Ep4 VICTON빅톤s Born 아이덴티티냉장고는 없지만 한끼를 부탁해 2회


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(VICTON's Born Identity) Bland food that's good for dieting. - I'm doing well, right? - That's not bad. All you have to do now is decorate it well. - What? - Is that Jack and the beanstalk? Two, three. (Scary main ingredients that they must cook with today) They're alive. They're still alive. (But they must continue to cook) Our guest may want coffee. The guest might be hungry. Buy all kinds of snacks that the guest might like. (What diet food will they make today?) (VICTON's Born Identity) - Ours. - I think they're over there. Shall we reveal ours first? First, green onion. Onions. Garlic. Carrots. A zucchini. Paprika. - There are lots of vegetables. - Dieting is all about vegetables. Then we have... Brown rice is good for dieting. I would like to compliment you on this. - What about the other ingredients? - Other ingredients? We have those, too. - We have lots of vegetables at home. - Sure. These are all you have? You're going to cook with just these? What will you make with octopus and brown rice? These are all we have. Our concept is "simple is best." You are so eloquent. - What did you buy? - Us? You will be quite surprised. Yes, we were surprised. Onions. Wait. Look at this. (They discover a rotten onion) We were going to buy this and decided not to. We are only going to use one anyway. Sprouts. Sprouts. (Adding a character- Speaking like a baby) What's that? Lastly... This is the most important one. This is our main menu. Spaghetti. (Speechless) These are what we bought. - What else do you have? - These are all we bought. These are everything. (Something seems fishy) Wait. (We got you) Friends. - We... - Reveal them first please. Are you going on a picnic? - You look happy. - Put them on the counter. Are you going to a Cherry Blossom festival? Let's take a look at yours first. We'll reveal ours, too. This is dessert. This isn't for us. It's dessert. Oh, for the client? (Ha ha ha ha ha) - For the client? - There are so many snacks. - For drinks. - There are so many. What? There's more? For the client. We first prepared chicken. We bought drumsticks. We prepared chicken. We were afraid there may not be enough rice. So we bought rice. Brown rice. For dessert, we have coffee. They're not for you, right? Aren't these all fattening? We have bananas for dessert, too. Bananas are good for fruit. What does that mean? The guest might need a drink so... The guest would gain weight. The guest might need it for dessert. There's more? (Whoo) These are what we bought. (We sent them to buy ingredients and they only bought what they want) We... (They must be embarrassed) (Adding a character - They are all elementary school students) We'll bring out the client now. Is it one of the girl groups? - Are there many members? - Who is it? (Who is the client) (that asked VICTON members to cook?) (He's a trustworthy ballad singer) (The person with a great voice) (Huh Gak) (Welcome to VICTON's Born Identity) (A dramatic welcome) (It's geat to see you, too) Hello. (They're happy to see Huh Gak) Hello. Wow. (Welcome) I'm shocked. You know why I made the request today, right? Sure. The special bond between me and VICTON. (Soidarity formed by Plan A) (Look at me only, Eyez Eyez, bebe) (Bounce bounce) VICTON is the only male idol group that I love. Yes. I'm really looking forward to spending time with you today. - Oh no. - I really am. What kind of food do you like? I like the combination of sweet and salty. That's my favorite. I will tell you what I don't like. I begin to sweat just by looking at spicy food. That's good. I really can't eat spicy food. (Why are you looking at us?) Our octopus dish isn't spicy. I don't know what you'll be cooking yet. But one thing comes to mind when I think of an octopus. We are not going to make anything spicy. Look at me sweat just thinking about it. You must know that. I didn't get to hear your team names yet. Do we go first? Shall we start with our right hands? Our team name is... One, two, three. "Chick chick dab." Three, four. "Octopus in your heart." (Blushing) (What's going on?) I think we've