Ep6 VICTON빅톤s Born 아이덴티티인생극장 Yes or No 2회


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(VICTON's Born Identity) (VICTON's Born Identity: Infinite Crapshoot Challenge) (Currently, the unluckiest member is Byungchan) (Their fates continue to differ according to their choices) (He'll be successful) (Who's the luckiest member of all?) (Meanwhile, everything goes wrong every time he makes a choice) (Who's the unluckiest member?) (VICTON's Born Identity: The final episode) (Where have they arrived for another round of YES or NO?) (The place is full of things to see, to play with and to eat) (An indoor playground for VICTON) (VICTON members, welcome) (How fun) We can sleep here, right? (A fun place even if it hurts) This is hard. - This place is amazing. - Wow. There are so many comic books here. Really? So many? How could this be? We will give you an hour of free time. (Unbelievable) We will first give out allowances. Choose one of the 7 envelopes. (Starting with Byungchan, the unluckiest member so far) - Don't touch it. - If you touch it, you must choose it. - Hey. Hey. - This one. Is there an empty envelope, too? - Newspapers inside. - Yes. (Prudent Hanse) May I do this? (Another unlucky member) This feels too thin. There's nothing inside. - Let's start from the youngest. - It seems to be empty. - Start with the youngest. - Subin. One, two, three. One, two, three. (Youngest Subin got nothing) Next, Seungsik. (Next up is the second unluckiest member, Seungsik) Wow, he's rich. Wow, that's awesome. $5. Next. I got $10. No. $20! (The richest member so far- Sejun wins $20) I got $5. I'm the richest. - Seungwoo, how much? - $3. $10. (Not the unluckiest) - You've all checked your envelopes? - Yes. Then go ahead and choose YES or NO. Wait. What is this? - What is this? - What is this? Starting with the one in first place. (What result will this YES or NO bring?) YES. Since Byungchan said YES... I'll go with NO. Something's up. - YES. - YES. Fourth place. YES. YES. NO. NO. - 3 NOs. - All right. (YES: Seungwoo, Sejun, Hanse, Byungchan) (NO: Seungsik, Chan, Subin) What is it? Please show us. Please read the question. (Will you ride in the car again for an hour?) Hey. NO. NO. NO. (They've finally understood) (It's a festival) See? Byungchan. If you've chosen YES, please get in the car. Unbelievable. Good-bye. Don't ever choose what Byungchan chooses. You can never go along with Byungchan. I got goosebumps. Good-bye. (He's proven that he's indeed unlucky) Good-bye. For real? I got the sense that I should choose NO. We play hard enough for you. How much do we have? - $8. - $8. (3 members collect what they have but they only have $8) $8. Let's go play the arcade games. Let's go! You just have a seat. (No additional expenses are needed other than the entrance fee and food) (The production staff gave out money for the shooting of the program) There's a coin karaoke room. Let's go. There are games here, too. What is this place? I love it. This is so romantic. - Where are we going? - The car. We're just staying in the car for an hour? For real? We really stay in the car? For a full hour? We don't get to go anywhere? You made a wrong choice. - We can't drive around? - No. Wow. We really must stay in the car. Let's hop in. We chose well this time. We chose lots of money. I got $20. I got $10. How could this be true? It's so pitiful on this rainy day. We're going to play a game. (Using Seungsik's money) (They know how to play games- So serious) Move. I'll beat Seungsik. (So happy) (They share little money that they have) This is unbelievable. It's so much fun. (Automatically open) (In a trance) (While the lucky members happily spend their money) Don't press it. Okay. What do we do for an hour? How can you lock up the fun members in the car? Only the boring members are in there. (In this cramped car) Shall we take a nap? (who cares if they're the fun members?) Being locked up in here is making me go crazy. (With a play zone right in front of their eyes) Let us out. (they've been locked up in the car for 30 minutes) What can we do? (They are starting to show strange symptoms) (Ha ha ha ha) (About to lose his mind) This is so sad. Let's go out. Let's get out of