EngSub Run BTS 2019 Ep11

[Run BTS] [BACK TO SCHOOL] It's a classroom! [BTS at school] It's been a long time! [Why are they here?] No, it's not a school. Guys, you have to close the door. [They are happy to be in a classroom again] Yes, welcome to BTS High School. (BTS High) [But this 24 year-old is not too happy] Why are we here? At BTS High? - Aren't we here to do our mission? - I think I know why we are here. [Taking a wild guess] I think I know. [Taking a wild guess] I think it's something to do with school. Maybe something to do with academy? - I'd say it's a quiz. - Maybe something to do with school? There are not enough desks. "The Golden Bell Challenge"! Something like "The Golden Bell Challenge"? How about it, producer? The reason why you are here is because you are starting off the new season of "Run BTS" today. We are doing the show again? [Can BTS remember their chant from last year?] No, I don't remember. Run! BTS! [Just as we expected...] - Run! - BTS! [Nope, no one remembers it] BTS! Let's just come up with a new one. Alright, let's do that. We can't remember the old one. Run BTS! [What are you going to do...] Run BTS! [J-Hope is nice enough to join in] I can't stop! No, you are going too far. Run BTS! [Suga wants to do this] [What's wrong with him...] R! U! N! B! T! S! BTS! Again! R! U! N! B! T! S! [Wow, nice harmony] BTS! - We sound terrible, really. - What do we have to do? - The "Conte" segment is something - That's right. you guys still have to do. [That word conjures up bad images...] Conte! I don't like this! We have a lot of bad memories. Conte... - We did the "Confession" segment once, right? - It was so difficult. [The screen is not paused] I had a huge [The 3 in the middle is in shock and at a loss for words] mental breakdown... - But our fans loved the segment. - Right, right. They really loved the segment. I was hesitant - to talk about everything on the segment. - The power of editing. - But that's what it's all about, right? - Editing is so crucial. [Editing made the "Confession" segment much easier] Our producer and writer really saved our behinds. - That's right! - CPR! So, we are looking forward to doing this. What kind of conte is it, this time around? You guys will plan this segment out unlike the last time. - That's better. - We'll have a script. - That's right. I like that better. - I think so, too. [Really... Will it be better...] But, it might be more difficult. If we mess up the script, we have to re-do our scenes. [Made by BTS!] [Shooting their own drama] [The 1st episode! There are 7 roles and they are all in the same class] [They will write their own script and act it out] [Let's find out how well BTS do] There is a container underneath the podium. - A container! - Bring it, Jung Kook. Oh! I think I know what's up just by looking at this thing. What are the roles? - Since it's "school", I think there is going be a "teacher" role. - That's right. - "Student". - Of course. [They are trying to guess the roles!] "School nurse". - "English teacher". - "Classroom pet". [What's wrong with you, Jimin?] "School nurse". No! Let's just pick! We don't know what the roles are, right? Now, try to come up with a conte and just act it out. Let's pick in this order... Okay. Pass it on, Jung Kook. We don't even know what they are anyway. - Pass it on, Jung Kook. - Okay. - Let's choose the order. [Their fate is in Jung Kook's hands] - Should we just beat up, Jung Kook? - Just pass it on. I'll just pass it on. It doesn't matter. We don't even know what we will get. We don't. [It's done!] Shall we open it all at once? Shall we? - Please. - Let's open it up like this. [That won't work, Jimin...] - Let's open it all at once. - Sure. Wait, wait. 1, 2, 3! [The roles are announced!] "A nice but slow-witted student." "A female transfer student..." [They all check out their roles!] Congratulations! Yes! I'm the protagonist! Please read your roles out loud. "A cold but kind-hearted high school student." (Tsundere) [Japanese] I am a female transfer student. Minami, Minami. "A nice but slow-witted student." That's so you. " The smartest student with a pair of round-rimmed glasses and a book glued to his hand." The smartest student?! Him? I am the best looking one! The idol of the school! [This role fits me perfectly] "The classroom leader who always keeping an angelic smile on his face." This is me. I have a terrible role. "The emo kid who is into literature." You always do cry. My father teaches literature. Do I have to be the literature expert? These aren't ordinary roles. And the roles all fit us, right? With that mind, let's now begin the "Run BTS" show. I am ready to play multiple characters, always. It's a must for any actors. - I will show you my method acting. - Sounds good. - Please show us, I'm looking forward