won. Attention. - We're sorry. - We'll do our best. Now we'll start with the cooking competition. If you are confident about cooking, you may go first. We don't care whether we go first or not, but why don't we go later? Would you like to go first? We'll go first. Both of you don't care who goes first. (Today's theme) (Bland food that's good for dieting) (They're given only 30 minutes) (They've shown how terrible they are in cooking during the level test already) (VICTON members who aren't good at cooking) (will cook the main dishes) Octopus in your heart. Oc-Oc-Oc-Octopus. (First team: Octopus in your heart) (Dish: Oc-Oc-Oc-Octopus) Let's begin. Let's begin. It's a relief though. It's a relief that they gave us 30 minutes to cook. (With the most serious faces in the world) (they begin to get ready to cook) (They perfectly look like chefs) Let's say I entered an octopus restaurant and saw these handsome men in the kitchen.... Wow. (TIME to enjoy) (We'll omit subtitles for you to enjoy) (Participate in the event by 1-the-K, Facebook, Twitter, Kakao Talk Plus) (Time's up) (Oh my) What are you doing in the back? (The chef is struggling with the octopus) Be careful. The octopus may bite. (Ha ha ha ha) (Adding a character - Clumsy chef) (I don't bite) Go peel and wash it. Oh, it's pungent. (The chefs only look perfect) You didn't turn on the heat? It's too weak. It's too weak. - It isn't on. - It isn't on. (Chef Heo turned on the wrong one) (Off- On) (They bring in a portable stove) (Adding a character- Clumsy chef) I floured it. (POWER) - Is it hot? - Not at all. (Of course it isn't hot because the stove wasn't on) Wait. (While Chefs Heo and Choi are busy) (we've been forgetting about one person) (Chef Seungwoo with a knife) That's not hygienic. (One knife for all ingredients) You have so much zucchini pieces on the knife. I think you should clean the knife once. Byungchan, you should move the onions to the side. - You could burn it. - That's right. (Seungsik always butts in to help) Water is starting to boil. Water is boiling. They're going to put in the octopus into the boiling water. - They're in. - Good. They're in. (Just as he's the main chef) The octopuses are boiling 11 minutes into the competition. Byungchan is so cute. He's using a spoon to cook the vegetables. (He is quite timid in cooking) If I pour in the whole thing at once they won't cook thoroughly. (Adding a character - Chef Choi is quite serious) (Meanwhile, Chef Heo removes octopuses from boiling water) Ink. Are they cooked? Why are you putting them back in? - They're slightly undercooked. - Slightly undercooked. (Looking cool ends in just 5 minutes) This should do, right? I'll turn off the heat. The vegetables will be burnt that way. I think there's a problem. Is it stuck to the pan? I think we have to do this over. The vegetables are burnt. (Vegetables are burnt) They're burnt. The heat was too high. It's burnt. I'll be able to eat it, right? They're too burnt. They only have about 10 minutes left. Vegetable oil. Vegetable oil. Do we have rice? Rice? We have a minute and 20 seconds left. (The main chef is to clean up the mess) Look. Look. (He's determined and calm) (He fails to clean up the mess) - He just spilled some. - Right. (He still looks determined) Low heat. They have about 10 minutes left. We shouldn't make egg soup, right? - Hanse, why don't you go? - I'll go take a look. Anyone who's an epicure... I'm an epicure. Okay, go ahead. I'm Do Hanse who will taste your food. Why don't you taste a little? The bottom part is undercooked. It's not cooked? Rice is too undercooked. I cooked it for 3 minutes. It's undercooked. Let me taste a piece of octopus without any sauce. What about red pepper paste with vinegar? (How does the octopus taste?) (Gulp) How does it taste? I can taste something. Taste of the ocean? It's the taste of defeat. (Adding a character- A harsh rhapsodist) The taste of the ocean. Press it down. Not with a dipper. They added soy sauce. We don't have enough rice. It'll be fine once we mix everything. (Peek peek) (Why is Huh Gak doing this?) I think you'll start a fire if you don't the heat off. (Water is still