here. - Does this open? - We can't close it back. Hey. Let's run. - Shall we sneak out of here? - Through the back. Let's see where a convenience store is. Let's not all move. Just one of us will go. They're looking over there. Keep the door slightly open and standby. It's raining from left to right anyway. They're watching us from the front. They're watching us like hawks. - You go. Go. - Go where? Ask them if you can take a peek inside. You go out first. Hello. (The camera naturally approaches the car when they see a member get out) Just go. It's raining too much. (You can do it, Byungchan) Is it going well inside? Can I take a peek inside? I didn't get to use my money. I have $10. Can I please play a game just once? No, no. Not know. They need to turn around. Forget it. (That's how the pursuit got started) (Found the target) (Pursuit of Hanse began) (out of nowhere on a rainy day) (Hanse on the run) (Oh oh oh oh oh oh) (Ha ha ha ha ha h) Where am I supposed to go? (A dark shadow appears like a comet) (Ahhhh!) (This is "Born Identity" but he's filming "The Bourne Identity" instead) (Production staff VS VICTON What's the result?) Unbelievable. My big picture... (Adding a character- Novice entertainer) It's ruined. I can't believe I got caught. (Hanse's big picture ended in just 3 minutes) What else can we do? Let's shoot something else. The escape plan was a failure. Turn on the music. (They're indeed idol singers) (As soon as music is turned on) (He has forgotten about the failure and is charging his joy gauge) (Drop the beat) (Bounce bounce) Take out your money. (Showing off their money) (This is all I have) (Adding a character- Seungwoo can add live background music) (They're showing off money that they can't spend) (Hey) I really want to have fun. (They're turning their misfortune into joy) (Shake shake) (While the unlucky members go crazy with music) (Wiggle wiggle) (Chan has come to have a drink) I'll buy it. Chan, what are you doing? (He spends $1 out of $1.50 on a drink) How much is this? - $1. - It's not 50 cents? - It's 50 cents for this paper cup. - What? Wait. I need to get some more. Is there anything else we can eat? (People must be able to use tools) (Adding a character- Handsome beggar on each episode) One cup. Good. I have an idea. Let's watch ourselves again here. - Look up our names. - It's here. Hasn't it been a long time since we've watched television like this? Yes. I love this relaxation. (It's VICTON) - There we go. - It's Subin. It's me. It's me. It's Subin. It's amazing. It's really amazing. - Oh my. - Here we go. Here we go. How weird. (Reaction to watching VICTON) Pretending to look cool. Pretending to look cool. Here we go. (Adding a character - Being too embarrassed) Seungsik looks handsome. - What's Seungsik doing? - Look at how relaxed he looks. (And VICTON's official ending fairy) He looks weird. Sejun, what are you doing? Sejun. Sejun, what's wrong with you? (Yes, what's wrong with him?) (It's the same person) (FIRE) (Adding a character - A fan of BTS) Sejun is full of energy. (We look for Sejun's idol DNA that's gone) It's all mine. (Byungchan is starting to be tired) I'm so tired. Chan, Subin and Seungsik would be fun. Seungsik is fun. (While Byungchan is recharging) (VICTON's free time game is over) (After they've recharged they've arrived here) Did you enjoy your free time? Yes. (I'm not really smiling) It was fun. Sure. Yes, it was fun. (Hanse, are you watching?) (This is how you were) Are we doing sports here? What are we doing here? - What is this place? - What are we doing here? Please. (Time to choose again) Please. Please choose A or B. (They don't take time to think about it) (They're done making their decisions) What you will do now is Avatar soccer. - Avatar soccer? - Oh, playing for someone else. We will drive the winning team home. What about the team that lost? (What about the team that lost?) (No way) You can find your way home on your own. Really? - Where is our home? - We don't even have our wallets. Where are we? We woke up and ended up here. Why are you doing this to us? (VICTON's unlucky member's cry) (A: Seungsik, Sejun, Byungchan) (B: Seungwoo, Chan, Subin, Hanse) (Avatar soccer rules) (Avatars