Ep4 떴다 더보이즈Come On THE BOYZ 여름방학 RPG편Summer Vacation RPG Edition


1theK (원더케이)


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(Today is all you can spend fun day) (They are really in their element) My pants came off No! (Crazy in the water during the day) (WATER BOYZ!) (Losing their minds at night) (Fun explosion) I'm suddenly sad (THE BOYZ... Why are they crying?) (THE BOYZ Village all you can spend day) (Come On! The BOYZ Starts now) (Come On! THE BOYZ Summer Vacation RPG Edition) (Under the bright sun) (Refreshing river) (It'll make you forget the scorching weather) (Thrilling water sports) (This is Leisure Dungeon, a paradise on earth) So hot! Who wants to ride the boat with me? - Me - Ride the raft with me (THE BOYZ transferred to Leisure Dungeon) Everyone, please take a picture of me A solo shot (Younghoon arrives first to take a photo) (Photo shoot finishes under 5 seconds) Arrived at Leisure Dungeon We're here at Leisure Dungeon Then what should we do? We should play Welcome to Leisure Dungeon Please pay two cash coins each and enjoy! What? Don't say that There is an entrance fee? So then, Please discount by four cash coins We should get a discount for being a group of 12 (Hwall went to treat his ankle) (There're eleven total) (No discount) Oh, right (Admit right away) Right, right Then we should pay first? (Paid 22 cash coins for the 11 members) (Who'll get to experience the boat ride for free?) Divide into two teams and start the relay The team all members arrive first wins Should we start the game? - Let's go, Haknyeon! - Let's go, Eric! Don't fall! They're having fun! (We'll ride the boat) (Whatever! Not so easy) Go! (Uncompromising race) (Dangle, dangle) (Eric of the red team gets ahead) Good job, Eric! (Jump) Calm, calm, calm (Eric falls in trying to bypass) He fell in! Oh, Haknyeon, Haknyeon! Haknyeon! (But Eric doesn't allow him any room) Next person, get ready! Hurry, hurry! (Haknyeon rushing to catch up ) (Falls in the water) THE BOYZ, THE BOYZ (Haknyeon still can't get out of the water) Hurry, hurry! (When's Haknyeon going to get here?) No, can't go, can't go (Haknyeon finally arrives) THE BOYZ Start! (Yellow team's No. 2 New starts) (Super speedy New) (But Kevin faces an obstacle) (Since New is catching up to him) (Kevin feels pressured) (Falls into the water in the end) (Dizzy, dizzy) (Above fallen-in Kevin) (I'm New) Why is New so good? (I'll go ahead because I feel bad) He stepped on him (New turns it around) No! Oh my god! - Who is that? - Kevin, Kevin Go, go, go, Q! (Yellow team wins, let's go!) (Jump, jump!) (Sangyeon is waiting for Kevin) (Kevin finally arrives after suffering) THE BOYZ (Red team's No. 3 Sangyeon starts) (Passes the first task with super speed) (I'll show you the power of the leader) (But Sangyeon falls into the hole) (Sangyeon is stuck) (Q is already there) (Speedy Q makes the distance even further) THE BOYZ (Yellow team's No. 4 Jacob starts) Hurry and go up! (Sangyeon and Jacob soon to cross pass) (Slips through) (Where is Sangyeon?) (Leader, I'll go ahead. Hop, hop) (Slippery) (Ah!) (Jacob's fallen? This is a chance!) (Ah!) (Why is there a hole here?) (Sangyeon must have oily feet) (Everything is an obstacle for Sangyeon) (Sangyeon checks out all traps) (Jacob arrives fast) (Sangyeon of the red team is struggling) (Younghoon of the yellow team is relaxed) (The yellow team is winning by two cycles) (Joy or sorrow due to the big gap) What should we do? (Yellow team's No. 5 Younghoon starts) (Sangyeon A.K.A the obstacle collector finally arrives) THE BOYZ (No. 4 Juyeon quickly starts) (Thin Younghoon skillfully walks out) Hurry! (What? What's happening here?) (Everyone falls in. Younghoon gets camera time) (Juyeon who came next skillfully falls in) (Chaos in the front and back) (As expected) (Splash) (Must be very hot) (It's not a mistake. He must like the water) (Having fun without doing the game) Hurry Why isn't yellow getting here? (Red team's No. 4 Juyeon and yellow team's No. 5 Younghoon arrive together) (Red team's No. 5 Hyunjae starts) (Yellow team's No. 6 Sunwoo follows) (Passionate two boys) (Going smoothly than expected) (At that moment) (Where are you going?) (As he boasts, the older one falls in the water) (The younger one is excited) (Gently, gently) (I can't end here) (More boasting leads to falling in) Hurry, hurry (Sunwoo reaps benefits from Hyunjae's work) (Everyone is impressed) (Yellow team's Sunwoo arrives) THE BOYS (Yellow team with Haknyeon, New, Q, Jacob, Younghoon, and Sunwoo, wins!) Congratulations, the yellow team! The red team regretfully lost Not regretfully Not at all regretful Anyway, should we pick the boat to ride? We'll go ride the boat Let's go! Let's go! (Refreshing and thrilling water sports under the hot sun) What is this? So