boiling) (Not paying attention at all) (What does Huh Gak do?) (Safety comes first) I got too worried. (They're tasting their own cooking) They're tasting it. (Satisfied) (Yum yum) Excuse me. Are you cooking so that you can eat yourselves? It's so good. (Now he looks like a professional chef) - What's that yellow thing? - What is it? They decorated it nicely. We're done. (Octopus in your heart's Oc-Oc-Oc-Octopus is ready) With a minute and 28 seconds left on the clock. Good job. Good job. How was cooking for 30 minutes? Too short? It felt like 5 minutes. Really? (Soy sauce octopus rice that's good for dieting) (Octopus in your heart's Oc-Oc-Oc-Octopus) Let's give them a round of applause for working so hard. They look exhausted. They look quite different from when they got started and when they finished. - Their souls have left them. - They've aged. Before I taste your dish why don't you tell us the key concept of your dish? It's a unique combination of vegetables and octopus. We watched you cook so be honest. We just stir-fried everything. We stir-fried everything. I'll taste it then. Eat it with egg. I'll taste it now. A spoonful of rice with egg? - Yes. - Please be kind. (He adds a piece of egg, too) I'm worried. Why am I so nervous? (It's like they're in the waiting room right before their debut) I'll taste it now. (A big bite) (I can't bear to look) (Complex, subtle) (We can't tell what Huh Gak is thinking) (The other team is curious, too) First... It's not too strong. (A relief) I talked about how I like something sweet and salty. It has a good balance of sweet and salty tastes. But what is this? Something is really hard. The rice is... Rice wasn't cooked completely. We cooked it for 3 minutes, but... So you gave me undercooked rice? - No. - Be honest. Why don't you all taste it, too? - Starting from that end. - It's good. It does have octopus in it. (Like the king of eating) Sejun would like it. (Chew chew) (A big bite for me, too) (They're all tasting it in a serious manner) Excuse me, could you please make comments? (They're more curious about the members' honest opinions) It's good, but... The vegetables and rice don't mix well. It tastes good, but rice is a bit undercooked and the vegetables... It's probably because we used brown rice. The vegetables are clumped together. Excuse me, but the one in the end is eating a meal. It must be good. We asked you to taste it, and you're eating a meal. It has its charm. It could've been too bland, but whenever it gets too bland, the piece of octopus adds taste. If you think about it you made something that's not too strong, I think it's good. That was very good. (Octopus in your heart's Oc-Oc-Oc-Octopus THE END) Chick chick dab. The name of our dish is "Chicken star in the forest." (Second team- Chick chick dab) (Dish: Chicken star in the forest) - We'll get started now. - All right. We'll get started. Time is ticking. (Everyone gets busy) I said this when you started cooking earlier. When I enter a restaurant and see these handsome men cooking... (TIME to enjoy) (We'll omit subtitles for you to enjoy) Hanse... Yes... How should we make salad? This is salad. This is how you make it. Is that so? Don't we usually use the inner part of a lettuce? He started by using the outer layer first. (That's how people normally cook, but...) (Out) (Oh my) - He threw out the inner part. - He threw out the inner part. He's indeed creating art. He's showing us something that's beyond our imagination. Seungsik is in charge of the chicken. Don't you usually chop a chicken with a knife? He's using scissors. You have to remove the tail first. Chicken could smell terrible if you don't cook it well. Whether they'll be able to remove bad odor is the key and will the chicken cook thoroughly in just 30 minutes? - That's right. - That's another key point. Are you going to remove the skin? Remove the skin on the chicken breast. There is no skin. Then just place it on the plate. Why don't we wash the chicken first? - Just the chicken breast. - Dismantle it. I'll wash everything once I'm done. (The chicken is being dismembered by Seungsik) They seem to be more concentrating than when you were