are blindfolded) (They carry their pilots and play soccer as they are controlled by the pilots) (The game is played 4:4 and the team that scores more wins) (Orange team: Pilots- Byungchan/Manager) (Avatar- Chan, Subin) (Yellow team: Pilots- Seungsik, Sejun) (Avatar: Seungwoo, Hanse) (Avatar soccer that will determine how they get home) (Avatars wear cute blindfolds before the game begins) I trust you. Who is on offense first? Who has the ball first? Orange team will start off first. - Who's the orange team? - Us. In which direction do we go? This way. This way. You're currently facing forward. Yes. (Hesitant) - This is 12 o'clock. - 12 o'clock. You're right in the center. (Game STARTS) Start. Kick. Where are you going? (The goal is in this direction) Right. Right. Kick. (Captain isn't listening) Where's the ball? Stop. Move back. Left. Left. (He misses) Turn around. It's here. It's here. Back. Back. (Full of false kicks) - Not yet. - Do we move? Back, back, back. (They finally have a chance to score) (Oh my) (You're going in the wrong direction) Right. Right. (They're moving around to find the ball) (Chaotic) (This is the busiest team of all) Moving right is that way. No, you turn. (Bam) (They've crashed into each other) (The object may be closer than it appears) (First shoot) (No goal) (Rushing over) (It's a fierce match) (Relaxed) (VICTON's THE CHEMISTRY) (They've returned to the match) (Subin's awesome false kick) (Chan has the chance) (He turns and shoots) Yes. Move forward. (The ball goes straight towards the goal) (Please) (Orange 1 VS Yellow 0) (First goal of Avatar soccer) (You're the best, Chan) (Subin later finds out they've scored) What? Wow. Orange team won. The score is 1:0. Wait. I'm too tired. (His hands and feet are shaking) You kick. - Where's the ball? - You kick and I'll move. Here? (He covers his eyes first) (Kick) (Chan's cuteness +1) One, two, three. Wait. I'll shoot. (Chan who's gotten the hang of this shoots) (No goal- Hanse, good job) 1 o'clock. 2 o'clock. 3 o'clock. 2 o'clock. Below you. - Where? - 1 o'clock. The other team's 1 o'clock? Oh, it's blocked. (The ball rolls over to Subin) It's right in front of you. There. Kick. (Goalie) Left. Left. (With perfect teamwork he passes directly to Avatar Chan) Right foot. Yes. (Orange 2 VS Yellow 0) How did they do that? It's tough being on top. I know. I feel bad for being carried around. He's about to collapse. I can't move. (The captain is unleashed) (He dribbles well) - Where are we? - In the center. In the back. Run away. (Adding a character- Excellent soccer player) - It's our ball. - Right in front of you. In the back. (The ball is in the center) Kick. Kick. Kick. To the right. (Subin has another chance) No. (Goal) (Orange 3 VS Yellow 0) (Subin's achievements) (make weak Byungchan powerful) (People will think the game is over) We won. (Byungchan and Subin are a great team that scored) (What?) (Due to the youngest will to win) (the camera director is attacked) (I'm sorry) Kick, kick, kick, kick. (He steals the ball with his will to win) (He shoots using wind) (An unbelievable GOAL) (Subin- Controls the game) - How do they play like that? - How did they do that? I'm becoming eager to win. That's enough. Rest. Rest. (He's telling the youngest to rest) (There there) We have 2 minutes left. - Let's relax. - That's not easy to do. Wait. It's too hot. (Relaxed) What if we can't get home? I know. We can't hail a cab here. It's a problem. (It has only been a warmup so far) (He's indeed the captain) - It went in? - Yes. (He's looking handsome) (Seungwoo is being aggressive) (He not only has great talents) (but by being decisive) (he scores 3 goals in a row) (Score- Orange 3 VS Yellow 3) How does he score without looking? - He just kicks directly. - Okay. No. (But Chanvatar has resurrected after resting) (He successfully scores 4 goals in a row) (Subin also scores) (Score- Orange 9 VS Yellow 4) Team A won the game. Good job. Manager, you played well, too. Sangil, good work. (That's all for the winning ceremony) Team B will be on your own to get home. All right. But you have one final choice to make. - What is it? - Final choice? (Only one of the 4 boxes contains the final penalty) We