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[RUN BTS] [EP. 105 RUN BTS PHOTO EXHIBITION 3] [Previously] [7 unique reforms] That's pretty good. [Who will wear "the outfit"?] It's pretty good. You look like a fairy tale prince. [The real game starts now] The most important thing now is who will be wearing whose outfit. [It's Jung Kook!!!] [Pui, pui, pui, pui!!!] [People are getting excited with the appearance of the Prince] [Jung Kook even rocks in this outfit] [8-year-old SUGA's passionate acting raising his excitement to maximum level] [From the pose that amazed everyone] This is crazy. [The amazement that created a pose] Ok, ok! This is it! - Good! - This is it! - Ok! [RUN BTS PHOTO EXHIBITION that runs smoothly] He looks lonely here. - It's good. - This looks like A cut. [Will they able to finish the photo exhibition successfully?] - Let's go upstairs. - Let's go. - Let's! - Go! Let's go! [Model- V, Photo - RM, Assistant - Jung Kook] [V's concept: Fantasy] [Hair and makeup- SUGA, Monitor - Jin, j-hope, Jimin] A little fantasy concept. I like this one. Let's save this shot. Let's go. - Don't you think it should be a little extravagant since the concept is fantasy? - Yeah. [Lacking something] - It's a little. - We are lacking something. [Looks like a moon] The lighting looks like a fantasy. - It looks like a moon. - It slightly looks like a moon. I think he looks great with that lighting in the angle. [A good example of utilizing the lighting] The lighting looks like a moon, giving a fantasy vibe. [Wow, assistant Jung Kook's gets involved] Now, V suddenly changes, into a werewolf because of that full moon. [He is the fantasy] - It's a great fantasy. idea - Howl! [Howling everywhere] - Aroo! - That sounds like a great idea. Turn sideways and howl, aroo! - Aroo? - Can you howl? - You became a wolf because of the full moon. - Can you turn side ways? Woo! [It's hot!] [A hot wolf] Does it look ok? Ok! [Here comes fantasy] Here it is. It is fantasy. - I made a fantasy. - A werewolf. The fantasy is made by this lighting. - What is this? - It looks cool. [V and Jung Kook getting along well] It looks great. [The last shot on the floor] Lastly, let's take one more shot on the floor. Ok. Floor cut. [Taking the pose] Ok. Let's go. Good. V, your leg looks a little awakward. [Stretching his legs] - It's a little... - Good. [The poor prince whom I will give my bankbook to when meeting him on street] Can you put your chin down? [More directions] The King, [Take away the captions] in pain. [Wow...] [V, the best] Isn't it good? It's good. This is it! - Your face makes it work, V. - That's right. - This is A cut. - V! [The synergy between the model] - RM, you take great photos. - Ok! - Ok! Ok! - It's done! [A satisfying photoshoot] - Ok, there you go. - I think it's enough. [Can't get over the moment] - There is a reason why he is called CGV. - What photos will you select? [Time to select the photo] - This photo looks great too. - What photos are we going to select? The photo that he was facing the camera. - The photo of he was looking at the camera was better. - This also looks cool. - Is it? [Me?] No, this one. He looks wild like a wolf. [Smiling] It's a great photo. [Satisfied] - A werewolf. - This is it! [Everyone surprised] - This one. - This one. [Perfect] - This one. - This one. - This is it! - This one. This is it. - It's great. This is it. - The model was... [This photo is selected as the A cut] This will be the main photo. - The model was A class. - This is the main photo. - Ok. [Model - RM, Photo - Jung Kook, Assitant - SUGA] Assistant! [Hair and makeup - Jin, Monitor- j-hope, Jimin, V] RM... [Chaotic] What can we do? Is this the only place we can shoot? Is there any other place you want? What is your concept? [RM's concept is freedom] - My concept is freedom. - Then, shall we go outside? [Going outside for freedom. Go!] - I should rather go outside... - Here it is. Then, you should touch up our hair and makeup here. - Ok. - Is your concept freedom? Great. You should take the photo outside. [Is he supposed to express freedom?] I have to express freedom, right? [Or express freely?] No. The concept of freedom means, [Express anything] that you should express anything freely. I think I'm good. Thank you, hair and makeup stylist. [The photoshoot started with the lights from nature] We don't need lighting since we are shooting outside. [Strong] - Oh, that was freedom. - It looks like freedom. This is it! Look at RM's muscles. [I really love you] [How is the photo?] It's great. [Cheery swag] - So cute! - He is cute. - It's great. His sunglasses look photoshopped. [Excitedly, he takes another shot] I'll go again. Take the photo at the count of 1, 2 and 3. 1, 2... [Frustrated] Hold on. I need to get the camera on focus. 