these] MIDZY! We will save you guys, we can do it! [Just trust us] [Bu:QUEST / Would you like to create an alternate character?] [Lane 1, with feather-like speed, Chaeryeong] Lane 1, Chaeryeong! [Lane 2, baby wolf fighter, YEJI] Lane 2, YEJI! [Caw caw] [It seems like a bad omen...] - The crow is crying. - The crow is crying. [Not affected by it at all / Lane 3, the trend-setter! Ryujin] Lane 3, Ryujin! [Irresistible urge to act out a scene] [Lane 4, the energizer of the team, youngest member, YUNA] Lane 4, YUNA! [Lane 5, Chikorita-like, Lia] Lane 5, Lia! [ITZY is all ready to begin!] [Who would be the member to ace the first round?] Everyone, don't risk your lives for this! Everyone, don't risk your lives for this! But don't step on the line! [They are filled with the desire to win, all from the first round] Don't step on the line! [So much tension] I'm so nervous. [Giving their best spurt] [The leading members are dashing forward from the beginning] [And...] [There's the tortoise Lia] Mom!! [It's a close fight for the first place] [What would be the result of this interesting game?] [The rabbit line arrived first / The tortoise line has fallen back] [What has happened;;;] [Amidst the mess...] [Ryujin, at the first place, gets the shark slippers] [A close fight among the second to fourth places] [YEJIi picks the acupressure slippers] How can that be possible! [Then vanishes] [Hwang YEJI / Leader of ITZY / Just saying, she's not lying on the ground right now] [Meanwhile, our youngest YUNA is boasting her strength to our feather-like Chaeryeong] Wait! How is using force allowed in the game! Wait!! [Thanks to you guys, I'm shopping for shoes comfortably~] [Gotcha] Everyone, you shouldn't be greedy like them~ [The scene where the greedy ones are fighting] YUNA is snatching it away by force! [Look at her] I got it first.. - Woo!! (=This is mine!!) - She's snatching it by force!! [Attempting to negotiate?] Then! Why! I'm the one that got it first! [YUNA failed deceiving Chaeryeong] [Ryujin suggests a VAR] Ah! We'll go for a VAR. [Result / They reached at a similar timing, but Chaeryeong caught it first] [YUNA tried to steal it away a little after that] [Following the verdict / The fish slippers go to Chaeryeong!] I'm left with the flippers! [YUNA ended up having to run in flippers haha] [Teasing their youngest member 1] Who knows, this might pose a hidden difficulty. [Teasing their youngest member 2] You should just swim across. Just swim. Yeah~ [Will I be able to do it?] Wow Lia took that one! Wow Lia, really! [Power confidence] Hey! What really~ [Peace will come when you're not greedy - Tortoise Lia Choi-] A person shouldn't get too greedy~ But why did she take the acupressure slippers? No! Lee Chaeryeong... (complaining) I got a hold of that but she pushed me away with her body (complaining) [YEJI's change of targets / Fish slippers - All's good except the flippers - Acupressure slippers] I took this because I wanted to avoid the flippers.. [Anger] It's because of you!! [The competitive mindset Chaeryeong didn't know was inside her] I was surprised at myself too, while I was running. Hey wait! Everyone, y'all said that you wouldn't be risking your lives for this! Don't risk your life for this! [Everyone said that they were going to go easy] Don't risk your life for it. [An excessive greed leads to an expensive camera falling] [and also leads to the member's falling on the ground] Wait!! [Go easy Plz] All of you said that you would be taking this easy!! [Awkward] [Happy Squirtle] I was really relaxed~ [It was sad at the start, but Lia got relaxed towards the end~] [MIDZY! Please remember the lesson that the Squirtle Lia taught us (wink)] I should have just walked my way here! No, I was really.. [Continuing to round 2] It's been years since I ran. [Bu:QUEST / Would you like to create an alternate character?] [ITZY is equipping themselves with the items they have won.] [Blood circulation +1] [Blood circulation +2] [YEJI's blood circulation has gotten better] Everyone, what completes a fashion is [Ryujin