English Stories For Learning English White Roses

chapter 1 white roses it's August Anna is playing her guitar on the balcony of her new apartment I like it here she thinks then her phone rings it's her friend Vicky I'm coming now Anna it's Grandview apartments Charlton isn't it that's right see you soon anna takes her guitar and goes out of her apartment she goes down in the elevator and goes outside anna is waiting outside the apartment building a young man is walking along the street he is carrying a bunch of white roses Anna looks at them what beautiful roses she thinks then she looks at the young man he's nice too she thinks the young man looks at her and smiles and suddenly Anna's face is pink will is walking along the street when he sees a young woman with a guitar hmm a guitar he thinks I must play my guitar more often then he looks at the young woman she's nice he thinks and he smiles at her Anna's face is pink and she looks away will goes into Grandview apartments just then Vicky arrives in her car hello Anna she says are you okay your face is a bit pink what's the matter oh nothing says Anna they drive away Vicky talks to Anna but Anna is thinking about the young man who is he she thinks does he live in the building who are the roses for his wife his girlfriend his mother Anna are you listening says Vicki oh sorry Vicki says Anna her face is red now what are you thinking about says Vicki tell me well I'm thinking about a bunch of roses says Anna and a man aha who is he says Vicki I don't know says Anna but I want to know she thinks will arrives at his grand hello dear she says oh you are a good boy you always bring me roses of course says will gran makes will some coffee she asks him a question but will does not answer will are you listening you're thinking about something aren't you what is it oh sorry gran it's it's not important later will says goodbye to his gran then he gets into his car and drives away in the car he thinks about the young woman with the guitar where does she live he thinks does she live in one of the apartments or has she got a friend there how can I meet her who is she five minutes later Anna and Vicki arrive outside the apartment building good night Vicki says Anna quick go inside says Vicki just think you walk out of the elevator and there is a young man with a bunch of roses and he says Oh be quiet laughs Anna see you tomorrow it's September will is visiting his grand against a lovely day will she says let's have our coffee on the balcony will and his gran are sitting on the balcony in the Sun when suddenly will here's a guitar listen he says that's a guitar where is it coming from he stands up and looks around but he cannot see the guitar excuse me gran he says I maksoon and he runs out of the apartment will runs along the corridor where is the guitar and who is playing it he stops outside an apartment and listens nothing perhaps it's outside he thinks perhaps she's on her balcony so he goes down in the elevator and goes outside upstairs anna takes her guitar and goes inside she closes the door to the balcony that's it for today she thinks will looks at all the balconies but he cannot see or hear a guitar he goes back to his grandma are you alright dear she says yes thanks gran says will it's just oh it's not important well it is important but and will tells gran about the girl with the guitar a week later anna is coming home she can see a young man near the apartment building and he is carrying a bunch of roses pink roses today but he is not looking and he does not see her anna walks more quickly but when she gets to the building there is nobody there she gets into the elevator there is nobody in the elevator but she can smell roses beautiful pink roses one day Anna comes home and finds gran at the door of the building with a lot of bags oh can I help you she says can I carry something thank you very much says gran at the apartment gran says come in dear would you like some coffee oh that's very nice of you says Anna I'm new here and I don't know anybody in the building what do you do asks gran I'm a music student says Anna gran brings some coffee into the room these are lovely apartments aren't they says Anna oh yes says gran I like it here very much she tells Anna about her apartment and about Charlton later Anna gets up I must go now she says thank you for the coffee goodbye dear says gran and Anna goes out what a nice girl grand things but just a minute a music student perhaps she's the girl with a guitar I can ask her over one day when will comes no I can't I don't know the number of her apartment later that week Viki talks to Anna I'm having a party on Saturday she says can you come yes of course says Anna your parties are always wonderful Viki calls her brother come to my party on Saturday James she says and bring some friends on Saturday James and his friends arrive at Vicki's house hi Vicki says James meet my friends this is Tom and Daniel and we'll just then Vicki's phone rings I'm sorry Vicki says Anna I can't come to your party because I'm not feeling well Oh Anna I'm sorry too says Vicki well stay in bed and get better soon Vicki's party is wonderful will meets Natalie and Jane and Katie but he does not meet Anna Chapter three red roses now it's October will visits his gran but he does not see Anna he walks along the corridor but he does not hear a guitar where is she he thinks anna visits her family for a week then she comes back to her apartment she looks for will but she does not see him there are lots of men says Vicki but anna cannot forget will then gran goes to hospital for two weeks one day will visits her there how are you today gran he asks very well thank you dear I'm going home on Friday that's good says will perhaps I can get some things for you on Thursday and take them to the apartment that's very nice of you will says gran after work on Thursday will goes to the shops and get some things for gran he gets some roses too and he puts everything in his car suddenly it begins to rain will is getting into his car when he sees his friend Tom where are you going tom says will home to East field I'm going to my Gran's apartment in Charlton so I can take you to East field first you take my friend Anna - she's going to Charlton yes of course says will Tom and Anna get into wills car thanks will says Tom it's not a very nice night that's all right tom says will he drives Tom home and then he says to Anna where are you going Anna I'm going to Grandview apartments it's on Park Road that's funny says will I'm going to Grandview apartments is it her he thinks the girl with a guitar he looks in the mirror but he can't see her face very well can I smell roses thinks Anna is it him the man with the roses then they are outside the apartment building they get out of the car and then they begin to talk at the same time oh it's you you play the guitar and you come here with roses yes I always bring roses to my gran his gran thinks Anna not his wife not his girlfriend she's coming home from hospital tomorrow so I'm taking some things to her apartment says will can I would you like some help says Anna yes please says will they go up to Gran's apartment will puts things away and Anna puts the roses in a vase there aren't they lovely she says I like roses they smell wonderful thank you for your help anna says will that's alright anna says look would you like to come up to my apartment for coffee I'd like to very much says will he smiles and she smiles they go upstairs on Friday gran comes home will goes to see her he is carrying a bunch of red roses that's a big smile will says gran red roses don't they say red roses for love well gran says will ten minutes later will comes out of Gran's apartment and goes upstairs he's carrying a bunch of red roses gran goes out onto the balcony and sits down in the Sun she can hear a guitar then it stops gran here's wills voice and Anna's voice then Anna laughs grand smiles she can smell roses beautiful red roses in the Sun outside on a balcony [Music] you [Music]