1, 2, 3! [Swinging] RM, be careful when you climb up the fence. Ok. Got it. I'm sorry. - Now... - What should I do now? [Now, it's time for close-ups] - Now, we will take close-up shots. - Ok. [RUN BTS June edition. The land of mischievous boys] [With special gifts] [RM! Back in upgraded cherry swag. Subscription event] [Oh wow! Click by clicking the hearts. The way how he came up with that mischievous look] [Wait for me. I'm on my way to subscribe] - Ok, good. - We are finished. [Excited] This looks good. Who is the next assistant? The photographer is great. What photo are we going to select? [Again, photo select time] Did you already select the photos? [Confidnent] I'm pretty sure all the photos are good enough to be selected. [Looking for a photo that matches the concept "freedom"] Freedom, freedom. [I love that] This one. - This one. - This one. - I like this one too. - I like this one too. [Every photo looks great] All of your photos look great. - Can we go back to the previous one? - This one? - Isn't it great? - I like it. [Satisfied] - It's a great photo. - This one. [Confused] - It looks like freedom but... - It looks like freedom. - I don't know why I posed like that. - This one and the photo underneath... [Everything is A cut] - The one before... - The photo in jumping pose? - Yeah. Ok. - Good. I love them all. - Ok. [Model - Jung Kook, Photo- SUGA, Assistant - Jin] Jung Kook. come here. [Hair and makeup - j-hope, Monitor- Jimin, V, RM] Where do I take my photo? [Finally, the main character has appeared] This way, please. [Jin handing over hair and makeup to j-hope] - Who is in charge of hair and makeup? - Me. Hair and makeup. We use this for everyone. [Absolute lip balm] Hair and makeup artist has this thing only. [Jung Kook's concept - "Boy With Luv"] "Boy With Luv". How can we express it? Why don't you start by showing the back? Here we go. Hang on. [Murmuring like a kitty] [By choreography] It's not a bad idea to show choreography. What's the move for "Boy With Luv?" [Intro] This is "Boy With Luv" from behind. I think kicking would be fun. [Tempting] Will you please kick? [Kick-holic] Jung Kook, what about the kick? [Facial expression, too] Also, the facial expression. [Hurried] Hang on. Not yet. - Looking so happy. - Jump on three. [Cute] 1, 2, 3. 1, 2, 3. There it is. [The best cut ever] [LOL] [LOL [Aladdin-like performance] - Is he Aladdin? - Here it is. - Here it is. - One more time. - Jung Kook. - You need to stretch your leg. - One more time. [Wanting a perfect photo] Photographer, you did it too fast. 1, 2, 3. - Stretch! - Good. [Agile move] Good. - Good. - It's like a movie poster. It's like a movie poster for the movie titled "Boy With Luv". I think the kicking photo, [Summary : A kick 1 + a face in profile 1] The kicking one and the face in profile. I think those will be enough. [+ Peter Pan cut] Like Peter Pan. 1, 2, 3. Isn't it too dark for Peter Pan? Why don't you make it brighter... Yoongi. I heard he's good at taking photos. What happened? [Hey] It's hard to make a pose because of that. [Blaming the feather] - Because of this. - The feather? [Unexpected comment] I like the kick photo. It looks silly. It looks silly but cute. Look at the light. [Assistant] - Smile. - Good. [Surrounded by 3 members] Good. That's good. [Jung Kook's home master] OK, good. [Project: Make Kook laugh] That's right. Smile. [Smiling] This is awesome. [Smiling Boy with Luv] - OK. - Good. - Done. - I like this. - This is nice. - Great. - This is so nice. - It comes out well. [Time to select best photos] - Let's select good ones. - Let's select. I like this. [Smiling picture] - This is nice. - I like it. I like it. [Small praise] The outfit is nice. I hope we don't use this. This is a bit... I hope to select the kicking one. [So serious] - This is not good. - No. This is not so nice. [Previously] Jung Kook. [Take a picture of me] [I'll take a picture of you] [2020 S/S children's clothing] [Peekaboo] [Smiling] - I thought a kid came up. - A rookie actor. - It's like a rookie actor's pose. - A trainee. - Please scroll up. - This one. - I like this. - But this is... [Ambiguous] It's a bit funny. Is it okay? - Scroll up. - We can choose the last one. - I like this so much. - I love it. [Loving the youngest's cute move] - This is too funny. - It's not right. Let's choose the last one. [The silly and cute one] - The last one. The silly one. - This and... Please crop it a bit. Next, the thing we... The last one. The last one and this. [Another trap photo] Are you kidding? Please do not install such a trap. [Playful Jimin] We have to pick one more. - Let's scroll up to the first one. - To the top. - One more. - I like this. - This. [Like Peter Pan] - I like this. - Let's choose this. - All right. All right. Those will be the ones. Can we select this additionally? [Laughing] This is so nice. - An elementary school student. - Hey, solitude. - Solitude. - What's this posture? It's like a werewolf. - Funny. - The camera director looked at him. What is he doing? [So funny] What is he doing? It feels like that. [SUGA's type] I love the top one. [Cute kid] - I want to set it as my wall paper. - Solitude! - Right? - He looks like a tennis player. - It's not bad. Like a profile picture. He's like a boy scout. [Wanting to capture the moment] He's like a kid. Who's