Eng Sub BuQUEST of ITZY EP02 FULL I 부퀘스트 I 있지

[Would you like to create an sub character?] [Bu:QUEST] [This is ITZY WORLD, where you feel refreshed just by looking at it] [Where is this place nestled in the green forest?] This is.. [ITZY has entered a secret place] Let's go!x3 [Filmed in compliance with the national prevention of COVID-19] - Let's go let's go~ - World Folk Musical Instrument Exhibition Hall! [Full of expectation] I think there are a lot of instruments, here we.. [Hong Jin Ryu International Folk Musical Instruments Exhibition Center - An exhibition hall where you can meet the world's national musical instruments collected and restored by Ryu Hong Jin, a musician and instrument researcher from China] - look at instruments. - Wow! [ITZY has entered the world musical instruments exhibition center~] [Kim Jong-Kyoon - Curator] This is an international folk musical instruments exhibition center so it has a lot of instruments from all over the world. I will briefly give you some introduction and then we'll have time to experience the instruments. - Okay~ - Then I will first give you an introduction on the instruments. Thank you~ [Heart beating] - Please take good care of us~ - But there are some that are very common to the eye - and some that I'm seeing for the first time - It's pretty. [A traditional string instrument Bipa] Oh? I saw this, Bipa! [Bipa - a string instrument that is used in Korea, China, Japan and more] Yes these 2 instruments are what we call Bipa [Rhyme YUNA] Bipa looks like a guitar. [Our youngest is so cute] Oh? Violin! [Nope] This is called Morin Khurr [Morin Khurr - a folk string instrument from Mongol that has a meaning of being similar to the head of a 'horse'] Just like its name, it's a string instrument that looks like a horse's head. [Pretty ITZY being interested in all the new instruments] These are all new to me.. [Then an appearance of a common instrument?!] - You all know that this instrument at the front is Djembe, right? - Djembe! [It's fun when you see things that you know!] It's nice to see something that I know. This is an instrument called Gogh. [Director Chaeryeong still working hard with her project / working hard] This instrument originated in Persia and became a harp in the West. [MIDZYs you are watching right~~] It became a Gogh when it came to the East. We also call this instrument Guqin because of the 7 old gold strings. [The shooting director says thanks +1] The reason this instrument is so famous is because a Confucius that we all know very well [Guqin - famous as a musical instrument enjoyed by Confucius, the founder of Confucianism] was the master of this instrument. [Observing is done] - Then let's go experience the instruments.. - We would like that so much~ [So excited] - I love this. - Experience! [Dong! Dong!] [ITZY experiencing folk instruments with proper attire] - This is what Shim Chong.. - We will sing for you! Aigoo~~ [Water sound] This is nice. [Rain stick - a percussion instrument named Rain stick because it sounds like rain] [Tingsha (Tibet bell)] Wow the sound is so pretty. [Enthusiast Chaeryeong] [By playing a lot of different folk instruments] Do that too, quickly. [WANNABE instincts are coming over the pretty ITZY~] [And so created..] [ITZY - WANNABE (folk instruments .ver)] [Teacher starting off with the Calabash plate] [Ryujin playing the Kalimba with her fast fingers] It's pretty good, right? [Filler words NO.1 Little Lia] [Rain stick YEJI controlling the sound of the rain] [Tingsha YUNA creating a light sound] [Old style / It's pretty...nice??!!!!] [Working very hard] [Passionate Chaeryeong drumming the Cajon] [Full of / passion] [We are ITZY creating harmony with our own instruments] [Oh no!] [Lia going strong!!] [Good good~ ITZY being perfect with anything~] [Group singing] [Let's go] [Chaos] [Lia laughing because of the off beat] The beat became different! [Power singing] [End of WANNABE (folk instruments .ver) concert that you can see only in Bu:QUEST] [The weather in ITZY WORLD is bright again today~] - The sun is right in the middle~ - That's right~ [Pretty ITZY going to their second quest] The sun is in the middle. [Let's go Let's go] That's a quest, a quest. That's a quest box. ITZY's second quest has started. [Gathering