fun, so fun How do you do this? (Enjoying the relaxing moments) (Provided by Leisure Dungeon) (Fun) (Exciting) (Refreshing speed above water) (New, New) Why? Who? New, New, New (The red team is disappointed) Honestly, we should ride it once too Is it okay to do this? Will you please let us? (Looking heartbroken) (Okay, you can enjoy too) (Sitting closely together) Wait, just once (The red team rushes to enjoy the dungeon fun) (The boat tilts on Sangyeon's side) My pants came off (Still having fun even hearing that) (Jumping into the water to look for pants) (The fun at the Leisure Dungeon ends) Should we go back now that we had so much fun at Leisure Dungeon? Don't forget you still have more quests to complete (It's nighttime at THE BOYZ Village) I've been wanting to play with fire all day If you play with fire, you'll wet the bed (Squatting to start the fire) This ignites right away, right? Why won't it ignite? It'll take some time Do it under here (More smoke comes out after fanning) Why wouldn't this wood catch fire? Please catch fire All the college entrance examinees I hope you pass (A sudden prayer ritual) Is it just me? (Let's go, ginseng chicken soup) (TheB's bringing out ingredients) Ginseng chicken soup Radish Everybody say chicken Chicken Ginseng chicken soup Chicken This is most interesting (Younghoon dedicates a song for ginseng chicken soup) Who wants to make kimchi? Me I'll make kimchi (Every night Younghoon becomes a jukebox) It wasn't bad Already finished washing it? Do you guys know what to do? Stuff the chicken Okay I got the main role again today (Grabs a handful of glutinous rice) (Eric looks unsettled) Hey, you can't let the bugs get inside (Eric quickly stuffs the glutinous rice) (That looks fun too) I wanted to try that I want to do that too (Fickle Younghoon leaves to stuff the chicken) (Younghoon starts to stuff the chicken) (Go in. Hut!) It's hard to stuff it (The chicken is all stuffed already) (Iron pot team is busy making meat broth) There are 12 chickens so they require a lot of herbs (Making ginseng chicken soup broth) (Not sparing any herbs for health) Feels like getting healthier (Putting lots of vegetables to rid of smell) (The broth will be ready once you boil it) (Younghoon, Kevin and Haknyeon are monitoring fire) You seems to be very close to your family Who's not close to their family? Q, you really are closest to your family After I joined the agency I learned for the first time families have Kakao group chat room I didn't have one until I saw Q Me too, me too It seemed very nice So I told my mom we should make one with our relatives I made one as I came to Korea I didn't have one at the beginning Don't you miss your mom? I miss her It'd be weird if I didn't How long has it been? Since I haven't seen her? Year and a half By the way I feel that You have to be good while you have them (Haknyeon's words resonate deeply) (Feeling nostalgic as they sit by fire) (The boys are family to one another on this hot summer night) (Broom!) (What? What's that sound? Construction?) (It's the sound of Juyeon grinding powdered red pepper in a blender) (Rock spirit) (Not interested) Hey, we are in trouble Why? Why, why, why? It's burnt Burnt? The plastic got ground (What should we do?) Did you chop it well? Why? What's that expression? (What's happening?) - Do we really need to grind this? - Yes A piece of plastic got ground too What? You broke the blender? Yes, it's broken There was a blender? (I think I heard blender?) Why did we grind the bean-soup noddles in a milestone? (So that it's more delicious) I'm not sure how it'd turn out but I'll still try Is this just water? Yes, now in here We put in the salted one Put all of it Good I'm not sure how much to put in You have to put in all of it Should I put in more? - A lot more - Right? Is the powdered red pepper in the house? I'll bring it outside Did you put it in? We have to put it in here Isn't there more? I'll bring it (Sunwoo goes inside to bring more powdered red pepper) Hey Who told you to rest and not work? What did you do? (Not much to say) A person shouldn't be No warm water is coming out Hello, I'm Sunwoo, a daily reporter I discovered at the scene We told Jacob to work But he's pretending to get hot water from the filter And just slacking off I'm not sure how to deal with Jacob But decided to punish him for now (Passing by) Oh, right (Hello, I'm in the middle reporting) Nice (Not approved) That guy in a mint-colored shirt, I... I found salt (New leisurely leaves to look for salt) Let's put in lots of salt (Plenty) That's good (Jacob is trying to boil water since the filter is not working) (Staring) (Juyeon and Jacob can't work the blender) (Why doesn't it work?) Hey Sunwoo, is this right? (What's wrong with you?) Is it here? Just