next? [From omniscient Jung Kook's viewpoint.jpg] - Is it over? - Unit and group. - Right. - Unit and group photos. [A long way to go] - Let's hurry up. - Let's do it fast. - RM, get dressed. - OK. [Unit 1: Jimin and V] Taehyung and I go first. - Since we had a long break. - OK. [95s' concept is a thriller] We'll start first. - What was our theme? - We'll monitor for you. From the unit, I'll take pictures to move on fast. - Good. - Director. [Angry] - Why? - Because there's nothing to use. [For moving on quickly] - Is it because there's nothing to use? - No. [Trembling] [Facial expressions] Good. Good. [Monitoring] Bright. That's a bit bright. I hope Jimin's look is more scary. [Like this?] Jimin's facial expression needs to be a bit more scary. [Laughing] [Gasp] That's nice. [Gasp 2] That's nice. [Getting more like a thriller movie shot] That's right. Good. - Good. That's good. - Good. [Good!] This. I think this is the A cut. [Good] Covering his mouth. Good. [95s came for monitoring] - What's this? - I think it's done. - We got one. - What's the concept? - Already? - The one where you covered your mouth. - Thriller. The 2nd one. [A cut for the thriller concept] - This is nice. - Thriller. - Down there. [Serious] Isn't it too much thriller? [Be quiet] [Unit 2: RM, SUGA] Show off your watch. [Concept: Rich men] I don't wear a watch. [Invisible watch that only nice people can see] [I have one] [Young and rich] Good. You look very rich. [Let's see...] I hope they show money. - Right, that'll be better. - Do you have cash? - Any bill? - Even 1,000 won? - Do you have some bills? - I have some. - Do you have 1,000 won bills? - I have some. - Hang on. We'll use items. OK. Just a second. - Will you give us 5,000 won bills, too? - I have a lot. Wait. [Hang on] I guess Jung Kook has more in his wallet. [Rich in cash] Jung Kook has a lot of cash. [Jin is back] My wallet is a bit... It looks like there's little bills. It's okay. - Just one? - No, a lot. [SUGA is so happy about this] You need to do this. [Not so many] - OK. - OK. - I guess that's all. - OK, done. [Can they look rich with these?] Throw them on a count of three. 1, 2, 3. [Falling down] [Cost-effective] They look rich! One more time? The low cut is so nice. [Happiness with 13,000 won] - 12,000 won's happiness. - Here we - 13,000 won, actually. - 1, 2, 3. [So happy to spend money] Not 10,000 won but 13,000 won! - Not just 10,000 but 13,000! Wow! - OK. [A] It's like a movie poster. [Excited] - You look so rich. - Well... [Isn't it the best cut?] This is the best cut. It was the best. - This - This. It lo [A cut] - This was so cool. - OK, done. - Let's go, nostalgic team. - Nostalgic. We look like the nouveau riche. [With only 13,000 won] I can see only 3,000 won bills. The green one... [Not the computer graphic] It looks like a computer graphic. [What's the best cut for this team?] - It's like post-processed. - Right. [Wait! I'll go spending a lot!] [Unit 3: Jin, j-hope and Jung Kook] You may lean on him. [Concept: Nostalgic] One. 1, 2, 3. Good. [Nostalgic?] That's right. That's good. [Or a horror movie?] It's like a horror movie. - That's right. - The outfit in the middle is too unique. [Power presence] It draws attention. [The designer is so happy] - It draws all the attention. - I can't see anything else. [Be more nostalgic] - Be nostalgic. - Nostalgic. - Nostalgic. - hope, you're doing great! - Really. [Nostalgic] He looks so nostalgic. [What happened between Nos and talgic?] That's nostalgic. [LOL] That's right. That's good. - Good. - Jin is like a trembling baby goat. Good. [Am I trembling?] If we have this photo exhibit, that's going to be fun. [Lying down side by side] They will look like prisoners. Jin looks so nostalgic. [The one who majored acting] [Kim Seokjin's different acting] - He majored theater and film. - Very nostalgic. - What about me? - You? You... - He's been nostalgic. - To be honest, you look so happy. Jung Kook's vibe is too strong. [Unmatched] His wings draw too much attention. [Amazed] - Aura... - Jung Kook can be the winner. OK. It gives more depth. Good. [Jin's lips are not seen] Jin, raise your head higher. Your lips are covered by the bar. - Raise your head. OK. - Good. [My head?] That's perfect. - I think they got it. - That's right. That's good. - They got it. - Nice. That's good. - There it is! -OK! Jung Kook was amazing. [What's the best cut for this team?] He was trembling next to Jin. [Nostalgic] For this, [Group shot's concept: "Anpanman"] we need to strike the same pose. The basic pose of a super hero is crossing his or her arms. - OK. Let's do that. - Let's start wit hit. [Shoulder-width apart] Place your feet like that. OK. Cross your arms. [Complete pose] With your head down. [Adding a serious look] Put on a serious face. [We were told to put our heads down] Let's raise our chins up. - OK. - Let's do that. [Eyes] [Feeling like "Final Jump] Please play the OST of "Final Jump". [Anpanman] [Did you start all this?] [RM] [Bring it on] [JIN] [Nobody can't stop me] [SUGA] [It's me who