to it. - Let's go. Okay, let's go by the order. [Let's start...] [Let's just start!!] Okay! Let's begin! How can we take 5 minutes to shout our slogan? Okay, let's go! Go! I'm a bass... We won't do this in the 2nd episode. [They are getting ready] J-Hope, Rap Monster, Jimin, Me, Jin. [He is getting ready] [V, The face, 22, currently active in dramas] [Their transformation is complete!] We've changed into our new clothes. Let's spin. Everyone, the handsome ones are here. [Is there a school... like this...] Let's just move on. I feel weird every time I wear an uniform. - It's so weird. - It's been awhile. Oh? Jung Kook, we have matching shoes. [BTS endorse PXXa?] Oh? Jimin, we have matching shoes! [He tries to change the subject] What should we do now? They are great endorsers. You've just transformed into your role. Please explain what's so special about your character? I am the literature expert. I play an emo kid who loves literature. I tried to look [He is not angry... He is just in-character already] calm with straight hair. - I wanted to look innocent. That's what I was going for. - Something out of a fantasy novel? How is it? Do I look innocent? [Yes... J-hope looks... quite innocent] [Insincere] Wow! So innocent! Like "Samdasoo" (A brand of bottled water; pure, innocent) I am innocent. So, I was going for that look. What about you, Jimin? [Struggling, struggling] I haven't decided yet. I have an angelic smile, right? (His character) I thought I'd ask you guys for suggestions. You should keep on smiling. It's very unclear, "Angelic smile". [Just keeping on smiling] So, what's... I guess it's exactly what it says, "Angelic smile". And I play the classroom leader. - So, just keep on smiling. - Smile. - The leader keeps smiling. I guess doing that makes him the guy with an angelic smile on his face. Won't that make him look stupid? Anyway, I will try to seduce Suga. You have to show off your smiles, how about it? Please smile for the camera. [Like this? Like this?] I don't think so. It's an evil smile... - A devil! (Jung Kook won't stay quiet) - He has a devilish smile. I play the idol of BTS High. I am an idol. I am confident. You really look like... [I look like an idol, right?] [What a strange guy...] - An idol. - I am always confident. [Why is he acting like this] "Your breath" [Maybe he is a bit like an idol...] "makes my heart melt." [If that made you happy...] [Flap, flap] What the heck. - That dance was very idol like. - I think it was okay. What about you, V? As for me. [Making his voice deeper] - Which character are you playing? - I play the nerd. [How many times does he have to say "now"] I am the smartest student in the school, now... I play a quiet character who is only into studying, but now, he falls in love with a girl. Mr. Now. Are you going wear your glasses like that? - This is... - I don't think nerds wear it like that. And do they make their voice sound deeper like that? [He now starts to repeat the phrase, "A little"] Now, he is a little bit honest... - And the worst kid at school has a high voice? - and serious... Okay, Jung Kook? - "A cold but kind-hearted high school student." (Tsundere) - A tsundere. - Please show it to us. - How are you going to do it? "It's cold." - "Wear this." - "Okay, I will." - Rap Monster? - That was fresh. Rap Monster? I play a nice but slow-witted... You do look a little slow right now. It reminds me of his trainee days. That's right. - Right? - I will try my best. - Sounds great! - He might smash everything up. - So, the protagonist... - Where is Suga? - Suga? Where is Suga? We need the protagonist here... [Suga is going under a shocking visual transformation!] - Shall we hold a meeting now? - Shall we hold a meeting? - Let's do that. Let's gather around. - Should we do it one by one? How should we do this? No, no, no. [What's up...?] Since I'm a good student, I will sit in the front... No, we are having a meeting. Get a grip. How rude. I'm a little sleepy. I am the classroom leader. How should we do this? Suga is not a guy who takes things very lightly. I don't think he is going to accept any of us. - He won't. - I know him well, he won't. He has to finish off and go home, so he has to accept at least one of us. - It's obvious how it's going to turn out. - Let's choose the order. [J-Hope figures it out] You go first and you do this... And then... I go after. - I think you should just pop out of nowhere. - I'll make everything so sad, right? So, you can just pop out and smile. You two will bother him. And then the idol character will wrap it up. You should keep on crying and you should keep on smiling. - Try it, it's going to be chaotic. - That sounds great. [Jimin likes Rap Monster's detailed instruction] Then, you can practice your screams. [Rap Monster is the brains in the