just completed her cute baby shark look!] [YUNA ※Warning, she isn't crying ※ I can do it..] Huh? Is this sort of a color coding? With your knitwear at the top? [#This_is_the] Yes! [#Fashion_road_to_tone-on-tone] Tone-on-tone fashion is trending! [But here's where the true fashionista is] [Having the relaxing time to find what's left and right] Which one is left and which one is right? [Let's have a speedy game please] You're taking too long to wear your shoes! [Please don't rush, and give me a minute~] [Fashionista Lia's 2021 S/S seasonal item preview] [#Clown_shoes #Because_I_know_fashion_well] [Suiting the clown shoes too, this is Lia Magic] [Bu:QUEST / Would you like to create an alternate character?] [Round 2 that determines what glasses they would be wearing] We're picking the glasses now, huh? [Rabbit glasses / Cuteness +500] [Flex sunglasses / Hip +100 Swag +100] [And these 3 abstract glasses...] [Round 2 is where they can obtain the key item for the last round] [How would ITZY's destiny be in this game?] [I thought they were going easy;;;; What is this tense atmosphere;;;;;] [Right from the start, there are moaning sounds everywhere] [It's from Ryujin as her shoes came off] Wait! Wait a minute!! [Potential last place candidate / YUNA is running well in her flippers] [YEJI, +100 for her blood circulation.] [Feather-like speed / Chaeryeong is emerging as the fastest runner!] [Right behind that, our Squirtle Lia is surprisingly doing well!] [Current rank / First place / Second place] Yay, I'm the second!!!!! [Reached first, just as we expected] Go forward Lee Chaeryeong!! [After much consideration] [Picks the rabbit glasses] This one! [Lia picks the Flex sunglasses] [Our potential winner, Ryujin, came in last] Hey!! This!! It's slippery.. [YUNA with flippers vs / Ryujin in shark slippers] Don't go!!!!! [In the end.. Their fight...] [YUNA has used her wrestling skill.] [My feet hurt so much~] [And one that's only caring about her fashion right now] [ITZY World is peaceful as always] What is this acupressure thing!! [Ryujin escaped from YUNA] [Got the hopeless glasses] [Welcome~ The Santa sunglasses are waiting for YUNA] That's what's left here, huh? [YEJI is amused at the acupressure slipper's effects.] [Out of breath] [TIME to catch their breaths] Why is Lia being so precise? [Regardless of any situation, I can never give up on my fashion~] [Because... I'm precious -Fashionista Lia Choi-] I was thinking to myself "Will Lia be able to play properly.." before the game started The irony of fate... [Fashionista Swag] I thought you would come in last! [MIDZY come here] [ITZY CAM is / An affectionate zone made by Bu:QUEST for ITZY to show their love for MIDZYs] My MIDZY~ Do I look fine? I told you guys! That I would be the one saving you~ Everyone would have expected me to be in the last place but I tried my best (for MIDZY)! I came in the second! I'll go and save you guys. [MIDZY, please wait for me right there!] Just wait for a while~ [To. Ryujin] Why did you come in so late? What ~~ [That's because of her shark slippers] Why are you so late? This is not number 1. [Meanwhile / What's with the glasses that YEJI picked?] Wow~ I'm so sorry, but I really can't see anything through it! [Magic item that divides your eyesight into 8 different directions] It's showing me about 8 different lanes! That's the point! [My glasses] Lia! [Class] There are 4 of you! [In YEJI's sight] There are 4 of you right now! Where do I have to go to? [YUNA is celebrating Christmas in July by herself] [But she's still cute] [Looking at it] I think I'll be the one taking the first alternate character~ [Ha] The results aren't out yet.. but I think I'll emerge as the winner! [Same] I think she's going to win! [Counting chickens before they're hatched] - What to do~~ - I really think she's going to end up in the first place. [Who are you....] [Sulking] The one at the last place has no choice but to end up last in the end as well! I'll be playing safe from now. [I'm Shin Ryujin / Even with these glasses, I can't give up on ITZY