protect you] [j-hope] [I'm going to protect you] [Jimin] [Protect me] [V] [Never start this against me] [Jung Kook] [We're BTS] [Doing their best for the group shot] What should we do? Stretch one hand up? [Next, "Anpanman" pose] - Diagonally? - Diagonally. - To the right. - Stretch your hands. - We need to do that this way. - Like this? - Yes. - Then, I'll cross my arms. - What about you? - You can do whatever you want. - You can cross your arms. [Hero poses, playful facial expressions] Here we go! 1, 2, 3. [Serious] One more time. 1, 2, 3. [Got it] Haha, laugh please. [Like a vending machine] [Especially] [We'll protect ARMY] [The photoshoot is over] - It was so meaningful. - Right. I liked it so much. When can we make our own outfits? [Rare experience] It's rare to wear what we made. - Today's best is... - It's going to be the first and the last time. [Carry of the team] - Jin always carries us to victory. - Right. Jin is so talented. [Talented for art] - I did my best. - You're so talented. hope, will you take it home? - I love this. - Have it sewed just like that. [Storm-like praises] So pretty. Everyone did well. You guys are so great. [Laugh] Why? Does it look so funny to you? [The model feels okay with it] But you're talented. In the next episode of "Run BTS!" we're going to see the photographs we took today in the photo exhibition. Run BTS! [Too much excitement] Bye! Shall we shout it all together? [Let's shout together anyways] Run BTS! Where are we? [Place to hold the photo exhibition] - Where are we? - Our agency. - Right. [The office] It's Big Hit Entertainment HQ. - That's so nice. - This building is so nice. I guess fans have never seen this before. - Please enjoy it. - What are we going to do? [All the previous episodes were appetizer] You remember the photo exhibition. Yes, I remember. [This is Jin] It's the last episode of it. You're going to see the photographs we took. [Introducing titles and photographs] Titles... - I like to see it. I don't want to make one. - The title. - I personally... - Introducing the photographs. - I see. - want to see hope's picture. [Photographer Jimin] Jimin took the photographs. [RM & SUGA's collaboration photo] I can't wait to see Yoongi and my photo. That came out well. Right. I'm so curious how they will look when displayed. [Expecting a lot] - That unit was nice. - Which one should we see first? [Unit pictures] These are unit photos. - Oh, we have photographs here? - Yes. Oh, they are the ones! [It's amazing he hasn't noticed it] There are a lot! It's like a gallery. Those on the easels? Let's take a look, all together. This is the first one. Please open it. [Amazed] - Swag. - Rich. [RM & SUGA's unit photo] - Can you see this platinum watch? - YOLO. - Flex. I like the harmony of our faces. - Look at the money! That's awesome. - He looks like the nouveau riche. [Don't forget, it's my money] - I let you use my bills. - 13,000 won. - I didn't know until you took this photo. - Corduroy jacket. [Chemistry of the two] - You guys have great chemistry. - Right. - Right. - You two look great. Let's look forward to something from this chemistry. Can we expect something? [Good] I like it so much. [Meaningful] - Will they collaborate for something? - Right. [It was before "Respect" was released] - He looks like he moved into Seoul recently. - No way. They look so great. Let's take a look at the 2nd one. - Nostalgic. - Nostalgic. The sunglasses look like the computer graphic. [Satisfied] - Not photoshopped, right? - He really looks like Peter Pan. - Jung Kook, I like your outfit. - Right. [Bygones are bygones] Where did you get these? Oh, we made these. - Let me show you the next one. - The outfit is really... [Strong presence] That's really... [The 3rd one] - Next. - Horror. - Thrill. [Jimin & V] Thriller. [High quality like a movie poster] - It can be a poster with a title. - Right. It'll be fun to make a movie poster out of it. - Taehyung. - Yes. [Suddenly] - Let's film a TV series with me. - Yes. [Amazed] - It's just like a movie poster. - Really. [What's the next one?] - Next. - Next. - Why don't you film a movie? [Jimin's photograph by V] The title is "Be With You". - "Be With You". - "Be With You". - That's like a movie title. - Isn't it the movie title? I made it to sound like a movie title. [The existing movie title] - Isn't it the movie title? - It is. - Right. No.... "To Be With You?" [Little adjustment] [To Be With You?"] [Or... To be With U] Here, "To Be With U". - With U. - To be With U. [Anyways!] - OK. - With U. [Next one] Please show the next one. [Smiling] [So handsome] In this photograph... [Outfit and the carpet matched well] The carpet's pattern - matched it well. - The outfit. And the crown. All is the red tone. [Perfectly matched in the photograph] They're well matched together. I like it so much. What's the title? It's "Red King". Red King. [Return of the king] "Red King". It looks like he would appear on "Game of Thrones". - I like this, "Red King". - "Game of Thrones". I think his eyes is the key point of this