Entering the Age of Polyglots

hi there Steve coffin here today you know two days from now I am flying off to Montreal for the long Fest festival day long and of course this is one of a number of conferences held around the world originally called polyglot conferences or sometimes called polyglot gatherings the one in Montreal is this coming weekend it's not too late to in you know register if you use Steve uppercase lowercase doesn't matter as your access code you'll get a discount and there's one in Fukuoka Japan in October that I'm going to and it's all part of this whole polyglot phenomenon more and more people are speaking more and more languages and they are communicating with each other through the internet through other means at these conferences you know in Montreal there's a gathering of this group called mundo lingo that exists in many places where lots of people arrive at this cafe they're given flags for each of the languages that they speak and then you just wander around talking to people in whatever language you see on their tag and some people have ten languages or more more flags and it's just a wonderful evening and you go from person to person speaking different languages and and you know and any one of these gatherings like The Gathering in Montreal there's gonna be 500 or so people all of whom speak two three four eight and languages these are not all people who have quote a special talent for languages these are not people who sat through language class who went to university to learn languages necessarily they might have done those things but not all five 600 of them and and it's what has happened is that it's become so much easier to learn languages access like you know Netflix I'm having a wonderful time with my Turkish watching this cereal in the evening with my wife and then downloading the try stripped and of course I can't keep up to where we are in the TV you know watching the different episodes but I'm getting a better and better sense of how the language is used and it's a wonderful feeling to to start being absorbed into the language then I pick away at the words using our you know our web browser extension and and that's only one example you know there's my Turkish tutors on I talk either's I can look up any grammar term I want the old idea that you sat in the classroom and that the teacher was the source of the language the teacher decided what you had learned the teacher explained the language the teacher told you not to go ahead because the teacher wanted you to be there the teacher tried to force you to speak before you were ready the teacher corrected you when you got something wrong none of that is necessary it's a new world it's the polyglot world we are entering that golden age of multiple language learning polyglots and that's a little bit of what I'm gonna talk about in Montreal and again in Japan and tomorrow I think I'll do a video in Japanese and I will talk up the polyglot gathering in Fukuoka which I think is October 18th to 20th where any of you who live in Japan hopefully will attend or live in Asia or like the travel will also show up there so we are in entering the Golden Age of polyglot ISM multilingualism and it's only going to get better and I hope to see some of you in Montreal bye for now you