around] - It looks valuable. - Wow it's warm! It's warm. It's warm. So second quest is the god of music. - Ba-bam! - Ba-bam! ITZY who has the singing ability! Visual! And performance! ITZY's tension is DALLA(different)~ DALLA(different)~ Through a race that consists of rounds related to music please show us your extraordinary groovy ITZY moments. [Understood!] The member who finishes all missions the fastest gets to receive the 'God of Music' sub character. Do you want to create a 'God of Music' sub character? ITZY has accepted the God of Music quest. [A game that consists of 4 rounds] God of Music racing rule First is dance round. Roll the dice to place a pedometer on selected body parts and achieve 100 times. Second is wrap round. Using either hands or feet to rip the wrap. Third is the lung capacity round. Pop the balloon by blowing into it. Fourth is an absolute pitch round. Play 'ding dong dang dong' on the xylophone after turning around 10 times with an elephant nose. Game will proceed person by person and the one that finishes all 4 rounds the fastest becomes the winner. [But then..(serious)] Then.. [Pardon?] [Pardon?] [Pardon?2] [The biggest difficulty] How do we decide who goes first? By age? [LOL] No, then! Since this is God of Music, [Solomon YEJI] Let's go up the octaves and whoever wins will decide who goes when. - Oh, to the highest note.. - Are all four of us competing? - We're going to have a high pitch competition, and whoever takes the first place decides who goes when. - Okay! [Game to decide the order 'ITZY's Octave Battle'] Let's start. [YEJI is going first in this battle. START!] Do~ Re~ [Confident] Mi~ Fa~ Sol~ [Everyone's going easy so far in 'Octave Battle'.] [Suddenly they're into higher range.] - Re~ - Mi~ Fa~ Sol~ La~ [I can't give up.] - Ti~ - Do~ Re~ Mi~ [The oldest and the youngest have submitted objection to Chaeryeong's high note challenge.] - Wait. Is this okay? - It sounds similar. - One more time - One more time - This is a little vague. - Mi~ [Pass] Faha! [Started strong but did not end the same] - Fail. - No way! [Octave Battle 1R Faha YUNA is out] Then let's go down to low notes from this side. - Low notes? - Yeah. - From Chaeryeong? - From Chaeryeong. Do~ Ti~ La~ Sol~ [Air 100%] Fa~ - Did the mic get this? - Come here, sis. [Octave Battle 2R Half Air Half Sound Chaeryeong is out] [3rd Round is back to high pitch battle!] [YEJI & Lia & Ryujin's Soprano Challenge.mp4] [Fingertip 111111] [Fingertip 222222] [Finger 333333] [She's not screaming.] Sol! [Everyone laughs.] This is so funny! [I'm not going to lose.] Do! Re! [Cold-hearted] Fail. [Octave Battle 3R Head Voice Lia is out] [Deciding on the last round game] - Okay, now you two battle. - High notes? Low notes? I think it's low notes this time. Low notes? [YUNA & Chaeryeong are sinking into high note repetition swamp.] [High note +1] Sol! [Fire +2] La! [High note +3 / Fire +4] Why are you moving your body? [High note +5] [Fire +6] [High note +7] [YUNA and Chaeryeong's octave appealing session has ended.] - I'm good at low notes.. - I'm good at high notes.. [YEJI & Ryujin's finals (Who is the Queen of low notes?)] [Starts off firing high level low notes] La~ [This is a must watch at the first row of my home theater.] They're making funny faces! Look at her face, the expression. [Examining low note's pulse] La~ [Boundary] Sol~ Fa... - Your la and fa sound the same! - This is a disaster.. [A short comparison time] La... Fa... [Same note different word] La and fa sound the same! - This is a disaster. - Okay, one more time!x2 You can do it. You can do it. Fa. Fa. [LOL] This is a disaster.. [The passionate YEJI has fallen into a disaster during low note battle.] Her desire to win though. [Congratulations to the Octave Battle Winner Ryujin] - You're the first place, right? - I'm first. Tell us the order. [Excited] YUNE goes first. [YUNA will be the first to challenge 'God of Music' race.] - Okay~ - Then I'm going last. [YEJI will be the second to challenge 'God of Music' race.] - Then you go second. - I knew it. [After Ryujin picked the order to her will!!] - 3, 4. - Okay. [Finally! At last! 