CAM...] [Bu:QUEST / Would you like to create an alternate character?] [MIDZY rescue quest happening in ITZY World] [The last round, round 3 determines who would be getting the alternate character!] [Who would be the member that would be saving the MIDZYs?!] [Just trust us ITZY, MIDZYs] [They're preparing for the last match amidst the tense atmosphere] [One step] Hey! You! You! You! [Our cotton is spurting right from the start] Lee Chaeryeong!! [MIDZYs, wait for me / Chaeryeong is on the way!!] Lee Chaeryeong!! [Everyone is giving their best to run!] [YEJI... Please just reach the end uninjured...] [Look at her still maintaining that SWAG~] [Once-a-Squirtle is chasing Chaeryeong right behind her tail] Lee Chaeryeong, fall down! Lee Chaeryeong, fall down! [Love-Lia is sending her love message to Chaeryeong.] Lee Chaeryeong, fall down! Lee Chaeryeong, fall down! [But / Without surprise, Chaeryeong finishes as the first place!] [MIDZY you knew this was going to happen, right?] You knew this would happen, right? [MIDZY] I told you! I saved you! [She can't get the results yet because she can't see anything] Everyone... They look so happy... [MIDZY~ I saved our MIDZYs!] [I really gave my best thinking that this was really our MIDZY.] That's how I attained the first alternate character! Thank you~~ [Chaeryeong's driving force] MIDZY, thank you for everything~ [Chaeryeong has to name the first alternate character!] You have to name it. Ah! My alternate character? Have you thought of any names in particular? [Thinking about it] I got the first place for the physical component. Yes! It may seem pretty irrelevent to my stamina but I'll just think that I'm the top at it and I'll name it 'Gae-bok-chael'. [What is the correlation between stamina and gae-bok-chi (sunfish)?] It suits the character! [Anyway, Chaeryeong creates a alternate character named Gae-bok-chael.] Thank you~ [Assessing the gift for her alternate character Gae-bok-chael] I hope that it would be a set of utensils! [Utensils out of nowhere hahaha] - Suddenly? - Utensils out of nowhere? [First alternate character / What would be the prize for MIDZY rescue team?] I'm so curious! - Huh? - Huh? - Huh? - Huh? Yay!! Wow!!! [There are so many things they want to say right now, but they're keeping it to themselves for now] It's pretty!! - It's so pretty!! - Not bad! [Revealing the prize for MIDZY rescue team] [A pair of sunglasses for them to spot MIDZYs even under the blazing sun] [A name tag with her sub-character's name proudly written out] Wow I think this is a name tag~ [And] Wow~ It became Gae-bok-chael. Wow really, it's her alternate character! Oh! What matters.. [A life vest that can save MIDZYs from the water] Pass it to Chaeryeong now. [There are so many things they want to say right now, but they're keeping it to themselves for now 222] Wow. [You can do it, Gae-bok-chael! You have to be wearing this for the least to be saving our MIDZYs!] It's really a true rescue team. [Gae-bok-chael / First alternate character / Pretty submissive to the reality] - Is that so~ - You should bring up its level~ [Aww our Chaeryeong is doing it so well] Oh~ you're looking good. Of course~ I look good with red. [Finishing touch / Putting the sunglasses on] Wow! You'll look really cool if you wear that. [Gae-bok-chael, complete] [Alternate character License License number: 20-0707-01 License type: MIDZY rescue team Alternate character name: Gae-bok-chael Reason for obtaining license: The license is presented to recognize your outstanding stamina and the willingness to save MIDZY at all times from any dangers Date of Issuance: 2020. 07. 07] [Focus MIDZY! Revealing the hint for the next quest] Alright! What is our next alternate character? [Second quest / God of Music] The keyword for the second quest is 'God of Music'] God of Music? [What's the God of Music quest that's waiting for ITZY?] Wouldn't it be like guessing a song or something? [If you're curious, stay tuned for the next episode too] That would be great~ I think I'll be good at guessing songs, right..?