now Jacob Took the coffee pot And asked if it's right to insert it into the blender It'd been a disaster (Finally the electronics are put together correctly) I hope that makes into the video That was legendary (Throwing in the powdered red pepper Sunwoo brought) More, more, more Enough Did I put in too much? Seems about right Right? (Water kimchi looks better than before) Preparing the chicken Please open You can put in now (Dropping in the chicken in the boiling iron pot) (On its way to become ginseng chicken soup) (Hurray!) (One) (Two) Put in all 12? (A gigantic pot can hold all 12 chickens) (Please cook well) (Once it boils) (It'll become ginseng chicken soup, the summer health food) Wow, you made water kimchi? It looks pretty good I want to taste it (Each tastes it) (How is the taste of water kimchi?) Hmm, it doesn't have that sour kick, right? Try to improve it We can do it. We're almost there This just tastes like a cabbage Radish just tastes like radish But the liquid I want to drink the liquid It'd be nice to put rice in it (Water kimchi is good enough for Q to eat it with rice) (Water kimchi making skill) - Ready? - Yes - It smells so good - Be careful. The steam is very hot It's so good You don't need the ramen sauce Really You didn't put in MSG or anything, right? (About to be opened) (The color of the broth looks so healthy) (Now find the chicken in the broth) (And put it in the silver bowl to complete the ginseng chicken soup) (Dinner prepared with TheB's hard work ) Today's quest is completed Thank you for preparing Thank you for the food Wow, what is this? Wow, this is amazing (Trying the tasty soup first) Pass it on Wow (Tasty food after working hard) (It's tasty) What did you put inside? It's kind of cool My mom and grandmother always made it for me (This is the taste!) I'm not forced to eat this. It's actually really good (Yum, yum) Hey, Sunwoo It's so good, right? You can sell this Flower boys ginseng chicken shop Try the rice and garlic together. It tastes so good (Wow) The rice tastes so good Try it with some garlic (Juyeon is only eating rice) Wow How was it? It was delicious Are you upset? Why are you upset? Are you upset because it's so tasty? No, because I'm dumbfounded When I was told we need to make the ginseng chicken soup I thought we couldn't do it We'd just give up in the middle I thought we'd have to buy it with cash We came here and tried a lot of new things As we do this reality show, we'll build a lot of memories together It was so fun earlier Since we ate this, we took care of our health for the summer (Clean, clean) My mom always said - You have to finish all your food - Look, look Wow, how is it so clean? (Completely empty) (Made with sweat and effort) (THE BOYZ's ginseng chicken soup) (Ginseng chicken soup tastes even better after cooking together) (Wow) (Come On! THE BOYZ keeps on creating memorable moments together) Anyways, we ate dinner, right? There's something we always do - Cleaning up - Right The punishment is washing dishes Go away Can you see? "Red ginseng" is today's final game to determine who'll do the dishes Continue to pick the next person If one person gets picked simultaneously Do the specific motion as you shout "everybody red ginseng" Everyone just copies that person's motion - Let's try it - Let's do it slowly, slowly (Since it's the first round, let's try the game very slowly) (Eric picks Juyeon and Younghoon) (Got picked simultaneously) (Do it like this) (Oh, yes, red ginseng) (Everybody, red ginseng) (Youngest Eric is super excited) (Picks simultaneously, yes, you) (Flustered) (Instant reaction) (Shakes) (Ah!) (All together shake) (Sunwoo picks New and Q) (Picks simultaneously) (New boasts flexibility) (Happy new year) (Picks right away with no time to breath) (Sangyeon picks Jacob) (Jacob picks Sunwoo) (Jacob picks Sunwoo) (Sunwoo picks Q) (Sunwoo picks New) (New picks Younghoon) (Younghoon, what are you doing?) Younghoon, Younghoon Wrong, come out (I can't believe I got it wrong) This is hard It's confusing coming from both sides Indian Bop! Actually It's easier sitting in a circle But I think I did well so far You have to look around like this (Pulling back) You look scared - Scary - It's a spider, spider Fish We look like a fish Starting with Younghoon Let's start slowly Start! You go first (New and Q, alright, you and you) (Naturally points Sunwoo) (Relaxed) (Everybody red ginseng) (Juyeon immediately picks Eric) (Whose hand is this?) (Sunwoo picks Juyeon and Eric) (Younghoon pops out of nowhere) (Flustered, flustered) (He can't talk straight) You're supposed to get hit during this game You gave it to me (Indian Bop twice) I avoided it I didn't look at you You looked at the two I looked at you and made an eye contact (No time to make excuses) (Game