photo. Good. [Summary] - So handsome. - Cool. - The crown looks so amazing. - I want to buy this. - I thought it would be me and it is me. - Here it is! [Here he comes] [There you go] ]This photograph! [Having fun is the best!] [Descriptions] - Cute naughty boy. - Cute troublemaker. - That's the title. - Cute troublemaker. [Nope, tantrum] It's a kid throwing a tantrum. [The key point] It may look sloppy but that's the point. - Right, that's the key point. - Kitsch. - Right. [Staff members' feet looked also great] Like in a movie. Staff members' food, no, feet. [Not food] Food? What food? [Title: Yoongi, live here] The title of this is "Yoongi, live here". - Yoongi, live here. - Yoongi, live here. [Listen! I'm going to tell you a story] - At a department store, a kid... - Crying for a toy. [When a kid cries like this for a toy] for a Lego, mothers would say, [Mothers would say] like this. [Yoongi, you live here. Mom will go home] "Live here! I'll go home". - "Live here, Yoongi. Mom goes home now". - YLH. [So-called YLH] - Yoongi, you live here. - Right, YLH. - I see. - That's nice. [Who's next] Let's take a look at the next one. You guys look so nice. Here it is! [The best one came out] It's here. [By SUGA] Here it is! My photograph. [A masterpiece] Look at his face. It's my job. My work. [Flying like a butterfly] [Is it a game punishment?] [It's so funny] [LOL] It looks so great against this shabby wall. What was the theme, Jung Kook? ["Boy With Luv"] It was "Boy With Luv". - Right, it was "Boy With Luv". - Right. He looks like he jumped out of the fairy tale. - Like a fairy. - Maybe... [A fairy who helps people] He tried to express - a fairy to help people around. - Right. [Fairy healer] - My healer. - Right. The fairy [Heroes never die] who kicks bullies. - The fair who punches thugs. - Fairy. He was about to kick. If this fairy protects me, - I won't be scared of anyone. - No need to be scared. [Best] - It's full of energy. - Right. So nice. [Whose is the next?] Let's move on. Whose is the next one? Please open it. [It's me] j-hope! - Look at his face! - So amazing. [Amazing] [Theme: I like it] The theme was I like it. He likes it so much. - Look at him. - Quite impressive. He tries to overcome everything with his smile. [Synergy of model hope and photographer Jimin] Model and I had a great chemistry. - Good. - Also, that was the best outfit. - Right. [Thanks to Jung Kook] - Thanks to you. - It was quite cool. [Chilling out after working hard] It looks like you finished working hard - This pose. - and enjoy chilling out. - And that's what he likes. - I like it so much. - So, I gave this title. - What's that? Do you know what life is? [Sudden lecture on life] Suddenly? - Do you know what life is? - Facial expression! - He likes it so much. - The facial expression is the best. Look at the watch! Doesn't it look like that? [Like watch ads] - A look book? - Like this, you know. Doesn't it look like it was photoshopped? It looks like we added this later. [Satisfied] It's a great picture. [Whose photograph is it?] - The face... - Here it is! Isn't it the computer graphic? [It's me] Isn't it the computer graphic? [Nope] - Who took this photo? - Me. Jung Kook, please introduce it. [Freedom was the theme] The concept was freedom. - Us? Yes. - Yes, freedom. I didn't... I just held the camera - and took pictures. - Photographer didn't do much. Right, RM did most of the things. [The biggest contributor] - I can feel the vibe. - So free. As you can see, he might be in a big trouble - if he falls down. - Slipper. - He will have a great fall. - Right. So, the title is "I'll have a great fall?" [Don't get me wrong, it's GOAL] - Goal. - Actually, it's a goal. [Title: I'll have a great goal] Goal. Having a goal. - To the goal. - Towards the goal. - I'll run freely for the goal. I'll run for the goal! [For a goal in] - For a goal in. - To the goal. - OK. [Who's next?] That's nice. Good. These are the group shots. - Who took this? - I think it's mine. All right. I'll introduce. [Jin's photograph by j-hope] Butterfly! Butterfly! [So satisfied] I'm so happy for this. [In the air] It looks like a photo in late 2000s. I'm so satisfied with this. Look at all those details. - I took this photograph. - Right. - Take a look at this. [Wow] It's so amazing. The title is... [Title: Jin flies] - Jin flies. - Jin flies. [Adding some spices] [Boom boom boom] All right. - It's so amazing. - Yeah. [How can a person do this?] How was he able to strike this pose? In ads in late 2000s, [Pose from beverage ads] - you can see this from beverage ads. - Right. - It was popular. - Personally... [Praise by a dancer] - I majored dancing, you know. - Yes. [Details of hands and feet] Look at the ends of his hands and feet. - Can you see this? - It's called point. - He's doing that. - It's so amazing. Personally, I want to photoshop this, against the blue sky. [Did you hear that, everyone?] - In fact... Don't say that. Fans will use this for a meme. Please do that. We'll be waiting for memes with this picture. Look at his face... So