'God of Music' quest begins.] [YUNA let's go / Nervous] [YUNA - 'God of Music' Race No.1 Player] [YUNA Let's go!] Let's go! You can do it! - Okay. - What did she do? [Confused] What did she do? I think she smashed the brick. [Full of will just from simulation] I'll do it! Start! [Which word will the dice show?] [1R: Dance god - Attach pedometer to the part of the body where dice shows and dance until it counts to 100 to pass.] [Attach pedometer on the head and reach 100!] Head! I think the god of entertainment is helping her. [Shaking shaking] She's so cute! [Jump jump / Run to number 100.] [In a mess] - YUNA, check the number. - Check it! - Huh? - Check the number. If it's reaching 100. Oh, 103 counts! - Huh? - Wow, already? [2R: Wrap god - Use either hand or foot to go through the wrap to pass.] [YUNA fails at first try.] [Why can't I do this?] [Entertaining / Analyzing] [Change in plan / U-turn U-na targets different part of the wrap.] [Jump +1 +2 +3] Wow, this is harder than I thought. [Finishes the 2nd round in short time!] [Hurries] [3R: God of lung capacity - Blow the balloon until it blows up to pass.] Pink! She had to pick pink. [I'm tough, therefore I am. - Pink balloon] [Blowing air into cheeks?] [The lonely fight begins.] This is so funny. - She's so cute. - That balloon must be really tough. [Full] So cute. - They must have brought really tough balloons. - So cute! [The air is finally getting into YUNA's pink balloon!] [It's getting bigger] Why does it seem like YUNA is getting smaller as the balloon is getting bigger? Because YUNA is blowing her life into it. [Now she just has to tie it up and blow it up..] You should tie it up now. I can't tie it! Oh, she's at the crisis. [I am tough2222 - the balloon won't get tied up easily.] Ah, I can't tie this.. [No no I'm stronger.] You tied it well. [Those who were watching probably felt more nervous than she did.] [Pressure] [Bounce +1 +2 / YUNA tries to break the balloon by punching.] [She blew it up with her knee!!] [The sound scared me.] [4R God of perfect pitch - 10 elephant nose turns and play 'Ding Dong Dang Dong' on xylophone to pass] [Excuse me?] Elephant!x2 Elephant nose!x2 10 reps!x3 [Oh, right..] [The counter ITZY / Helpers] 1 2 3 4 5, 6. It's almost 2 minutes! [Where are you going, YUNA...?] 7, 8, 9, 10. [Dance and wobbles] Gah, the world goes round~ [Objects are further than they appear] [She finally gets it!] [Ding dong dang dong!] [The race for 'Goddess of Music', No. 1 YUNA got 2 min 15 secs!] [Ragged] Ooh, you were quite fast. [The youngest member who is worn out commented with good wills to others] I hope your hair gets stuck somewhere. [Determined YEJI / The race for God of Music, No. 2] I think YEJI would pull it off. [Full of confidence] - Maybe I can pull it off within 2 minutes. - Oh, please. [YEJI just declared a competition] I think I can beat YUNA with ease. Let me beat YUNA. Why aren't you cheering? [Thrown off] You didn't say you're about to go. [Pointing out] You! Lia! [Calmly] I'll cheer if you say you're going. [Really?] Here I go~ [The crammed cheering] Go, YEJI! Ready, go. [YEJI the leader takes on the challenge with cheering on her back!] [Stick pedometer on your shoulder and count 100!] Shoulder! [Jumps right in] [Just shake it] Ooh, she knows her stuff, eh? She's relaxed~ [Please do not interrupt] No, not here. [The guest passing by asked her to dance the shoulder moves] Show them some shoulder movement. [Accepted] Shoulder part? But the time... [Where'd the pedometer go to?] [Just few seconds before] [She exchanged pedometer with her dance] [Picks it up] [She is still on round 1, but the time is ticking to 44 seconds!] - 44 seconds passed! - I think I'll beat her. [YEJI focuses] 90! 103! [Finally she exceeded 100!] [Rip! Rip!] [She boldly challenges to tear the wrap!] [Multi-YEJI / She cracked the frame instead of tearing the wrap] - Did she tear it? - No, not the film. [YEJI the fighter goes to the next round] This round is tough. [Is it?] This round is tough. [Nope, easy] [Here comes a monster with the big respiratory system] Her lung capacity is amazing. Didn't you hear her on the stage? She is the loud one of the team. [I'm the leader of ITZY... My lung capacity is on another level] [She completed the balloon already] I'll at least beat YUNA! So it was me who's slow... [Using her whole body] [Going into the final round!] - She's scary! - 