group. He sets the concept and the order] It's going to be chaotic. And then we will all step in and... [They will all walk towards Suga at the end] - That will be a wrap. - "Please give me your number." But, we don't know what's going to happen. - It's going to be different... - We have to try it out. We'll find out. [Yes! Let's try it out! Just try it out! How long does the meeting have to be!] So, could you please give me something to scoop with? Take off all their slippers. Who's next? You? Can you guys provide us with fake tears and water bottles? I'll be quick so just pop in quickly. [BTS High: Episode 1] [Everything is the same in the classroom...] [They are all in-character] [#Rap Monster's Trainee Days #He's Not the Brains Today] [Jimin, the angelic one, appears] Guys~ We have a new student. [He's not angry, he is just in-character] Student? [Looking forward to it] [What will she look like?] [Dazzling, dazzling] Student? [The transfer student] [Prim, cool, pretty] Please introduce yourself. My name is Min Yoongi. [The students all fall in love with Suga] Wow! So pretty! Applause! [The former member of BTS, Suga, is so shy] [The classroom leader is so kind] Please sit behind Jung Kook. [They are... all in-character...] - Wow... How can she be that pretty... - Wow! So pretty! Please take good care of me. [Prim and cool] [Dang... It's so hard... being popular] [Kim Nam-joon: "A nice but slow-witted student at BTS High", "The former member of BTS", "The brains"] [He doesn't have to be the Smash Monster...] Hey, can I study with you? [She is not interested in Rap Monster] [Nonetheless, I will do my best] "Adjective". "A word or phrase naming an attribute, added to or grammatically related to a noun to..." [His hidden card] I love you! "To describe a certain movement or process." [Rap Monster's charming hand hearts] I like you? Hey! Kim Nam-joon! [Kim Tae-hyung: "Always has books in his hand" "The former 'Veagle' of BTS"] [He is a powerful actor] Go back to your seat, alright? [We didn't edit it out on purpose] [He is kind but] [slow-witted] Alright... I'm sorry. [The nerd appears] [He is in-character. V is indeed the smartest student] You know the exam is in 2 days, right? It's in 2 days? I'll teach you English. I am good at it. [Suspicious] You're good at English? [V the No.1 student] I'm pretty good at it. What does this mean? "Classification". [That should show her] It means "to categorize". To categorize? [So random] What do you think about a guy like me? And these... These are the glasses I've had for the past 19 years. How old are you? [Eyes wavering] I'm 19 years old. [He's been wearing them since he was born] These... help you to concentrate really well. [The secret weapon of the No.1 student] [Don't know what he's saying but I'll try them] - Thanks. - But even with these, I haven't been able to concentrate ever since you arrived. I'll only concentrate on you from now on. Go back to concentrating on your studies. [Chattering on] So about this... She said to focus on your studies. [I'm not afraid of him] Go back to your seat. [Jeon Jung Kook: Cold on the outside but sensitive inside] [Formerly the golden youngster of BTS] [He takes off his jacket as soon as he appears] [His idea of "cool"] It's cold. Put this on. I think I like your shirt better. [The cool guy is taken aback and peeks under his shirt] [The abs are not ready today...] [But take my shoes instead] You can have these instead. [Now it's time to wonder what Jung Kook's idea of a "cool guy" is] [During the discussion] After you go... - No, you... - What are you going to do? It doesn't connect. I'm going to come right in and ask if she's hungry. - That's too... - How is that being "cool"? - Just take your jacket... - No, I think... [Jung Kook's "cool guy" is born] [Still acting in character] I picked this up on the way. Have it. [#I #Am #Handsome] [I know I'm cool. I am that handsome man...] Oh, lastly... [Hot pack] Don't catch a cold. I think you are going to catch a cold. It's minus two degrees Celsius outside. [Quiet] [J-Hope, a sensitive literature boy] [Former BTS' hope, Hobi] [J-Hope as a sensitive literature boy?] Do... you want to... Have a seat next to me. I really like poems. This is a poem I want to read for you. [Interested] What kind of poem is it? I want you to listen really carefully. [I'll listen to your poem, it's not a big deal.] [Acting coy] I'll listen~ [What poem did J-Hope pick during break time?] I will read it. Achoo!! [V's sneeze really annoyed the literature boy.] I will read a poem title that is perfect for you (V). "Husk, Be Gone", Shin Dong-Yup. [He is so funny!!] [I am the smartest boy in school, I can't laugh at this!] [Regained his composure...] I will try to read it again. [J-Hope's literature time starts again] - "Prelude to the