artistic. [It'll be the popular meme] - We'll see a lot of them on Weverse. - I love it. - It'll be on Discover. - I guess so. [Proud] I should do this after dancing for 8 years. [Today's finale! Group shot] It's the group shot. We didn't take the picture by ourselves. [By the production team] - Our director took this for us. - Right. [1, 2, 3!] Three! - "Anpanman". - It's "Anpanman". Doesn't he look like a director? [Director Min and his team members] [Theme: "Anpanman"] - The theme was "Anpanman". - "Anpanman". It was "Anpanman". What an amazing picture! We all look like a team. [Attention to Jung Kook] I want you to look at Jung Kook. Look at the nice "artch" of his eye. [In Taetae's language] - Sorry? - Art? [Artch: Makes a smooth line for an arch] Sorry, what? This line looks like a Hahoetal, Korea's traditional mask. Hahoetal. Jung Kook looks like a Hahoetal. - Thank you. - His eyes. [Everyone likes the group shot] This feels so nice. Let's call it "Avengers". - Avengers. - Avengers. What about Bangvengers? Bangvengers. - Let's call it Bangvengers. - Bangvengers? What about A-bang-gers? [OK, got it] - I see. - That's nice. - A-bang-gers. Now... [Time to grade photographs] We need to give marks to each. - hope. - Each and every picture is so nice. There's a work of art on the wall. - I think one of this can replace it. - Right. - We can take it off and hang one of ours. [The photographs are kept in storage well at the agency building] Let's put our photographs on the walls of this building. [Time to evaluate individuals' pictures] OK. Let's talk about from the left. - Individuals' photos only. - Solo shots? - I think this... - This is the first one. We should give marks to the title, too. [Criteria: Title + introduction] We should give marks for both. Right, explanation of the photograph and the title, too. "To Be With U". [Photographer - V] [Title: To Be With U] "To Be With U". It's to show loneliness of someone being caught while playing hide and seek. [Sad] - Out of 100. - I personally think the background or - the mood, too. - It's the most movie-like photograph. I think this is the best that expressed the theme. Based on your evaluations, [98 out of 100] I think that's 98 out of 100. [Too generous] - 98? That's too high. - Too generous. I'll give 2, instead of 98. [He's really...] Let's vote. - Will it be okay? - Let's calculate an average. - Yours is coming up. - Shall we calculate the average? [Divide 98 by 2 = 49] We got 98 and 2. So, let's say 49. - Like that... - Meanwhile... [Wow] - How? - 49 points? - 49 points. [To win their hearts] Look at the head! It's looks pathetic. Let's talk about it. I love this picture. - I love this picture, too. - But ARMY may not like it. - Because it doesn't show his face. - Right. That's the issue. [Reason for a low score] That's the reason. - Still, it's 85? - You can see the face [Hard to get] even though it's hard to see. [What about 87?] - Let's give 87. - 87? - Yes. - 87. - What about that, everyone? ["To Be With U" - 87 points] - OK. 87. - OK. 87, done. OK. Done. [Next] Next photograph. - This picture... - Please introduce it. - It's simple. - Description. [Photographer - RM] [Title - King] [Description - He's the king] Description. Description. He's the king. I may describe it in long lines, but I didn't. Why? His face talks everything. [Because his face talks everything] - Right. - That's true. [Can I be the king?] I'm the king. His eyes explains everything. [Disappointed] - But I hope to have more descriptions. - Right. I like the picture. [Lack of description] - But it needs more descriptions. - I agree. I'll give 47 out of 100. [Generous] That's generous. - Will it be okay? - Why? [How will you handle the backlash?] - Will it be okay? - Later. - Yours. - Yours is there. - It's at the end of the [Kidding] - Will it be okay? - I'll give you 7. - I want to be generous. - The model was amazing. - Like 91? - 91 points. [Somebody said so] People say what makes a style perfect is a perfect face. [91 points for the handsome model] - Right. - His face does the same. Almost perfect. - I'll give 91 because the model is perfect. - 91 points. [King- 91 points] - That's appropriate. - 91 points. Next. - I like this one so much. - Please introduce. [Photographer - Jin] [Title: Yoongi, live here] Yoongi, live here. [Description: A kid's tantrum makes me not to want to buy anything for him] Yoongi, live here. - That's a bit... - YLH. If kids do like this, you don't want to buy anything. - That's what I wanted to express. - My parents didn't buy a lot for me. [Sad story] They did for my elder brother. right. [Sad story to win others' hearts] The eldest kid is their priority. I guess I was a bit naughty. [Boy scout-like vibe] This boy scout-like feeling is the point. [Thanks to the model's hard work] It shows feelings well. - I also like fake socks of this director on the right side. - Right. [Must-have item] - What's the brand? - I'm curious too. - Look at the color. - Right. I know there's a lot of room for improvement. It's hard to