cooking. One side is done. (They finally remove the meat) They removed a part of meat. What part of chicken is that? - Chicken breast. - Oh, two pieces. They removed just drumsticks and chicken breast. They've started to take apart the chicken. He's cutting off the legs. Two, three. (Seungsik earlier version 1) (Seungsik earlier version 2) (Scared Seungsik is gone) (and only cool Seungsik is left to take the chicken apart) (To his side is) The red-haired main chef is feeling bad. - Subin is the main chef? - Yes. I love animals too much. He can't touch the chicken because he loves animals too much. All right. You have 20 minutes left. - Did you add liquor? - Not yet. - We need to add some. - Cooking wine. (TIP: Add cooking wine to remove bad odor of chicken) What a waste. (Pour) I'll get drunk. (Look at his sense of humor) Let's have a glass. We should start cooking spaghetti, right? Since he's the main chef... - He's taking the lead. - He's overseeing things. What is Subin doing? The main chef is busy walking around. He has to oversee everything. The master chef. His hands are still clean. (The real main chef doesn't get his hands wet) He showed a V sign. He's quite confident. Everyone else is showing their backs and he's the only one facing the camera. He's in the spotlight. He knows that he's handsome. (Embarrassed) Right? He knows he's handsome. Water isn't boiling. (Seyun is in charge of making spaghetti) (He's been wrestling with water) Let's move it over here. I think the heat is stronger here. What? No, no. (Time keeps ticking) Sejun will finish trying to boil water. I'm going crazy here. Water won't boil. (Search search) (Hanse is looking for something) Where's the spaghetti bag? Here it is. (He's about to check the instructions) (How to cook instant spaghetti) (Boil for 6 min)(Stir-fry for 3 min) It's faster to cook it on a pan. (Oh my) I know how to cook it. (My mouth is the problem) Go bring a pan. It's too late. There's a simple way to cook it and there's a way to warm it up. You chose the hard way. It could've just taken 3 minutes, but you have to boil for 6 minutes. Be quiet. I trusted you, but... Why are you keep mixing it? Let's take out the drumsticks. - How long do we have left? - How much time? 9 minutes and what? 20 seconds? Now you have 9 minutes. - Drumsticks aren't cooked. - It's red inside. It's all right. Wait. We have to eat that. It's still bleeding. Blood is oozing out of the drumsticks. It's rare. It's bleeding onto the cutting board. We can't eat that. Be sure to taste it later. - Let's do rock, paper, scissors. - Rock, paper, scissors. Rock, paper, scissors. I'm out. Rock, paper, scissors. Byungchan will taste the chicken. - Byungchan goes in. - Drumsticks aren't cooked. I'll be eating bleeding drumsticks. No, no. Go and see what the problem is. Chicken breast isn't cooked either. It's white. No. (Distancing) Chicken breast is too white. - Taste it. - This is cooked. (Let's see) (Is chicken breast cooked?) It's all right. It's cooked, right? You have 5 minutes and 30 seconds left. It's too hot. (Chick chick dab team is working hard to the end) (Hmm) (Wandering around) (Peek peek) Can I just go back and take a seat? Come back if there's nothing to taste. That's not cooked either. (Seungsik is in charge of something hot) (Subin completes it) (Subin finally finishes one dish) What sauce will you use? - Meatball sauce. - Meatball sauce. Instant. MSG. Is that how you're supposed to cook it? If you were going to use instant sauce I could've just made instant noodles at home. (Can't refute) That's true. (Chicken is cooked now) Mine's done. (The dishes are starting to come together) (An appetizer and the main dishes) (The guest can taste 3 dishes at once) (Chick chick dab team's Chicken star in the forest) Our dishes have arrived. Please taste it first. - Chicken star in the forest. - Taste the chicken first. I'll start with the salad. I'll eat it with the vegetables. I will go ahead and taste the salad with the vegetables. It's the popular salad these days. I've also prepared... (First hesitation) (Second hesitation) (Upset) I'm sorry for interrupting you. Did I just glare at you? I'm sorry. I've prepared some music to help you go on a diet while you eat. Let's listen to it. They're quite considerate, right? (Spectrum- Zedd) (Just what Huh Gak likes) Doesn't it feel like you're in the forest? It's dreamy. I think I hear the birds chirping. