Enter The Dojo Episode 4 Womens Self Defense Part 2 Master Ken




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so if you're gonna rip somebody's throat right you gotta use more than just two fingers okay your hair smells like rose petals is that your shampoo or what actually it's lilac I take a lilac and a tablespoon of water smells fantastic got a product you buy or is it something you make yourself right I make it my friend taught me how she owns a salon sometimes I put an aloe cream on my knuckles when they get busted up from training but irritates my skin you should try arnica gel really yeah I have some I'll lend it to you okay I guess I'm a little frustrated with Stephanie's attitude I mean I don't think she gets it like it's a rape prevention class and when she show up with so much makeup and she wears that hot pink sports bra and I don't want to be one of those people that says that she deserves it but I'm just kind of she's whoring it up a little bit I guess I'm just a little disappointed in her let's Hey all right your hair looks nice Thanks one of the most important aspects of our rape class is the reality based rape scenario training we have a senior student who dresses in a protective suit and entails me attempting simulated rape of the students which I have some experience with this drill is designed to give you the most realistic rape experience that we can safely create belly hair will be your rapist he will attack you you will defend yourself using whatever means necessary does everyone understand does everyone understand yes sir very well Rachel you're up first very good yeah very good all right next ah great doesn't always happen one-on-one good this is a rapist this isn't your friend it's not your neighbor very good can I don't know if I should do this scenario Anthony like it or not we live in a world where men get rigged - this just isn't very realistic he can barely move he's exhausting be good defend the fan great now I know if a high school mascot tries to rape me I'll be fine yes when you're forgetting one thing and what's that rapists don't always work alone what does that even mean serving my community is one of the main reasons I do what I do some people help feed the homeless others work with veterans I teach women how to castrate and kill sexual predators and in that way I'm making life better for everyone who is not a rapist when I watch the news and I see that some woman has managed to defend herself against the sexual attack I feel like I had a part that you