poem for a flower." - "Prelude to the poem for a flower." Kim Chun-su. [Don't misunderstand! It's a poem taught in literature classes] I am a very dangerous animal. (said in a regional dialect) [Pronunciation warning] You're an animal? I'm an animal. [Inserting artificial tears in his eyes] [J-Hope, the sensitive literature boy] [Tears] [Flowing] [Can't read this poem without (artificial) tears] Don't cry~ At the tip of a branch that shakes with existence, you bloom and fade without a name. [You are doing a lot, J-Hope...] I am... [Hope... No... No way...] I cry all night. [J-Hope's amazing crying scene] [Can't watch J-Hope without crying] The saddest thing is that he only has one pair of underwear. [The literature boy expressing everything in a poetic way] Waterfall. [What? Waterfall?] [Min Yoongi is smiling and preparing something special] [Min Yoongi personally gives him waterfall tears!] [Why are you doing that to me?!] [Bawling his eyes out] It's a waterfall. It is a real waterfall. [I'm going to my way without succumbing to this situation] [The poem finally sees the end] [How am I going to end this poem...] [Really... Again?] [J-Hope taking Suga's water bottle away] [Jin can't even laugh because he's nervous of his own turn] Don't do it. Please don't do it! (x 3) [Min Yoongi sounded like Suga just now] [The literature boy went a little too far] [Finally... Jin, BTS High School's King of Idols, enters!] The mood is so down right now. Hey, new student. I am so sick of this. There are no normal students here! [It's not your turn... Jin...] What is this? Let go. Shouldn't it start from the person before me? [Yes... Go back...] [Park Jimin, the Smile Angel Class President] [Previously, BTS' Failed Jokes Fairy] [Told him to smile, and he only smiles now] [Jimin, never appears on screen] Class president~ Fighting! - Can I go and sit next to you? - Come here! [Is it finally my turn?] [The class president with an angelic smile is coming over!] Just go straight past me. [Min Yoongi is so hard to read!] Just go over there. [Okay... I'm going now... If you are telling me to go, I will go...] [The literature boy never misses an opportunity] It was fun today. - Good job. See you next time! - Goodbye! [Jimin leaves in 15 seconds, Jin enters again] Is it my turn now? WAIT!! [My time is not over yet!] Let me say one thing. [I'm going to say it!] You just said it. Keep going, Jin! [It's over for me... you do it...] - Should I? - Yes. [BTS High School's Idol!] [Kim Seok Jin, BTS High School's Wannabe Idol] [Previously, Man who opens car doors] Hey, new student. You... Do you know who I am? [Gulp] I'm not sure... "A Poor Scholar" by Lee Hee Seung. [The literature boy cannot stay off the literature book] "A Poor Scholar"? [I have to hold back... I am BTS High School's Idol] - Your name is so different. - It's not. [Is Lucifer making an appearance at the school of Satan?] BTS High School's best idol. [Handsome] [Valuable] My name is Jin. [I want him... I want this man...] You are so handsome. [...don't care] Are you interested in me by any chance? [The rehearsal right before starting the skit] [Jin coolly pulls off the moonwalk and Billie Jean] Moonwalk? [His choice to change her interest?] - No! In one go? - Jin! - That... - Jin~ [Ended up making the same choice as Jungkook] $5,000. - That's expensive. - $6,000. $3,000. $2,000. [Even in this situation, Suga catches it all] $5,000. $6,000. [A professional ring catcher] $3,000. $2,000. From my teacher, I learned a vocalization method that'll appeal to people. [Jin to show an already prepared idol's charms] [Taking a new turn] I've never seen this before. [Idols get warmed up to show their charms] [Revving up the engine] [Anticipation builds] [Admiration explodes by his warmup] [Jin... Don't do it... Not you too...] [AHHHHHHHHH!!!] [Is that the "head voice" we have all heard about?!] Is he using his head voice?! [AHHHHHHH!!!] The head voice that falls back?? [Ahhhhhhhhh!!!] [How wonderful! How amazing! How beautiful!] Guys, we can't lose either. I love you. Yoongi! How can you not remember his name? [The time is now! Everyone, explode with charms!] - Go away! - Yoongi, wearing glasses! [Jungkook scoops out another] I'm fed up! [The catastrophe caused by the burden of a skit] I told you say it if something's worrying you! [Literature Boy's unending tears] [Min Yoongi wants to leave this situation] So mean! So mean! - Yoongi. - Guys, there's a transfer student in the next room! Really? Let's go! [They go out without a second of hesitation] [Collecting everything] [Taking after giving] [Let's never do a skit again...] [You don't even know how Suga feels] So mean! So mean! [Did not leave yet? They have to go so I can end this skit...] [Phew, they finally left] [A day at BTS High that left Suga in pain] [The