grade... I'll give 98 points. - Then, I'll give 92. - 92 points. [Generous] You're quite generous. - I think it's 94. - 94. Anyone who grades higher? [Suddenly, auction] - Are you auctioning? - Is it an auction? [YLH - 94 points] - 94! Done. - OK. 94. Deal. [Good] - Cool. - Good. [Making everyone laugh] It deserves to win 100 points! Right, it's so amazing. [Proud] It's perfect, right? Let's give 100 points. [100 points for the outfit] The outfit deserves 100 points. [Photographer - SUGA] Title: Don't tease me for being small. - Don't tease me for being small. - Description. The fairy for small things. Jung Kook. With him, you won't be scared of anything. - If I can't win no.1 with this, - Yes. that means there's a problem with this exhibition. [I did it but it looks so amazing] - It means there's a problem. - His facial expression is awesome. [Hey!] I think his facial expression is the best. [98 points] - I want to give 98 points. - 98. - Any more? - No. - I think 96. - 96 points, okay. - OK. - Then, the average. - 96 points. [Logical] Jung Kook was born in 1997. - Let's give 97. - Good. [Don't Tease Me for Being Small - 97 points] - 97. Done. - 97. - Good. - 97 points. This picture is... [Aiming to win first place?] - I like this most. - Honestly, - I aim to win no.1 with this picture. - Please introduce it. [Photographer - Jimin] Do You Know What Life Is? Let me read the description. You will live your life once. Happiness? Do you think it's hard to gain? Feel it. Your life is yours. [Not an watch ad] Close up. In fact, I think it could be better with another background. - It looks like an office. - Right. All the things are not in harmony. Isn't it the point of this photo? [Unbalanced] Watch, his outfit, the ladder and the shade. [Harmony of mismatched items] Everything is not in harmony. - Right! Things are mismatched. - Right. It looks like a watch ad. [Let's collect the scores] Please say the score you want to give. And combine them up. [Feeling nervous] - Make it harmony. - What about if it goes over 100? - Then, let's exclude the number in the first place. - The last place. - It will be in 2 digits, then. - 2 digits? That's a nice idea. What do you think, j-hope? It's not my photo. [Fast attitude change] - What do you think, Jimin? - Let's try. OK. I'll give 3. - Yours is the last one. - j-hope? - Well... - We'll add them up. - Sorry? - We'll add the numbers up. - Adding up? - Yes. I'll multiply yours by 10. It's 30. [Current score: 33] - 33. - 33 points. - Don't calculate now. - How much will you give? - Just say it! - I'll give 70. - 70 points. Next. - Next. - It's now 103. [3+30+70 = 103] [103+93=196] - I'll give 93. - 93. It's 196. - I'll give 194. - 194. [Confused] - Can't you calculate? - I lost. - I gave 194. - Just say it. - 2, 1. - 94. [3+30+70+93+194+94] 94 points. Next. [I'll be out of this] It's my photo. I can't grade it. - We'll exclude the number in the first place. - 0. [The first number out of 3-digit-number will be excluded] What's the final score? - Excluding the first number? - Yes, please. [Total score: 484] 484. [Final score: 84 points] 84. Congratulations. [Do You Know What Life Is? - 84 points] - Awesome. - That's not bad. - 84. - Glad it wasn't 12. [Full of thrills] This way was so much fun! - Right. - Nobody knows what the final score is. - Right. - That's full of thrills. - Hurry up. - "I'm Going to the Goal". [Photographer - Jung Kook] [Title - "I'm Going to the Goal"] - To the goal. - Let's do it. [Description - RM wants to fly] Everyone, say the score [for freedom and his goal] that pops up in your mind now. - 3. - To the goal. - 3 points. - Ready. 3 points. - I'll say 30, like the previous one. 30 points. I'll give 92 points. - I want o give 148. - 148. - This is so nice. I'll say 98. - 98 points. - 98. - I'll give 100. - 100. [3+30+92+148+94+100+94] - j-hope. - We're friends. 94. - 94. - 94. [What's the final score?] The final score is... - 65! - 65 points! [Trying not to be discouraged] My mother was born in 1965. [LOL] My mother was born in 1965... So... [This is Jin's] - OK. "Jin Flies". - Please introduce it. - Description? - I didn't do that. Before I wrote this description, I asked Jin. "Jin, what do you want to be if you can fly?" [Story of a butterfly-like boy] - He said, "I want to be j-hope". - So... [who wants to be j-hope] I wrote that in the description. [I will fly high and become j-hope] - Fly high. - Please sing that for us. [Fly high! In to the sky! I'll be j-hope] - All right. - That was nice. - Yes. [What's the final score?] Scores, go! Scores. [Thinking hard] 88 points. - 88. - 88. - 88 points. - Based on Jin's age... - Yes. - 28. - 28. - I'll give 85. - OK. - Multiplying 7 by 7... I'll give 49. - 49. - 49 points. - Wish you good luck. - Thanks. - I'll give 51. - 51. - 92. - 92 points. [Extra point for his feet] I want to grade it generously, for his pose. - It's 781 points. - 781. [Staff members are calculating] - Lets' see. - The final score is... [It's in 4 digits] - It's a 4-digit number. - Exclude two. Please exclude the first 2 numbers from the left. - Shall we exclude the first 2 numbers from the right? - No. [Only 2 digits will be survive!] I mean, first two numbers - from the left should be excluded. - Shall we? [1874] 74. [Score 74! You will get 100 next time!] 74 points. [Like a lottery] It feels like winning a lottery. - Glad I'm not in last place. - Glad! Who's in last place? It's me. 65 points. 