Eng Sub My Dear Loser รักไม่เอาถ่าน ตอน Monster Romance EP1 55




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Woah. Sawasdee ka. How may I help you? Can I have the sweetest smile from you? How do you know where I am? Aren’t you trying to become an internet idol? You check in every single place you are at. It’s not hard for this follower of yours to find you. What do you want? Just to see you. You must be really free, right? I am. Why? Do you want to take me out to eat? I’m working. And this is my shop. I don’t have time to play around with you. Please go away. Go. Your hand is nice. Let go of me. Stay still. 2 fingers. Now say “keep on fighting, P’Pong.” What are you doing? Keep on fighting, P’Pong. Let go of me. Please just go. Are you a psycho? Go, just go. I’m going. I’m here to get morale support. I’ll come again. Please don’t. I’m not free to play around. I will come. I will come every day. Are you going to leave me alone or not? What now? Are you smiling? I am not. Go! You are not going to leave? Are you sure you want to race with Tae? I heard he just had his bike’s engine upgraded. Are you underestimating me, Jued? No. I have a bad feeling about this. Don’t race. Jued, you don’t want him to race. Do you know how to make money to help him? Do you know how? Huh? What if you lose, you end up with more debt. Jued, you asshole. Have some confidence in me that I can win this. Don’t listen to him. Rev up and go full speed. I believe you can win the race. Go for it, bro. Jued! Do your best, bro. Stop breaking his faith. Hey, How much longer do I need to wait? Are you stalling this because you fear to lose? If you fear, you can still call this off. Prepare to be the one who loses. No! P’Pong! Jack, what’s going on? P’Pong. P’Pong. Way to go, bro! Awesome. What the hell! P’Pong! P’Pong. What’s wrong with your bike? Damn it. I was ahead of him! Why is it acting up now? Check for him. I heard a bang sound. Here? Yeah. You have challenged people to race with you. But your vehicle is not even ready. You should not have put on the challenge from the start. Where’s my 20,000 bet? I asked “where’s my 20,000 bet? I don’t have the bet with me. You have set the challenge. But you don’t have the bet money? You have planned to break the agreement from the get go. Hey, I have never broken any agreement. Okay. If tomorrow noon I don’t get your money, I will look for it at your house. That guy must be crazy. How could he ask for 30 months of installments? Crazy. How did you end up in that area, anyway? It’s not the where people hang out. Kit told me to follow the GPS. I did that and ended up in that area. It was not my fault. Then who should I blame? It was your fault. How unfortunate. Don’t say that. What are you going to do next? I have some savings. I guess I have to pay first. And get the money back from that guy later. What makes you so sure that he’s going to pay you back? If he doesn’t pay back, I’ll report it to the police. I have his phone number. His ID copy. And the record from my dash cam. I have all the evidence. Can I drink it? No. Go get a new one. Come on. I want to drink from that bottle. Oh, you want to have an indirect kiss with me? Do you? Hey, we have been together this long, why do I need to make it hard? I can just kiss with you directly. It’s easier. Are you sure? You dare to kiss me? Not a problem. Are you serious? Turn that way. Are you serious? Turn that way. 1.. 2.. 3… No can do. We are not friends with benefit. Take this, Namkhing. Go ahead. The cost of repair is 35,000 baht. And you owe Tae 20,000 baht. Where will you get the money? I can reduce the cost of my car repair for you. How about that? What did you do? Why do you have to be the delivery guy for her? Her shop is short-staffed. So she forces me to help her. So you are listening to someone’s order now? Yeah. In fact, you just want to see me. Yes, I want to see you. Pong!