End] [Relieved] It was a really fun shoot. From what I can tell, it's going to be legendary. It's been awhile since "Run BTS" came back, and I think it was a skit that only left pain. Next time, let's just run. About 10 km each. How was it? How was it being a lady? - Becoming a woman... - Today, you look... He looks good. [Jimin fell for Suga, female version] You really look good. [Eyes shining] I look exactly like my youngest aunt. - So your aunt looks like this. - So she looks like this. It really suits you. My aunt runs a beauty salon in Busan. If you see someone who looks like this cutting hair, it's probably my aunt. Your performance really outstanding today. Please share your thoughts, Jimin. Is Jimin today's MVP? [BTS acknowledges him as MVP today] He is our MVP. Our hidden MVP. [We told him to smile, and Smile Angel Jimin really just smiled] Because I didn't do anything, things happened this way. [Who knew you would just be smiling] That's what I think. I didn't spill water anywhere. I think Jimin is the coolest when on stage. [Bitter, bitter] I also think that. Just perform on stage. J-Hope's performance was something today too. I had a lot of fun today. I think I did everything as a literature boy. My father is also a lit teacher. So as the son of a lit teacher, acting as a student who loves literature was something else for me. [The result of spilling water] I even spilled water. Rap Monster... - I... - His face looks burdened... Because I'm supposed to act as a student that's lacking, I really tried my best, but it didn't work out as I wanted. What about the rest? [Buffering] I think a lot of people fell for me. What was V's role? [Can't remember] He was a model student. [What are you saying?] But I absolutely stepped outside the box. [V's mentality must have gone far outside] Where did you go? Do you think you did well? - Well, I... - What kind of student were you in school? I was a model student. [Lastly, Jin's remarks after playing a huge role] Lastly, our Jin. How was it today? [Today's real MVP] It was a very fun shoot. He's the real MVP of today. - When else will be laugh like this? - I know, right? I was very satisfied by making other laugh while sacrificing my body. You really worked hard. It was a lot of fun today. - Thank you. - Let's applaud. Let's do a really fun skit like this next time. You're real funny. We're not doing another skit next time, right? I worried a lot about how to keep this going... That's right. I did my best. Suga did really well. Guys, we don't know what will be on the next episode of "Run BTS!" but you'll get to see more of them, so please continue to watch it and show us your support. That's it for this episode of "Run BTS!" [See you next time on "Run BTS!"] Run, BTS! See you next time! Great work! [#Suga's transformation] [#Free from all ideas and thoughts] He seems free from all ideas and thoughts... I have no thoughts. [#Jimin claims that his cheeks hurt from laughing] [#We'll give you more behind-the-scenes screen time] [#Actually we just forgot to give you lines] Go away. - Do I seem like a pushover? - No. Come on! Stop pretending, Shin Dongyup! Read your lines over there! I feel like this is absurd. Why? What's wrong? I haven't introduced myself, have I? I'm Jimin, the class president. [#Suga takes this time to tie his hair] What are you going to do? What do you mean? - I have a gun in my bag. - What are you talking about... [#He really has a gun] [#He grabbed it from the hallway during break] Yoon Ji! How could you bring such a thing to school? - Do I seem like a pushover? - No, you don't! Don't carry things like this around. [#Today's MVP_Jin] Sorry, but could I have the rings you guys picked up earlier? It's just that they're the stylist's. - Sorry. - I thought you make good money. I'm disappointed. I was just kidding. I'm short two more. I have one of them. Jin with his old-man jokes. [#What's so funny this time] [#Fill us in] Dipsy... (A name of a Teletubby) - Dipsy? - Dipsy... was walking down the street. But... [#One line summary] [#What did Dipsy say to Laa Laa?] Laa Laa was eating. And what do you think Dipsy said to her? "Ddoobi doobap". ("Ddoobi" is the Korean name for Dipsy) How will we save this situation? [#He tries to amend the situation] Let's finish up with a round of Word Chain to lighten up the atmosphere. Word Chain? Sounds good. I'm certified at Word Chain. - Then you go first. - Can we do verbs, too? No, we could only do nouns. Since I'm having coffee... Coffee. Your turn, Jung Kook. [#Cider] Cider. [#We smell something cheesy coming on] I smell something cheesy coming on. [#With all the powers of the universe, let's go, Jung Kook!] Hurry up and say anything! [#AllGetOut] - Let's get out. - Let's go! Let's go. [#RunBTS will continue] [#Forever!] [#Goodbye~]