10 spins! [Round and round] 1, 2 [She... is good] [Wakes up!] [Does she succeed?] [Ding dong daero dong?] [Expects / Did I win?] - You got the notes wrong! - No? [Ding dong dang dong / Succeeds after having a conflict with a xylophone!] She got it. [Grim and passionate YEJI finished at 2 mins 11 secs! (Currently leads)] - Did I win? - Yup. You won. [I lost...] - What? I lost... - It's so dramatic. You did well. [Current ranking 1st place YEJI, 2 mins 11 secs 2nd place YUNA, 2 mins 15 secs] That's where she was struggling. [YEJI became the first by dedicating everything she's got / 4 seconds difference] My nose is all runny from spinning too much. [Who is the third one to challenge the race for 'God of Music?'] [Lia the hidden pro / The race for God of Music, No. 3 / Lu lu] It's you, Lia. [Cheering for now] Go, Lia! [Lia is quite bold] - I'll finish within 5 minutes. - 5 minutes? That's a great goal! Here I go~ [Cheering on] [Let's start the relaxed race] Go! Head. [She got the waist] Waist! [Calm~] - The waist must be the easiest. - I think she can even put that in her pocket. Even that looks too relaxed. [We thought she's going to start, but...] - Go! - Is it working? [Sudden pause] Go, Lia, go! [Checking the pedometer] Is it working? It doesn't. Go on. Hop around quickly. That's quick for her. Lia isn't competitive. [People. You don't become happy for winning, but you win when you are happy - Lia the happiness] Lia, just shake it. [Okay, got it] I think she did around 30 times. [They are happy from Lia's quick feedback] She's so cute! What must we do with her? [Eureka] - Can't I just shake the cloth that pedometer is on? - Lia, you know what? It's almost a minute now. [Lia the lovely one is focusing on the pedometer game] It... It should work somehow. [But you look like you're scratching your tummy...] Hey! It seems like you are scratching your belly... [Shake it Lia → Lia the fussy one → Hopscotch Lia who transforms in 3 stages] - What must I do? - What does the count say, Lia? I think it's all done. - It's 1 min 20 secs. - What? I did 146! [Lia was too absorbed into the pedometer] [How would Lia do with the wrap?] [Basically breaks the frame and rips the wrap] [Rage] - Look at her face! - Lia, that's enough! You'll get hurt! [Moving on to round 3, the lung capacity test!] [Loading] [Nervous] That's enough! [Rapidly finishes tying the balloon!] Tie it well. [Lia the genius uses the tool] [Success] [Lia is in the final round!] - 10 spins. - This? 1! [A round tour to the xylophone] 10! All done! [Hey...] That really makes you dizzy, I tell you. [Covering her mouth in cuteness] Sweet! Over here! [Protecting the nature / Lia is now sweeping the floor] [Rush!] [Ding! dong! dang! dong!] [Happy Lia finishes at 2 min 44 secs!] Wait, I... [Current ranking 1st place YEJI, 2 mins 11 secs 2nd place YUNA, 2 mins 15 secs 3rd place Lia, 2 min 44 secs] I was so slow, right? I think if you were a bit more competitive, you could have beaten the record because [Think carefully] - Lia and I don't have much difference. - You're getting shocked for multiple reasons, eh? But I'm just... [What?] I think I can win a prize. [Chaeryeong, or maybe the winner / The race for God of Music, No. 4] Ooh, she's confident~ [They think confident Chaeryeong is too cute] Look at her face. [Confident Chaeryeong looks cute in members' eyes] Can I start now? -Fighting! -I'll start~ [Current 1st place / Current 2nd place] -Go! -Ready! Start! -Please! -Waist! [Step counters on the waist after Lia!] [But, Chaeryeong...] Where're you going? Where you going? [plan changed] [shake-it, shake-it] [cute to death] How many? How many? [Effectiveness-Chae] I won't look. It's wasting time. I think it's over 100. No, I just started. [Trance] It counts faster than you think. [Changing to shaking pants] [Really] -Almost 1 min! -Liar. -What do you mean, liar... -Ah, what? It's 154! [Tragedy due to Stubborn-Chae] Whew... Stubborn kid. [2nd round breaking the wrap with fingers?!] [Yo!! This is me, Chaeryeong!!] [Hilarious] Look at her face! [3rd round is popping out the balloon] [pant pant] Wait, I'm out of breath. [Huk..] [I know that feeling] [Ryujin, analyzing the skill seriously] -Yeji and Lia were good at this. -I know right, it's hard to blow. [Chaeryung, blowing