starts) (Younghoon picks Sangyeon and Jacob) (Sangyeon picks Q) (Jacob picks Sangyeon) (Younghoon is just having fun without knowing he's been picked) (Younghoon is confused) (Indian Bop VVIP Kim Younghoon) (Naturally enters the punishment zone) (Indian Bop!) I was looking over here. What can I do if you pick me? Do it like how Sangyeon did before (Like this) Go! (Sangyeon with 120% accuracy) (Picks Hyunjae and Hwall) (In sync) (Once again, they pick each other) (Me?) (Everybody red ginseng) (Hwall too excited and only picks one) (Naturally moves to the punishment zone) I knew it (Indian Bop for Hwall) But you can't say, "Oh, yes, me!" (At least I did one) How can you point to yourself (No break. Next round, go!) (Hwall picks the right one this time) (Continuing to pick person sitting near) (Both pick the popular leader) (Oh, yes, groove) (The new round starts already. Never ending red ginseng pit) (Pointing at each other) (The pick gets crossed) (Who would be picked next by the two?) (Juyeon and Sunwoo) (Oh, yes, you!) (Instinct to go straight) (Sangyeon points at Q) (Jacob points at Sangyeon) (What?) One is missing I gave to Sangyeon You did it like this (Jacob, how dare you) Everyone's getting up (Short but meaningful, Indian Bop!) (Everyone, watch out) Last one This is the golden ball Regardless of your losses until now Forget everything up to now Whoever loses this game will clean up Orange, orange, orange As you sing, you pick the next person and throw it The person selected needs to do bigger mime and shout "orange" louder And pass on to the next If your orange and voice are not bigger than the one before You'll need to do the dishes It looks fun We'll do it right away Let's not be too loud to make it funny I'll go first You need to do it step by step Orange, orange, orange, orange, o (It's almost orange ASMR level) (Hyunjae's growing orange) (Orange toss) (Clear, clear) (Grow, orange!) (Growing orange and his voice tone) (Orange, orange) (The orange is already larger through halfway) Why is the tone going up? (Hwall's growing orange) (The orange is almost 2M) (So funny) (Catch my giant orange!) (Too large to control) (Are you ready?) (Yes, easily) (So funny) (This is not a dance but Haknyeon's orange harvesting method) (The chair is just a prop) (Someone gets caught, please) (I'll grow it even larger) (Where did the giant orange go?) (Younghoon is swallowed by a huge orange) (Humiliating) (Feeling ashamed after growing the orange) (Sangyeon's orange doesn't fit on screen) (Powerful harvesting) (Please don't give it to me) This is funny - Hold on - Please stop doing that (Should I do it or not?) (Deeply concerned) I lost, I lost (Greatest hurdle of his idol life) (Okay, I decided) (Orange, orange) (Great orange harvesting skill) (Encountered a mishap while laughing) (New's windmill martial art skills to grow the orange) (Take my windmill orange!) (Sunwoo gets the windmill orange) (What should I do?) Suddenly I'm sad (Very sad) I'll clean up (Really can't do this) Oh, no. Not this one (Oh, yes!) I'll clean up - Sunwoo is selected - I'll clean up (Ha ha, this is funny) This game completely drains you I was laughing until I saw this (Orange harvesting skill) - I can't watch - Yes, can't watch (Sunwoo starts cleaning) (The word orange lingers on) I'm not going to eat oranges for a while (Piled up) (Sunwoo takes the dishes to the kitchen) (They are chatting away) (Sunwoo's two hands are full) (TheB's are too busy chatting and not paying attention) Sangyeon's been making me laugh since this morning You got enough camera time Please watch the video Please open the door Please open the door (They finally notice Sunwoo) (The youngest ones are helping each other) (The door shuts mercilessly) (Rattling) (Rattling) (Thud) (Angry wash) He is cleaning so hard (Looking, looking) And we still have a few more days Does anyone have something they want to try? I want to do the horror experience (I love it) (Sunwoo cleans up) Good job, Sunwoo You worked hard I'm so proud of you Hey, Sunwoo Did you clean well? (Nodding, nodding) Let's hurry and rest for tomorrow Good job today (It's time for bed) I am so sleepy For tomorrow's coins (So much fun today) (Looking forward to more fun tomorrow) - We need to bring kimchi - Oh, right I'm going to stay here until we sleep We need to bring kimchi (Come On! THE BOYZ Summer Vacation RPG Edition) (Next Summer Vacation RPG Edition) (Ding-dong quest is here) (Earn lots of cash for a productive day) Is it a dance choreograph? What about the lips? We won't take the cash coins (The most challenging game coming up which demands them to give up cash) (Everyone has a mental breakdown) Do we really have to do this to get cash? We'll protect it! (Come On! THE BOYZ Summer Vacation RPG Edition)