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. (Huh Gak has a great sense of humor) (Adding a character- Cuckoo chick) He'll taste it now. I'll really have a taste now. - I'm nervous. - You're right. I'm nervous. (For some reason it's funny) (Time to taste the dishes) It's salad. First of all, chicken has cooled down. I'll just eat the chicken. Please eat with the vegetables. It tastes good to eat just the chicken. But since chicken breast is too dry, you should eat it with the vegetables. (Hmm...) - Drink up rice juice. - Thank you. (Evaluation of salad- It makes you reach for rice juice) We have to eat the next dish so forget what you just ate now. Thank you. - Why don't you try some, too? - May we try some? It's good. It's good. This team kept eating their own cooking earlier. We had to see if it was seasoned right. You ate the whole bowl tasting it. You should taste it. It's cooled down. (Let's see) (Yum yum) - It's good. - It's good. (Tasting the spaghetti) (High hopes) It reminded me of the frozen food that I made in the army. (Evaluation of the second dish- It tastes how instant food tastes) All right. That's enough of that. (Let's taste this, too) Here's the fork. (Slurp) (You're not supposed to bite off noodles) I'm hungry. You have to be very careful. There were parts that were undercooked. (Chicken was rare in some parts) (Let's see) I like medium well-done. This... I'll try this piece. (He tastes the drumsticks) If we had a little more time... Since it's chicken, it takes a long time. But it's good. It's good. Only if it were cooked a little more... Thank you. (Chick chick dab's Chicken star in the forest THE END) (VICTON's Born Identity) I've tasted both team's dishes now. Thank you. It was such a luxurious experience. You cooked the dishes only for me. I made great memories today. I had a great time, but there's only one winning team. I will now announce the winning team. Drum roll. VICTON's "There's no fridge but but a meal please." Which is the winning team? (Somewhere in the middle of a clumsy chef and a handsome chef) (He seemed to be good but not) (Oc-Oc-Oc-Octopus) (They've challenged themselves to make 3 dishes) (but they lacked 1 %) (Chicken star in the forest) Which is the winning team? (Octopus in your heart) (VS Chick chick dab) (Which is the winning team?) I will announce it 60 seconds later. I'm sorry. (Brings back old memories) That sounds familiar. It was a close call. The winning team is Octopus in your heart. (Cheer) (Disappointed) I chose the Octopus in your heart team. The reason is because the Chick chick dab teams seemed too eager to cook something for me. Of course I enjoyed it very much, but if you had focused just on one dish it might have been more complete. This was another big reason. Simplicity. They made something very simple that we can cook on our own at home and it tasted good. That's why I chose the octopus fried rice. Thank you. I will give star stickers to the winning team. Thank you. I like the motif of "There's no fridge but a meal please." Can't we get half of a star? You worked very hard. Thank you so much for cooking the dishes just for me. - Thank you. - Thank you. This has been "There's no fridge, but a meal please." Thank you. (VICTON's Born Identity) (No. 4 Character Holder) (Do Hanse) (A free spirit) (The outlaw of cooking) Don't we usually use the inner part of a lettuce? He started by using the outer layer first. He threw out the inner part. He's indeed creating art. (This is how he keeps the other team in check) (Taste of defeat) I can taste something. It's the taste of defeat. (Fact abuse) (There's no mercy) It's faster to cook it in a pan. It's too late. It could've just taken 3 minutes, but you have to boil for 6 minutes. I trusted you, but... (Honest evaluation) It has its charm. It could've been too bland, but whenever it gets too bland, the piece of octopus adds taste.