with her eyes] What are you doing? -I really can't blow. -1 min 30 sec passed. [Chaeryeong is expanding the balloon] [indeed] [No-giving-up-Chae acquired balloon blowing skill] [checking time] Yeah... I think Chaeryeong will be the last place. [denying reality] Lie! [even harder to tie the balloon] You! 2 minutes passed. [Master-Chae is performing a balloon tying skill.] [Other members are in conversation] [Recognize her idea / Chae is trying to pop the balloon with her earrings.] -You're the first place. -Is it? [Lia who is free gives a word.] You should've taken it out before. [Using earrings / Finished somehow!] [Aigo~] [The last round 4: Chaeryeong with an elephant nose!] 10 cycle with an elephant nose! 1, 2 3, 4, 5. [Thrown on the ground] 5! [Never give up, Chae!] 6 [It became a worrisome game] -Watch your ankle! -7! 8, 9, 10. Run... [Pause] She's embarrassed! Embarrassed! She's embarrassed! [I'm not embarrassed] [Mola Charyeong, moving on? Input errors.] [Mola's constant error brings out members' cheer.] -Ah, MOLA! -Hey! I think I should take this because I feel bad. -Mola-Chaeryeong. [run run] I get back to my mind quick. But, I have fast recovery. [Ding-dong-dang-dong!] [Rough challenge of Chaeryeong was?] [Chaeryeong was already confident of winning] I think I would get the prize.. Oh~ self-confidence~ [Minimized useless movements and gained effectiveness] [Use of equipment for balloons. Pang!] [What's the race record for Chaeryeong?] [The last place / The most confident person, Chaeryeong, 3 minutes 17 sec!] What? ["The god of music" from Gyeongchung recorded the longest race record (3 min)] The new record! x5. -First place! from the back. -3 min 17 sec. [denying reality] -No... -Amazing. [Current rank: 1st place = Yeji (2 min 11 sec), 2nd = Yuna (2 min 15 sec), 3rd = Lia (2 min 44 sec), 4th = Chaeryeong (3 min 17 sec)] Wait.. [The prep game 1st place, Ryujin / "The god of music", the No. 5 player of the race ] Ryujin is competitive. I think she could get the 1st place. Ah.. wait.. Unnie.. Everyone were terrible. [no words to say] You' look cool since you said that. [Commonly acknowledged front-runner, Ryujin] I think you'll win for sure. Of course. Ryujin doesn't like to lose in these things. Yup. [Won't be easy...] [bounce bounce] I'll get ready. [Fighting, god-Ryujin] [With the strong sunshine, START!] Start! [Lia X Chaeryeong / 3rd time step counter on the waist!] Why are we all getting the waist? [I'll burn the counter with my waist!] [Small, but constant move!] Wow, the level of the one who got on the Guinness Book.. [Lia detected her tremendous move] Hey, look. Do you see the speed that her feet is bouncing? [Now, we call her "athlete."] -Ryujin, you look like an athlete. -Ah, it doesn't go up. [Plus cuteness] Hey, Ryujin. You're still fast. [1st round step counter part pass!] -You're running so fast. -Good. [Smoothly starting the 2nd round: breaking the wrap!] Ryujin, question. [Surprise question] Do you like Jja-jang or Jjam-pong? (Chinese noodle) Jjam-pong. [As she picks jjam-pong, passed breaking the wrap!] Oh, done! [rapid and accurate] Wow, she's the fastest. [Checking on her/ more interview request from other members] Do you like Sweet and Sour Pork? or Chili Shrimp? Or Cream shrimp? I like Tray Jjajang. -There's lots of seafood. -I like Sweet and Sour Pork. Me too. [Cooking talk / still blowing in spite of disturbance] I really like Sweet and Sour Pork. -Hey, I think she'll get the 1st place? -I like... [Relaxed Ryujin / Joins the talk while she ties the balloon] Cream shrimp! [Happy for matching their food type] Oh~ I knew it. Let's go eat Cream Shrimp. [Cream Shrimp FLEX] [Chaeryeong realized] She has time. [Tip from Lia / Popped balloon using the table!] [Run run] [The last round!] -I guess I started from too far back. -Start! 1 2, 3 [swing swing] 4 5 -What's that sound? -6 [maintaining speed / smoothly doing elephant nose] -You need to turn faster. -7 -I think that's fine? -Hey, it's 2 min 10 seconds! 9, 10 [Current rank: 2nd place = Yuna (2 min 15 sec) / 1st place = Yeji (2 min 11 sec) / 3rd place = Lia (2 min 44 sec) / 4th place = Chaeryeong (3 min 17 sec)] [Let's see] [If she can't balance, Yeji might get the 1st place.] [The god of music, Ryujin's race record is?]