Epic BOODLE FIGHT What 100 gets you in the Philippines

here we are the moment has come the most epic brutal fight I have ever seen [Music] today on the best-ever food review show we're going on another con food adventure on Palawan Island here in the Philippines and look you have seen us do epic food on this show you see this doing Rico's latrone this is this is insane you see this make a giant cauldron again you go on but what we're doing today goes far beyond both of those we are making the most epic homemade food a fight you have ever seen let's do this we are in the market it is time to get some fish for our bullfight I'm with my man here papi if he wants me to call them Pepe I guess I'll do it as long as you phone me Big Daddy brutal fight is a Filipino military tradition where food is piled onto some banana leaves and cadets stand eating with their hands fighting for the tastiest morsels we've come to Puerto Princesa fish market to start gathering for our feast we found at the web market right this way this is the secret the bus of ate the meat the onions and soy sauce this is from the ocean yes these are the ones do they kind of feel like little fish eggs yes you want little capsules of ocean water exploding in your mouth it's kind of like that is this good for a poodle find them these are sometimes good for blue to fight you feel it and then you can just gonna suck the head for more playboy you see we're gonna just suck the head guys I don't see why everyone just suck the head this market is packed to the gills with an insane variety of seafood oddly geometric snails tropical fish of all sorts and some things I've never even seen before what is this like a giant group this looks like something from Fukushima over here and this is the biggest pilot patient ever so usually it's like six inches or 8 inches only yeah he's the biggest one oh my god this is a unique piece it's like a durian or of fish yeah the smell is it's so distinct even you vowel still smell like that just the same coming out are we getting that today I think we're okay we'll keep moving on the durian of fish that sounds terrifying now we need this kind of size of squid one of my favorites to stuff things in the squid you know what I really like is to put some cheese on it so that once you really think that I'm gonna be really mad good what a puppies stand out boodle fight inclusions is his stuffed squid packed with diced onion tomato pepper and cheese with more cheese melted on top ma'am your squid is looking very respectable I like it very it's big and plump it's ready to be stuffed with delicious cheese's a yellowfin tuna maybe you're looking for their little baby yeah how big can these get do you know do they get really big yeah that guy size up a car dang from here we're gonna get our squid our fish our sea grapes for vegetables this is the ultimate poodle fight we're going all out with this we're stacking seafood to the ceiling and then we're putting something special on top of that we're gonna go check that place out next [Music] no have you ever heard of putting a Lehtonen on the boodle fight never there is a very unexpected let showing like rotisserie place where they're making this pork back here here yeah a little bit of mud I smell something across the wood bridge we got to pass these vicious guard dogs yeah don't even pretend oh I see it it smells good so I ordered one of these this is gonna be the perfect topping on top of our Buddha fight it's like you know you put a cherry on top of a sundae it's a very heavy cherry to come to the Philippines and not experience latrone would be a trip wasted for only $100 we're getting this beautifully roasted pig to top our boodle fight I did this for even five minutes every day I would have actual ABS two hours to cook yeah and he's gonna do the bicycle kick for two hours yeah mad respect I couldn't do that so right now they're gonna rotisserie the lechon what's great is actually they're just gonna deliver it to us just simple operation they've got they clean the pigs over there they do the rotisserie here it looks like they can do four at once this is new for me yeah I see stainless steel by a motor I've seen the manual style with the bamboo yes and I've seen the Rico's Lehtonen like factory style and then this is somewhere right in the middle I think I've seen every variation of latrone roasting that there is in the Philippines now we're gonna head back to the resort right now to get some cooking underway let's do this may just make this go viral guys I really need it please thank you bye cooking is underway we've got our fish a roasting we have our stuffed squid and one more surprise here comes our surprise or giddiness our first looks right now oh yeah all right that looks fine that looks like what like beef or pork intestines no we call this it Logan this is the interesting of the tuna we're in the prematured egg is their intestine of the trader that contains the premature eggs yeah all right that's awesome gonna mix it also with this pinnacle rat I like how that's in a recycled whiskey yeah tuna intestines with premature on laid eggs here we go still another taste what well Beth with a feel of that caviar no my love just went on a journey so the texture is awesome nice and chewy a little crunchy even I got no problem with that I got no uncomfortable this little laughs you keep doing like there's no there's still some surprise I don't know yeah this one I'm not sure about that when I make a hot dog I like sure ketchup maybe mustard huh what's this you always ask me where the intense intestines go in the market right she's like taking out the guts and stuff yeah do you guys see that - you guys have made a condiment out our fishing test biscuits that's a good read I bet it smells is oh yeah you got to hit it like a highness bottle of ketchup oh it just kind of poops out into the bowl there's real bits of and toast in there that's good you know what that's good enough you never even have this have you yeah he's acting like oh come on you have to eat what the Filipino is he do you never even had it we're going all the way baby no halfway mmm [Music] Oh I see a street Chi oh man I'm afraid to face it though it's not that bad but it's just like sour salty and livery woof that one is fermented fish intestine are you doing a great job all right see look this is my favorite thing what local people struggle with the local food then I'm like yes all right good it's okay to struggle a little bit it's time to eat the pie oh man here we are the moment has come the most epic brutal fight I have ever seen and it's also the first one I've ever seen who the fight on steroids Brizzy is this legend eh a legend a legend oh when it's my first legend a legend here in the Philippines this is the best part here right behind the neck yeah do you want to do the honors sir uh huh you're just gonna poke it and get some oh okay wait funny skin oh it is crispy as fatty it's oily let's try it out Cheers Oh like it knows ridiculous so crispy so rich I didn't know that was the best part nobody told me that because I think they were the ones eating it yeah the only me yes he's giving up the secret what if I just rip off some of the side here hmm so I crispy bacon all we do as people do what is the process like doing a century egg they put some mud on it and and salt and then they ferment it cheers Cheers mm-hmm salty almost buttery finish it with the sea grapes yeah whoa and then you're gonna choose the variety of flavors it's like a little ocean eggs yeah it's very very ocean named by the squid with with cheese he's got like a whole order of operations so grilled little squids I like the head its Chardin with chewing so delicious put some rice don't forget the red don't forget their eyes try the okra we need some vegetable in there mmm we're not done yet these beautiful prawns we're gonna send the head was this the there's the bleep wearing me is that right yeah yeah okay and a GUI goigoi but that's the rich flavor and a port don't forget the rise just trying to get me full look at this a little bit of this is mixing flavors in your mouth everyone's reaching over each other yes that's awesome okay so the last thing to do today is to invite the whole crew to come join with us in this little fight let's go guys one time to chow down listen I want to thank Rovia garden and pool and their whole crew and team for making this possible and of course puppy Regan Thank You homie ah this was crazy this was fun yeah and I hope we can do it again sometime no matter how f accure brutal fight is it's still not complete without friends to share it with this video is about epic food but it's also about giving back to the amazing staff at Rovia Resort and pool if it wasn't for these guys my fallout 1 series would have been impossible as they devour this feast in minutes I want to remind you guys to check out the full palawan playlist including my journey to find wood worms in the mangroves and trying palawan famous crocodile let's eat for real alright jump in jump in Connie you can put that down we gotta eat [Music]