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[IDOL HOUSE] Okay, shall we introduce our members for the 'Unfair relay game'? How does it work? [Unfair relay friend introducing] A member will shout her name [Unfair relay friend introducing] and others have to say something about the member currently introduced. [Unfair relay friend introducing] The game ends immediately if the next member can't connect the sentence or [Unfair relay friend introducing] has nothing to say. [GAHYEON the youngest goes first!] [Politely] Hello everyone this is GAHYEON. Yo. I'm the youngest. [A blunt sister?] -I know that. -So everyone, just say anything [Maybe a compliment?] in your minds when you think about me. [Uhuh] Shall we go for it? [INTENSIFIED] [What to say, what to say] I am ground, self-introduction! I am GAHYEON who is cute and sexy and a crybaby and smart always sleeping cheeky indeed [1 COMBO] [WHAT] cheeky indeed [You girls] What did you say? [2 COMBO] often late and that's it. [3 COMBO] and that's it. [How dare you!] That's all true. [Ended it once in for all] -That's all true. -The end. [Messing with the youngest was fun] Next! [GAHYEON picks the next] [YOU] [2nd up, YOOHYEON] Hi everyone, I'm YOOHYEON, the beagle of Dreamcatcher. [Cutie YOOHYEON] [Let's go~] -Here we go. -OK! [What adjectives would YOOHYEON get!?] 3, 2, 1. [What adjectives would YOOHYEON get!?] I am ground, self-introduction~ The name is YOOHYEON! [Pet dog] Pi's mama! also cute! and her body's the best! a girl of freedom, [Happiness intensified] and her body's the best! [Happiness intensified] a girl of freedom, [Happiness intensified] but also a bookworm, [I'm going to ruin that] and a bad hair condition, and a bad hair condition, [Not lying but...] she's bright but also dumb, [Dialect ON] What'd you say, GAHYEON? [PAUSE for curiosity] -She's bright. -Bright? -Wait doesn't that make a period? -Yeah the sentence is over. [So that's it?] I guess so. [Salty] You're gonna pay. [Whatever] Next? [Tiki] [Taka] -YOU! -ME! [Dynamic duo's tag] I think I'd sit on that seat. [SIYEON's special energy] Please introduce yourself. [She's got an alien heart] Hello, I'm SIYEON, Dreamcatcher's main vocalist and the wolf. [Woof woof] That is a wolf? [Maybe a wolf from Mars...] [SIYEON's introduction starts~] Well here we go~ [Always going to make it funny] I am ground, self-introduction. [She's another class] I am ground, self-introduction. [Somebody stop her] [Am i sexy?] I'm SIYEON! always charming, with a sweet personality, [YOOHYEON's time for vengeance] [STOP? or maybe make it worse?] [What would she do?] with a sweet personality, and definitely weird, [Weird] [But can't stop dancing] but an awesome vocalist, with an awesome voice, and cute! [I can't handle it] and cute! [That's it?] She just ended it! Does that stop the relay? [That was the rule...] Yup. The sentence was ended. [What?] -Don't end it~ -I get it. [SIYEON's turn is over] [Who's next~?] The next member is... DAMI DAMI -You get two chairs here. -DAMIDAMIDAMIDA! [A wider space] You get two chairs here. Two chairs? [OK!] You can put your legs on the second one. [I never miss the good stuff] [SEXIYEON] [Dazzling] [I shall introduce myself] Hello, DAMI of Dreamcatcher here. [Go for it] I want something special. -What I usually don't do. -Got it. [What to do~] Special? [What would DAMI get?] I am ground, self-introduction I am DAMI! She's unique! [Seriously?] Doesn't feel right. [Unique] [Finds it funny] What did you say? -Small face! -Oh a small face. and sexy, like a little prince, kinda charming... [Wake up!] kinda charming... [What did she say?] I mean her voice was like [Mars language] - [Korean] ?#$%& - kinda charming [Still funny] Well that was short. [Satisfied] Those were good enough. [Good] Thanks for all the words. [Next stop, SUA's turn] [Waited for ya SUA!] -Finally! -SUA! SUA! [How will SUA do?] -I'm totally going first. -Excited! [Shy] Hello. -Hello. -Hi. [Dramatic change] [What are those moves?] Hello, I'm SUA from Dreamcatcher. I'm expecting a lot of words on the relay. [No worries!] I trust you guys. [Here goes the ride] [SUA's round!] I am ground, self-introduction~ [STARING] I am ground, self-introduction~ [Blackmailing?] [Threatening?] -Why aren't you going for it~ -Smile~ [Scary SUA] Energy up girls! As high as... Andromeda! [Ehem] Gestures please! Let's go! Andromeda! [OK here we go!] Start! [Focus girls!] I am ground, self-introduction~ I am SUA! a perfect cook! a nice dresser! and scary... and scary... [Oops] That was my line! [Over!?] (Scary) was my line! Done for all. [You girl...!] [Spectator GAHYEON] She wanted to end it~ [VIOLENCE] [Ahh!] -full of violence! -Smile girl, smile! [SUA So Scary] Last member huh? [The leader] [Final round!] [Gentle] Hello. Dreamcatcher's beloved leader, beloved leader, JIU speaking. [That's my leader] [Lovely beloved JIU] Here we go. [Any appeals for our words?] -Like my expectations? -Yeah. [Whatever you say] Anything you would like. [Nah!] Just give me all the love. [Going for a prank?] [Shall we?] [OK] [You got that GAHYEON?] [Ding dong] [Request accepted] [Excited] [Happy] I am ground, self-introduction [Didn't realize it] I am JIU! [Yes you are, JIU] [Darn it-] [Unfair introduction ended unfairly.] [Sponsored by Team. Silence] [Search JIU on naver.com] [IDOL HOUSE]