Eng sub 龟兔赛跑 童话故事 幼儿园卡通 Kids Story Musical in Chinese 朱妮托尼

Juny Tony Story Musical The Tortoise and the Hare Shall we start? Once there was a Hare hopping around in the forest Suddenly he saw something hard and round in the middle of the road. Huh? What is this? What's going on? It was you, Tortoise! I thought you were a rock. What a slowpoke. I am the speedy hare I'm so fast. You are the slow tortoise slow, so slow. With only one hop, I caught up with you. But you can't chase me, slow tortoise La la la la~ I am the speedy hare I'm so fast. You are the slow tortoise slow, so slow. By the time, I go around the whole forest Still, you will be in the same old place. I am the speedy hare I'm so fast You are the slow tortoise slow, so slow Hopping hopping jumping jumping I'm so fast You can't chase me slow tortoise What a slowpoke Hare Would you like to have a race with me? What? You and me? If I win you have to promise not to make fun of me again! Okay! I accept your challenge. All of the animals in the forest gathered around to watch the two of them run a race. I am pretty sure the Hare is going to win this race. Yeah, she's right Still, we don't know the result until the race is over. Well. I'm not sure about that. The mountain bird who was the judge pointed to the top of the hill and said. See the tree over there? One who gets there first wins this race. Ready set go! As soon as the race started the Hare jumped and hopped away. However even though the Tortoise was trying his best he looked like he was standing in place. Tortoise! Faster! you have to run faster! I am trying my best right now! Oh, you are? When the Hare reached half way to the finish line he looked behind him He saw the Tortoise was moving but wasn't far from the starting line He is so slow why was he so full of confidence? I will just stop here and take a nap I'll win anyway. Lying under in the shade the wind blew gently and made the Hare fall asleep. After a while The Hare woke by the sounds of the crowd. He looked toward the upper side of the hill. What's happening? On the top of the hill the crowd was cheering for the Tortoise, the winner of this race. Wow! Tortoise you made it! You won! We didn't expect you to win this race! But it was awesome! Me, too. Me, too! it's no big deal. The Hare quickly came over and was very suprised by what he saw. This can't be true! How on earth could you win the race! Don't you know who I am? It's me! The Hare is the fastest of all. He tried to show off show off. The Tortoise is the slowest of all he never knew to give up give up. In the end It doesn't matter how fast you are all you need is to keep going. Slow and steady wins the race. Everybody, give him a big hand! Everybody, give him a big hand! No! This can't be true! It's not fair! Hare if you think it's unfair do you want to have another race? This time, how about swimming? I can swim pretty fast. Swimming? No! I admit I lost. I will keep my word. No more making fun of you. Great! Let's be friends from now on. O... Okay. From that day on the Hare became a friend who loved to praise other animals.(Wow! Your hairstyle looks good on you!) Juny Tony Story Musical see you next time.