65 points. [Victim] Stand here. - We should've done this from the beginning. - It was fun. [First place of "Run BTS!" Photo Exhibition] Who's the winner? Who's in first place? [Result] [Model Jung Kook & Photographer SUGA - 97] [[Model SUGA & Photographer Jin - 94] [Model V & Photographer RM - 91] [Model Jimin & Photographer V - 87] [Model j-hope & Photographer Jimin - 84] [Model Jin & Photographer j-hope - 74] [Model RM & Photographer Jung Kook - 65] - Is this the best photograph? - Yes, in first place. - I hope to hang it on Jung Kook's room. It won 97 points. I'll bring it home and hang on the wall of my room. - That's cool. - Today's best photo is "Boy With Luv". JK! For the winner, [Prize for SUGA] - we prepared a prize. - A prize? [Curious] - What's that? - Bring the prize in, please. [What is that?] What if it's not something I don't want... - What's that? So curious. - Winner, please come out and get this. - Who's the winner? - SUGA. SUGA! [Photographer MIN SUGA / Representative work: "Boy With Luv"] SUGA won! The frame feels heavy. What's this? [Coming forward] Please step back. Step back, please. [What's this prize?] I'm so curious. - Let's move back. - We'll hold it for you. [SUGA will open the prize] Please go behind it. I'll open it. - We'll hold it for you. - RM, hold it. - What? - I think it's so cool. - So curious. [What will be the photo?] Let's open! 2, 3! Open it, please. [What's that?] Open it, please. Open it! What? Open it! What? [I don't want to see it] [Me, as the masterpiece] [This is so funny...] - What? - That's so crazy. [Crying] Look at the frame! [Production team carefully chose this high-quality gold frame] [Do you like this prize?] It hurts! Stop pushing me! [So embarrassed] [Calm] - As you know... - Hold it. SUGA set it as the wallpaper of his phone. [Breaking news! SUGA owns the masterpiece of this century] - It's my wallpaper. - Really? - The wallpaper. - Yes. Let's hang this at the reception room for artists. - Please give a title to this. - What would it be nice? - The title. - It was "Rookie Actor". - Rookie actor. Rookie actor. Everyone, I'll do my best. - I'll appreciate your support. - Why do they give this to me, as a prize? This is so awesome. [Firm] I'll hang this on the wall of artist reception room. [Amazingly, there's a reason why] It came out well. The reason why we made a prize out of it is that many people say they feel happy when they see it. - So many people say that. - Right. [Got it] Right, that's true. [1 Manggae per day] We need to see it when things get tough. I'll hang it in the reception room. - I hope you can get refreshed by looking at this at the agency. - The awkward face. [Listen] I think [V-est] - this is the best photo of today. - Best. [Unanimously, the best photo of the day] - This is really... - It deserves 100 points. - It deserves 100 points. - I'll give 100 points. - No photograph can match. - That's so funny. All right, we became photographers. How did you feel, Jung Kook? The best photographer is Jung Kook, anyways. Didn't you take this picture? [Actual winner of today] - Please tell us how you feel. - It was Jung Kook. Everyone, don't miss such moments in your daily life... - Like this, taking a picture... - He looks like a photographer. Right? [Photograph master] He looks like an assistant photographer. Don't miss such moments and take pictures - to make special memories. - Right. - Photographs last long. - Right. - True. - Photographs last long. - No. - No? - Memories last long, too. - Suddenly? - It felt like an artist's word. [Master says] Memories, photographs and videos are one. [Last comment] Jung Kook, will you shout "Run BTS!" for us? Run! [Bt...] BTS? No? - What else? - Let us give the special memories. [Ceremony to give special memories] - Wow. - What's that? [What is it?] What's that? - The photographs we took. - What? During the water sports. [Photographs taken by a film camera during EP 85 Summer Outing] Jung Kook gave me... - The camera! - Yes, photographs taken by that. - Can I sell it? - This film camera has unique sentiment. [Kidding] - If it's sold on an online second-hand shop, it's Namjoon. - This is awesome. - Thank you. - Thank you so much. [Artist Min's lecture on life] - Everyone, leave a lot of pictures. - For special memories! - Also, make a lot of special memories. - Good. - Jung Kook, say "Run BTS!" for us. - Run, BTS! Rookie actor Park Jimin's journey will go on. - Run! - BTS! [So proud] - It makes me smile. - That's a masterpiece. I want to change the title to "Photo that makes you feel happy". [Where' the photo that makes you feel happy?] [Run BTS!] [EP 106 RUN BTS PHOTO EXHIBITION 3]