have nothing to lose. Let's all choose at the same time. Let's all choose at the same time. Shall we open it at the same time? Just tap the one you want. Let's choose the one in front of us. Do we hold it? - Shall we open it? - Do we walk home? (Curious) It could be money. Let's all open at the same time. One, two, three. (From shampooing with cold water,) (memories riding on a truck,) (cooking instant noodles themselves) (to not being able to spend money that they had) (and experiencing becoming Avatar) (The members have suffered a lot during the day) Let's all open it at the same time. One, two, three. - What is this? - What is it? There's nothing inside. - Cosmetics. - What is this? (Cosmetics?) - I think I know what it is. - What do you think it is? Does he dress up as a woman? Then he takes the public transportation like that home. Right? No way. The other members will put makeup on the member who's chosen. (Everyone automatically applauds) Seungwoo dresses up as a woman? Me? Who will put makeup on me? - The members. - Oh, the members. - Everybody? - I don't usually put makeup on. I don't know what these are. (They don't know what cosmetics are) (but they know how to draw) - Is this blush? - I don't know. Did you put this on his cheeks? This is eye shadow. (All we need to do is draw on him) (A man can be transformed in so many ways) How cute. (How does Seungwoo look?) (On the way to ride the subway) Hello, everyone. (His handsomeness turned into horror) (Zombie Seungwoo) He's a zombie. A zombie at Shingil. He's not a zombie. This is not "Train to Busan." - We're on our way to Shingil. - To Shingil. (Oh my) (He looks scary) (Embarrassed) I feel bad for Seungwoo. This must be a dream. (Seungwoo is spending a dream-like day) The subway is here. (Time has come) The pressure is on. The subway has arrived. Look at all these people. - I'm so nervous. - it's so crowded. This way. (They finally get on the subway) (I want to hide) (Seungwoo hides towards the window) Hello. (The leader is still polite) (How cute) (He's the most polite zombie in the world) They are all busy going home after work. They're on the way home, right? I'm not all that disappointed. - I worked very hard all day. - The screen door will open. (Adding a character- Very polite) He looks down every time the subway stops. Seungwoo with his head down. - Let's sit over there. - How can I sit over there? - Sit over there. - I don't want to bother other people. (Is this helping him?) (Or harassing him?) (As long as it's not me) (In a daze) (Smile) (What's wrong with him?) (He's filming a horror movie by himself) I think he's enjoying it. If he doesn't enjoy it he won't be able to stay sane. (Because he started out by beating hit with a air hammer) (and was shampooed with cold water) (Then he got on a truck) (and started to lose his sense of reality) (He had money, but couldn't spend it) (and he can play soccer, but couldn't play too well today) (That's how he ended up going through this penalty) (He was the unluckiest member of all) (But he knew how to enjoy everything. He's the true champion) (VICTON's Infinite Crapshoot Challenge THE END) (VICTON's Born Identity) (No. 6 Character Holder) (Han Seungwoo) (The sample of a true leader) (Let's work hard) He was asleep. - I didn't sleep. - That's wrong. On the way here, the camera fell off. You don't deserve to eat. Get out. - You have to work to earn money. - The camera fell off. Shall we sneak out? Let's see where a convenience store is. Let's not all move. Just one of us will go. They're looking over there. Keep the door slightly open and standby. It's raining from left to right anyway. Ask them if you can take a peek inside. You go out first. (The captain's humanity) (Captain malfunctioning) - Which way? - There's no one there. Where are we? Where are we? Kick. Where's the ball? Right there. Stop. Not yet. (True 20s) Take out your money. (Gap gap) (Soccer player singer) Oh, nice. - Did it go in? - Yes. How is that possible? (Embarrassed) I'm not all that disappointed. I worked very hard all day. He looks down every time the subway stops. Seungwoo with his head down. (Watch "VICTON's Born Identity at 8 p.m. every Tuesday and Thursday)